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Tugas Modul : Learning Task M1 LA2 Part 1: Getting to Know Announcements

(Task 1-5)
Nama : Hilda Hosfia, S.Hum
Sekolah : SMPN 32 Kab. Tebo

TASK 1- 5
In this activity, we will learn some announcements which you might be already familiar with.
Read the four printed announcements and listen to the spoken announcements that follow.
Example 1:
Example 3 & 4:

Now, you will compare the SOCIAL FUNCTIONS of the seven announcements, regarding
the contexts, the target readers, the points of interests or importance, by answering the
following questions.
1. Where do you think such kinds of announcements be found?
2. Who might be interested in reading those texts?

Exam Exam Exam Exam Video Video Video Video Video
ple 1 ple 2 ple 3 ple 4 1 2 3 4 5
Social To To To To To To To To To
Functio inform annou seek annou inform inform inform inform inform
n the nce people nce the audien about about about about
parent about who event ce school the the lunch
s about the have about about event menu prepar menu
compl course the buildin checki and for the ation in
eting for the mentio g big ng birthda lunch, of cafeter
online postgr ned idea email y for birthda beginn ia,
studen aduate require and the y, ing of Birthd
t studen ments. planni studen weathe the ay,
returni t and ng of ts r, and school, Weath
ng researc each the for er, The
form h events import teache import
worker ant r to ant
to join date thank, date
that (histor for (histor
course y) to studen y)
the t to
audien give
ce an
1. School Public Public Public School School School School School
Where Place Place Place
2. Who Parent Acade Job People Studen Studen Studen Teach Studen
s mic seeker who ts ts ts, er, ts
people s want Studen
to ts

Next, you are going to analyze the information which makes up the announcement Analyze
the announcements using entries listed in the table below.

Text Where to Purposes Target Heading Detail

Number find Readers Information
1 School To inform Parents Complete The form will
the parents The Online include the
about Returning student’s
completing Student Form information
online for trips,
student study and
returning emergency
form condition
2 Public To announce Academic Summer - The school is
Places, about the People school on intended for
University course for remote academic
the sensing in people.
postgraduate meteorology, - The course
student and oceanography will be
research and concerned
worker to hydrology data
join that collection
course systems,
methods and
3 Public To seek Job seeker We’re Job Vacancy
Places people who looking for… for
have the Videographer,
mentioned Photographer,
requirements. Graphic
4 Public To announce People TEDx NYU A seminar
Places the event who want 2013 held by TEDx
about to improve
building big their
idea knowledge

Printed announcement format is different from the spoken format, below are the links to the
examples of spoken announcements. Please bear in mind that this type of format contains
cultural differences.
These examples are only for the purpose of learning. Now, watch the video below and answer
the questions that follow:
1. Morning Announcements Friday, May 5th, 2017
Video by: SuttonMemorialHighSchool


2. North Wales Elementary 1-25-13 Morning Announcements

Video By: NPTV


3. 9/14/17 Morning Announcements

Video By: Cornwall Elementary School

4. Principal Tina Holt does first-day announcements and pledge
Video By: Knoxville News Sentinel


5. 9/23/16 Morning Announcements

Video By: Cornwall Elementary School


Please give evidence from the video to your answer.

Questions 1-5 provide evidence from the video. Please give evidence from the video to your
1. What is the purpose of each announcement?
2. What is the essential information is aired?
3. What is the opening part of each announcement?
4. What is the closing part?
5. Do you think this type of announcement could be adapted and adopted for the purpose
of your school? Why? And or Why not?

