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FEBRUARY 15, 2019

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Citizens on
Patrol keeps
Strathmore safe
Doll Sisters shine Times Reporter

Armed with only themselves and a friend in their

vehicle, a crime tracking app, contact with the local
Page 13 RCMP and probably a couple of coffees, members of
the Strathmore Citizens on Patrol (COP) work long
hours throughout the night to help keep Strathmore
safe by patrolling the streets and reporting anything
suspicious to the Strathmore RCMP.
Only last year, Strathmore COP become an as-
sociation under the Alberta Citizens on Patrol.
Strathmore COP is currently operating with only 10
members and is hoping to grow its member base
Kings ready for playoffs with the goal of completing more patrols and help-
ing to catch and report more suspicious activity and
“I personally joined because I just don’t like see-
ing people get away with things that they’re not sup-
Offering IV Sedation posed to be doing,” said Crystal Johansen, vice-pres-
ident of COP. “People work hard for the things they
Dr. Ashkan Hamzehi DDS
Dr. Arzy Kafrouny DDS have and I know the RCMP are very busy. So, for
Dr. Sharif Faizi DMD us to be out there and to be extra eyes and ears for
General Practice Family Dentistry
them, I felt that this is the least I can do.”
100 Ranch Market, Unit 105F With a goal for each member to complete at least
Strathmore, AB 403.934.5292 one patrol a month, two members of COP pair up
for a night of driving around town to spot any suspi-
cious behaviour. They track their locations and time
spent patrolling on the iPatrol+ app, and record any
incidents. If members run into anything suspicious
they also call it into the RCMP.
There is currently no set schedule for patrols;
however, members are encouraged to patrol when
they can. Night shifts last approximately seven
hours or less depending on how busy the night is.
Members check in with the RCMP every night they
are out, and the COP also has a monthly meeting
with the Strathmore RCMP to discuss any questions,
Look on Page 4 for
areas of town that need more patrolling than others
Town of Strathmore
and other important information.
Municipal Notices “They are a great benefit to us and to the commu-
Contact Us Today! nity as a whole. They act as another set of eyes for Spartans soar!
us … they are a benefit to the community as they
403.934.5589 are upstanding citizens who are volunteering their
Strathmore High School hosted the JV Spartan boys home basketball tournament on
info@strathmoretimes.com Feb. 9. Twelve teams took to the court, and although the local team fought hard, the Top
time to help make the community a safer place,” 3 spots went to Cochrane, Bert Church and Springbank. Above, the Spartans took on
www.StrathmoreTimes.com said Strathmore RCMP Cpl. Robert Kuehn. Bow Valley High School Bobcats during the tournament. Doug Taylor Photo
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104 - 3rd Avenue,
Strathmore $414,400 $579,900 $167,500 $244,900 $307,500
Page 2 • Strathmore TIMES • February 15, 2019 www.StrathmoreTimes.com
February 15, 2019 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 3

Growing Families Society Showtime:


– 23 years of service February 15-21, 2019

skills, knowledge and experience back cent of the children in our area have
Times Editor
into the community with program de- difficulty or great difficulty in these MOVIE 2: THE
velopment that supports social partici- developmental areas,” said Sevcik. “We SECOND PART
Growing Families Society is celebrat-
ing 23 years of service in Strathmore
pation and inclusion for seniors. also need to improve communication Matinee
“Your funds here helped enable 19 skills and general knowledge skills, as Sunday 2 pm
and Wheatland County. The group pre- community lunch club sessions, 15 31 percent of our children are having Closed Sunday &
sented a summary of their various pro- meet-and-greet parent and tot ses- difficulties. These children have dif- Monday night
grams at Strathmore town council on sions, and a downsizing and declut- ficulty in communicating their needs G
Feb. 6. tering session during senior’s week,” and wants in a socially appropriate
According to Margo Sevcik with noted Sevcik. “We hosted five Bridging way, telling stories and lack of general For Movie Listings call 403-934-3057
Growing Families Society, the group’s or go to www.joylandtheatre.com
the Gap health interagency meetings; knowledge about the outside world.”
mission is to “promote, support, and we hosted a kickin’ it old school inter- Sevcik said funds are used to help
advocate for healthy lifestyles within generational event with 5 for Life; and various programs, including an early
our communities to enhance the unity seven sessions of name that tune.” childhood resource handbook; part-
of the family structure so all families Sevcik said the Bridg- nering with a postpartum
can reach their full potential.” ing the Gap website support group to host a
Growing Families Society is com- manages volunteer op- community approach to Commercial | Farms Industrial | Investment
prised of three main programs: Grow- portunities, lists re- healthy children work-
ing Opportunities, Bridging the Gap sources and has a calen- promote, shop; a community book
Bob Sheddy C0-Owner/Commercial Broker
and 5 for Life. dar of events. support and sale in January; books BobSheddy.ca 403-324-2222
Growing opportunities is an in-home “Bridging the gap for babes at Brentwood bob.sheddy@century21.ca
visitation program to provide support is an active partner in
advocate for School; various free fam-
to at-risk pregnant women. senior power, seniors’ healthy lifestyles ily swim and gymnastic KaraLee Foat, MA Co-Owner/Broker
“We employ a nurse, a support work- week, volunteer rec- sessions; Mother Goose in PowerRealty.ca 587-390-0596
er and a life skills coach. Women un- ognition, the seniors
within our the park; and a national karalee.foat@century21.ca
der the age of 19 are automatically ac- resource handbook, communities child’s day event, among 403-983-2121
cepted into the program; over that age caregiver support com- other things. 123 2nd Ave,
if they have two of our 13 risk factors Strathmore, AB
mittee and the women’s Sevcik noted that volun-
then they are accepted into the pro- conference,” she added. teers play a huge role in
gram,” said Sevcik, who added that the Margo Sevcik
5 for Life is a program the success of Growing
program serves a total of 350 moms. that focuses on children Families Society.
“The funds we received from you for ages zero to five years, providing and “Our total volunteer hours for all
2018 was directed towards our life skills
portion of the growing opportunities
developing programs to support early our programs comes to just over 2,300 Strathmore
Denture Clinic
childhood development in Strathmore hours,” she said. “That is the equivalent
program. We helped 18 clients over a and Wheatland County. of having a staff member work 44.3
12-month period based on a one-day a “The most recent early development hours a week.”
week program. We build trust, we edu- instrument results for our area released Growing Families Society is hosting
Terry Grant Denturist
cate, support and teach coping strate-
gies for these new moms. Your money
in 2018 indicate that many children its fourth annual family carnival and 403.934.3877
who are entering kindergarten are fundraiser on April 12 at the Strath-
was invested to give Strathmore’s new- struggling. Based on our results there more Civic Centre. The event, which • Complete / Partial Dentures
est residents the best start possible.” is a need to improve upon social com- goes from 5 to 8 p.m. includes a pan-
Bridging the Gap engages adults 55 petence and emotional maturity in chil- cake supper by the Cheadle Lions. Cost • Same Day Relines & Repair
years and older to volunteer their life dren under the age of six, as 26 per is $25 per family. • Custom Mouthguards

• Custom Night Guards

Town appoints weed inspectors • Natural Teeth Whitening

erty owners who helped us out, but we ended up having to
Times Editor
remove the weeds because we had no enforcement abilities.
(Weed inspectors) gives us the power to give notice to public
The Town of Strathmore has appointed two staff members property owners and then have them remove noxious weeds
to act as weed inspectors. from their property.”
Donna McCallum, parks lead hand/horticulturalist, and McCallum and Post are both horticulturalists, and Nichols
Jolene Post, equipment operator and horticulturalist, will said they both know the process involved in the identifica-
take the lead as the town’s weed inspectors.
According to Craig Nichols, Town of Strathmore operations
tion and disposal of noxious weeds. 413 - 3rd St. Strathmore
“They’d be able to go on to lands and if there’s a question
manager, under the province’s Weed Control Act, municipali- about a certain weed, they can find out about it and then
ties have the authority to appoint people as municipal weed just give a notice to the property owner to have it removed, GET YOUR CLASSIFIED
inspectors. with guidance of how to dispose of it properly,” said Nichols. ADS IN THE TIMES!
“One of the things we ran into last year had to do with
noxious weeds,” said Nichols. “Last year, we had two prop-
The town’s weed inspectors would have jurisdiction on
any land within the boundaries of the town, added Nichols.
Call 403-934-5589

403.934.3334 www.strathmoremotors.com

900 Westridge Road, Strathmore

900 Westridge Road, Strathmore

15 % $ 15
Parts & Labour on any OIL & FILTER
Repair over $500 SERVICE
With this coupon, expires February 28, 2019 With this coupon, expires February 28, 2019
Page 4 • Strathmore TIMES • February 15, 2019 www.StrathmoreTimes.com

Family Day

Next Regular February 18, 2019

Council Meeting:
February 20th, * Pancake Breakfast - 9am until the food runs out, Civic Centre

2019 * Kids Carnival - 10am to 2pm, Civic Centre

* Skating, Fire Pits, Hay Rides, Popcorn & Hot Chocolate -

12pm to 2pm, Ag Grounds
Next Committee
of the
* Free Family Swim - 3pm to 5pm, Aquatic Centre

Whole Meeting: Come join us for a Family Day of Fun!

March 13th, 2019
Strathmore Child,
Youth and Family Hub

Strathmore Lions

Cheadle Lions

Notice of Public Hearings


March 6, 2019 at 7:00pm - Bylaw #19-02




Bylaw #19-02 proposes amendments to


Land Use Bylaw No. 14-11. The proposed


amendments include updates to the definitions


and regulations of Cannabis Production


Support Group

Council will be holding a Public Hearing at
Individuals with PD, care partners, family
680 Westchester Road, Strathmore Alberta in members and friends are all welcome!
Council Chambers on Wednesday, March 6,
2019, commencing at 7:00 pm to consider the Learn up-to-date information on
Parkinson's, share tips, resources, make
proposed Bylaw for adoption. new friends, gain knowledge, and get the
support you need.
A copy of the proposed Bylaw may be inspected
from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday at

the Town Office. The proposed Bylaw will also be 1st Thursday of each month
posted on the Town of Strathmore website at: 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Strathmore.ca/townhall/bylawspolicies/ Hope Community
BylawsUnderReview Covenant Church
245 Brent Blvd,
Written submissions must be submitted to Strathmore
Cameron Thompson at Cameron.thompson@ Call: 1-800-561-1911
strathmore.ca on or before February 26, 2019
@ 4:30pm. Please note, all written submissions
will become public documents once submitted
to the Town, unless otherwise requested.

680 Westchester Road, Strathmore, AB T1P 1J1 • 403-934-3133 • Office Hours: M - F 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
February 15, 2019 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 5

Cheadle 4-H Club


Technology influences our lives

To the Editor books, magazines and the newspaper are becoming ETHAN HEUVER our public speaking compe-
Club Reporter tition that is taking place at
So, the other day as I was sitting with my son Ste- a dying art.
ven, I looked over and noticed that as we were talk- When apps and social media take away from the se- Cheadle Hall on Feb. 24 at 1
The Cheadle 4-H club has p.m.
ing, we were talking with our phones in our hands, nior’s paper, coupons and other resources, then I feel
done multiple thing so far. Members are working on
with hardly any eye contact, and our laptops in front that this has become a problem. Not many seniors
We worked the annual fall their project animals. We are
of us. have the knowledge or the ability to access devices to
That was not the first time I noticed this, but in the get the information they need. tea and bake sale at Wheat- already thinking about win-
past few years, when I look at the kids today and see Now on to a good note: social media is also a great land Lodge. We also collected ning big at the show and sale
them sitting on the couch with some sort of electronic tool as well. It can help bring family and friends to- donations for the Christmas on June 6 at the Rockyford
device, I can’t help but think what happened to the gether, and also help in education and research, and Hamper Society and made Arena.
way of the world. self-promotion in jobs and various products, and can boxes for them this holiday Any businesses interested
I remember when I was a little girl, I didn’t have an also be used as a great form of entertainment (i.e. season. in sponsoring our show and
electronic device in my hand to be entertained or an videos, online gaming, etc.) Our members are working sale can contact Eric Heuver,
alarm on our phones to tell us when it was time to In closing, what I’m trying to say is, don’t get too hard on their speeches. This eric@eaglelaketurf.com; all
come home because we had street lights tell us when caught up in technology as we have a beautiful world hard work will be shown at support is much appreciated.
it was time. Now, don’t get me wrong, I too have a and very kind and loving family and friends that can
love for social media, my phone and laptop. The sad also give you joy and happiness.
thing about it is that these devices are consuming our
lives. Connie Greene
I feel that because of social media on devices, that Strathmore

Male charged with child sex

offences on Siksika Nation
RCMP MEDIA RELEASE assault (x2); sexual interference; sexual exploita-
tion of a young person; invitation to sexual touch-
Gleichen RCMP responded to a complaint of sex ing; child pornography; forcible confinement; as-
assaults involving minors on Feb. 5. sault and uttering threats.
It is alleged a non-nation member of Siksika The name of the accused is being withheld to
Nation had sexually assaulted two children under protect the identity of the underage victims in-
the age of 12 over an extended period of time. volved.
Over the course of the investigation, police ex- The male was released after a judicial hearing
ecuted two search warrants and seized computers, on a $5,000 no cash recognizance with conditions
cell phones and electronic storage devices. and will be appearing in Siksika Provincial Court
A male, aged 58, has been charged with sexual on Feb. 21.

