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Praise be to the presence of allah who has given me

opportunity and healt so that.

l can wrote this book based on the story and experience of love
wich in my opinion the love story that l experienced is so
important for me to write and know readers all.

This book is titled NOTES OF SMALL ABOUT

LOVE and examines the conditions about love that take place
in the life of the writer which refers more to love which then
becomes a motivation for the writer and not jus love of lust or
even love of material because according to the author that our
love for someone is only because he has beauty ,wealth and a
good family then the love will not last forever and love only
lasts at a certain time .

Various problems and problems that l get in love life

which in my opinion are only some people who find conditions
like this and this is the beginning l try to compile a book.l hope
the book that I wrote later becomes a story that can motivate all
readerthis book l wrote from the beginning l knew the name of
the opposite sex from the beginning l stepped on the school
yard precisely on thejunior high school bench. there were
many7 beautifull stories from thisstory because the stories were
really stories taken fromreal life.

This book is far from perfect ,so l hope that

constructive suggestion and criticisms from readers will
improve the book in the future to make it better

Sorong, 29 desember

Sahriyanto Boinauw
Trapped in love

All human beings must have the desire to fall in love with
the opposite sex which is characterized by love ,longing ,and
even wanting to be together .feeling like this is inherent in
someone because there are things that cannot be explained
materially.against the law ,giving rise to sense of empathy and

When the sun is almost cofered by clouds the moon will

come for a while and the star to light up the night ,zukri shaves
her hair and showeres are finished she rushes to prepare
important things that tomorrow will be brought to
school,because tomorrow is the first day he stepped on
secondary education first .there aremany differences between
elementary and middle school so zukri must adaption to be able
to integrate with this new environment.

Even friends from other school who also registered

them selves at the same school .zukri saw many of this friends
who were acquainted with each other but he just sit and
remainted silent because he was shy but with the passage of
time zukriwas known by teachers and friends not because he
introduced himself but because on the test to determine student
who entered classes A and B ,zukri was the first student to
qualify for class A with the highest score among all students
taking the best. Pak yusran,

“ today children ,mr will announce with the best

score for this test ,namely zukry heartfelt words”

“ thank yiu god for what you have given to the

Servant at this time” zukri say

Zukri is known by many of his themes and many are
approaching him and many are jealous of him because of this
achievements .in this situation zukri is then trapped in the liking
of a beautiful woman but his zukri likes only hidden in his heart
because zukri is not dare to express his feelings to beautifull
women because there is no self-confidence in zukri,until home
even zukri always speak in his heart .

“very beautiful woman that hopefully she is

My soul mate,god”

Motivation for school and achievement is higher because he

wants to make parents happy and chasing and delighting the
beautiful long haired and beautiful woman .as time whent by in
the class of zukri ,the class leader took hold. mr ahmad say

“today children we will hold a class leader

Election ,who among you wants to run for

kelas chair”

“iam sir”said a fried of zukri

“the other ? it’s ok for the kids because

Only one person wants to run for class

Chair and has no competitiveness ,so he

Is the one who appoints the class leader”

mr.ahmad review .

because only one person wanted to run for the class chair,then
that person was appointed as the class leader at the time .the
zukri class already looks safe without commotion because there
is a class leader and security .although zukri is not the class

leader and indeed he does not like tupoksi ,it is not because he

gives opportunities to the theme .on that occasion ,randi zukri’s

friend who was elected as the class leader and also a rival of
zukri in the class ,both rivals about subject and to get the heart
of the long-haired beautiful woman who had been in singung
zukri as a driver to continue learning to achieve.

Beautiful face ,the beautiful attitude of the long haired

woman always haunts zukry ,but it doesnot hinder achievement
.instead ,it fosters zukri’s enthuasiasm to continue to learn and
achieve the highest achievement .

