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New Kemelix Demulsifiers

A new class of finishers

Providing quality to your separation

Solvent, NPE & BTEX High performance

free treaters

technology, patent
New technology, patent pending

Physical Activity Pour
Reference Colour RSN at 25ºC
form (%) Point (ºC)
Kemelix D101 Liquid Yellow 100 14 2000 -21
Kemelix D102 Liquid Yellow 100 14 6700 0
Kemelix D103 Liquid Amber 100 18 3200 -18
Kemelix D104 Liquid Yellow 100 14 1800 -30
Ease of use

Solubility at 10%
Product Deionised Aromatic Hydrochloric
Isopropanol Kerosene acid (15%)
Water Solvent
Kemelix D101 S S I S I
Kemelix D102 S S I S I
Kemelix D103 S S I S I
Kemelix D104 S S I S I

S = Soluble Products are soluble in deionised water, isopropanol & aromatic solvent

I = Insoluble Products are insoluble in kerosene and hydrochloric acid (15%)

What’s new?

Features New technology, patent pending

High performing treater

Low pour point temperature

Solvent, BTEX & NPE free

Benefits Differentiated results

Improved water quality

Suitable for use in cold climates and easier to handle

Improved environmental profile

Field results

Kemelix D101 Competitor

“Kemelix D101
“The water was almost transparent” performed well as a
treater but also as a fast
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