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DL(Download Library)

[ID-No.] ID-No.DLBT0800654EN00

[Company] BT
[Group] BT_Service_OP2

[Original Doc. No.] DLBT0800654JP00
[Open Date] 2008/03/07
[Doc. Language] English
[Doc. Priority] Priority
[Program Category] Field Maintenance Program

[Product Name] Controller : Fiery X3e 22C-KM

Controller : IC-401

[Subject] Fiery X3e 22C-KM PS PPD file for Windows Vista


1. Release version and download file name

The newly released program version and download file name are as follows.
[Release Version]
Model Program Name Release Ver. Language Install type Note
IC-401 Fiery X3e 22C-KM 2.0 EN/FR/IT/ Add type Windows 64bit OS (XP/ 2003
PS DE/ES Server)
Windows Vista (64bit and

[Download file name]


2. Changes
Provide support for Windows 64bit OS and Windows Vista.

3. Restrictions
1. Since this is a PPD solution only release, it doesn’t include the Fiery Driver UI.
2. The Printer will use the Microsoft Native Printer Driver interface to show the device options.
3. Since the Fiery Driver UI is not present, all the specialty UI driven features are not possible.
4. PPD driver do not have Configuration tab, Printer Status tab, and Fiery tab available.
5. There are no constraints set for PPD driver. The user needs to know what they are doing in order to
bypass the constraints.
a. Alternatively, the driver will display Yellow warning icons whenever a change in an option is
affected by a constraint. To solve this either the user must know what other settings need to be
modified, or we suggest to print the job to the Fiery server; and then use the Fiery CWS utility to
make the necessary changes to effectively print the job as intended.
6. Bi-directional is unavailable, therefore, some functionality related to it will not available. GM
release does have bi-directional because it’s a PS Driver.
a. Two-Way Communication is not available.
b. E-mail Notification is not available.
c. Owner Information tab is not available.
d. Freeform does not list the created master in the 1-15 lists, however, the user can still use and
print the created master if they remember which list number they had created.
e. Account Control function can be enabled but the user cannot input the account number. GM
release was able to print because account control enable and the account number was able to set
f. Lock Job function can be enabled but no password box to input to ensure secure print job. GM
release was able to have a secure print because the password can be set when sending a print job
with Lock Job option.
g. User cannot input Chapter Start or Page Range when setting up Mixed Media. GM release has
this feature that allows user to define mixed media for different page range or chapter start.
7. Launch Job Monitor button has removed from this driver version. GM driver release has this

4. Download Procedure
4.1 How to install program
1. Using the media provided (DVD or CD), insert on the Windows system. Also, having a network
or a local copy of the new printer drivers will apply for these instructions.
2. Follow the installation procedure for a printer, as described in the user documentation provided with
your controller.
3. During the “Add Printer” procedure, when the steps ask to locate the INF file, find the “oemsetup.inf”
that is part of the new released printer drivers.
4. The driver installation will determine and install the required driver upon automatic detection of your
of OS (32bit or 64 bit)
5. Once driver installation is complete, the system will be ready to print to your driver.

* Company names and product names in this document are the registered trademarks for respective

[Attached Files] ic401_ppd_win_xp_vista_EN.zip


[Rev. Memo]

[Version] 2.0
[App/Drv Language] English

[Information Type] Program

[Subinformation Type] Driver
Training Material Type]
[OS] Windows Server 2003(64bit)
Windows XP(64bit)
Windows Vista
Windows Vista(64bit)

[Emulation] PS-OS Bandled

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