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Republic of the Philippines

Region III
Brgy. San Martin III Area – C, City of San Jose Del Monte

First Semester Final Examination

English for Academic and Professional Purposes
SY 2018 – 2019

General Directions: Read carefully the question or statement in each item. Choose the letter of the best answer and write it on your
answer sheet.

I. Understanding the Principles of Different Types of Papers. Analyze the principles of a formal paper shown in each item and
determine the most accurate response that completes the statement or answers the question.

1. An example of this paper is Ketchup. What type of paper explains an abstract understanding of something?

a. reaction paper c. position paper

b. concept paper d. research paper

2. The etymology of a concept or word clarifies ________________________________.

a. the original form of the concept

b. the illustrations of the word/concept
c. the changes in the meaning of the word
d. the origin and development of the word/concept

3. Aside from defining and explaining, what is another reason for writing a concept paper?

a. arguing c. clarifying
b. persuading d. evaluating

4. Which among the following is an example of a concept paper that uses a core definition and expansions of definition?

a. Boondocks c. Four Values in Filipino Drama and Film

b. Ketchup d. Dead Water

5. In the critique entitled Digital Divide: The Challenge of Technology and Equity, the writer gives first a thesis statement on how
information technology becomes so influential to people then he proceeds with a discussion of each barrier and problem which can
prove how IT becomes influential but inaccessible to some groups of people. What mode of development was used by the writer?

a. from a description of the subject to the writer’s critical evaluation

b. discussion that gives the positive aspects first and the negative aspects after
c. from a cover statement to a discussion of each angle or element to prove the thesis
d. discussion that intersperses critical comments between description of the details or events

6. A critique, review or reaction paper usually performs all of the following functions except ________________.

a. analysis of events c. interpretation of the meaning of a work

b. appreciation of the moral values reflected d. expression of personal feelings and desires

7. A report on an event can be considered a reaction paper. This statement is __________________.

a. true c. sometimes false

b. false d. either true or false

8. Which among the following concept papers uses semantic history to explain a concept?

a. Ketchup c. The Sentiments of Kundiman

b. Boondocks d. Four Values in Filipino Drama and Film

9. In writing critiques for works of art which usually involves a comprehensive discussion such as the ones given in Art and Four Values
in Filipino Drama and Film, what technique can be used to help the readers understand the ideas easier?

a. Write short paragraphs. c. Limit the work to only three paragraphs.

b. Use more pictures than words. d. Use subtitles either in question or statement form.

10. Si Jin is working on a writing assignment about drug-related problems in their country. He would have to answer the question, “Is
killing effective to solve drugs in the country?” He happens to be in favor of killing. Hence, he writes only one counter-argument and
four arguments explaining why killing is effective. What is the best advice that must be given to him then?

a. He must have a clear stand on the issue. c. Have a balanced assignment of conflicting opinions.
b. Write list of arguments in an organized manner. d. Invent his own set of arguments to prove his position.
II. Interpreting Academic Texts. Select the correct statement which expresses the specific idea/s being asked for in the given

11. The poem Dead Water becomes an effective social commentary because it satirizes the fermentation, corrosion, and toxification
that happen through seemingly beautiful images of emeralds (patina of corrosion), silky gauze (grease decomposition), and colorful
spume (toxic cyanobacteria). Given this, what kind of language or what technique was used to convey his message?

a. local language c. romanticized language

b. jejemon language d. instant messaging (IM) lingo

12. Considering the background or context by which the poem took place and the use of seemingly beautiful images as well as the
sarcastic and ironic tone of the writer, what does the dead water symbolize?

a. the hopelessness of China

b. the lost resources of China
c. water pollution and its harmful effects
d. China and its political, even moral decay

13. Based on the position paper entitled The Case for Short Words, what is a sound rule that we must always consider when we speak
and write?

a. Use classical, elevated language. c. Use small, old words where you can.
b. Speak in a very literary or stylish way. d. Choose long words over the shorter ones.