Cell phones leading cause

of distracted driving
RCMP MEDIA RELEASE Alberta RCMP traffic safety tips:
• Drive for the weather. Winter in Alberta means
This winter, Alberta RCMP reminds road users icy roads, reduced visibility, and limited daylight.
that distracted driving limits a driver’s ability to • Drivers are urged to slow down and give the
focus on the driving task and road conditions. vehicle in front of them more space.
Distracted driving behaviours include talking • Leave early for extra travel time. Know the
on a cell phone, texting, reading a book, eating, itinerary and do not attempt to read a map while
attending to other passengers or pets, and per- driving.
sonal grooming. • Make sure children are comfortable and prop-
“Alberta Transportation statistics indicate that erly buckled up before leaving. Prepare safe ac-
between Sept. 1, 2011, when distracted driving tivities for the trip so they don’t get restless.
legislation was introduced, and March 31, 2018, • For the safety of both pets and road users, it
97 per cent of distracted driving-related convic- is best if pets are secured in an appropriate pet
tions were for using a hand-held electronic device carrier.
while driving,” says Supt. Rick Gardner, Alberta • Finish grooming before leaving home. Do not
Sheriffs. comb your hair, shave or apply make-up while
According to Alberta RCMP Traffic Services driving.
Supt. Gary Graham, Alberta RCMP Integrated Traf- • Pre-set the temperature, radio or CD player.
fic Units issued 4,344 distracted driving tickets in Do not make adjustments unless the vehicle is
2018. stopped.
“The numbers are still too high,” he says. “Traf- • If you have to make a call, eat, read, take
fic safety is a shared responsibility. Distracted notes or engage in another distracting activity,
driving behaviours increase driver errors and, as a make sure you pull over to do it safely.
result, the likelihood of collisions. Distracted driv- Follow #TrafficSafety tips on Facebook @RCMP-
ing puts your safety and the safety of other road inAlberta and Twitter @RCMPAlberta.
users at risk.”

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Janet Kanters Editor
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www. StrathmoreTimes.com 403.325.0372

Page 6 • Strathmore TIMES • February 15, 2019 www.StrathmoreTimes.com

Western Irrigation District Memories: Clayton Farms

JOHN GODSMAN liam who founded the farm after emigrating from them to use irrigation on a supplementary ba-
Times Contributor Wigan in Lancashire in 1899. sis. The benefit of having water available when
William was a skilled tradesman when he ar- needed in the driest years is a significant bonus
The Clayton family has developed and maintained a strong rived in Canada and was hired by Canadian Pacif- for Clayton Farms. The configuration of their land
connection to irrigation, with multiple generations, literally ic Railway due to his expertise as a master caster would be challenging to irrigate using centre-
and figuratively, constructing the foundation for irrigation who made the drive wheels for their locomotives. pivot technology relative to their present system.
in the region. William began the Clayton family’s involvement This asset was the original intent of the CPR when
The Clayton family has farmed in the Chestermere area with irrigation by assisting in the con- it inaugurated this project in the early
since 1901, with Barrie and Carol Clayton currently in charge struction of the original irrigation ca- 1900s.
of operations, supported by their extended family. Barrie is nal that bisected their farm. As a former elected member of
the third generation of his family to operate the Clayton In the early days, irrigation could the WID, Barrie has seen the district
farm, preceded by his father Harold and his grandfather Wil- only be provided by gravity methods, transform from a water supply ser-
which was not possible on their land. vice for farmers and municipalities, to
Strathmore Legion Branch #10 NEWS When pumps were introduced to in-
crease the water flow, the farm be-
came irrigated. Barrie’s father Harold
a regional water management service
helping to address emerging chal-
lenges, such as storm water manage-
By Irene Knappe. For further information, please call the Legion at 403.934.5119
• Oh WOW!! Would you believe that the current pot for Chase the Ace, played every obtained irrigation rights in the early ment.
Friday from 6 to 8 pm, is now sitting at $2,691.00 with only 35 cards left in the deck!!! 1960s and used a hand-set irrigation The Clayton family’s involvement
The people running it have assured me that the pot will be won on Friday, February 15th system, which Barrie remembers as being very with irrigation, starting from William’s participa-
after 8:15 pm. During the two hours, from 6 – 8 pm, we will have our meat draws and a
labour intensive. tion in construction of the original canal system
50/50 draw. Last Friday’s 50/50 came to $108.00! See you at the Legion next Friday!!
I will keep you informed as to when the next Chase the Ace begins. The Clayton farm is located on the western and carrying through to the present generation’s
• The next General Meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 26th, at 7 pm. We could edge of the Western Irrigation District (WID), and use of irrigation and service on the WID Board,
sure use more people at our General Meetings! If you have the time, please attend. because of its advantageous location, it receives is a testament to the ongoing value irrigation has
• If there are any meetings to be held that are not previously scheduled, please more precipitation in an average year, enabling maintained within our region.
check this events article for announcements and also check for signage at the Legion.
• Our bingos, held every Wednesday, opens at 5:30 and usually ends at about 9:30.
We have a lot of fun, a lot of winners and our attendees range from 40 – 50 people, all
ages, male and female!! It’s a great evening, and should anyone be bored and want
something to do on a Wednesday, come to the Legion and play bingo!!!
• I recently wrote about the importance of volunteering, no matter where, or for
what. And you are very much appreciated indeed, especially when things need to be
done. There is one thing I have noticed in the last little while, and it needs to be noted.
When you say you will volunteer, whether for a specific event, or to help, please carry
through with your intent. There is nothing worse than to be a volunteer, counting on
another volunteer to assist, and that person does not show, or knowing that another
volunteer will take over from you, and THAT person is a no-show. If something comes
up, and you can’t make it, please let the people who are volunteering know so they can
find someone to fill your spot. Don’t leave them in the lurch. Just sayin’.
• I recently wrote about the Holocaust of World War II and all of the casualties.
Some people believe it, some don’t. Wars do nothing but cause casualties, on both sides,
and they still do. Here’s a few more statistics. Communism under Stalin, caused 62
million deaths; Socialism under Hitler, caused 21 million deaths; Communism under Mao
tse Tung, caused 49 million deaths and Islam has caused 300+ million deaths. I’m not
saying one is worse than another, which is rather obvious, and you can make up your
own minds. It still blows me away! Why?
Valentines Market
The Strathmore Farmers Market held their annual Valentines Market on Feb.
9 at the Strathmore Civic Centre with over 30 vendors selling their unique
and homemade wares and items.
Thought for Rose Hamrlik Photos
the Week

Citizens on Patrol looks to expand

We don’t
know what Continued from Page 1 town, the more members of COP the
we are better, as more members mean more
One useful tool to members is a crime statistics map locat- nights will be patrolled and having
capable of ed on the RCMP and Victim Services page on the Town of more than one patrol out per night can
until we Strathmore website. also be of benefit for the town.
The map includes crime data from within Strathmore for “Police work is best done with the
have to the past 14 days, which aids in COP members knowing help of the people in the community, as
cope. which areas need a little more patrolling. we cannot be everywhere at once,” said
Although there is no ideal number of patrollers for the Kuehn. “Having those extra sets of eyes
watching and reporting what is going
Your BBB* Serving Southern Alberta and East Kootenay presents:
on is a great benefit to us.”
On nights when patrols are out, every
BBB Tip of the Week: community in Strathmore is patrolled
for suspicious people and behaviours.
Health and Wellness Bars are also watched closer to closing
time, and on quiet nights COP mem-
bers will check neighbourhoods for ga-
If you’re looking for some help with your health rage or car doors that have been left
resolution, searching for a trustworthy and qualified open – COP members will let residents
health and wellness professional is crucial, especially know if they find open doors.
if you have to pay out-of-pocket. From dentists to To volunteer for Strathmore COP,
massage therapists, BBB has tips to help you to email strathmorecop@gmail.com re-
spend smartly on health care. questing an application form. The com-
pleted form can be dropped off at the
• Budget accordingly. Find out how much Strathmore RCMP detachment, and vol-
of the service is covered by your health insurance provider. If you need to unteers must provide proof of a valid
pay out of your own pocket, make sure you are aware of the extra costs driver’s licence as well as complete a
beforehand. criminal record check.
• Go for a consultation. Make sure you feel comfortable with them Once approved, applicants will be
and they respond to all of your questions and concerns. If you’re not contacted with more information and
comfortable or satisfied, continue looking. meeting dates.
A training course is being offered this
• Ask for credentials. Ask if they are part of other professional spring. Members of the COP are cov-
organizations and associations. Contact the organization to ensure ered by the association’s insurance for
the membership is valid and in good standing and if other licensing is both them and their vehicles.
required. “We want to make a difference, we’re
tired of the crime in town and we just do
what we can,” said Johansen. “There’s
a lot of nights that nothing happens
when we’re out on patrol, but that just
Learn more at bbb.org means it’s a good night for Strathmore.”
February 15, 2019 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 7

Strathmore Foothills AIM Society Presents

2nd annual

Doll Sisters Cowboy Up Casino

perform fun Money Casino Fundraiser
Where: Strathmore Civic Centre (120 Brent Blvd)
The Strathmore Musical Arts Society presented a When: March 30, 2019
sold out show featuring The Doll Sisters on Feb. Time: 5:30pm - 11PM
9 at the Strathmore Golf Course, with local Shan-
non McAuley opening the show. The Doll Sisters
drew inspiration from their Irish and Scottish heri- $50,000 IN FUN MONEY
tage to create an exciting and energetic show to DANCE - DOOR PRIZES
the packed audience. RAFFLES- SILENT AUCTION

Proposed upgrade to fire training For ticke

or email
ts, call
  Bev Rop

SHARON MCLEAY “It increases risk and liability when

$65 403-934
-4888 ext
ims.org o
. 222
239B 3rd r pickup
Times Contributor Ave, Strat at
we don’t have adequate training,” said hmore, A
Mon-Fri B
Judy Unsworth, Wheatland regional fire 9am-4pm
Wheatland County is considering changing methods of its chief.  
fire training from a module-based program to the NFPA (Na- Parkin said that technically, Wheat- Thank you to our sponsors!
tional Fire Protection Association) level 101 series training. land County crews are not allowed to
Stuart Larson, Wheatland County’s emergency, protective enter a burning structure for safety and
and fire services manager, told county council on Feb. 5 that liability reasons, and what county or
changing the method of fire training would give fire crews personal liability for the firefighter is in
a more practical and congruent application of training infor- that situation is unclear.

