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The healthcare industry is considered as one of the world’s largest service industry.

Healthcare is a basic right and nowadays there is an increase in awareness among

people about their rights because of media exposure and higher literacy rate. This
awareness among patients or consumers pushes the healthcare providers to deliver
quality health services. But how do we know if we are providing service with quality?
It is one of the most difficult thing to measure especially when consumers all have
different perceptions about service quality and mostly because services are

When we speak of quality service we speak not only of the service given in the
hospital setting. Quality service means being able to give the needs of the patient
when it arises- whether this means inside the hospital setting or during emergency
response. This is where the Philippine Red Cross stands apart from others. Speed,
dedication and quality service, the three things that sets apart the Philippine Red
Cross. Training for its volunteers starts early. This ensures continuity of knowledge
transfer and actual service practice.