14. How did General Luna exemplify the operative principle that Cardinal Sin had preached almost a century later -- “Bayan muna,
bago ang sarili?

a. He made himself a handsome man.

b. He studied abroad to be able to help the country.
c. He dug gold bars and sold them all to buy the country.
d. He left his loved ones behind to focus on saving the country.

15. Although the reaction paper-editorial entitled “Why JFK’s Inaugural Succeeded” maintains that the address is one of the best in
America, to which aspect of the speech does it focus more?

a. factors behind its success

b. reasons behind its delivery
c. time spent in writing the speech
d. content and language used in the speech

16. Based on the same paper mentioned in the previous item, John F. Kennedy did not need much help for the revision of his speech.
What was the main reason for this?

a. He wants to prove that he is intelligent.

b. He was shy to ask help from Ted Sorensen.
c. His speech was essentially autobiographical.
d. He was taking care of his pride as a president.

17. In the text Boondocks, the writer explains that the word actually comes from the Tagalog word ‘bundok’ which means mountain to
Filipinos, but how did it turn out as ‘boondocks’ already at present?

a. English has the tendency to affix the letter ‘s’ to locations. c. People do not find it appropriate.
b. Linguists wanted to put more style to the word and its syllables. d. English has its own way of spelling mountain.

18. Aside from ‘boondocks’, what other words are also being explained or defined in the paper?

a. caddy, camphor, cassowary, gingham c. chest, chalk lime, cassowary, gingang

b. caddy, kapur, kasuari, gingang d. kati, camphor, cassowary, gingang

19. In the first few paragraphs of the paper Boondocks, which best qualifies as a thesis statement?

a. Bundok, meaning mountain, now refers to any rough country. c. Boondockers are shoes suitable for rough terrain.
b. Boondocks refers to a remote rural isolated or even wild area. d. Boonies became the slang equivalent of boondocks.

20. Based on the article entitled “The Case for Short Words”, there is no law requiring us to use long or big words. Therefore, we must
use short words when we can because even the great poets and orators used them in their works. Which line can best prove that the
use of short words is good?

a. If it is to be, it is up to me.
b. There is no forever in this world.
c. You should go and love yourself.
d. God is the perfect embodiment of love.
III. Using Critical Approaches in Writing a Critique
A. Determine what critical or literary theory is described in the following items.

21. In studying / interpreting The Divine Comedy, we need to consider the life and background of its writer, Dante Alighieri.

a. Feminism c. Psychological
b. Biographical d. Reader-Response

22. Some of the common questions that this theory would address are: How do you feel about what you have read? What do you
think it means? This approach asserts that a great deal of meaning in a text lies with how the reader responds to it.

a. Biographical c. Deconstructionism
b. Psychological d. Reader-Response

23. El Filibusterismo was written during the Spanish colonization period in the Philippines. Hence, the background information necessary
to understand how this was perceived during the time was given attention to. The ideas and attitudes of the time in which it was written
were also taken into consideration.

a. New Historicist c. Biographical

b. Deconstructionism d. Psychological

24. The literary elements of the poem Dead Water and how they work to create meaning are being analyzed. Questions such as “what
is being symbolized by dead water?” or “what tone is dominant in the poem” are explored and given answers.

a. Feminism c. Formalism
b. Psychological d. Reader-Response

25. This theory is concerned with understanding the role of power, politics, and money in literary texts. It examines how a work
reflects the way in which dominant groups exploit the subordinate groups.

a. Marxism c. Formalism
b. Feminism d. Reader-Response

B. Identify what critical / literary theory can be best used to critique the following texts / songs. Choose your answers from the box
a. Deconstructionism b. Feminism c. Formalism d. Marxism


I remember telling you I loved you
The Northern star rising above you
And in that moment I thought every dream would come true
Oh, but some just never do

Love comes in circles

And love takes its own time
Bending and breaking,
Not taking a straight line
I never knew another love timeless and true
Oh, but I did, yeah, I did with you.
Oh, I did, I did with you.


