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2/11/2019 PepperFlashPlayer - Debian Wiki

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This is the homepage of DebianPts: pepperflashplugin-nonfree, a Debian
package for installing Pepper Flash Player, like FlashPlayer is the homepage of
the DebianPts: flashplugin-nonfree package.

Pepper Flash Player is maintained by Google, and is newer than Adobe Flash
Player. Adobe currently still provides security fixes for Adobe Flash Player.
Google provides newer features in Pepper Flash Player. Pepper Flash Player
can currently only be used with DebianPkg: Chromium (and with Chrome).

The package is a separate Debian package, not integrated in flashplugin-

nonfree. Users can choose between Adobe Flash Player and Pepper Flash
Player by installing the corresponding Debian package. Both packages will co-
exist for some time, until Adobe finally ends security support for the Adobe
Flash Player. Pepper Flash Player uses a different interface with the browser
than Adobe Flash Player, so it doesn't fit in the mechanism of "alternatives"
(flash-mozilla.so). When both are installed on one system, then Chromium
currently only sees the Pepper Flash Player.

The design of the Debian package for installing Pepper Flash Player is similar
to flashplugin-nonfree. The difference is that flashplugin-nonfree downloads just
the Adobe Flash Player, while for Pepper Flash Player the Debian package
downloads Google Chrome, and then unpacks it to make the included Pepper
Flash Player available for use with Chromium. Other than that, the mechanism
is the same. A different design would be to simply include the Pepper Flash
Player in the Debian package. But the upstream license doesn't allow that.
Another design would be to bump the Debian package version for each newer
Pepper Flash Player. But that would reopen the debate on how to get the
updated Debian package in stable in a user friendly way and sufficiently fast.
Note that the Debian package would pull in a combination of feature updates
and security fixes in a new upstream release of closed-source software, which
is somewhat difficult for Debian procedures to install quickly in stable. So for
now I'm sticking to the design of flashplugin-nonfree for the same reasons that
package is designed that way.
https://wiki.debian.org/PepperFlashPlayer 1/2
2/11/2019 PepperFlashPlayer - Debian Wiki

Since DebianPts: pepperflashplugin-nonfree 1.8.3+nmu1, it downloads Pepper

Flash Player plugin from Adobe directly. The following notes are only applied to
old versions. Adobe now provides flash (both PPAPI and NPAPI version) at

If installation or update fails with error like this:

ERROR: failed to retrieve status information from google : W: Th


It happens because google changed it's signing key. To fix it(1):

gpg --keyserver pgp.mit.edu --recv-keys 1397BC53640DB551

gpg --export --armor 1397BC53640DB551 | sudo sh -c 'cat >> /usr/

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1. solution from http://unix.stackexchange.com/a/280091/13609 (1)

https://wiki.debian.org/PepperFlashPlayer 2/2