“Once you commit to an interior at-
“When I started here last month and started reviewing tack, there are certain levels of training
some of the fire policies put in place, one that really stood you must have, and if someone is hurt Thinking
out for me was the fire services level of training,” said Larson.
He said the county is using a module system developed in
and we don’t have that level of training
we are all going to jail,” said Larson.
to find
the late 1990s and since then, upgrades have been done and Council asked that administration Cleaner
methods of teaching have changed. He said current modules
being used provide information on use of gear and equip-
bring back a cost analysis for review at
a later date.
ment, but not necessarily developing the needed practical There will be a provincial fire servic- We are too
information for firefighting situations. He reminded council es guideline mandated by the province Newspaper ink is now almost entirely
they have an obligation to provide competency-based train- soy-based and non-toxic.
coming out in May 2019, which may
ing within a recognized standard. define the use of the NFPA courses, so
The NFPA level 101 series training is both a provincial and Please recycle this newspaper
council may delay a decision until after
international standard. Staff can be trained in the levels and its release. Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association – recognizing the efforts of community newspapers
it will save money in the long run, said Larson.
Each new course would take about 40 hours and be de-
livered over a 12-week period. About 180 hours is needed
to certify for the first level practical and theory completion.
Larson said currently they have no fire crews certified with a
technician-level certification. $289,900 C4223803 $379,900 C4224640 $395,000 C4223475 $199,000 C4224863
“How we would do this is, if you have previous training in 9 Hillview Rd 24 Lakewood Close 26 Strathmore Lakes Way 123 3rd Ave Rockyford
an F-series course, I will recognize the job requirements in
that,” said Larson. “We will sign them off and fill in the ones
they are missing to get their certification.”
Larson said this change was implemented in Vulcan Coun-
ty and they found that it increased fire recruiting, as the $249,900 C4219388 $130,000 C4224638 $299,900 C4223375 $149,000 C4224846

training was relevant and could be delivered by certified #111 380 Marina Dr #15 707 Westmount Dr 323 Ranch Ridge MD #206 3 Parklane Way
staff. The cost for the training would be paid for by county
and district fire associations.
“It is the cost of doing business,” said Alan Parking, Wheat-
land County chief administrative officer. “You can’t skip
$449,900 C4218062 $159,900 C4214383 $499,900 C4223462 $148,500 C4223222
training just because you can’t afford that.”
Reeve Amber Link asked for a cost analysis for the next 25 Henderson Rd N 136 Ranchwood Ln 5 4th St N Langdon #124 103 Strathaven Dr
two to five years. She said to her level of understanding, cur-
rently the county is not legally required under current OH&S
standards to provide for a semi-professional or professional
level of training. She felt it could be expensive and would re- $529,000 C4219388 $610,000 C4217661 $600,000 C4185530 $599,000 C4215073
duce the number of firefighters available for service because 243001 Rge Rd 240 224060 Rge Rd 260A
77 Rainbow Falls BV 254002 Rge Rd 250
they may not be certified under the new system. She also
asked staff to consult with the district fire associations and
firefighters on any changes.
Deputy Reeve Glenn Koester asked that comparisons be
broken down for what the districts receive in funding agree- $562,500 C4224876 $850,000 C4215746 $579,000 C4194955 $285,000 C4221178
ments compared to what Wheatland County receives for fire 609 Marina Dr 243044 Rge Rd 261 232028 Rge Rd 224 514 Willow Dr
service and training provision.
“We are not committing to actually fully train to 1001 or
Level 2. That would be at the option of the fire departments
and the individuals. We want to train them within that stan-
dard, to that level of service,” said Larson. “In order to be an $489,900 C4222536 $280,000 C4218794 $625,000 C4198872 $249,000 C4218048
exterior firefighter and put wet stuff on the red stuff, you 27 Lloyd Cr N 237 Hillvale Cr 1213 Hillcrest Manor Est 126 1st Ave
have to understand how to use a hose, use a nozzle, hose
patterns, fuel loading. You don’t have to complete the entire L o v e W h e r e Yo u L i v e
course. We are just moving away from module-based learn-
Larson said at least three days of training would bring
crews up to minimum standards and could be completed
with regular training days in six months or less.
Councillor Tom Ikert asked if there was a structure fire, 587-316-2000
what actions crews were currently allowed. Larson said
crews in Wheatland County can only provide exterior fire
exposure containment.
If a person is trapped in a burning building, most fire-
fighters would not hesitate to enter, even without adequate Michelle Hayley Christa Carey
training, but current standards and council directions do not Eldjarnson Poirier Aleman Rose
allow interior fire entry or interior firefighting actions. Each Office Independently Owned & Operated
Page 8 • Strathmore TIMES • February 15, 2019 www.StrathmoreTimes.com


For more information on the facility visit:


Get CheCked
Strathmore Family Centre
arena (160 Brent Blvd.)
The MAN VAN will be on-site offering free baseline PSA Saturday FeBruary 16th
(Prostate Specific Antigen) blood testing for men ages 40 - 80,
which can help with the early detection of prostate cancer. 12pm - 3pm
Additionally, all men over 18 will receive blood sugar,
blood pressure and waist circumference measurements. The visit is fast and free - no appointment
is necessary. For more information visit
February 15, 2019 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 9

RCMP to focus on repeat

victims of break and enters
hanced investigative response.
Times Editor
A recent Alberta RCMP analysis indi-
cated that 15 per cent of places broken
The RCMP are stepping up to try to into represent 32 per cent of all break
curtail break and enters in the province. and enters. That means one third of
The Alberta’s RCMP has launched these properties have been broken into Strathmore RCMP is
Project Lock Up, a new victim-focused more than once and is likely to be tar-
initiative that brings law enforcement geted again. investigating the Theft of a
agencies and citizen-led crime preven- “Project Lock Up is truly an intelli- Travel Trailer that took place on
tion groups together to provide an en- gence-led and collaborative approach December 2, 2018.
hanced and escalating response to Al- to Albertans who have been victimized
bertans who have been hit hardest by by break and enters,” said Supt. Peter The Trailer is described as a
break and enters. Tewfik, officer in charge of Crime Re- White Travelaire Rustler with
The new initiative, to be rolled out in duction Strategies with Alberta RCMP. license plate Y91180 Alberta and
Special auction partnership between the Alberta RCMP,
Criminal Intelligence Service Alberta,
“We find the people who need the most
support and along with our partners,
the decals on it appear faded.
raises funds Alberta Sheriffs, Alberta Community work with them to ensure they are nev-
On Feb. 7, Calgary Stockyards-Strathmore held
Peace Officers, Alberta Fish and Wild- er targeted again.” If you have any information that
life Officers, Commercial Vehicle En- The new initiative is based on two
a special auction to raise funds for Canadian Pro
similar projects in the U.K.: the Hud-
could help locate this Trailer,
forcement Branch, Alberta Rural Crime
Rodeo Hall of Famer Lester Gurnett. Gurnett,
Watch Association, Alberta Citizens on dersfield Project and MetTrace Project, please contact
who is suffering from COPD, will use the money
raised on his behalf to fund expensive medical Patrol and Insurance Bureau of Cana- which resulted in residential break and Strathmore RCMP.
treatments for his illness. A longhorn donated da, consists of four key components: enters dropping by approximately 30 File: 20181794883
by Darcy and Michelle Welsh for this event was more patrols in the hardest-hit places; per cent in targeted areas.
sold and re-donated several times during the victim follow-up from the RCMP either The Trace Pen property marking de-
auction, and when the dust settled it had raised in person or by phone; additional tools vices are available through local Citi-
over $10,000. Darcy and Michelle Welsh (I-r) with
Lester Gurnett .
for repeat victims such as a Trace Pen, zens on Patrol and Rural Crime Watch 1-800-222-TIPS
Doug Taylor Photo a property marking device; and en- groups.

Recreation and Culture

120 - 2nd Avenue, Strathmore



Gord Morck

Capsule Comments
Want to help reduce your cholesterol levels with
food? Try eating an ounce of almonds daily. That’s
about 23 whole almonds or about a quarter of a cup.
And while you are at it, add some avocado to your
diet. They can help increase LDL levels (the so-
called “good fat”) especially in those with a weight
The Town of Strathmore is planning for the future of recreation The U.S.A and New Zealand are the only two
and culture services – including programs, events & facilities. countries in the world that allow advertising of
prescription drugs. Drug companies spend multi-
millions of dollars on this type of “direct-to-
We’re kicking off this Master Plan process on Family Day at the consumer” advertising and it must pay off because
Civic Centre (February 18th). doctors in those two countries notice that their
patients often ask for these drugs by their brand name.
Two of the most effective forms of birth control
(called“surgical sterilizations”) are tubal ligation for
women and vasectomy for men. Both these methods
are permanent so people should be sure before they
ask for these procedures to be done. It’s also important
to know that these two birth control methods do not
prevent sexually-transmitted diseases.
Cancer is such a prevalent medical problem that
people often go to “Dr. Google” for ideas how to treat
and prevent it. One such idea talks about hydrogen
Write on our Mark on the map Tell us what your peroxide a mild antiseptic in regular strengths but is
GRAFFITI WALL your favourite favourite suggested in much stronger forms for cancer. There
and tell us why place in Strathmore recreation and is no scientific evidence that this works and can be
recreation and for recreation and culture activity is. very dangerous. High strength peroxide can cause
burns in the mouth and esophagus and can result in
culture are culture activities. permanent damage. Don’t try it!
important to you.
M-F: 9 - 7 pm • Sat: 9 - 6 pm
Hope to see you! Sun & Holidays: 11 - 5 pm
Strathmore 132 - 2nd Ave.
Later in February and March residents and community organizations will be able to more
formally provide their input. Visit www.strathmore.ca for project updates. Ph: 403-934-3122
Fx: 403-934-6474
Get the latest new products, special
savings, contests and more sent directly
to your email. Sign up today for the
Value Drug Mart E-letter.
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Wheatland County Council Chambers March 5, 2019, at 9 a.m.
Wheatland County Subdivision and
Wheatland County will consider the following applications for Public
Development Appeal Board (SDAB) Hearing at the regular Council meeting on Tuesday, March 5th, 2019.
The following public hearings begin at 9 a.m. and proceed until all ap-
Wheatland County is seeking a representative from Division 5 and plications have been heard:
Division 6 to sit on the SDAB. If you reside outside of these Divi- Bylaw #: 2018-39
sions and still wish to apply, please submit your application for Legal Description: County-Wide; LUB Specific Use Regula-
consideration. tions – Garden Suite Amendment
Proposal: Am end Land Use Bylaw 2016-01 to update Sec-
The SDAB deals with subdivision and development appeals in ac- tion 8.6 Garden Suite which includes amendments to the specif-
cordance with the provisions of the Municipal Government Act; ic use regulations, name, and definitions section of the LUB.
and shall exercise any other powers, duties, and functions as as-
signed by Wheatland County bylaws or policies. The SDAB meets Comments may be forwarded in writing to Wheatland County or in person at
as necessary during the day or evening. Members of the SDAB the above meeting. The application files may be reviewed in the County Office
serve a three year term and must obtain provincial training. during regular office hours – Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Any com-
ments provided will become part of the public record in accordance with Sec-
tion 40 (1) of the Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection Privacy Act.
Deadline for submission is March 15, 2019 at 4:30 p.m. Any personal information on submissions made regarding applications is col-
lected under the authority of the FOIP Act Section 33 (c) and subsequent
Please direct questions and applications to: versions of the Act.

Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Clerk

Wheatland County
Hwy 1 RR 1, #242006 Range Rd 243
Strathmore, Alberta, T1P 1J6


Wheatland County Administration Office March 5, 2019
The Farmer Pesticide Certification course is a tool intended to help farmers
to reduce risks associated with pesticide use. This course is recommended
under the Alberta Environmental Farm Plan, and mandatory for farmers
who wish to use restricted pesticides that require certification such as Alu-
minum phosphide.

Dr. Bill Hamman, President Hamman AG Research and Senior Agri-Coach® with
AgriTrend Agrology
Dr. Bill Hamman has instructed the pest application for Provincial certifications for over
25 years and is considered a top lecturer on the subject material. He is President of
Hamman AG Research, a company that is well respected in the Agriculture Research
Business. He instructs the Agriculture, Landscape, Seed Treating and Industrial Alberta
Custom Applicator certificates with a very successful pass rate for students taking the
exam. The instruction is energetic and fact filled and you will enjoy this course.

OVERVIEW: Instruction will consist of classroom sessions, PowerPoint course presentation & exercises. The 70 question
written exam is included with the course registration fee. Lunch is provided along with coffee and sweets.

Class will be taught at the Wheatland County Administration Building

7 Km east of Strathmore off of Hwy #1 & RR 243

Includes: a hot lunch and manual (with multiple choice exam at end of the day).
RECERTIFICATION ONLY - Certificates expire after five years $100 + GST
Upcoming Meetings and Closures
$60 + GST - No manual
Please register through Eventbrite by February 28th, 2019. February 18 — Family Day
Registration is limited to 25 participants. The Administration Office, Public Works Shop, Agricultural Service Board Shop,
https://2019fpct.eventbrite.com and Waste Transfer Sites are closed
February 19
More information available on our website’s events page 9 a.m. Regular Council Meeting
Agenda packages and minutes are available on the website
under Agendas and Minutes.

