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What are different school of thoughts of Organisation development

How can you distinguish OD and planned change from other forms of organizational change?

OD is not a micro approach to change. Comment

Discuss various steps involved in O.D.

How would you define “organization development?”

How does OD differ from a single change technique such as management training?

Compare and contrast planned versus unplanned Change.

What are the different types of change existing in the organization?

List the external and internal forces of change which should be taken into consideration while
implementing organization change

How is technology change & organization change interrelated ?

Describe different change agents.

What is the impact of technology change in HR ?

Discuss the Process of Change in Organisations and the factors that are important for it.

Discuss, with supporting practical illustrative, some of the changes confronting the work organisations
today. What is the need for planned organisational change?

Explain survey feedback technique. When should it be used?

OD interventions are must in today’s era of mergers ,acquisition and restructuring. Comment.

Define the concept of organizational change. Discuss its importance. What are the various types of

Discuss the various forces responsible for change in the organization?

What are the major factors determining the organizational change?

How does force field analysis differ from the continuous change process?

Why is it said that continuous change process model is an improvement over force field analysis model?
Explain the following-

(a) Change and transition management

(b) System model of change

Explain the following

(a) Action research

(b) The politics of change

Explain the steps involved in the process of carrying out any change program in business organization?
Elucidate each step with examples.

Discuss the major key factors in effective change management?

What are reasons for resistance to change? What can the management do to overcome such resistance?
Define change agents. Describe the characteristics of successful change agents. What the change agents
can do in the organization?

What do you understand by interventions? Why the need for intervention in an organization arises?

Discuss interventions as the action component of the OD formula. 3. Write a detailed note on the nature
of OD interventions.

“OD is more than just reaching into a kit-bag and pulling out an intervention or two”. Discuss the

What are the important considerations you will keep in mind when you plan and evaluate an OD

What are the expected results of an OD intervention?