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A. Conclusion

In doing the nursing care to child E, the writer use five stage are

assessment, formulating of nursing diagnose, find the intervention,

implementation, and evaluation. With purpose give the nursing care to the

patient with post operation of ORIF at fracture humerus dextra 1/3 mid.

From the assessment result to child E with post operation of ORIF at

fracture humerus dextra1/3 mid with auto and allow anamneses for the

beginning until finishing. That were, from the patient identity, responsibility,

past health history, family health history, functional pattern assessment

according to Virginia Handerson until finish, form the assessment result, the

writer found data primary complain was patient said that pain in post

operation of ORIF wound.

In post operation of ORIF fracture humerus dextra 1/3 mid found

some nursing problem were comfortable disturbance (pain) related to

discontinuity of bone tissue and muscle spasm, impaired physical mobility

related to decreasing of moved ability, impaired of skin integrity related to

fixation which to firm, laceration wound and post operation of ORIF wound.

For solve this problem, the writer stack intervention, tough relaxation

technique with taken a deep breath, distraction and transferring of pain with

chatting. Maintained immobilization at injury area, tough for mobility of

active motion in member of more that didn’t sick at wrist, do wound care in


post operation wound, and skin everyday. And from the intervention, it was

done nursing implementation such as tough the relaxation technique with take

a deep breath and distraction with invited to chatting, exercise active motion

that wasn’t sick at wrist done wound care/change the band of post operation

wound with aseptic/sterile technique, and many the other intervention that was


The evaluation of assessment result in child E case from the third

nursing problem above, all of the problem was overcome partly, after was

nursing care for 3x24 hours that supported by the patient very cooperative,

and the inhibiting factor was lack of cooperative the family in practice the

mobilization in child E.

B. Suggestion

1. For education institute

Hoped could increasing health education quality that would be produce a

professional nurse.

2. For healthy institute or hospital

Hoped could increasing health care in give nursing care to the patient

actually the patient with fracture.