Address: 242006 Range Rd 243 Phone: 403-934-3321 Mail: Hwy 1 RR 1, Strathmore, AB, T1P 1J6 Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

February 15, 2019 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 11

Rosebud Theatre’s Amish Project RYANCO

to be performed in Vancouver
Times Contributor

The Amish Project, a play produced Ryanco Autocare has been a family owned WINDSHIELD REPLACEMENT
by Rosebud Theatre on its BMO Studio company since 1994. We employ a staff of Call for Quote!
Stage in 2018, will have another perfor- FULLmechanics
licensed automotive DOMESTIC including a AND IMPORT
mance run in Vancouver’s Dark Glass AUTOMOTIVE,
ten year SAIT automotive instructor We have a variety of
Theatre, Feb. 20-23. specializing SERVICE UP TO 5500 SERIES
in diagnostics and troubleshooting.
Jessica Dickey’s fictional exploration Vehicles for sale with
is based on a shooting that occurred in We offer all make repairs, from cars to heavy
2006 at the West Nickel Mines School, • Full
duty diesel trucks. diservice
We also eseland ser vice Full
repair andMechanical
r e pairs and
Heidi MacDonald, who played the gunman in • Full diagnostic on all vehicles
trailers and motorhomes.
an Amish one-room schoolhouse in the
Old Order Amish community of Nickel
Rosebud Theatre’s production of The Amish Proj-
• Insp ections - Out of province ,
Safety completed!
ect, will perform the role again in a production at We stand by our work and offer a complete
Mines in Pennsylvania. Five Amish girls CVI.P., insurance, trailer, auto/truck
died and five were injured.
Vancouver’s Dark Glass Theatre.
Photo Courtesy of Morris Ertman
warranty on all workmanship, and can also We offer Shuttle
take over and extend your dealer warranty.
The Amish Project’s fictional charac-
ters include two Amish girls, the gun- a more rural audience.” Napa Autopro has over 650 warranty-approved Service in the Town
locations across Canada to better serve you.
man and his widow. MacDonald presents a challenging
perspective, because she plays the role
of Strathmore!
The Rosebud School of the Arts stu- Some of the services we offer at Ryanco (For repairing vehicle only)
dents and graduates who comprised of the gunman, Eddy. “When you first Autocare include:
cast and crew in the Rosebud produc- meet him, you almost can’t help but
tion will reprise their roles at Dark like him, because he’s just very down-
Out of Province Inspections We sell all Types of TIRES!
Commercial Vehicle Inspections
Glass Theatre. Angela Konrad, who to-earth,” she said. “You can’t help but
Insurance Inspections
came to Rosebud to direct The Amish love this guy who’s like you or me. He
Bus and Motorhome repairs
Project last summer, is also artistic di- wants a happy life with his family. But
Diesel repairs
rector of Dark Glass Theatre, where the
play will be remounted.
there’s a darkness underneath that (his
wife) Carol goes on to say later that he
Trailer rewiring and service
Brakes, suspension, alignments
Cast member Heidi MacDonald con-
siders it a gift to bring the play to a
couldn’t keep down.
“We all have things in our lives that Drivetrain and engine repairs
Transmission repair and service
wider audience.
“It’s one of the most beautifully
we’ve done that we wish we could take
back,” MacDonald added. “But there is Diagnostics on Tires, Brakes
Competitive pricing on all makes of tires
written plays I’ve ever encountered,” a divine forgiveness that can reach into
And everything in between & Oil Changes!
MacDonald said. “This is a play that I that and set us free. And so playing the
want everybody to see. This show is so gunman is for me a very condensed
universal and transformative, (and) it journey of the story of salvation.”
means so much to me to get to share it
with more people.”
MacDonald credits the sold-out Al-
bertan audiences of The Amish Project
She looks forward to hearing the re- with its opportunity to be remounted 110 CANAL GARDENS• STRATHMORE
sponses of an urban audience. in Vancouver.
“The way that people in a rural cul- “People encountered it and kept on

ture (around Rosebud) talk about is- talking about it and kept on sharing
sues that come up in this show may be it with people,” she said. “That creates
talked about differently in an urban set- an incredible sense of gratitude in me
ting,” she said. “I’m really curious to see because the story’s not easy to receive.
how an urban audience responds to a Because of that, this story is able to
show that was so massively adored by have a life somewhere else.”

Lots of plots in Wheatland County


Enjoy A Coffee & Peace Of Mind

Nothing is as sure as death and taxes,
This February
Council approved Gowling WLG law
so Wheatland County council has asked firm be retained to review information
county staff to review its cemetery ca- on the Green For Life composting fa-
pacity for residents in need. cility, which will provide guidance and
The county has two cemeteries, one actionable direction to council. They
in Gleichen and one in Rosebud. There were chosen from five firms considered
was another recently approved to ser- for the job.

vice for a new Hutterite colony. “Gowling WLG has extensive experi-
Based on five-year population growth ence in environmental law cases across
speculations and 2017 mortality rates, Canada and is an international firm
the morbid prophesy is 66 people per with many partners versed in environ-
year will pass away in the county. With mental law that can assist its local part- 1 Year RSP or TFSA
the aging baby boom, that may triple to ner,” said Parkin. Term Deposit*
171 deaths per year by 2031. The lawyer representing Wheatland
However, when compared to the County has 12 years legal experience,
space available in the cemeteries for specializing in mining and energy sec-
burials, it was determined there will tors, and has represented cases in the
still be room in Wheatland County. Supreme Court of Canada.
Canadian statistics show 70 per cent
of people favour cremation, over burial.
Alan Parkin, Wheatland County chief
2.75% * 3.00% *
administrative officer, said overall, Ca- Borrowing from the Alberta Financial
nadian statistics may be influenced by Capital Authority for the Hussar Seed
urban statistics and rural area numbers Plant went through first reading and
might be slightly different. permission was given to acquire $2.5
The review concluded the county million that would then be lent to the
may need to develop more plots in the Hussar Seed Cleaning Plant for expan- 1 YR. RSP or TFSA 3 YR. RSP or TFSA
Gleichen cemetery long term, and de- sion and renovations. TERM DEPOSIT TERM DEPOSIT
velop more cremation niches or allow “Just for backup on that, we did this
multiple urn burials in traditional lots. originally when the Hussar Seed Clean-
They also suggested the possibility of
Talk To Us Today.
ing Plant was set up. They paid it off
marketing plots to urban areas, where and they are going to pay this one
cemetery spaces are dwindling. off too. They are expanding the seed
There was a suggestion that fees be cleaning plant and they need the up- ChinookFinancial.com/Retirement
reviewed, as Wheatland County charg- grades. They have a good manager in
es rates well below eight other random place now, so I think it is a good risk,” *Offer Ends March 2, 2019. Terms & Conditions Apply.
municipalities polled. said Councillor Ben Armstrong.
Page 12 • Strathmore TIMES • February 15, 2019 www.StrathmoreTimes.com

Barn apartment leads to double fees

The complaint process was adjusted to accept written The bylaw also added and clarified several addi-
Times Contributor
complaints for investigation, but verbal complaints tions to discretionary uses under the bylaw.
would only be accepted if the situation involves a
A resident hoping to build a new residence on their public safety risk, or imminent risk of personal injury, INTERMUNICIPAL AGREEMENT WITH VULCAN
land got a surprise from the county in the form of or property damage. GETS APPROVAL
double development fees, as the barn had an unper- Council approved the amendment. The Vulcan County and Wheatland County Intermu-
mitted residential suite in the loft. nicipal Development Plan (IDP) came before Wheat-
Wheatland County planners could not find an old CANNABIS BYLAW GETS UPGRADE land County council approval on Feb. 5. The agree-
permit but suggested it could fall under current sec- County planners submitted amendments to the Land ment is mandatory under provincial mandates for
ondary suite guidelines. They still would have to pay Use Bylaw 2016-01 on Feb. 5, to define and use the all counties to have intermunicipal agreements with
a $600 penalty on the fees. term cannabis instead of marijuana in documentation counties adjacent to their borders.
The applicant asked that council remit the fee, as and remove the term medical marijuana production In the agreement with Vulcan County, about a
the suite was built in 1998 and inspected at the time facilities from the intensive industrial designation. 1.5-kilometre strip on either side of Wheatland County
of construction. They indicated that it was clear to Now that cannabis has been deemed legal under ex- borders is affected, which translates to about 17,393
the inspector at that time it was going to be used un- isting federal guidelines, medical production will fall acres.
til they built a new residence. They had been paying under cannabis production facilities and move from The plan will address mutual land planning deci-
residential taxes on it since that time. discretional use in industrial general districts, to per- sions regarding infrastructure, economic, social and
“I agree to pay the $300 development fee; howev- mitted use in industrial general. Facilities will still be environmental impacts to development in this area.
er (I) feel the penalty is not justified. I was told the confined to the Wheatland West Highway 1 industrial The agreement states Vulcan County and Wheatland
county did not keep accurate records 20 years ago, area and will not be considered under greenhouse County share similar goals for agriculture, economic
and they are now trying to have all the properties in categories. development, natural resources, environment, trans-
compliance as they find them,” said Robert Voelk in a County staff upgraded setbacks to 100 metres, and portation, and water and utility development.
letter to council. included waste management guidelines, lighting re- However, it notes some negotiation might be need-
quirements, environmental and site assessments, wet- ed on areas of resource extraction, recreational devel-
COUNTY PARKS, RECREATION AND COMMUNITY land and biophysical assessments, the landscape and opment and industrial development. Those negotia-
SERVICE SETBACKS screening plans, which will be required at the devel- tions are why the province has mandated these plans,
Lengthy documents sometimes need adjustment opment permit stage of application. There is a pro- so that problematic areas can be dealt with in a pre-
and Wheatland County planners noted side yard and vision that cannabis cannot be consumed at the site scribed manner.
setback distances had been missed in the Land Use and equipment placed to remove odours. Water well Council gave third and final reading for the agree-
Bylaw for Parks, Recreation and Community service licensing may also be required. ment.
district guidelines in Land Use Bylaw 2016-01. “This bylaw is specifically to amend the land use
“Since direct control was created, some parcels have bylaw. The amendments to the special use section ASB BURSARY AND STEWARDSHIP AWARDS
been consolidated and the lands indicated in the dis- are in keeping with recent amendments. They ask for The Agricultural Service Board (ASB) granted this
trict have to be amended to reflect the consolidation. more studies to be completed up front, and they’re year’s legacy award to Craig and Kooter Kaiser. The
To assist staff and the public, in the dwelling, modu- requiring developers to take control of any potential Youth Stewardship Award was given to the Carseland
lar, recreational vehicle and recreational vehicle stor- nuisance effects their development may create. These School, due to their garden, outdoor classroom and
age, we are proposing additional wording to make the amendments will provide more clarity, transparency, nature connection program. The board has revised
definitions more clear,” stated Kim Sandbeck, Wheat- and accountability to developers. As well as strength- some of their terms of reference for awards to free
land County development officer. ening the County’s role in development that comes up more opportunities to support youth in agriculture
The properties under the designation will have into the industrial corridors and area service plans,” interests.
a change to side yard setbacks of 10 feet. Modular stated Megan Williams, intermediate planner with “I think this is a pretty good move by us,” said Coun-
homes will have a three-to-one ratio for floor length Wheatland County. cillor Jason Wilson. “It’s going to allow a lot more kids
to width of the home. It excludes recreational vehi- Council approved first reading and the public hear- to go into the scope of agriculture and have a little
cles as a dwelling and clarifies leisure vehicle storage. ing will be in council chambers April 2. more funding for that.”