When I need motivation, my one solution is my queen
Cause she stays strong, yeah, yeah
She’s always in my corner, right there when I want her
All these other girls are tempting
But I’m empty when you’re gone Missy

Do you need me? Do you think I’m pretty?

Do I make you feel like cheating
Not like though, not really, cause
Oh I think that I found myself a cheerleader
She’s always right there when I need her


Doublespeak is language carefully designed and constructed to appear to communicate when in fact it doesn’t. it is language designed
not to lead but mislead. Thus, it’s not a tax increase but “revenue enhancement” or “tax-based broadening.” So how can you complain
about higher taxes? These aren’t useless, billion dollar pork barrel projects; they’re really “congressional projects of national
significance,” so don’t complain about wasteful government spending. That isn’t the Mafia in Atlantic City; those are just “members of a
career-offender cartel,” so don’t worry about the influence of organized crime in the city.

IV. Analyzing Critiques, Concept and Position Papers. Select the response which would correctly complete each statement about
the analysis of the structure of a particular concept or position paper.

29. In the concept paper entitled Ketchup, the writer explains how today’s tomato-based ketchup becomes different from its Eastern
ancestors by tracing the development of the sauce from its Chinese origins. What mode of development is used?
a. climactic c. inductive
b. chronological d. deductive
30. In Thurston Clarke’s editorial-reaction paper entitled “Why JFK’S Inaugural Succeeded”, he describes vividly the setting and
ambiance during which the inaugural took place. What illustration did he use to make his description effective?

a. using a scene during the World War II c. comparing it with a scene from Encantadia
b. recounting a past event during his childhood d. comparing it with a scene from Currier and Ives

31. All of the four reviews about Heneral Luna agree that John Arcilla had a stellar performance and that the film had masterful
choreography and fantastic script except for one thing. What weak element does the film police review point out?

a. the flashback sequence

b. the use of bad words or cursing
c. the difficulty of the rest of the cast to keep up with Arcilla
d. the different events in Luna’s life which were recounted by Joven

32. In one of the reviews, the writer points out that the film has a well-crafted cinematography as shown in the innovative flashback
scene. How does he prove this claim?

a. by explaining how the flashback took place in the film

b. by comparing the flashback with other parts in the film
c. by defining what flashback means and why it is needed
d. by dividing the review into different sets of flashback scenes

33. In his article entitled The Case for Short Words, what kind of creative introduction does Richard Lederer use to justify his position /
stand that the use of short words is good?

a. description of a picture
b. testimony of a person who always uses short words
c. words in the title and first four paragraphs are all monosyllabic
d. title and first four paragraphs all have the word ‘short’ and ‘long’

34. In the paragraph on the boondocks, boonies is:

a. the etymology of the word. c. a derivative from the term.
b. the plural form of the term. d. a slang version of the term.

V. Making a Structural Analysis Outline. Considering the text structure and chronological organization of ideas, choose and
arrange the statements / details that will best complete the outline that follows.

a. Heinz’s improving the marketability of the sauce in 1880 through a slogan and the creation of sixty-five other various
b. Indonesian: The dark ketjap consisted of fermented black soy beans, cooked and sweetened.
c. American version in mid-19th century – Thomas Jefferson’s addition of tomatoes to the ketchup.
d. Today’s tomato-based ketchup is different from its Eastern ancestors.
e. English recreations of the Malaysia- and Singapore-borrowed sauce in 18th century: included mushrooms and walnuts.

