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Halflings are mostly a peaceful race,

wishing nothing more than to eat
(especially eat!), drink and be merry.
They live in closely-knit communities and
they are rarely troubled by other races.
Sitting comfortably under an evening
sun, one would most often see a halfling
sitting reclined under a tree, munching,
smoking and laughing. As they generally
keep to themselves and avoid trouble,
most halflings live long, peaceful lives.
Some halflings however cannot find
peace in such a familiar atmosphere and Heroes:
they seek adventures like those in the Halfling Elder: Each Halfling Warband
stories they were told when they were must have one Halfling Elder: no more,
young. Every so often a village Elder no less! 20xp start.
succumbs to this wanderlust, and when Halfling Cook: Your warband may
his unrest becomes unbearable he rounds include one Halfling Cook. 8xp start.
up a group of other like-minded halflings Halfling Thief: Your Warband may
to head out and change the world. include one Halfling Thief. 8xp start.
Halfling Youths: Your warband may
SPECIAL RULES include two Halfling Youths. 0xp start.
Pretty much human: Halflings are
pretty much human and therefore may Henchmen:
hire any hired sword available to human Halfling Scouts: Your Warband may
mercenaries. include seven Halfling Scouts.
Too Big: Halflings may never use Long Halfling Warriors: Your Warband may
bows, Elf Bows, Handguns, Long Rifles or include five Halfling Warriors.
Blunderbusses even if they gain an Piggies: Your Warband may include four
advance roll that would allow them to do Piggies.
so. Such big weapons are t built for such Village Ogre: Your warband may
tiny hands! include one Village Ogre.
Halfling Items: Halflings do not gain
any bonuses from having Halfling items HALFLING EQUIPMENT LISTS
(such as the Halfling Cookbook) because Adventurer Equipment List
they already know all the knowledge Hand-to-Hand Combat Weapons
that can be obtained from such things. Dagger (Pairing Knife) 1st free/2 gc
Mace/Hammer (Tenderiser) 3gc
Maximum Characteristics: Axe (Meat Cleaver) 5gc
Halfling: Sword (Machete) 10gc
M WS BS S T W I A Ld *Doubled-handed weapon 15 gc
4 5 7 3 3 3 9 4 10 *Spear 10 gc
Ogre: *Heroes & Halfling Warriors only.
M WS BS S T W I A Ld ) Halfling Cooks only.
6 5 4 6 6 4 5 4 7
Missile Weapons
A Halfling Warband must include a *Bow 10 gc
minimum of 3 models. You have 500 *May not be used by Halfling Warriors.
Gold Crowns which you can use to recruit
your initial warband. Maximum number
of warriors allowed in the warband is 20.
Armour as merry as they used to be! To reclaim
Light Armour 20 gc their lost youth they will go to extreme
Buckler 5 gc lengths, even if that means going off into
Helmet (Cooking Pot) 10 gc the wilderness on a grand and wild
) Halfling Cooks Only. adventure!
Miscellaneous M WS BS S T W I A Ld
*Hunting Arrows 35 gc 4 3 5 3 3 1 5 1 9
*Halfling Elder and Halfling Scouts only. Weapons/Armour: An Elder may be
equipped with weapons and armour
Halfling Thief Equipment List chosen from the Adventurer Equipment
Hand-to-Hand Combat Weapons List.
Dagger 1st free/2 gc SPECIAL RULES
Mace/Hammer 3gc Leader: Any warrior within 6 of the
Axe 5gc Elder may use his Leadership when
Sword 10gc taking a Leadership test.
Missile Weapons
Crossbow Pistol 35gc 0-1 Halfling Cook
Pistol 25 gc 35 Gold Crowns to hire.