PLAYOFFS StratThimorePLAYER OF realestatereps
Tuesday, February 12 mes THE GAME
Away - Thursday, February 14 Friday, Feb 8 Brett Willan
Saturday, Feb 9
3rd Game (if needed) Saturday, February 16 Hayden Vander Ploeg
8:00 pm vs Medicine Hat Cole Busslinger Michelle Hayley Christa Carey 587-316-2000
Strathmore Family Centre - Gold Arena Brenden Moore Eldjarnson Poirier Aleman Rose www.the-reps.ca

FEBRUARY 15, 2019


The Wheatland Kings closed out the regular season with a pair of dominating home games Feb. 8-9 at the Strathmore Family Centre.
The Kings blitzed the Cochrane Generals 6-1 on Feb. 8, before dominating the Lomond Lakers 8-3 the following night.
Doug Taylor Photos

Kings rolling hot into playoffs

BRADY GROVE and only had to make 20 saves to get his team the
Times Reporter win. The Kings maintained their discipline and only
took four penalty minutes again.
The Strathmore Wheatland Kings head into the The Kings regular season is now complete, and
playoffs on a high note after capturing two victories they finished in fourth place in the south division
to end the season on a three-game winning streak. with a 18-17-3 record. According to Williams, the
The Kings played back-to-back home games and goal was to finish with 20 wins but the team was
beat the Cochrane Generals 6-1 on Feb. 8 and the happy to get 18 and end up over .500.
Lomond Lakers 8-3 on Feb. 9.
“It was a good last two games to finish off the year ROUND 1
and go into the playoffs with a little momentum,” The fourth-place Kings edged out the fifth-place
said Kings assistant coach Chris Williams. “It’s good Medicine Hat Cubs by one point to take home ice in
we’re finding the back of the net. It almost feels like the first round of the playoffs, a club they have had
we’re starting to heat up at the right time.” some success against in some spirited games. The
Despite being heavily outshot by the Generals in season series ended at two games apiece with the
the first game, the Kings buried them with goals. Kings winning back-to-back games on Oct .27 and
Scoring came from throughout the lineup and Brett 28 and then dropping back-to-back games on Jan.
Willan was a wall that turned aside 40 shots for the 26 and 27.
win. The Kings were well disciplined and only took The best-of-three series will be played by two
four minutes in penalties during the game. clubs that are very evenly matched with the season
The offense continued into the next game against
the Lakers. The Kings found themselves up quickly
with a 3-0 lead after the first. The Kings didn’t let up
series scoring sitting at 14 goals each. Both teams
have their offensive stars, strong goaltending, aren’t Young Strathmore
skaters succeed
afraid to get physical and have timely depth scoring.
and kept attacking in the second and scored three The first game will be crucial in such a short series.
more goals. Despite the constant attack by the Kings, “Our mindset needs to be on winning that first
a couple of giveaways led to partial breakaways that game and putting their backs against the wall,” said Tessa Boyd (top photo l-r), Ella Bateman, and Kaydence Wrigley
the Lakers converted. Williams. “No team wants to be in that position of won gold and silver medals in the CanSkate Elements Stage 5 at
Two goals by star winger Garret Vander Ploeg in being down a game.” the Future Stars Fun Skate in Stettler on Feb. 2. They also skated
the third ended all thoughts of a comeback. Kings The first round is a sprint, with the first game to a second-place finish in the CanSkate Little Stars Team Event.
forwards Lucas Muenchrath along with Isaac Benoit It was the first time they had skated in a competition.
happening on Feb. 12 (8:15 p.m.) at the Strathmore Alexis Ryan (bottom photo) captured gold in Creative Improv. It
and Vander Ploeg combined for 16 points in the win. Family Centre and the Game 2 on Feb. 14 in Medi- was the young skaters very first time participating in a competi-
“That top line certainly has figured it out,” said cine Hat. tion.
Williams. “It was just their night.” The third and final game, if necessary, is on Feb. Photos Courtesy of Breanna Polet
Willan wasn’t nearly as busy against the Lakers 16 at (8 p.m.) in Strathmore. See next week’s issue

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122 2nd Ave. Strathmore, AB
Fax: 403-934-4800
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(403) 934-1625 (403) 901-9335 (403) 934-7903
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(403) 934-3900
Residential • Acreage • Commercial
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Pass the Salt

GUARANTEES that I know of and that is that
I think getting guarantees we are all going to die at some
is always a good thing. That point and time. No one lives
means the product I bought forever here on earth. So what
Strathmore Ladies Bonspiel has a manufacturer that happens after that?
The local Cannon team took home fourth place in the A event at the Strathmore Ladies Bonspiel February 9-10. Lisa Cannon stands behind it which means We have been offered the
(l-r), Rochelle Edwards, Christine McMitchell, Tracie Janke and Cindy Smith (missing). A event team results: first – Jolly; second – they believe in what they are best guarantee ever and it
Wedderburn; third – Banadyga; fourth – Cannon. The local Deep Sweep team took home second in the B event. Jana Robertson offering. If it’s a house or a doesn’t even cost us anything.
(l-r), Larissa Damen, Laurie Damen and Nicky Burton. B event team results: first – Whitnack; second - Deep Sweep; third – Morris; car or clothes or media, we We have been offered the
fourth – Ashchenbrenner. The local Get your Sheet Together team took home third place in the C event. Dallas Stickel (l-r), Lauren always like to know there is a guarantee of eternal life
Dueck, Jennifer Eckenswiller and Kathleen Menard. C event: team results: first – Kuntz; second – Garlock; third – Get your Sheet guarantee in case something when we believe and accept
Together; fourth – Shack Attack.
Photos Courtesy of Jennifer Eckenswiller
doesn’t go right. It makes us Jesus as our personal Savior.
feel safe. If we believe in the power of
Unfortunately, not all things the cross, then our eternity

Firefighters extinguish RCMP

in life has a guarantee. is guaranteed with Him and
Sometimes we take risks and believe me, He stands behind
hope it turns out. We may buy his guarantee. It’s the best
a used car with no guarantee warranty ever! He believes in

in first Battle of the Badges and hope the seller is honest.

We may buy a ticket for a trip
what He is offering so much
that He gave His life for your

Celebrating success
and get to the airport only to guarantee of eternal life with
find it’s been cancelled. We Him.
BRADY GROVE can buy a lottery ticket, only to Not much in life is free
Times Reporter Strathmore junior win.
find we didn’t Silver Sharks (top photo) took part
anymore andincertainly
the KSCnothing
Crazy Hat
swim meet in Calgary on
There is nothing worse than Feb. 3, where hasall athe athletes
guarantee either
that swam
lasts best
times or tried new events. These athletes placed Top 3 in at least one of
The Strathmore Fire Department beat their booking a vacation on line and for ever, so why not take
their events: Alex B., Abigale A., Blaire D., Olivia F., Ella G., Lara K., Luke M.,
crosstown service colleagues the Royal Canadian getting there and finding out advantage of God’s offer to us?
Kaitlyn P., Soren P., Caitlin P., Callie S., Sydnee S. and Taylor U.
Mounted Police 9-5 in the inaugural Battle of the your place you are staying at
Strathmore senior Silver Sharks (bottom is It doesn’t
photo) tookcostpart
you inanything. It
the Maverick
Badges charity hockey game on Feb. 10 at the not what
Madness swim youmeet
in Okotoks where, likewillthetake the fear
juniors, outathletes
all the of deatheither
Strathmore Family Centre. When
swam bestyou think
times in about
at leastit,one of theirand
none giveoryou
events peace
tried new while
The game was designed to help the services of us placed
athletes are even Top 6: Camryn E., Will are
guaranteed still here
K., Gabriel M..onElla
P., Addi R. and
connect with the community and saw lots of hu- tomorrow.
Charlie Y. Top We are not even
3 athletes: Katie D., Cai F., Sydney G., Miya H., Marco H.,
mour as well as some good hockey. guaranteed
Josh K., Megan ourM., health.
Erik M., Ty N., MartinaPastor
S. and Elizabeth
Anna W.Karp
There is one sure guarantee Harvest
Photos CourtesyCentre
Healing Church
of Jennifer Mertz
“Guys really stepped up and played the game of
their lives, it was good to see on both sides,” said
Strathmore Fire Chief and head coach Trent West.
“It was a lot of fun and that’s what we want. We BOW RIVER ALLIANCE CHURCH SACRED HEART CATHOLIC
want to demonstrate to the community and to the 105 Main St. Carseland Holy Cross Collegiate School Gym
403-934-9337 709B - 2nd Street, Strathmore
people who came out that we work and play really Pastor: Kevin Enns 403-934-2641
well together.” office@bowriveralliance.com Pastor: Fr. Wojciech Jarzecki
Fire trucks, RCMP vehicles and ambulances Sunday Worship: 10 am Masses: Saturday 5 pm • Sunday 10 am
greeted guests as they arrived at the game. The www.bowriveralliance.com
stands were packed from one end of the gold ice 103 - 227 3rd Ave.
to the other. The two teams didn’t disappoint and (1 PET. 2:9) 587-727-0649
were well matched in the first period with nearly 322 A 2nd Avenue, Strathmore strathmoreanglican@gmail.com
identical shots but Team Fire held a 2-1 edge. 403-714-2283 Rev. Malcolm Kern
Pastor: Sunday Adeola Sunday Morning Worship 10:00 am
Team Fire continued to press in the second pe- “Becoming fully alive in Jesus Christ”
Sunday Worship: 10:30 am
riod and scored three more goals but the RCMP Wednesday Bible Study: 7 pm
responded with some great end-to-end rushes that www.rccgstrathmore.com HOPE COMMUNITY
kept the boys in blue within two goals. COVENANT CHURCH
STRATHMORE FULL GOSPEL CHURCH 245 Brent Blvd, Strathmore • 403-934-2424
The second period also saw a bit of comedy Pastor: Heidi Wiebe
when one member of Team RCMP appeared to be 50 Maplewood Drive • 403-934-2225
Senior Pastor: Rev. Les Fischer Worship Service Sundays 10 am
injured. There was concern he was actually hurt, Youth Pastor: Rev. Kyle Lomenda www.hope-community.ca
until two members of Team Fire dragged him by New Office Hours: STRATHMORE ALLIANCE
his feet to the bench as he did snow angel motions 9 am - 4 pm • Tues - Wed - Thur 325 1 Ave • 403-934-3543
with his arms to the laughter of the crowd. Worship Service: 10:30 am Corner of 1 Ave & Wheatland Trail
Children’s Church & Nursery in Service Lead Pastor: Mike Wiebe
“Some of us weren’t party to the fact that there Extending Grace - igniting hope
was some fun happening and were a little con- Associate Pastor: John Duerksen
www.strathmorefullgospel.com Youth/Worthip Inter: Connor Hyde
cerned as it started, but then we found out it was The Strathmore Fire Department beat the Strathmore RCMP 10:00 am Worship Service
part of planned thing,” said West with a laugh. LORD OF ALL (NALC) LUTHERAN
9-5 in the first ever Battle of the Badges on Feb. 10 at the 112 Lakeside Blvd. • 403-934-2374 www.strathmorealliance.com
A couple of attempts at the wave were made Strathmore Family Centre. Team Fire Ryan Parkins (l-r), Kyle Pastor: Dawn Nelson
Lomon and Dave Ramsay accept the trophy from Cst. Denzil STRATHMORE UNITED
which did well on the gold ice’s stands but strug- Worship Schedule Wheatland Trail & 3rd Avenue
gled to make it around the rink. Overall the crowd Morey. Brady Grove Photo Thursday Evening 7:00 pm 403-934-3025
was very engaged in the more casual hockey game. Sunday Family 10:30 am Rev. Pamela Scott
Christian Education
There was a hardest shot competition in the sec- was fun and a great chance for the members of Sunday Worship 10:30 am
For All - Ages 3-103 Sunday School 10:30 am
ond intermission and Team RCMP defenceman Da- the community to see the RCMP or firefighters in Sunday at 9:30 am Nursery Care Provided
vid Hilton hammered a 127 km/hr slapshot, leav- a different light. Join us in Praising our Lord, Jesus Christ! Wheel Chair Accessible
ing his fellow competitors searching for a bit more “That was one of the reasons we wanted to do Loop system for the hearing impaired
power. Hilton only won the competition by three this. We wanted to let the community know that STRATHMORE SEVENTH-DAY
km/hr. police officers like to have fun too,” said Romkey. Meeting in the Lutheran Church
Despite Team RCMP taking the hardest shot, “Oftentimes our interactions aren’t always posi- 102 Canal Gardens
112 Lakeside Blvd. 587-227-6956 403-901-0893 / 403-880-3171
Team Fire didn’t let up in the third period and put tive. We thought this would be a positive thing Pastor: Donald Pierre Pastor: Elizabeth Karp
four more in the net. The teams did play relatively and it turned out that way.” Services held every Saturday Pastor: Dave Mackie
The event asked for donations as an entrance fee Sabbath School: 10 AM
strong defense but did let a couple breaks go. Fire Worship Sundays 10:30 am
Worship Service: 11 AM Youth Tuesdays 7 pm
goalie Kyle Lomon and RCMP goalie Randy Rom- and the money raised was sent to two local chari- www.strathmoreadventist.ca Come Join us for a spirit-filled time
key were both the last line of the defense for their ties: the Hub, formerly known as the Strathmore donald816@hotmail.com of worship
respective clubs with Romkey missing the last 10 Youth Centre, and the Wheatland County Food
minutes due to a nagging groin injury. Bank.
Romkey has been an RCMP constable for seven “We really wanted to thank the community for
and a half years and joined the force largely be- coming out and supporting us,” said Romkey. “We The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints
cause of his father and a desire to give back to had a full house tonight and we want to give a big 60 Maplewood Drive | Bishop Justin Hansen | jbhansen2@gmail.com
403-983-2746 | LDS.org | Worship Service Sundays 10 a.m.
the community. According to Romkey, the game shout out to the fans.”
Page 16 • Strathmore TIMES • February 15, 2019 www.StrathmoreTimes.com