Zukry immediately wanted wanted to devote

everything to the woman but because there was too much same
zukri unable to issue a word in front of of the long –haired
beautiful woman even though zukri was one of the students
who recognized the art of rhetoric and courage to convey a
certain idea in class and even once criticized every mistake and
mistake that was deliberately made by the teacher’s at school
The long-haired beautiful woman approached zukri,

“ have you finished your duty zukri”

Ask the woman to zukri was surprised and felt rather

inscure,funny and embrraassingly answering the beautiful
woman’s question,

“ah umm, it’s finished, yeah it’s done”

“can I borrow zukri, because last night

lfell asleep and did not have

time to do the assignment” of course, Rani “

“ okay, l’ll take it, thank you, Zukri. “

“ yes, both are Rani”

zukri answered with a smile,

Zukri then rushed to take the

Taskbook to lend it to the long haired beautiful woman,

After a few minutes later came a teacher, pak sufri, his name,

pak sufri

“ Today’s children we will study education

Subjects citizenship about corruptors and corruption

In Indonesia as we all know that Indonesia is one

Of the most corrupt countries in the word but at

Until now the government has not been able resolve

Those problems to the point its finished ,even

Though we have a later institution authorized to

Overcome that”

While looking at and hearing sir sufri’s explanation ,zukri then

asked a question .

“sir, I want to ask when the corruption officials are

Settling is up to now ,then when the kpk is readhy

Who is the one who handles it ?”

Mr sufri answered ,

“really good question when that is committing

Corruption then the one who handles is police,

the explanation of the pursuit of citizenship education was
delivered by sir sufri,the class that had been ordery was now
messy and out of date because there were now more
teachers.the long-haired beautiful woman approached zukri to
return her zukri task book that had been borrowed by her.

The long –haired beautiful woman was name rani and

came from the village next to the village of zukri,the zukri
family and the rani family had also known each other and had
even come to zukri’s house.zukri parents were small-scale
businessman selling groceries in his village. Zukri is also very
close to school but when it comes to zukri school it is sometime

At the time of receiving riport to listen to who is the

overall champion and class champion,zukri did not think that
later his name would be read first by is teacher ask the first
winner of the class because he was sure that he would not be
the campion but the theme name lasujir salay who was also one
of the outstanding study students at the elementary school at
that time and was a class and general champion from grades 1-6
.a teacher named sovi arrived with a riport book ,said mrs sovi ,

“Your chidren’s day will listen the result

of learning you are in this semester for

the first semester the first winner is

(silent while glancing students) zukri

students (clapping) the second is lasujir, the

third is andi and up to so on. Oke

mother’s children come out first congratulations

to you win champions, hopefully you can

be challenged The next cemester “

( while leaving the class ) zukri just listened quietly did not
expect that he was the first winner, many friends who
congratulated zukri on his champion on that day. There were
many friends who were happy and there were not happy with

The good news to his father and mother.

“mother and I got a champion”

“Alhamdulliah, keep you child, take your clother

off and eat”

Past mom said, smiling and looking happy,

“ yes I eat first”

In this first semester,zukri has succeeded in achieving satisfying

and well-known result in the class and even in his scholl
because besides he graduated ,he was also the overall
champion,although it was not the first public champion at that
time.zukri continued to fight for achievements in the class.one
ago until in viii class zukri also got rank 1 too.in yhe class vii to
go up to viii zukri class had not poured out his heart or feelings
towards the long-haired beautifull woman(ranhi) even though
his liking for woman was very big but zukri’s shyness made
him unable to explain what he felt to the woman either in 4 eyes
or directly because he also saw one of his themes as well as
approaching the woman and the approach was his own close
friends when there was an oppurtunity to explain his feelings he
renenbered the theme and also a great sense of shame finaly
rises to class viii even he hasnot poured out his feelings ,just
being silent .
Accused of being involved in insults.

now zukri has gone up to class VIIi by gaining the

same achievement as the ranking in semester 1 ago, but in this
class VII zukri has known the name of association to have not
been concentrated in learning, lack of reading and just gathering
with friends talking something which is not useful for one's
personal progress. At one time there was a zukri teacher who
distributed English language books to students of the ViiA class
as teaching materials from zukri English subjects and then saw
on page 25 that there was a scribble on someone who wrote a
word of insult or obscenities for the teacher concerned,