(40 for a brace) Halfling Cooks dream of only one thing:
Throwing Knives 15gc gourmet food! To find such exquisite
Armour gastronomic delights they will often
Light Armour 20 gc venture outside of their homely towns
Buckler 5 gc and villages to find those things they
Miscellaneous love: rare herbs and spices,
Rope and hook 5gc mouth-watering meats, delectable
Lock Picks (as seen in EiF) 10 gc deserts, fragrant fruit ..(the list goes
on and on!). Of course, chopping veggies
Village Ogre Equipment List as the speed of light while keeping ones
Hand-to-Hand Combat Weapons fingers takes tireless training. While they
Dagger 1st free/2 gc may not be as handy with a sling or bow
Mace/Hammer 3gc as many other halflings, their skill with a
Axe 5gc blade is unsurpased!
Sword 10gc M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Doubled-handed weapon 15 gc 4 4 2 3 3 1 4 1 8
Missile Weapons Weapons/Armour: A Halfling Cook may
Long Bow 15gc be equipped with weapons and armour
Armour chosen from the Adventurer Equipment
Light Armour 20 gc List.
Helmet 10 gc SPECIAL RULES
Master Chef: Halfling Cooks have a vast
HEROES range of knowledge when and it comes to
1 Halfling Elder culinary matters, and their food is often
60 Gold Crowns to hire. more filling and favorable then that of
Occasionally Halfling Elders tire of the hapless no-talent human chef! To
responsibility of taking care of a village. represent his masterful cooking talent
They wish they were young again, so role one D6. On a 5+ the cook has
they could eat ten meals a day and get managed to make a little food go a long
way and when selling Treasure or be equipped with weapons and armour
Wyrdstone the warband is considered to chosen from the Adventurer Equipment
be one size lower. Any role below a 5+ List.
does not represent the chef s inability to
conjure up some delicious food, it just HENCHMEN
means he ate all the excess food before 0-7 Halfling Scouts
his other companions got there! 20 Gold Crowns to hire.
Most Halflings are expected to do some
0-1 Halfling Thief military service. Some protect the Moot
30 Gold Crowns to hire. from the rare attacks of Orcs and
Halfling thieves are often lured out of Goblins, others simply patrol the peaceful
their villages by the prospect of all the roads that lead elsewhere. While most
useful and pretty things they could are happy to sit back once their duty is
borrow from people. Just think, if they fulfilled, others sign on to a warband and
can acquire so many items within the roam the countryside, searching for
confines of a small village, who knows adventure.
what they could find when set loose M WS BS S T W I A Ld
upon the world! 4 2 4 2 2 1 4 1 8
M WS BS S T W I A Ld Weapons/Armour: Halfling Scouts may
4 2 4 2 2 1 5 1 8 be equippedwith weapons and armor
Weapons/Armour: A Halfling Thief may chosen from the Adventurer Equipment
be equipped with weapons and armour List.
chosen from the Halfling Thief Equipment
List. 0-5 Halfling Warriors
SPECIAL RULES 25 Gold Crowns to hire.
Infiltrator: He may always be placed on Stocky brutes (by halfling standards,
the battlefield after enemy warband(s), anyways) halfling warriors live for the
and can be placed anywheres on the excitement garnered by adventure.
table as long as it is out of sight of the M WS BS S T W I A Ld
opposing warband and at least 12 away 4 3 3 3 3 1 4 1 8
from any enemy model. If more than one Weapons/Armour: Halfling Warriors may
model has infiltrate, roll-off to see who be equipped with weapons and armour
places first. chosen from the Adventurer Equipment
Pick Locks: When testing to open a List.
locked door, a Halfling Thief needs only
make a successful Initiative test. 0-4 Piggies
Cutpurse: A Halfling Thief makes a living 20 Gold Crowns to hire.
of finding things others have lost . If Only Halflings know how vicious a
the Halfling Thief took part in a battle, cornered piggy can be. When provoked
and was not taken OOA, then the they can even eat a small Halfling
warband gains +1 Treasure ontop of what whole! And of course if the food runs
they would normally find. short then guess who s for dinner .