Hockey Day in Gleichen

The Gleichen Gunners hosted their 9th annual pond hockey event on Feb. 9 at the Gleichen Arena to a packed audience. The 4-on-4 tournament format had 115 players participate and ranging in ages from
four to 16. The casual hockey tournament gave everyone a chance with the puck and drew players from the surrounding communities including Strathmore, Siksika, Hussar, Clarseholm, Carstairs, Stavely, Bow
Island, Vulcan and Arrowwood. Photo Courtesy of Shannon Zieman

Caron awarded
O’Keefe Scholarship
Each year the Strathmore Wheatland Kings offer a
scholarship to one player in honor of Kevin O’Keefe
father of the Wheatland Kings first-ever captain,
Miles. Kevin fought a courageous battle against
Lou Gehrig’s disease before tragically succumbing
to the disease in August 2010. The scholarship, val-
ued at $500, is sponsored by the Animal Care Cen-
tre of Strathmore and is awarded based on criteria
set by Kevin. It is available to current Strathmore
Wheatland Kings players enrolled in a post-sec-
ondary education program, continuing education
program or apprenticeship program.
This year, in a short ceremony before the Kings final
regular season home game on Feb. 9, defenceman
Storm advances
Cody Caron was awarded the scholarship which The Strathmore Storm female midget A team advanced to the next round of
was presented by Courtney and Miles O’Keefe (l- provincial playdowns thanks to a 5-4 home win over the Rockyview Light-
r) representing the O’Keefe family, and Russ and ning on Feb. 5 at the Strathmore Family Centre. The Storm closed out the
Jodi Koester representing the Animal Care Centre playdown with a 3-3 draw on Feb. 9 in Airdrie to advance to the next round,
of Strathmore. where they will host Olds on Feb. 23 (7:15 p.m.) at the Strathmore Family
Doug Taylor Photo Centre. Doug Taylor Photo

Cougars remain top cats at GFS tournament

BRADY GROVE didn’t matter if we got a foul; we just let it go,
Times Reporter got back and got the ball headed down the
court,” said Galandy.
Crowther Memorial Junior High School’s The Cougars have had a very a successful
(CMJHS) Team Red Cougars beat Hanna’s J.C. league season and went undefeated. Accord-
Charyk Hawks 35-19 in the finals at the first- ing to Davidson, they are waiting to see if
ever George Freeman School (GFS) girls’ bas- they will play a game for the championship
ketball tournament on Feb. 8-9. of their league.
It was a close game in the first half, but the
Cougars never slowed down in the second FALCONS GIRLS PLAY
half and captured the title. IN FINAL TOURNAMENT
“We’ve really been working on running our The GFS host Falcons couldn’t outrun the
offence and the girls executed it beautifully Brooks Junior High School Runners as they
today,” said Cougars head coach Cheryl Da- lost 46-16 in the second-place game. The Fal-
vidson. “I thought they did a great job go- cons fought hard but couldn’t overcome the
ing to the hoop and playing a good defensive quick speed and transition of the Runners
game.” defense.
From the beginning, both sides brought “I think our girls came out flat and tired,
their A-games with baskets being traded and didn’t play nearly as well as last night,”
back and forth. The Hawks kept pace with said Falcons head coach Colleen Neale.
the quick Cougars and matched them nearly The Falcons started off well, winning their
shot for shot with the score 16-14 in favour of first game 31-10 against St. Anthony’s School
the Cougars after the second quarter. (Drumheller), which Neale saw as a huge
According to Davidson, this was the first success for the girls because they put so
time they had played such a strong defensive many of the concepts they’d been working
team and they had to adapt to it. on throughout the year into practice. The Fal-
But the Hawks were unable to maintain cons lost against the Hawks 20-9 to finish off
the high speed of the game heading into the the round robin in second place in their pool.
second half which had been so important to The Falcons are a very inexperienced team
their defensive success, because they only with only one girl having played basketball
had seven players and the Cougars exploited on a team at the start of the season. Sieanna
this. Tomko was the lone player with experience
“We hung with them in the first half but in on the team and she had a good game and
the second half we just fell apart a bit,” said generated offensive chances. Neale described
Hawks head coach Ron Davies. her as one of the team’s leaders with good
The Cougars never took their foot off the hands and basketball IQ.
gas pedal, led by the speedy Tessa Galandy “I think for this group of girls who had
and the powerful Kathryn Penninga. The never played basketball before, their growth
Cougars defense was a swarm and never has been immense and we’re super proud of
Falcons leader Sieanna Tomko (top photo) pushed her way past the competition
gave the Hawks a chance on offense, limiting them,” said Neale. enroute to the basket. Cougar Brianna Squarek (bottom photo) flew towards the
them to five points in the second half. The Falcons have one game remaining in basket on a breakaway as the Hawks defenders scrambled to catch up.
“We played really well on defense and it their season. Brady Grove Photos
February 15, 2019 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 17
Warriors earn Obituary Obituary

sixth straight win BRAY, Edna Mary KATTERHAGEN,

TAKE NOTICE that an action has been commenced
BRADY GROVE May 3, 1943 Lambert Joseph “Bert” against you by Statement of Claim issued in Court
Times Reporter - February 6, 2019 On Saturday, February 9, 2019, Bert File Number 1901 00315, Judicial Centre Calgary, by
Edna Bray passed away at home on Katterhagen of Rockyford, Alberta Fairstone Financial Inc., in which the Plaintiff’s claim
Six is the magic number for the Wheat- Wednesday, February 6, 2019 at the passed away peacefully at home on is for foreclosure of its mortgage secured by the
age of 75 years. She was born in Beiseker, Alberta in the family farm at the age of 82 years. Bert is sur- lands legally described as:
land Warriors as they continue to roll PLAN 9610822
1943. Edna is survived by her husband of 55 years, vived by his wife Carol; son Ross (Elaine) Katterhagen
this season with two victories on the LOT 4
Jim Bray; daughter Lana Bray, and her children Zane and their two children, Janelle and Connor; daughter
weekend. Lisa (Andy) Robinson and their two children, Scott EXCEPTING THEREOUT ALL MINES AND
(Angela) Schultz, Austin Schultz, and Ethan Schultz; MINERALS
First the local double-A bantam team daughter Trina (Rod) Regehr and their children Darby and Cara; and his youngest daughter Cheryl Katter-
beat the Okotoks Oilers 6-0 on Feb. 9 at AREA: 1.283 HECTARES (3.17 ACRES) MORE
Regehr, Hannah Regehr, and Reid Regehr; great- hagen. He is also survived by his younger sister Syl- OR LESS
the Strathmore Family Centre and then grandchild Harper Schultz; and five siblings. She via Busslinger. Bert was predeceased by his parents, a copy of which will be mailed to you upon
they crushed the Lethbridge Hurricanes was predeceased by her parents, Edward and Mary Harvey and Ardis Katterhagen, brother Harvey and request directed to the Plaintiff’s solicitors, Snyder &
6-1 on Feb. 10 in Lethbridge. Schwartzenberger; 5 brothers; and 2 sisters. sister-in-law Fini Katterhagen, sister Caroline Dahm Associates LLP, 2500, 101223 - 99 Street, Edmonton,
The Warriors didn’t give the Oilers In lieu of flowers, donations may be made directly to and brothers-in-law Donny Dahm and Bob Bussling- Alberta, T5J 3H1, Attention: Nicholas D. Smith
the Alberta Heart and Stroke Foundation (#200, 119- er. A Memorial Mass will be celebrated on Friday, Feb-
much a chance to get in the game and And Take Notice that it has been ordered that
14 St. NW, Calgary, T2N 1Z6) or S.T.A.R.S. Air Am- ruary 15, 2019 at St. Rita’s Catholic Church, Rockford
smothered them with four goals against at 11:00 A.M. with a Celebration of Bert’s life to follow service of the Statement of Claim on you be effected
bulance (Box 570, 1441 Aviation Park N.E., Calgary, by this advertisement.
in the first period. Warriors forward T2E 8M7) in the Rockyford Community Centre. Bert was very
Dustin Holm led the way with three A Funeral Mass was held on Wednesday, February gifted and shared his many talents over his lifetime. Should you wish to oppose the Statement of Claim
points and Matthew Dovichak turned 13, 2019 at St. Mary’s Catholic Church (Beiseker), He will be dearly missed. If desired, memorial dona- or seek other relief, you must promptly take steps
aside 15 shots to keep the opposition at 11:00 a.m. To send condolences, please visit tions may be made directly to the Rockyford Fire De- in accordance with the Notice to you endorsed on
score as a goose egg. Edna’s obituary at www.wheatlandfuneralhome. partment (104 Main St, Rockyford, AB T0J 2R0) To the Statement of Claim, or instruct your lawyers to
ca.wheatlandfuneralhome.ca. send condolences, please visit Bert’s online obituary do so. If within 30 days after this publication you
Warriors forward Brandon McGillivray fail to file with the Office of the Clerk of the Court of
was a monster against the Hurricanes. at www.wheatlandfuneralhome.ca.
Queen’s Bench of Alberta, Judicial Centre Calgary,
He got his first unassisted goal about ten Calgary, Alberta, a Statement of Defence or Demand
minutes into the game and his first assist for Notice or Notice of Address for Service, the
two minutes later. He completed his un- Plaintiff may proceed according to the practice of
assisted hat trick with a powerplay and MEMORIAMS the Court to take the next step in the within proceed-

