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1. Real-time and Un- Real - time video

For cinematic real time video, 25 PFS are required, which requires higher bandwidth usage and
recording space. If the numbers of cameras are more then the cost of the storage system would
go high and it also will slow down the video of other connected cameras.
Whereas in using Geovision, we suggest unreal time video or lower frame rates which does not
mean to loosing the necessary information but viewing all the cameras simultaneously without
using heavy storage and higher bandwidth and hanging the system. Even at low frame rates,
recording of motion, lower frame rates will be sufficient to capture any criminal activity.
The following example shows the actual time lapses using 25 FPS, 2 FPS and 6-8 FPS vary
between 0.04 millisecond to 0.125 milliseconds.

Bottom line is this, regardless of what your application is, someone is going to have to move
pretty fast to beat the camera. It’s only due to the nature of research projects and extremely fast
slight of hand concerns for casinos that they routinely require super fast frame rates.

Table showing time laps using different frame rates in for different scenario

FPS Scenario Time laps

2-4 FPS ATM/ Godowns
0.5 to 0.25 Mili seconds
6-8 FPS Retails, Restaurants, showrooms, factories
malls etc. 0.17 to 0.125 mili seconds
10-15 FPS
Cash Counters, Banks etc 0.1 to 0.67 mili seconds
25 FPS
Jewellery shops/ Traffic surveillance and 0.04 mili seconds
other high security & sensitive areas
Comparison of HDD for different frame rates

Comparison of Surveillance Video at different frame rates

The images captured from the camera at different frame rates as shown below have no difference
in picture quality.

2. Smart Frame Control

Geovision's Smart Recording Technology,
automatically distribute frame rates will to
the camera that needed the most basing on
alarm or motion detection. You can also fix
the minimum or maximum frame for
different camera as per the requirement.
Allowing more efficient way to utilize your
recording resources.

3. Dynamic DNS Server Support:

Users can set the IP camera at a virtual domain name at dynamic IP, and be able to view this IP
camera anywhere that has access to the internet. It saves money approx 24-30K p.a. when setting
up the broadband with service provider. This service of Geovision provides an easy-to-remember
domain to fast locate your DVR with a changed dynamic IP address, by constantly updating the
IP address of your DVR to the DNS server. Domain name registration is done in the new
DDNS application.
4. Multi Codec Support :
Geovision supports Geo MPEG4, GeoMPEG4 ASP, Geo H.264, Geo H.264ASP. We can select
different codec for different camera for optimizing the CPU performance.
5. Hotkey display window form system configuration folder
The Hot Key display window provides a quick reference of most often used operations. The
window may be recalled for Main System, View Log, and PTZ Control Panel from the system

6. Windows lockup
Secure your PC while away from workstation. You may lock up the Windows Desktop by
launching a customized GV-Desktop, under which operators are limited to run only GV-systems
and the selected programs. When apply this feature, keyboard loses its control to Windows. For
example, functions such as Ctrl+Alt+Del are now disabled.
7. Callout and email alerts
The Geovision GV-Series is capable of connecting up to 72 I/O devices when correspond with
the optional GV-IO modules. These modules can be connected to motion sensors, smoke
detectors, or PTZ cameras. When a detector or alarm is trigger, the system will quickly send alert
to your mobile phone or email, allowing you to act as quickly as possible to minimize property

8. Saves Video as exe file

Recorded video Clips can be exported into a .EXE format so that user could auto-play the video
file at a third-party player without the need to download the codec.
9. Easy backup to DVD/CD
You can store the backup file in DVD and play in the DVD player. The advanced backup
program, designed to work with Window 2003/XP/server 2003 burner software allows you to
backup media file directly to CD media.
10. Remote monitoring via Symbian and Microsoft Smartphones
You may now monitor surveillance sites through your Symbian and Microsoft Smartphones. The
new version allows you to view live in JPEG on these two mobiles.
11. Remote E-Map
Remote E-Map displays
the monitoring area on
an electronic map, where
operator can easily locate
cameras, sensors and
alarms. The e-map may
be set to pop-up with
flashing icon, indicating a
camera or an I/O device
is being triggered.
Remote E map supports
upto 500 hosts.

12. Excellent Network Performance & bandwidth control

Geovision system is able to transmit 8 cameras @ 256 kbps (DSL) connection and 16 cameras @
512 kbps over internet (Using Dynamic IP) showing at an average of 2-5 frames for each camera.
13. Other features :
Advance Video Analytics

• Advanced Motion Detection

• Face Detection
• Unattended and Missing Object
• Privacy Mask
• Scene Change Detection
• Enhanced Object Counting
• Intrusion Alarm
• People Counting
• Picture-In-Picture (PIP)
• Picture-And-Picture(PAP) Panorama View Defog Function
• Panorama View
• Video Stabilization
• Defog Function

Remote Surveillance

• Remote View
• IP Multicast
• WebCam
• Remote Playback System
• G-View for WinCE PDA
• I-Mode

• POS Live View via IE Browser

• 3G Mobile Phone Support (3GPP)
• SSL Encrypt Connection Support
• UPnP™ Support
• Control Panel on Single View to
Provide Instant Information and
• Support PIP, PAP, Defogging Live Visual Automation
Videos, and Video Stabilizer in Single
• Restricting Power User and User to
Access WebCam Server at Specified
Time Length
• Event List Query
• Download Center
• Drag-and-Drop Support for Camera,
PTZ and I/O Icons on the 2 Windows
of MPEG4 Encoder Viewer
• Remote E-Map

• Pop-up Live Images upon Input Trigger

in Remote E-Map
Advanced I/O Control

• Visual Automation
• Virtual I/O Control
• One-Click I/O Status Control
• Multiple I/O Types Selection
• Latch Trigger Feature

Picture-&-Picture View

Picture-in-Picture View
Why to choose Geovision?

 Stability: Our main emphasis is always stability. Lab testing is conducted by engineers to ensure
stability of the system. GeoVision’s digital surveillance systems have been installed in places where
high level of security is mandatory.
 Cost-Effective: A secured product does not mean pricey. You can always find a solution within your
budget. We keep our eyes very closely to the market all the time. We are confident that our price is the
most competitive in the market.
 Advance & enhanced Features- The advance video analytics features, CMS(Control monitoring
centre software), Flexible round the clock recording , Load Balancing Software allows you to
optimize resources by distributing traffic over multiple paths for transferring video or data to the
destination without hanging the systems , menu based interface gives you the easy access to the
system. The PC based surveillance system, enhanced 3 year warranty and standard customer service
(Online tech support).

GeoVision holds technical edges in state-of-the-art surveillance software, video/audio compression

techniques, intelligent video analysis, and hardware enhancements. GeoVision's award-winning GV series
surveillance products provide total security solutions for point-of-sale systems, license plate recognition
systems, and central monitoring systems. With our advantages in video surveillance techniques, we are forging
ahead to new fields of IP surveillance, video server, network video storage, access-control DVR, and video
security service.