0-2 Halfling Youths 5 4 0 3 4 1 3 1 4
10 Gold Crowns to hire. Weapons/Armour: None! Apart from
Having heard such tales as Tinkle their vicious tempers Piggies don t use
Witherson and the Golden Boots and weapons and can fight without
Little Gumblewort s Big Adventure penalties.
young halflings aspire to become like SPECIAL RULES
these famed halfling heroes. They will Animals: Piggies are animals and never
do anything, ANYTHING, to become a gain experience.
glorious hero; even if that means
missing a meal or two! 0-1 Village Ogre
M WS BS S T W I A Ld 140 Gold Crowns to hire.
4 2 3 2 2 1 4 1 7 Halflings and Ogres have one thing in
Weapons/Armour: Halfling Youths may common: FOOD! Although they me seem
like a bit of an odd pairing, Ogres are ability and he must miss his first attack
often lured from the hills by the (regardless of whether he has only one
opportunity to sample the local attack or not).
delicacies of the Moot. If Elders ever need
protection then the Ogres are the ones Wizened Halfling (leaders only): This
to call upon to provide that extra bit of old halfling is greatly respected by the
brute force and muscle! other members of the warband and they
M WS BS S T W I A Ld never question his word. All halflings
6 3 2 4 4 3 3 2 7 may also re-roll any failed leadership
Weapons/Armour: An Ogre may be test when within 6 of the leader as well
equipped from the Village Ogre as using his leadership for both tests.
Equipment List.
SPECIAL RULES Stealthy (Halfling Thieves Only): The
Fear: Ogre-kin are large and brutish Halfling Thief can hide even after
creatures that cause Fear. running, and can run while within 8 of
Large: Ogre-kin are huge, lumbering enemy models if he starts and ends his
creatures and therefor make tempting move hidden.
targets for archers. Any target may shoot
at an Ogre, even if he is not the closest Skilled Huntsman: The halfling has
model. been hunting things ever since he was
Skills: An Ogre-kin who becomes a Hero young (the more food he has, the
may only choose from Combat and better!) and has become well adapted to
Strength skill-lists. firing as silently and discreetly as
Slow Witted: Ogre-kin are not the possible. To represent this a Halfling
brightest creatures about. They earn may try and fire a ranged weapon and
experience at half-rate. remain hidden. When shooting from
Protective: The Ogre is content with his hiding roll D6. On a 3+ the Halfling has
pay and more importantly, his meals. He managed to keep his actions
will therefor scare off any other Ogre that inconspicuous to the eye of the enemy
may attempt to join the warband. Once a and may remain hidden that turn. Note
Village Ogre is purchased, Ogre this skill may not be combined with
Bodyguards will not join the warband, black powder weapons, they are just too
and should one have been hired prior to noisy!
the Village Ogres arrival, he will move on.
Layers of Fat: The Halfling has gained
SPECIAL SKILLS mountains of flab during his vast
All Halflings may choose from the experience of eating fine foods and his
following special skills. thick bulk could swallow a sword whole!
The Halfling always has a basic saving
Quiet as a Mouse: The halfling as throw of 6 regardless of the enemy
adept at staying as quiet as a mouse warrior s strength and on top of any
whilst hiding. Enemy warriors must use armour he already wears.
half their initiative value in inches
(rounded down) when trying to detect Shifty: The halfling has long-been
this hidden halfling. skirting in the shadows, avoiding
unwanted attention. So nimble is he that
Crude Belch: Having eaten a meal or he may surprise even those who believe
six, this halfling may release a they've got them dead-to-rights. The
withering belch to distract his enemies. halfling gains a bonus attack when
During the first round of hand to hand charged that strikes first.
combat the halfling can release his
noxious fumes upon all enemies within
base contact. All enemies effected must
take a leadership test. If the leadership
test is failed then the putrid odor has
severely affected the warrior s fighting

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