shorthanded goal in the second. McGil-

livray scored a fourth and final goal from
Obituary In Memory of
Mona Van Verdegem
ings and you will not thereafter be entitled to further
notice thereof, and the relief sought by the Plaintiff
may be given in your absence.
Nolan Mahussier on the powerplay in GRON, Mary Alice Feb.7, 1935 - Feb.20, 2014
the third to finish with five points. Park- nee Wales I Miss You
er Forrest made 17 stops for the win. I cried when you passed away, COMING EVENTS
It’s with deep sadness, we announce I still cry today.
Love at First Sight
The Warriors remain in first in the en- the passing of our Mother, Mary Gron, Although I loved you dearly,
tire league with a record of 26-3-1 and February 3, 2019. I couldn’t make you stay.
eight points ahead of the next closest Mum was predeceased by her husband Paul (2017). Your golden heart stopped beating, National Adoption Weekend
team, which is the Lethbridge Hurri- Mary leaves her loving memories to be cherished by hard working hands at rest, February 15-17
canes. her brother Bob. Children; Scott, Jeff (Mandy), Mark GOD broke my heart to prove to me
(Jill), Mike (Kellie). Grandchildren; Scott, Carson, Kier- he only takes the best... Happy Cat Sanctuary is joing us -
The Warriors will play two games next Meet your next great love here!
weekend, with the first at home against sten, Kaia, Briar. Great Grandchildren; Gina and Blake Love you and miss you always,
the Airdrie Lightning on Feb. 15 at 7:30 and numerous nieces and nephews. Michael, Taylor, Megan & Hunter Saturday
Mary was born November 26th, 1934 in Kilwinning, 10 am - noon
p.m. and the second on the road against
Ed Sage
Scotland to Hugh and Susan Wales. Sunday
the Okotoks Oilers on Feb. 16. At age 12, she immigrated to Canada with her Broth-
12:30 pm - 2:30 pm
er and Mother aboard a converted troop ship at the August 25, 1967 - February 14, 2010
BRAVES INCH THEIR WAY UP THE conclusion of WW II. She spent her teenage years in 250 Edgefield Place, Strathmore
STANDINGS Winnipeg and St. Catherines, married in 1958 and Today’s the anniversary
The Wheatland Braves have been in moved West, where she lived in Red Deer, Penticton of the day that we lost you.
and Kelowna. She returned to Calgary, where she met and for a time it felt as though
close battles all season and their 3-3 tie
and married Paul on New Years Eve, 1969. In 1978 NOTICES
against the Cranbrook BP Wings on Feb. our life had ended too.
Paul and Mary moved to Strathmore to a small farm
10 at the Strathmore Family Centre was Gleichen & District
south of town. She retired in 1996 after a 30 year ca- But loss has taught us many things
no exception. reer as a Paralegal working for law firms in Kelowna,
Despite outshooting the visitors 40- Calgary and the last 15 years with Randall Jarvis Law
and now we face each day Community Association
with hope and happy memories
21, the the local double-A peewee team
walked away with one point in the
in Strathmore.
Mary loved spending time with family and friends. to help us on our way. ANNUAL GENERAL
Kyle McDonough, Nash Wassing and
Whether it was hiking in Banff with her ladies group,
Square dancing with Paul in the summer or winter
And though we’re full of sadness
that you are not longer here,
Trip Jensen all scored for the hometown vacations with friends in Arizona and Kananaskis
Country, she always tried to stay active. But, most of your influence still guides us Monday February 25, 2019
Braves and Connor White made 18 saves all, she liked making time for her family. We will all and we still feel you near.
in the tie. Special teams were a big factor miss her, so very much. 7:00 PM
with the Braves powerplay clicking at 25 What we shared will never die
The family would like to thank the nurses and staff Gleichen Community Hall
per cent but their penalty kill let them at Sagewood and Strathmore Hospital and to Dr. Lo- It lives within our hearts
down at 33 per cent. bay and Dr. Sader for the care our of Mother. In lieu bringing strength and comfort
With the tie the Braves move into of flowers, donations can be made to the Wheatland while we are apart.
fourth place in the South Conference and Area Hospice Society ( PO Box 2154, Strathmore, CONTACT
and have a 13-9-5 record. They will play Ab, T1P 1K2). A Funeral Service was held on Monday, Love Always and Forever,
two games next weekend with the first February 11th, 2019 at Lord of All Lutheran Church in
Strathmore at 2:00 pm. To send condolences, please
Sherri, Erica, Jessica and Danielle JEFF WALLACE
against the Lethbridge Hurricanes Red
in Hussar on Feb. 15 and the second
visit Mary’s obituary at www.wheatlandfuneralhome. ACCOUNTING AND
against the Okotoks Oilers Green on
Feb. 16 at 4:45 p.m. at the Strathmore
Family Centre. Schneider 403-453-7835
November 10, 1949
CHIEFS GET DOUBLED UP With a dedicated, highly trained, professional team
- February 11, 2011
The midget AA Wheatland Chiefs suf- that works closely with you, our main goal is to
fered a 6-3 loss against the Red Deer ‘Remembering Our Roots’ No length of time can dim the past take care of our clients through sound balancing
CanPro on Feb. 10 in Red Deer. Red Deer of their books. Offering full bookkeeping, payroll,
by John Godsman Too many memories hold it fast personal and corporate tax preparation for various
grabbed an early lead the Chiefs were
unable to recover. The Chiefs peppered Get Yours It’s been 8 years ago today types of corporations and small businesses.
the opposition with shots but couldn’t Volume 1 Today While It was in San Jose
They Last! “Keeping your numbers in order so you
find the back of the net enough. How can we forget?
can relax, that’s our job”
Spencer James, Jaycob Masciangelo
and Kyle Malmberg all scored for the
$50 They say there is a reason,
they say time will heal
Chiefs and Landen Brassard made 22
Volume 2
each or But neither time or reason will change
saves in the loss. The Chiefs now hold
$135 for the way we feel Book Your
a 11-14-3 record and sit in fifth place in
the South Conference.
The Chiefs will be in action three Volume 3
Final Reprint
We want to tell you something Keith,
so there won’t be any doubt CLASSIFIED AD Today!
times this week. They will play the CRAA You’re so wonderful to think of but
Blue on Feb. 13 at the Max Bell Centre, Contact John Godsman so hard to be without Call the Strathmore TIMES
against the Central Alberta Selects on 403-827-7991 Love you,
Feb. 16 in Hussar and finally against the
Taber Golden Suns on Feb. 17 in Taber.
Available at Rocky’s Bakery Mom (Dad) Lyle and Denise 403.934.5589
Page 18 • Strathmore TIMES • February 15, 2019

Strathmore Minor Ball Western IrrIgatIon DIstrIct

Box 2372, 105 - 900 Pine road, strathmore, aB t1P 1K3
Green, Heated or Spring-
thrashed Canola. Buying:

FORM 5 Seal Lake, AB & Utikuma, oats, barley, wheat & peas

Irrigation Districts Act AB. Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers for feed. Buying damaged
YOU ASKED , WE HAVE IT! (Section 85/86)
Unreserved Auction, Febru- or offgrade grain. “On Farm

ary 27 in Edmonton. Seal
Lake - 13.99+/- title acres,
Pickup” Westcan Feed &
Grain, 1-877-250-5252.
with Softshock Technology
February 28 @7pm
TAKE NOTE that applications have been received by
the Western Irrigation District to change the area of the District.
5500 +/- sq ft shop. Uti-
kuma - 7.64 +/- title acres,
Booking Appointments 403 934-5566 Applications to remove parcels consist of:
The Western Irrigation District 1368 +/- sq ft shop & GIC
Chuck Mercer Room Massage-Laser-Colonics-Airnergy-Chiropractic is accepting tenders to lease crop lands 18-man camp. Jerry Hodge: ROADEX SERVICES requires
780-706-6652; Brokerage: 1 ton O/O’s to haul RV’s
Strathmore Civic Centre 934-5566 | 118 2nd Ave. Strathmore as follows: Ritchie Bros. Real Estate throughout N. America (pay
wellnesswithin.metagenics.com Services Ltd.; rbauction. up to $1.94/loaded mile). We
Legal Number of Team of com/realestate. also require company drivers
Location Acres (Approx) Lease (yrs) for our 3 ton/semi divisions.
Have your PIANO SERVICED to help MISC We offer discounted fuel, low
Western IrrIgatIonPTN. NE 9-23-23W4M
DIstrIct 54 5
be best prepared for the upcoming Box 2372, 105 - 900 Pine road, strathmore, aB t1P 1K3 GET UP TO $50,000 from the deductibles and health bene-
SPAF, Examinations, Spring programs, Government of Canada. Do fits. Must have passport and

Tender documents and further information are you or someone you know clean criminal record. Road-
and for your own musical pleasure! Irrigation Districts Act
(Section 85/86)
Any person wishing to complain is required to submit a written complaint to the
exServices.COM to apply on-
Western Irrigation District at Box 2372 105-900 Pine Road, Strathmore, Alberta,
available at the District office, located at 105-900 have any of these condi-
Thank you for supporting local business!
Piano Tuner-Technician
NOMINATIONS NOTICE OF APPLICATION TO T1P 1K3 within 30 days after the date of the publication of this notice.
Pine Road, Strathmore, Alberta, 403-934-3542.
tions? ADHD, Anxiety, Arthri-
tis, Asthma, Cancer, COPD,
line or call 1-800-867-6233
xtn 475.
Irrigation Districts Act (Sections
TAKE NOTE54, that 58, 59) have been received by
applications General Manager
Depression, Diabetes, Diffi-
Kathie L Zakresky the Western
Local Authorities Election ActIrrigation District
(Section 26)to change the area ofSealed
the District. Western Irrigation
tenders clearly markedDistrict
to identify the parcel culty walking, Fibromyalgia, JOURNALISTS, Graphic Art-
Applications to remove parcels consist of: for which the tender applies; will be accepted at Irritable Bowels, Overweight, ists, Marketing and more. Al-
38 years of Knowlege, Experience & “Note-ability” Western Irrigation District the District office until 3:00 pm, Trouble Dressing...and hun- berta’s weekly newspapers
Also Music for Special Occasions!
in the Province of Alberta Monday, March 11th, 2019. dreds more. All ages and are looking for people like
403-934-5477 • 403-934-0301 c Notice is hereby given that nominations are open medical conditions qualify. you. Post your resume online.
kathiezak@gmail.com from the date of this publication until 4:00 pm Call The Benefits Program Free. Visit: www.awna.com/

on Wednesday, March 13th, 2019 for the election

NOTICES COMING EVENTS 1-800-211-3550 or send resumes_add.php.
GROW YOUR BUSINESS WITH a text message with your
of candidates for the following offices and will
www.StrathmoreTimes.com be received at the location of the office of the
US. Business planning, train-
TOR’S CLUB Spring Antiques
name and mailing address to HORSE WRANGLER/APPREN-
TICE GUIDE needed in the Yu-
ing and advisory services 403-980-3605 for your FREE
Western Irrigation District set out below: & Collectibles Show & Sale. benefits package. kon. July to October - remote
available. Flexible and af-
150+ sales tables! Saturday, hunting camps, long hours

Number Division fordable loans. Call CF Wild
Any person wishing to complain is required to submit a written complaint to the
of Vacancies Number Rose or www.cfwildrose.ca
February 23, 2019: 9:30 CRIMINAL RECORD? Why of hard work. Experience
Strangmuir Holdings Ltd. Western Irrigation District at Box 2372 105-900 Pine Road, Strathmore, Alberta, am-4:00 pm. Thorncliffe-
T1P 1K3 within 30 days after the date of the publication of this notice. suffer employment/licensing with horses and hunting an
for more information.
WATER ACT Greenview Community Hall, asset. Contact Chris Widrig
Director 13” wide version
loss? Travel/business oppor-
Jim Webber, P. Eng. 5600 Centre St. North, Cal- 867-393-3802 or chris@
NOTICE OF APPLICATION General Manager tunities? Be embarrassed?
Western Irrigation District gary. Admission $5 (children Think: Criminal Pardon. US widrigoutfitters.com; www.
Notice is given that Strangmuir Holdings Ltd. filed Director 1 4 METAL ROOFING & SID-
under 12 Free). entry waiver. Record purge. widrigoutfitters.com.
an application under the provisions of the Water
Act to divert groundwater from a well at a rate of
Electoral Division 1 which comprises Townships
ING. 37+ colours available
at over 55 Distributors. 40
February 23, 2019 Live
File destruction. Free con-
sultation 1-800-347-2540; THE LAKESIDE LEADER is
looking for a reporter/pho-
85 m3/day, an annual volume of 1,000 m3 and a 21, 22, 23 and 24 in Ranges 20,DEAD
21 and 22. OR ALIVE year warranty. 24-48 hour and Online Auction. Rifles,
tographer. We are a small
screened interval of 43.0 – 46.0 m below the ground,
located in SE 23-022-25-W4M for Commercial Canadian Prairie Pickers
Electoral Division 4, which comprises Township
24 in Ranges 26, 27 and 28 and Townships 25, 26
Express Service available at
Shotguns, Handguns, Mili-
taria. Auction or Purchase:
GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad weekly newspaper based
(office building) purposes. are once again touring the area. Distributors. Call credit? Bills? Unemployed? in Slave Lake, AB. Call 780-
and 27 in Ranges 25, 26, 27 and 28. 1-888-263-8254. Collections, Estates, indi-
Need money? We lend! If you 849-4380 or email lslead-
Paying Cash For Coin Collections, Silver & Gold Coins, vidual items. Contact Paul,
own your own home - you er@telusplanet.net.
Any person who is directly affected by the applica- NominationsRoyal
must beCan. Mint
in the Sets.
form Also Buying
prescribed by the Gold JewelryBLUE SPRUCE:
COLORADO Switzer’s Auction: Toll-Free
qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Services
tion may submit a statement of concern to: $1.29/each for a box of 180 1-800-694-2609; info@
IrrigationWe purchase
Districts Act and rolls,
can be bags orfrom
obtained boxes of silver coins Corp. Member BBB. 1-877-
Environment and Parks ($232.20). Also full range of switzersauction.com or
Western Irrigation
Bonded District;
Regulatory Approvals Center
location being
105 - 900 Pine Road, Strathmore.
tree, shrub and berry seed- www.switzersauction.com.
987-1420. www.pioneer-
5th Floor, Petroleum Plaza South 1967 To arrange a free, discrete in-home visit call for shelterbelts.. Free
9915 108 Street, EDMONTON AB T5K 2G8 Kellie at 778-257-8647 shipping. Growth guarantee. 403-934-5589
Phone: 780-427-6311 3” wide version
DATED at the Town of Strathmore in the Province
1-844-873-3700 or Tree- HELP WANTED
Fax: 780-422-0154 of Alberta, this 7th day of February 2019. Time.ca.
Email: aep.waapplications@gov.ab.ca David McAllister, P. Eng, MSc, MBA
Returning Officer www.strathmoretimes.com Unique
within 30 days of the providing of this notice. Spring 2019
3.75” wide version Opportunity
The written statement of concern should include Full 10 Day
Book NowWANTED in Real
the following:
- the application number 001-00430585. AUCTIONEERING
for the DEAD OR ALIVE Estate
- describe concerns that are relevant to matters
regulated by the Water Act.
- explain how the filer of the concern will be Canadian BASICS course!
Prairie Pickers You could become an independent contractor with an EXCLUSIVE area within
directly affected by the activities proposed in the www.GlobalChant.ca
are once again touring the area. one of the top PropertyGuys.com franchises in the country. Join the team that is
application. Paying Cash Rod
Coin Collections, Silver & Gold Coins, changing the real estate industry forever.
- the municipal address and/or legal land location
Royal Can. Mint Sets. Also Buying Gold Jewelry
of the land owned or used where the concerns
described are believed to be applicable.
We purchase rolls, bags or boxes of silver coins
- state the distance between the land owned or
Chant of Champions
3” wide versionPRICES 3” wide version
Joining a successful system like PropertyGuys.com gives you the opportunity
used and the site in the application.
since PAYING HIGHEST to realize your dream of taking control of your success, while avoiding the
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and mailing address of the filer. Please provide a
telephone number and/or email address for ease 3.75”
” wide version • No real estate license required
of contact. the
• A winning combination of local professional expertise and the
latest technology
Environment and Parks will review each written
100+ weekly newspapers
readers Spring
2019 +GST Place
• Ongoing training your ad here
and support

