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modernization required a transfer of surplus from agriculture sector to urban industry,

Exercise 5 : Encoding and Formating a Paragraph justifying the appropriation of rural resources, labor, and capital in the name of long
term national economic development (Fei and Ranis, 1964).
Instruction: Rural development is crucial to strengthen the economic and social conditions
of rural people. While the Royal Government of Cambodia is putting much
1. Create a new document and save it as exercise 5 attention on rural development in general, in specific rural and urban linkages that
2. Use margin: left=1.5, right=1.5, top=1.5, bottom=1.5 play very important role in fastening the process of rural development has been taken
3. Use font name=Times New Roman, size=12 little consideration in its policy.
4. Page Layout orientation is Portrait, Paper Size is A4
5. Paragraph Alignment Exercise 6 : Using Chart to present data in an easy-to-understand manner
a. Title align CENTER , font = BOLD, UNDERLINE
b. Introduction align CENTER, font = BOLD, UNDERLINE Instruction:
c. Background of the Study, font=ITALIC, UNDERLINE
1. Create a new document and save it as exercise 5
2. Go to Insert, then chart and Select Chart Style to insert chart (Bar, Pie…
CHAPTER I 3. Encode the data on the EXCEL dialogue box that will appear.
4. Input the datas below
Y/P 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
Women 1860 1790 1480 1287 1087 986 740 498 287 179
1.1. Background of the study Men 2408 2330 2180 2087 1889 1690 1498 1389 1298 879

While there are a lot of ways to enhance the economy of rural areas, the rural-
urban linkage is the most important one. The concept of rural-urban linkage has been Cigarette Smoking
the integral part of development theory since three decades, but in Cambodia, this Male Female
concept has been taking little consideration because Cambodia was almost destroyed 2330 2408

Number of Smokers
2087 2180 2500
during the war time. The country’s development process just started again from 1889
scratch after 1990 when the war ended. Therefore, the linkage of rural and urban 1690 2000
areas is weak and needs to be strengthened. 1298 1389 1500
The rural and urban areas are crucial to be interdependent. The surplus of rural 879
areas was transferred to urban areas and urban areas in return acted as centers to sell
agricultural products and supply services and equipments for agricultural activities. In 500
addition, urban areas will act significantly in absorbing the labor force in rural areas 0
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
and by doing this, rural people will get more income from their non-farming
Male 879 1298 1389 1498 1690 1889 2087 2180 2330 2408
activities. These two sectors became independent and therefore the economic became
integrated. Female 179 287 489 740 986 1087 1287 1480 1790 1860
Industrial growth in urban areas can occur if any surplus output or income
generated in rural areas is used to invest in the creation of modern industrial capacity Years
(Penelope Franks, 1999). Lewis also accepted the idea that economic growth and
2. Find the domain of the below function:
5. Hover your mouse until the arrow will turn into 3x  2
6. Click Design and choose CHART STYLE NUMBER 6 log
y=f(x) = x3
7. Under CHART TOOLS go to LAYOUT TAB, choose CHART TITLE and
8. A “Title Chart” will appear. Edit the title name into “CIGARETTE 𝑛𝑥 𝑛(𝑛 − 1)𝑥 2
(1 + 𝑥)𝑛 = 1 + + +⋯
SMOKING” 1! 2!
9. Click the Chart, Under CHART TOOLS go to LAYOUT TAB, choose
PRIMARY HORIZONTAL AXIS TITLE and choose Title Below Acess and −𝑏 ± √𝑏 2 − 4𝑎𝑐
change it to “YEARS” 2𝑎
11. Click the Chart,Under CHART TOOLS go, choose LEGEND, then choose
LEGEND AT TOP. Edit and reposition the legend if not centered
12. Click the Chart,Under CHART TOOLS go to to LAYOUT TAB and go to Review for our Upcoming Exam on September 30, 2018
DATA TABLE, then choose SHOW DATA TABLE WITH LEGEND KEYS Please Secure your Examination Slip or Admission Slip
13. Click the Chart,Under CHART TOOLS go to LAYOUT TAB, choose AXES
and choose PRIMARY HORIZONTAL AXIS and choose SHOW RIGHT Thank you for your support last Acquaintance Party.
14. Click the Chart,Under CHART TOOLS go to to AXES and choose Upcoming Topic is Microsoft EXCEL and Power Point
GRIDLINES and choose Major and Minor Gridlines

Exercise 7: Using Equation


1. Create a new document and save it as exercise7

2. Go to Insert , then Go to Symbols and choose EQUATION.
3. Encode the following below, font size 12, font=Times New Roman,
4. Align=Justify, Color is Blue
5. Use Bullet in each paragraph and choose NUMBERED BULLETS
6. InsetSymbol to insert symbols which you like


1. In a concert event at CTN TV station, 2/3 of the audiences were

women, 1/5 men, and the rest was young children. It is known that the
number of women is 48 more than the number of children. How many
audiences were in the event?
Activity 1: Selecting of Rows and Column Activity No. 2 Selecting Rows and Column using Ctrl and Shift
Select B4 and input the data Name Press Shift key in your keyboard and Select a Row from D5 and J14
Select C4 and input Grade Press Ctrl key inyour keyboard and Select a Row from D8, N18
Select D5 and input Total