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Position: Administrative Assistant II (Budget Assistant II)

Salary Grade: 8
Item Number: N/A
Location: Targeted Unconditional Cash Transfer
Division: Administrative Support Division
Staff: None
Reports to: Administrative Officer V (Budget Officer III)
Positions Supervised: None

A. CSC-Prescribed QS (To be used as needed only)

Education : Completion of two-year studies in college or High School Graduate with relevant
vocational/trade course
Experience : 1 year of relevant experience
Training : 4 hours of relevant training
Eligibility : Career Service (Sub-professional)/First Level Eligibility

B. Preferred Qualifications (Competency-based

Education: Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in Banking and Finance, Accountancy, Business
Management major in Financial Management and/any other Finance-related courses
Training: At least 4 hours relevant training in financial and accounting related courses or topics
Experience: At least 1 year experience in Government and Financial Accounting with good in oral &
written communication, working knowledge of MS Office Applications

Job Summary:

Under the supervision of the Administrative Officer V, provides administrative support services in
the Budget unit in the preparation and monitoring of funds and preparation of the Annual Budget

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Drafts/Types communication;
• Receives, sorts, files and releases communications and other documents;
• Takes charge of the reproduction of materials
• Maintains records, reports and other pertinent documents
• Assist in tracking communications
• Facilitate preparations of voucher, communications, travel tickets and other administrative
concerns for TUCT such as catering, repairs, venue, and accommodations.
• Assist in the preparations and conduct of meetings workshops and capability building
activities for TUCT
• Assist in the preparations of reports, documents, briefers and presentations materials for
• Facilitate the confirmation of attendance of different activities
• Oversee, record, facilitate and monitor incoming & outgoing documents and processing of
payroll and vouchers, request for venues, catering, vehicles etc, and other TUCT administrative
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• Perform other related tasks as may be assigned from time to time

Delivering Excellent Results Report Preparation
Commitment to Social Protection
and Development
Conduct Inventory
Coordination and Implementation of
Programs and Projects
Implement Quality Standards and
Mentoring / Coaching

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