"Sir, there are inscriptions on page 25"

The teacher saw and almost shed tears because it was directed
at the teacher in the diatribe, but the teacher left the class and
instructed the teacher to then find out who the real perpetrator
was, we were told to write on a small sheet with the same
words as those found in the English language book page 25 and
after finishing writing the accusation the teachers told one of
Zukri's close friends because the teachers said the writing was
the same as the writing in the book. to the teacher's room to be
interrogated about the matter and zukri was accused of
participating in writing dirty words to the English teacher
because zukri was one of the groups than the students who
wrote the words. looked worried and didn't want to come to the
office because Zukri was convinced that it was not his theme to
write especially to the accusation that he was also one of the
few people who me write it.

"Sir, if you are sure he wrote the words

Do you have clear evidence and father

Can prove before us all that he isoriting on the book
was very similar to the writing of the zukri friend. There was a
debate between Zukri and the teachers but because the power in
the school was held by the teacher then Zukri did not look right
when opposing that it was not his fault but it is a similarity of
writing between the theme and the perpetrators of the writings
of these insults

even crossing zukri's good name, which was sung by him, is

now almost avoided by friends and in the red line by the
teachers even though he had told the teacher that he was not
involved in writing the insulting words even though he was
accused of being close friends and even according to him not
the theme of the students who wrote those words but the senior
or class kaka who had graduated from school who wrote those
words because maybe the teacher had said words that offended
his feelings and was actually logical because before his class
zukri was taught about that there was already a class who were
taught first and used the same textbook and they had written the
words first so that the textbook was distributed to zukri and his
classmates had written insults and insults. But zukri and the
theme were still blamed or not hit physically but already in the
red line because he felt himself being harassed by the students
by yourself.

Before entering this problem when going up to VIII

class, of course there is no student class, finally there is a
brochure or information for new student admissions. Zukri is
one of the new student admissions committee and MOS
(Student Orientation Period) committee. At that time around 60
students from three different basic schools who enrolled in the
school. zukri and other committee friends prepared the things
related to the MOS activities and collaborated with the teachers.
the ahmad was the supervisor of the committee for student
admission and at the same time the Student Orientation. pak
ahmad give direction.

"All of you are the committee, so you really need it

Cooperation and good participation from you for

The success of the student orientation period due

That father will divide the committee into 2 parts so


The allocation of tupoksi is done well, there is

Who served as the row regulation committee -

Line up

"Okay sir" the whole committee answered

(dispersed leaving


The organizers conducted marching exercises and divided into

2 groups and zukri did not include joining the row-line
committee because according to Mr. Ahmad Zukri's evaluation,
he had not been able to train the participants well because the
lines were not good enough so that Zukri was only authorized
to give direction in class The first day of the participants'
orientation period in the students turned out to be that Zukri had
seen a beautiful woman who stole the attention of men, one of
them was Zukri himself when he saw the woman zukri felt in
love with her because of the woman's natural beauty but
because she was a student New Zukri is still learning to learn its
nature but Zukri does not directly and seduce the woman but
she only looks at it from a distance.

New students and the second woman who attract

attentionThis zukri is very beautiful and beautiful in
appearance, but there are similarities between the women of this
new student and the long-haired beautiful woman who has been
touched by zukri on the explanation in the initial sheet. the long
haired girl finally became more interested in the new student.

All the organizers prepare to enter the class and give

direction to new participants. At that moment Zukri also briefly
introduced his name and several other committees but Zukri
saw several male committees also had time to disturb her so
that jealousy and insecurity arose because of beautiful women
and The new students gave a good response to them. Zukri's
face looked like angry, finally it was no longer encouraging to
guide the classmates then the committee checked the equipment
that was brought by the participants, which was the task given
by the committee. the law because it is incomplete, but the law
is made like a game, finally the law given is loved by the pesera
during the orientation of the students. They are commanded to
sing, read poetry, read poems, give examples of monkey
movements, shoot girls and send orders very interesting order
so that the orien period the tation didn't feel so tense but the
atmosphere was more relaxed.

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