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2.0 Requirements: -

2.1  Currently Four Waiters & Four cleaners are required for
Ferropan Catering
 Mr. Robin & Mr. Mandal will be working at night shifts to
cover up the absence (Replacement) of Mr. Jyoti Gomez
 Preparation of Continental & Arabic food, will be the
responsibility of Umm Mohammed(Madam).
3.0 Materials: -

3.1  Disposable Materials to be arranged immediately (Still

Parcel bowls are being purchased from market on regular
 Material is available for 10 Days, prior updating & follow-
up required.
4.0 Equipment’s: -

4.1  Technician is required for repairing the Chiller, as per the

Follow-up Email from Mr. Bibin on Sat 20-01-2018 10.06
AM 22/01/18 is the last date to rectify this problem.
 In Case if technician is not available by the given period of
time, a temporary arrangement of Mobile Chiller is
 The cost will be around 2000 AED
 Request for three Single doors, thawing chiller is with Mr.
Umar Jawed, purchasing process need to be expedited.
 Two Bain Marie is required as soon as possible. Mr. Bibin/Mr. Ahmed
5.0 General Services: -

5.1  Monthly preventive maintenance shall be arranged.

 Calibration test shall be arranged with immediate effect.
 All the material will be checked thoroughly for their expiry Mr. Bibin/Mr.
dates.in case of any discrepancies store department will be Mamoun
held responsible and a penalty will be on the concerned
 The main gate of kitchen to be replaced with self-closing
6.0 House Keeping & Cleaning: -

6.1  Housekeeping & cleaning record will be maintained. Mr. Ahmed Yaseen
 Plumbing system inside Ferropan kitchen to be maintained Mr. Naïf & Mr.
properly. Mohammed Hasan
 Rat killers & Rat Trap, to be arranged ASAP Mr. Naif/Mr. Umar
 SS racks inside small chillers to be cleaned & cold Mr. Ahmed/Mr.
galvanized. (PVC/Powder Coating will be the best and Mamoun
long lasting)

1.0 Materials: -

1.1  Housekeeping materials are neither available nor they are

received on time.
 Delivery of the housekeeping materials to be expedited
 All the remaining MRF will be closed by providing earlier
requested materials.
 Mr. Ayman will send the last MRF to Mr. Mahmoud
Yaseen for further follow-up.
 Stationary items including (HP M176 Laser Jet colour
Cartridge) will be purchased as soon as possible.
 One V-sat technician will be hired for the Maintenance of
Satellite/Dish and Internet Services.
 Mr. Ayman will raise MRF of furniture, for 20 labor

2.0 Manpower: -

 Four housekeepers to be provided immediately We may approach

 Three road cleaners will be hired along with above UMR for Road
mentioned housekeepers. cleaners &
 One fulltime Carpenter & Electrical helper including a housekeepers
HVAC technician will be arranged immediately.
 A fulltime Fire Alarm technician will be hired on Ferropan
Kashif Ali should be re
approached for HVAC
3.0 General Services: -
 Financial support should be proper and will be provided
promptly to ensure the smooth operation of the activities
such as, Drinking water, Drainage & skip removal.
 Petty cash issues will be resolved. A reserved petty cash
 To rectify the problems of Fire alarm system, a arrangement is an
professional engineer will be approached for Inspection urgent requirement.
with an interval of Six Months.

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