I. Introduction – Thesis: 35. _____________________________________________________________

II. Body: Traces the development of the sauce from its Chinese origins
a. Chinese: The 17th century ke-tiap sauce was made of pickled fish, shellfish, and spices.
b. 36. _____________________________________________________________
c. 37. _____________________________________________________________
d. 38. _____________________________________________________________
e. Popular version since 1876 - Henry Heinz’s mass-production of the tomato-based sauce

III. 39. Conclusion: _____________________________________________________________

VI. Writing Critiques/Reaction, Concept and Position Papers. Read each of the three excerpts below. Identify the sentences
which correctly complete the paragraph, making sure that they are in logical order. Then, answer the question/s about the excerpt.

A. Thirteenth: Win or Lose

Below is the introduction and conclusion of a concept paper about Friday the 13th. The writer is clarifies the concept of Friday the 13th.

“Lucky I’m in love with my bestfriend. Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed. Lucky to be coming home again ,” says the
lines of the song “Lucky” by Jason Mraz. It goes to say that the persona feels happy and fortunate that of all the many people in the
world, he was destined to fall in love with his bestfriend. 40. _________________________________________________________
Would it still be lucky? It has been common knowledge that the said day is a ‘bad’ or ‘unlucky’ day.

It all depends now on the average person if he or she would be afraid of the said day. The fear in itself exists as the different
types of phobias like Paraskevidekatriaphobia were given. The stigma was said to have originated from Judas Iscariot, the 13 th apostle
who betrayed Christ but after all, researchers found out that there is really no basis for claiming any date or number as unlucky.
41. _____________________________________________________________ No one knows for sure if one will have a good or bad
day. 42. _________________________________________________________
a. However, we ought to take a serious look on the said day—if it really is ‘unlucky’ as it is supposed to be.
b. But, what if the persona confessed his love on Friday the 13th and he was dumped?
c. Whatever is the case, whether one chooses to believe or not, things will happen as how they are designed to be.
d. Only the Big Boss knows.

43. Given the restatement of the supporting details in its conclusion, what paragraph pattern was most likely used to explain the
a. analysis c. brief story or anecdote
b. definition d. examples and illustrations

B. _________________

Below is the body part of a mother’s manifesto about the benefits of going to school.

Teenagers are forever being told that they need a good education so that their can have the career they want, but many do not
listen. However, it is important to remember that your schooling, no matter how long it may feel, lasts for a just a few short years
compared to the rest of your life ahead of you. 44. ___________________________________________________________________

Integrally linked to your career is the fact that you will only be able to achieve a higher level of education later on if you work
hard in school now. 45. __________________________________________________________________________________________
And with unemployment among young people in the USA at its highest since the early 1960’s, you may find that you need a college
degree to secure a good job because there is so much competition for so few jobs…

a. Therefore, it is better to sacrifice a little bit of fun now so that you can find happiness in later life, as you will be happier if you can
do a job that you enjoy and afford to do the things you want.

b. Although at the age of fourteen and fifteen many young people may not think they want to go to college or university, you don’t
know how this may change as you get older.

46. What type of paper is a manifesto (the one given above)?
a. concept paper c. research paper
b. reaction paper d. position paper

47. What can be the best title for the paper?

a. Going to School c. Schooling is a Must
b. Teens, no forever d. Friends with Benefits

C. Shameful innocence

Below is a reaction paper about the issue on students asking why Mabini was just sitting in the film Heneral Luna. This is the introduction part.

In the film “Heneral Luna”, Apolinario Mabini was one of the main characters who received much attention. Many students
asked why the paralytic hero was seated on a chair throughout the film. This innocent curiosity does not in any way sound funny, but
rather, disappointing and alarming. 48. __________________________________________________________________________
This means that he is a significant figure in Philippine history and yet the students do not know about him or his condition.
49. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

a. Also, it is something we should pay attention to because if the present generation does not know about the country’s history, their
understanding of nationalism will not be well-founded.

b. It becomes disappointing because Apolinario Mabini is one our well-respected heroes during the revolutionary period.

50. In the above introduction of a reaction paper, what was criticized?
a. film c. people
b. none d. performance