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It’s a tough job,

but there are people

who can do it.
They work in some of the most challenging even your toughest requirements are met
conditions on the planet. They run with our solutions.
extremely abrasive or corrosive
processes, often in remote Participating Partner
locations. The best results have always
been achieved by close
They are our customers. cooperation between
experts of various disciplines.
Whether they do That is why we appreciate long-
business in mining, term partnerships with our
metallurgy, energy, cement, customers. We are inspired by
pulp & paper, chemical or other their success and are proud
heavy duty industries, we are of being part of it.
there for them.
And we are glad to help. Performance
Flowrox exists to increase
Experience with insight customers’ productivity by
Flowrox (formerly Larox Flowsys) has offering them products and services
over 30 years of experience with more than that improve efficiency and extend service
100,000 global deliveries. Each intervals.
installation has helped us Our solutions provide
better understand our the lowest total cost of
customers’ needs and the ownership, the best
environment they work in. performance and a
Our extensive database trouble-free operation.
and expertise ensure that
Experience with Insight.

Participating Partner.

Facilitating Performance.
Flowrox is the Industry Benchmark
Flowrox is known for its reliable solutions for demanding
process conditions. Our main focus is on the Mining, Minerals &
Metallurgy and Energy, Construction & Environment industries,
but we have solid expertise in various other fields, too. With
over 30 years of experience in elastomer technology, Flowrox
is the benchmark in heavy duty valves, pumps and systems.

Mining, Minerals & Metallurgy

Flowrox has provided solutions for high-wear
and aggressive processes in more than 50,000
installations in mining, metallurgy and mineral
applications around the world. Flowrox valves
and pumps have proven their superior quality,
reliability, excellent wear-resistance and anti-
jamming properties in these applications.

Energy, construction & Environment

Flowrox products offer the utmost reliability,
the lowest total cost of ownership and most
importantly the longest operating time. They
have been used very successfully in energy,
construction and environment industry
applications for several decades. Our products
improve our customers’ efficiency and have
proven their performance in the toughest process

Other industries
Flowrox products have also proven their
suitability for a wide range of other industries
and applications, e.g. chemical, food & beverage
and pulp & paper.
Flowrox Portfolio
Flowrox products are an environmentally friendly and cost effective solution
for demanding industrial flow control applications.

Pinch Valves Heavy Duty

For shut-off/control
Knife Gate Valves
applications involving For shut-off applications
abrasive or corrosive involving abrasive and
slurries, powders or corrosive slurries and powders
coarse substances in in industrial process plants.
various industries.

Peristaltic Hose Pumps Progressive Cavity Pumps

For processes involving For the most demanding industrial slurry and paste
industrial pumping, pumping applications.
dosing and accurate
metering of abrasive,
corrosive and other
demanding slurry duties.

Non - Return Valves Industrial Services

For heavy duty applications Customized service packages
actuated or non-actuated. for flow control and pumping

Flowrox’s long-term research and development program

ensures new product launches on a regular basis.
Contact our nearest subsidiary or one of our
50+ partners we have all over the world.