1. The purpose of each announcement is
Video 1 To inform some information of vacancies and entertain the audience.
Video 2 To inform some agenda and students’ birthday for the students
Video 3 To announce some school events, Students birthday, historical date and
inspirational quote.
Video 4 To welcome students at the first beginning of class and greet the teachers
Video 5 To announce about weather, students birthday, message, historical date and
inspirational quotes

2. The essential information is aired

Video 1 Announce some planning for volunteer activity, a fact of Spanish and entertain
audience by a funny man singing.
Video 2 Announce people’ birthday and a show for an exciting demonstration, remind
students to bring some dollars for charity and bring students’ task.
Video 3 Announce menu for lunch, the weather: Rainy in the afternoon, the highest
temperature 75 degrees and lowest 59 degrees, and historical date
Video 4 School event on Oct 6:
Video 5 Pink out dress to support cancer fighter

3. The opening part of each announcement is

Video 1 They greet by doing a pledge of allegiance then audience.
Video 2 They greet audience and tell the date
Video 3 Greeting and welcoming : Good morning and welcome to the Cornwall
Morning News
Video 4 Starting the news by announcing lunch menu
Video 5 Greeting students then asking audience attention because they will say some
important words

4. The closing part is

Video 1 Showing a funny scene.
Video 2 Asking students to stand for a pledge of allegiance
Video 3 Closing by saying: Have a great day
Video 4 Asking students to do a pledge of allegiance.
Video 5 Closing by saying have a great weekend

5. I think this type of announcement could and couldn’t be adapted and adopted for the
purpose of my school, because .....
Video 1 it is not adaptable and adoptable in my school because the students are from the
lower level and also EFL learner.
Video 2 it’s adaptable and adoptable because it can inform important agenda and remind
students for their task.
Video 3 it can be adopted and adapted because it can give the chance for the student to
improve their English skill and confidence.
Video 4 it’s adaptable and adoptable because the purpose is to give a good start for the
school people (teachers/students)
Video 5 it can be adopted because it can train the students English skill and confidence
by considering our culture.

Task 5
Now report the similarities and differences of the four announcements in Task 1 and also
compare them to the spoken announcement.
1. Similarities:
 Use the title/type or event, date/time, and contact person, address
 We can find the announcement on television, radio, newspaper, billboard,
magazine, etc. (Most of the announcement in Task 1, can be found in
public places)
 The information is long and detail.
 There are not written the writer there or who make the announcement.

2. Differences:
Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Example 4
Social Function To inform the To announce To seek people To announce
parents about about the course who have the the event
completing for the mentioned about
online student postgraduate requirements. building big
returning form student and idea
research worker
to join that
Where to find School Public Place Public Place Public Place
The people who is Parents Academic Job seekers People who
interested in people want to
reading those texts improve their
(Target reader) knowledge
Body/content Use the Use the Use the event, Use
date/time, and date/time, contact person, date/time,
website address contact person, address and contact
and address website address person,
Purposes To inform the To announce To seek people To announce
parents about about the course who have the the event
completing for the mentioned about
online student postgraduate requirements. building big
returning form student and idea
research worker
to join that
Heading Complete The Summer We’re looking TEDx NYU
Online school on for… 2013
Returning remote
Student Form sensing in
and hydrology
Detail The form willThe school is Job Vacancy for A seminar
Information include the intended for Videographer, held by
student’s academic Photographer, TEDx
information for people. Graphic
trips, study and - The course Designer,
emergency will be Creative Interns
condition concerned
data collection
methods and

The comparison written with spoken (Oral) annoucement:

No Written Announcement Spoken Announcement
1 Points of announcement are: Points of announcement are:
1. Head (the title or type of event) 1. Head (the title or type of event)
2. Body or content (date, place, 2. Body or content (date, place, program,
program, etc) etc)
3. Closing (For more information) 3. Closing (For more information)
4. Writer (someone or an institution Writer (someone or an institution who
who make the announcement). make the announcement)

The characteristic are: The characteristic are:

1. Written announcement usually 1. Usually begins with saying “attention,
begins with the tittle or for whom please” ,greeting or anything like that.
the announcement is written 2. In spoken announcement, they speak
2. Use the title/type or event, clearly so that the targeted people can
date/time, and contact person. easily understand it
3. We can find the announcement on 3. We can find a spoken announcement
television, radio, newspaper, when teacher call chief of the students
billboard, magazine, etc. And on or when there is an event in the school,
the example, the announcement is in the market, train station, bus station,
at school, university and public airport, sport stadium, etc. And on the
places. video the announcement is at school,
4. The information is detail. that is informed by students and
4. The information is simple.