statement of concern, seek more information
if needed, and notify each filer by letter of the
Over 1.6 million (based on 25 words) $8. Each additional word

Full 10 Day
Reach: Over 80% of Alberta’s Metro households
• 20-year track AND
record ofprovince
• Serving 600 communities
withacross Canada
a combined
Book Now
decision to accept or reject their written submis- Readership: Over 95% of all adults living in those households • Over 85,000 sellers haveof over 800,000
already for only...
discovered A Smarter Way to Sell
sion as a valid statement of concern. The Public
Notice of this application will also be posted on the for the
Want to reach beyond Alberta?
We can help you reach right across Canada
DO YOU QUALIFY? Value Ad Network
plus GST/HST

Department’s website at https://avw.alberta.ca/

BASICS course! Maurizia Hinse
Opportunities availableAlberta Weekly
in Chestermere,
Sundre. Successful applicants
must reside
Drumheller, Didsbury,
(toll free territories or
780-434-8746 ext. 200 surrounding areas. If you’re classifieds@awna.com
emailinterested in learning more, we’d love to hear from
Please quote file number: 00430585 www.GlobalChant.ca classifieds@awna.com or stop by this community newspaper
you. This opportunity does require an investment for a starter package and the
Rod Burnett initial training. For more information please
Further information regarding this project can be
obtained from: 250.308.8185 inquire today - abcareers@propertyguys.com.
Contact: Brent Chaffee Chant of Champions Legal Disclaimers • PropertyGuys.com Inc. is a private sale marketing company and each PropertyGuys.
Strangmuir Holdings Ltd. 3.75” wide version 3.75” wide version
com franchise is independently owned and operated (collectively “Us” or “We”).

P.O. Box 2325

Squeezthe MOST out of your advertising dollars
Strathmore, Alberta, T1P 1K3
Phone: (403) 934-4331
E-Mail: bchaffee@strangmuir.com One “small” ad •Great BIG Results
Statements filed regarding this application are 100+ weekly newspapers $
269+GST Place your ad here

Over 1.6 million readers
public records which are accessible by the public.
Statements should explain why the filer is directly 123456
Reach: Over 80% of Alberta’s Metro households
(based on 25 words) $8. Each additional word
AND province wide
with a combined circulation
affected and provide the full printed name; phone
Readership: Over 95% of all adults living in those households of over 800,000 for only...
number and/or email address; postal address and plus GST/HST
legal land location of the filer. Want to reach beyond Alberta?
We can help you reach right across Canada Value Ad Network
Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association
Failure to file statements of concerns may affect Maurizia Hinse
780-434-8746 x228 (toll free 1-800-282-6903)
the right to file a notice of appeal with the Environ- 780-434-8746 ext. 200 email classifieds@awna.com
mental Appeals Board. classifieds@awna.com or stop by this community newspaper
February 15, 2019 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 19

Handy Kinda Guy

with a classified ad. Only
$269 (based on 25 words or LOCATION LOCATION
LOCATION. Commercial

less). Reach over 100 weekly
rental. Warehouse for

newspapers. Call NOW for
details 1-800-282-6903 ext lease. On Hwy #1. 8,000 • Painting • Plumbing

200; www.awna.com. sq.ft. building available. • Small Renovations
Please call 403-934-
• Decks & Fences
• Bathrooms

Prairie Home Roofing Ltd.
MENT? Other medical condi-
tions that lead to restrictions
for 12-15 cow/calf pairs for
REPAIR Get the job done right the FIRST time!
in walking/dressing? $2,500
Call BOB 403-861-7822
Get the job done right the FIRST time!
yearly tax credit. $40,000
2019 grazing season and be- Prairie Home Roofing Ltd.
refund cheque/rebates.
yond if possible. Please call Residential Roofing • Roof Repair
Residential Roofing • Roof Repair
Disability Tax Credit. Expert
(403) 650-7165. GENERAL CONTRACTORS Metal
Get the job Roofing
Metal right••the
Roofing Siding
FIRST time!
Help. Lowest service fee na- GET YOUR Soffit
Fascia •• Eavestrough
tionwide. 1-844-453-5372. CLASSIFIED ADS IN! Residential Roofing • Roof Repair
403-934-5589 Calgary• 403-796-5381
Metal Roofing 403-796-5381
FOR LEASE: Golf Course Res- Soffit & Fascia 403-901-7484
• Eavestrough
Strathmore 403-901-7484
taurant available for lease - RENTALS FB Boersema & Partners Ltd. info@prairiehomeroofing.com
great opportunity at Pincher
Creek Golf Club! Resume Check us out ONLINE!! Designers and Builders of Energy Efficient Homes Calgary 403-796-5381
Strathmore 403-901-7484
APARTMENTS www.prairiehomeroofing.com
required. Call Tom for details
FOR RENT www. StrathmoreTimes.com “Let us put YOUR thoughts on paper
and build it to your satisfaction.”
Certified I.C.F. Installers
3 Bedroom Condos
RENTALS for Rent ELECTRICAL 403-934-1888 fbbp@efirehose.net FREE ESTIMATES
COUNTY SETTING MODULAR - www.fbboersema.com
2 Storey, 3 Bedroom
HOME near Strathmore. 2 Serving the Foothills since ‘78.
BDRM + 1bath $1,100/mo + Units downtown www.
SD Incl. elec. & gas. Pet ne- -
gotiable. Avail. immediately 1&2 Bedroom Units GENERAL CONTRACTORS
or as required. Call 403-934- in adult only building SEPTIC SERVICES
5678. -
Tenants pay all utilities
2 BDRM + 1 BATH DUPLEX For more information
in Hillview with garage + please call
fenced yard. N/S & pets
negotiable. $1,300 + DD + STRATHMORE Residential - Commercial - Industrial
utilities. Avail. March 1. Call HOMES LTD Farm & Yard - Bucket Truck Service
Hanneke Complete Interior & Exterior Renovations
587-888-7762. Master Electricians
403-934-5687 Specializing in Exterior Finishing
CHINOOK III. 1 bdrm or 2 of Residential, Commercial &
bdrm. ½ month rent free Phone:
EMERALD Agricultural Buildings
with a six month lease. Heat Email: jpjesco@efirehose.net
& water included. No pets.
& REALTY LTD. www.jescoelectrical.ca Eavestroughing 5” & 6”
Please call for availability. Email: fbbp@efirehose.net
Call Keli 403-324-2944. Serving Southern Alberta Since 1999 Fiberglass Decks & Stairs “Everything you need to turn raw land into your home”
Serving Strathmore and Area since 2007 TILE INSTALLATION
for rent. 3 BDRM + 2.5 bath. bungalow, bi-lvl FURNACE & DUCT CLEANING
Separate garage, fenced. No
& 2 stry units with 403.325.0584
cats, fish, reptiles, live plants,
cannabis or smoking. $1250/ parking, some audetcontracting@gmail.com MM Tile Installations
mo. + DD. Utilities not includ- fully renovated • Floors, showers, tubs,
ed. Call 403-934-0639. & include W/D. PAINTING / FLOORING backsplashes, fireplaces.
• Bathroom remodeling
Family Friendly. • Tub to shower conversions
Large windows, lots of stor-
No Pets.
From $845.
Cover Up Painting • Demo
age, private entrance. All ap-
pliances: D/W + W/D. $1150/ + Utilities. BEST WORK & REASONABLE PRICES Murray Merkel
mo incl. utilities + Wifi. Avail. Tile Installer/Owner
Please contact our
March 1. Please call 403- Leasing Team: FREE ESTIMATES 403.807.9700
Services! — 18 YEARS EXPERIENCE —
TRUCK MOUNTED CARPET CLEANING 403-934-3212 | 306-320-7372 Ace Custom Sewing.com
“The Missing Piece to complete Your Big Picture.” Strathmore AB

Kelly Camden
• Furniture
• R.V. Interiors
INC. • Golf Cart, Bike, ATV,
Real Estate Associate
403.991.6192 • Hotwater Tanks • Furnaces Snowmobile Seats & Boat Tarps
kellycamden@hotmail.com • Renovations • Hydronic Heating • Equipment and Vehicle Fronts
403-870-4446 • Service Work • Gas Fitting
• New Construction • Sewer Cleaning/ For more information
• Commercial Sewer Camera Call Debi 403-901-0342

All Decked Out AB OFFICE 403-983-7671 WATER WELL DRILLING

General Contracting ROOFING For All Your Water Needs

Kitchens, Bathroom Renos

Basement Developments
Additions, Roofing
Fences & Decks
Specializing in Insurance Claims 3rd Generation of Quality Service
Aluminum Rail Your Complete Exterior Finishing Company
Experts in Vinyl Siding, Soffit and Fascia
Vinyl & Composite Decking Continuous Eavestroughing • Windows & Reroofs
Aluminum and Smart Board Batons
Bill Evans 403-901-8875 bill@alldeckedoutab.ca
Wes Breault 403-999-7097 wes@alldeckedoutab.ca Cell: 403-968-9211 • Work: 403-934-4334
Fax: 403-934-4422 • Email: toprowtom@telus.net Box 1 Site 22 RR 2, Strathmore AB, T1P 1K5
www.alldeckedoutab.ca For a FREE QUOTE Call Tom Email: mmdrill@mmdrilling.ca
Page 20 • Strathmore TIMES • February 15, 2019 www.StrathmoreTimes.com


Bungalows, Bilevels, 2 Stories, Lane Lots, Front Drives, Park Lots, Lake and Creek Lots, Mountain Views,
Open Spaces, Pathways, Future Seniors Facilities and Convenience Stores.




Coldwell Ranch
Bungalow | 2 Storey | Bungalow
Only plus GST Each

Single Family
4 Bungalows Ranch
From $309,900 plus GST

Includes House and Lot

CR Coldwell Ranch
Where You’ll Want To Live
In N.W. Strathmore Saturdays Agents Welcome
North on
Wheatland Trail
& Sundays 403.934.5355
West on Road 244 Noon - 5 pm www.coldwellranch.ca

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