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Kuja Dosha : https://www.youtube.com/watch?

v=UOWe8faoes4 Gayatri Devi Vasudev —

Jupiter in Kendra from Venus ( in 7th with Mars) that too in fixed sign. so jupiter
in kendra in kalathra karaka. In moveable or common sign will not cancel the kudos

Mars in 7th or 8th from Lagna or Moon or Venus. If the spouse’s chart also has that
then it balances out.

Benefic or 9th house and lords re strong then even if 7th and 8th have dosa its
greatly reduced.

Rahu in 8th house and goes through that data with Moon’s antardasa then it can lead
to death of the spouse.

Retrograde planet becomes very strong in terms of good and malefic results.
Extreme retrogression is seen from 7th from the sun.

Varahamihira Chapter 19— About Lagna Lord.