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Shree Shakthi Peeth Temple

Shakthi Sangam @ Mangalapuri 

Shree Kamakshi Kaingarya Trust (SKKT or The Trust)

• Mentored by Sri Guruji

• In Service since 1997 carrying out
socio- religious activities
• Registered with Govt Bodies
• Has associates in Malaysia,
Singapore and USA
• Constructed & maintains
Mangalapuri Temple

Board of Trustees:
• Sri Guru Sri Kamakshi Swamiji
• Ms. Bhagyalakshmi
• Sri B. Ganesan
• Sri T. Vimal Babu
• Sri P. Muralidharan
• Sri J. Sivakumar

Trustees are supported by volunteers and guided by like minded Aasthikaas.

Mangalapuri Phase I – Shree Swarna Kamakshi Temple
Location: Kannanthangal Village, Kanchipuram (50 Kms from Chennai Airport)
Phase I – Shree Swarna Kamakshi Devi Temple Completed
• Built as per Shilpa Sastra fully made in rock stones.
• Temple was Consecrated in February 2014 as per Vedic Tradition
• Temple is dedicated for the ‘Global Family’
• Temple has Gow Shaala & Deepa Mandapa
• Nithya Annadhanam is provided in the temple after the Pooja time

Under Phase II – 108 Shakthi Peeth Temples are being built around Devi Shree Swarna
Kamakshi Temple (detailed in next section…) in advanced stages.
Shakthi Peeth Temples? – need to look at Human Aspirations..

Sense of
Fame pride

What is the purpose of this

Human Life ??

Wealth Legacy

Varying Aspirations    Upanishads have answer to this….

Charthurvidha Pursharthas - 4 Human Aspirations

Artha / Amass Dharma / Kama / Desire

Prosperity Righteousness for pleasure
- Monetary - Ethical living - Indulge in
Investments - Sensitive to sensory
- Building others pleasure
Career - Conscious - Display of
- Pink of about Emotions
Health Divinity - Passions in
- Financial - Karma based forms of Art
security etc. living and Music

Dharma is central
to Artha & Kama

Leads to Moksha Blissful State

/ Liberation 5
Self realisation
Divine Mother can only guide us through this Path….

• Lalitha Sahasranaama describes Cosmic energy as Universal Mother

(Bhuvaneswari/ Ambika)
• It is the Universal Mother who is Purshaartha Pradhaayini – the Bestower of
all the four aspirations
• She is the Bestower since
– She is Poorna (the Complete One)
– She is Aananda Kalikaa & Bhogini (Always in Bliss & in Pleasure )
– She is Chathushashti Kalamayi (Master of 64 forms of Arts)
– She is Maha Vidya (Knowledge manifestation)
– She is Kaivalyapada Daynini ( Giver of Pure Awareness)
• She is Shakti and her abode is Shakthi Peeth
• Darshan of all Sakthi Peets in one’s life time is a “boon and rarity even for
Yogi’s” – by Sri Adi Sankara in Sakthi Peet Sloka

Devi Mahathmiyam/ Brahmanda Puraana lists 108 Shakthi Peeth across Universe
(spread across ancient Indian Subcontinent, China, Saptha Dweepa & Beyond)
Divine Drama – Shakthi Peeth legend

• At the end of the Divine Drama, wherever part of Her body fell, a Shakthi
Peeth emerged which are energy centers & Sacred places of worship
• Shakthi Worship is practised for millions of years
• Maharishi Veda Vyasa, Maharishi Durvasa, Parasurama and Adi
Sankaracharya…. have all extolled Shakthi Worship over the ages

108 has very special reference in Sanathana Dharma (Hinduism) – as per one tradition, 108
also refers to number of human desires !! 7
Mangalapuri the Chosen Place – Nothing short of Miracle !!
1. Abode in Kanchipuram vicinity & in Kamba Nadhi Theera
– Kannanthangal Village fits the description as indicated by Seers like Sri
Mooka Kavi who wrote Mooka Panchasadi.
2. Abode closer to Her Brother Padmanabha
– Madhuramangalam the next village has more than 1000 year old Lord
Vishnu temple
3. Blessed by Kanchi Maha Swami
– Multiple incidents of direct blessings by Sri Kanchi Maha Periyavaa
4. Land that met all the requirements of Shilpa Sastra
– Banks of river bund, Tilled land etc.
5. Rock stone temple completed in record 108 days
– From foundatation stage to ‘Kumbabishekam ready state’ done in flat 100

“ It was the Divine Will which chose me as an instrument to carry out this Once
in Life Time Opportunity of Shakthi Peeth Temple Campus modelled to address
all the four human aspirations / Pursharthas” - Sri Guru Sri Kamakshi Swamiji.
Confluence of 108 Shakthi Peeth first time ever

• 108 Shakthi Peeth scattered over Ancient India & rest of the
world now brought @ single place
• 108 aspects of Sakthi are like petals of flower where each petal
is unique & special but together form as a beautiful flower of
greater substance !!

