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From Chairman’s Desk

It gives me great pleasure in presenting the Annual Report for the year 2003 – 04
depicting the activities and achievements of CWC, the premier Technical Organisation
in Water Resources Sector.

Central Water Commission continued to provide the necessary leadership and

guidance for the development of the sector and to provide necessary support to the
Ministry of Water Resources on all technical and policy matters. Regular activities of
the Commission in respect of appraisal of major and medium irrigation projects and
other water resources development schemes, monitoring of major, medium and
extension / renovation / modernization projects, design of hydraulic structures,
hydrological observation and studies, flood forecasting activities and environmental
issues related to projects were successfully carried out during the year. Some of the
important achievements of the Central Water Commission during this period were:

1. Acceptance of 15 projects by the Technical Advisory Committee.

2. Monitoring of 93 Major, 44 Medium and 9 ERM Projects and CAD
works of 42 projects.
3. Release of Rs.3023.28 crore of CLA under AIBP programme to 103
4. Accurate and timely issue of 6600 flood forecasts (with 96.5%
accuracy) during the monsoon period of 2003, which helped in effective
flood management, particularly in Assam, Bihar, Orissa and Uttar
Pradesh which faced severe floods.
5. Implementation of World Bank funded Hydrology Project.
6. Studies in respect of Pancheshwar Multipurpose Project – a joint project
with Nepal.
7. Design Consultancy in respect of 117 Water Resources Development
projects in India and neighbouring countries.
8. Fresh Water Year 2003 was observed at CWC HQ and all field offices
with active participation of school children, NGOs etc.

CWC has been paying increased attention to environmental friendly sustainable

development of Water Resources Sector. It also continued to make dedicated efforts
in computerization and use of computer based technologies in the field of Water
Resources Development and Management right from data management to
assessment/modelling/analysis of various processes, designs/simulation techniques
etc and enhancement of the technical capabilities of its Engineers through national
and international training programmes and participation in various seminars,
symposiums, workshops etc.

This Report provides an insight into the functions and activities of this organization
and the contribution it has made in the development and management of Water