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Task 1 : Learning Task for Learning

Activity 1 (M2 LA 1)

NUPTK : 8536 7626 6330 0032

NO. Peser`ta PPG : 19036115710179

Bidang Studi Sertifikasi : 157-Bahasa Inggris-UMS S1 2019-Kelas C

Sekolah Asal : SDN Pajang II No.171

, Pajang Laweyan, Surakarta


Task 1
In the appendix there are 20 captions which you
will read carefully and analyze in the Task 1

send your answers and report to your instructor!


1. First, you will read to understand the captions below. Make sure that you know the meaning
of every word and every part of each news report.
2. Then, you will copy each of them into the table.
3. Finally, you will group them according to the visible format.
Some have been done for you as examples.
Captions Headlines Captions

Different Types of Captions

The next step is to put the captions with a similar format together. Some have been done for
you as examples.
Group 1:
Caption 1, 2, 3, ...
Captions Headlines Captions
Group 2:
Caption 13, 14, ...
Captions Headlines Captions
Group 3:
Caption 4, ...
Captions Headlines Captions

Sir, I am so sorry. I couldn’t finish the Task 1 and Task 2 because I couldn’t find the 20
captions, so my friends did.