Confluence of Shakthi Peeth is to benefit the mankind to experience higher level

of Consciousness. This unique Peetam of Sakthi Peetams provides glimpse of
Divine Mother in her Unified glory
Mangalapuri– Charthurvidha Purshaartha Krama

Kaama : Aspire for Kamakshi
Lotus Feet of Devi– Temple
Ultimate Kaama

Epitome of Artha : 108

Individual Shakthi Devi

Epitome of Dharma-
Vigraha of Kanchi Maha

The First and Unique of its Kind 108 Shakthi Peet Temples revives ancient tradition of
Shakthi worship & fulfils human aspirations
Mangalapuri– Stapathi’s Plan
Moksha Sthaan – Artha Sthana OR
Shree Swarna 108 Shatkhi Peeth –
Kamakshi Temple Under Progress

Kanchi Seer, Shodasa Ganapathi, Subramanya, and

Santhoshi Maa Temples
Mangalapuri– Temple Phase II cost estimate
Total Cost
Construction activities Remarks
(Rs. Cr)
Swarna Kamakshi Stone temple construction & dedication to
3.50 Completed & operational since February 2014
society with Go Shala and related infrastructure
108 Shakthi Peeth temple construction, Main Raja gopuram & 3
2.20 Completed awaiting finishing touches
small Raja gopuram construction, Vigraham works
Cost per unit - Rs.5000, Number of units available (#) -
Running mandap for 108 Temples 0.25
Painting & decoration - 108 temples, main Raj Gopuram & 3
0.15 Cost per unit - Rs.1500, # Units available - Multiple
smaller gopurams
Dwajasthambam installation 0.20 Cost per unit - Rs.10000, # Units available - Multiple
Landscaping & Nandavanam initiative 0.25 Cost per unit - Rs.2500, # Units available - Multiple
New Madapalli (temple kitchen) 0.15 Cost per unit - Rs.1500, # Units available - Multiple
Electrical & plumbing activities 0.25 Cost per unit - Rs.2500, # Units available - Multiple
Total cost of balance construction works 1.25

Total Cost
Kumbabishekam Activities Remarks
(Rs. Cr)
Sampoorna Vedic Sadas for 8 days 0.10
Donors may kindly contribute either by way of cash or
Vedic pundits remuneration 0.45
may support by providing materials required for Yagna
Annaprasadam - general public 0.25 (like Ghee, etc), Annadhanam (like Rice, Sugar etc),
Annaprasadam - Vedic pundits 0.15 temple pooja items (like deepa alankara, bell, upachara
Yagna materials, fruits, flowers etc 0.25 sets etc) . Since the 108 Shakthi Peet Temple is
dedicated for all of us we welcome participation and
Yaga Saalai and related infrastructure activities 0.20
support from across the society !!
Others 0.10
Total cost 1.50

Bahumanam / Benefit: Ease of Karmic difficulties, Ease of Pithru Dosha and

Generate Punya for generations - Source Agni Purana & Devi Mahathmiyam 12
Mangalapuri– Temple maintenance & Corpus
Running & maintenance cost:
• Trust has appointed 10 staff including Vedic Pundits for ‘Thri Kaala
Pooja’ and other day to day activities
– On an average cost Rs. 2.50 lacs per month by way of salary & provisions
– This cost is expected to increase to Rs. 3.50 lacs per month after Phase II
Means of finance:
• Temple has no Hundi for collection and donors pay their
contributions to the Trust account
• Donors contribute to various SEVA (Nithya pooja/ special pooja)
which partly meet the monthly costs
• Trust also accepts certain donations in kind (pooja materials, grocery
for Naivedyam etc.)
Need for Corpus size of Rs. 5 Cr
• We are in the process of building the Corpus & seek support

Trust is promoting “One Family - One Time Contribution” amongst Aasthikaas as Life
time support initiative !! (For instance… 5 % of Annual Income OR 1 month Salary) 13
Contact Us

• Website: www.kamakshiswami.org / www.kamakshikataksham.org

• E-Mail: skkt0397@gmail.com
• Temple Contact: 94442 68655
• Trustee(s) Contact: 98400 84520/ 98412 85245/ 96005 64646/ 98416 22850
• Bank details:
• Account Name: Shree Kamakshi Kaingarya Trust, payable at Chennai
• Bank Name: City Union Bank Nanganallur Branch, IFSC Code: CIUB0000104,
• Current Account Number: 510909010090708