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About your FAMILY

1.Do you live with your parents? Why? Why not?

I don't live with my parents,because i study in Chisinau,and my parents live in Cupcini
cyti when i was born.
2.Have you got brothers or sisters? Are they participating in any exchange program? What do
they do for a living?
Yes i have 1 brother,his name is ion,hi has 26 years old,hi work,hi works in a factory of
3.Do you have friends or relatives abroad?
No i don't have relatives abroad,but i have a friend in Switzerland.
4.What do your parents/husband/wife think about your participation in the program?
My parents are a little bit worried as any parents would be to have their kid gone so far
for about 3 months,but they trust me and support me.
5.What is your parents/husband/wife (annual) income? How much do your parents
My mother earn 5000 fauzand lei,but my father earn 7000 fauzand lei
6.Where do your parents work?
My mother is a teacher of french,and my father is a teacher of matematches

About your STUDIES:

7.Where do you study? What’s your major?
I study at univeersiti of Moldova,department law.
8.Why did choose to study …(your major)? Do you like? What is favorite object
(teacher) ?
I choose this maor,because i like law,and in the future i want to be a good lawyer.My
favorite object it is a labor law.
9.What you will do when you graduate the university?
When i grduate/finish the universiti i plan to find a job in Chisinau and to create my
10.Have you passed all your exams?

Nu am dat un examen.....,Because the discipline organele de ocrotire a normelor de

drept,has proven to be verry dificult to me,but at this time i am taking preparatory
lesson from my colleagues,and i am working real hard to pass the exam in the automn
when I get back from US.
11.When do you graduate the university?
I graduate the universiti ,in 19 years old.
12.What year of study do you are? When do you begin your classes?
I study in second year,i began my classes in 2015
About your JOB:
13.When do you want/need to start your job in the US?
22 may
14.What will you work? What will be your duties? What salary will you have?
I will work floor attendant,i will have to worh with the public and with american
money,must fill the slot and poker machines with tikets and tokens,and help
customers.8.45 dolars per hour.
15.What job are you going to have in the US? Why did you choose this job?
I chose this job becausei like a lot fo beach and New jersey is located along beaches of
the Atlantic Ocean,because New Jersey it is near of New York City aproximately 2 hours
ago,almost Philadelphia Washikton Pensilvania aproxinately 3 hours ago a way,and in my
free time voi merge sa vizitez aceste orase>
16.Where are you going to work in the US? Address? Company? Employer?
Adress:2600 Boardwark
Employer:Gateway 26
17.Where are you going to stay in the US? What are the conditions for housing?
Housing is provided bu the Employer.The housing we provide is convenietly close both
work and to the beach.The house is located behind Gateway 26.Bedrooms are shared
with 2-4 people living in a room.Rent is 75 dolars per week.
18.What will you do if you have problems with your boss at work in the US?
I keep cool,and i'll try to solve them by a discussion him.
19.Who is your sponsor?
20.Who is your recruiting agency? What’s the address?
My recruting agency it is Acord trave,str.Banulescu Bodoni
21.How will you reach your employer?
I fly by plane to airoport Kenedi then i wil go by bys to Greyfoond bus station.
22.Will you be the only person that will have this job offer? Who is coming with you?
will go another 5 students, but do not know who they are
About your USA TRIP:
23.How long are you going to stay in the US?
I'm going to stay in USA aproximately 4 month,22 may 8 september
24.When will you leave USA? When will you come back to Moldova?
I will leave in USA 22 may,i come back to Moldova in 8 september
25.Who gives you money for the trip? Who pays for your trip?
For this trip my brother gave money,but i little heilp my parents.
26.How much have you paid for the program?
1500 dolars
27.Why do you want to go to the USA?
I want to go to the Usa for unique summer.I want to meet nice people that are going to
share with me the american culture.
28.What is the most important thing for you that you want to obtain from this
it is very difficult to get in USA,and I want to travel and earn money to pay my
university contract.
29.How this experience will help you in your future?
I'll have a strong pont in my civi,I'll goin professional and personal skills that will help me
in the future.
30.What will you do after you come back to Moldova?
I'll return to faculty and i'll share my experience to my colegues mayme i'll start my
own businese.

31.Have you ever been abroad? Where & when?
Yes i was abroad in Moscova ,Italy and Roumania.In moscova i was 3 ears ago in
summer vacation with my family in Italy i was last summer
32.What is favorite country? Why?
My favourite countrry it is Italy,because it is a beautiful ,rmantic and history.It is a
country with a population ploite culture and beautiful civilization.It is a countri of
historical monuments that you make the connection between present and past.
33.job no
36.What are your hobbies?What are you doing in your free time?
In my free time i'm making a lot activites:i play the guitar i go to the gym,i watching
Tv.In weekends i'm sleeping, but when i have a lot of time i go out with my friends and
go to the pool or pizza.In the evening sometimes i go to the disko with my brother an
my friends.
37.Can you describe yourself? How can you characterize yourself?
My name is Gabriel.I am 20 yeats old.I am a student at universiti of moldova
department law.I was born in Cupcini city,but now i living in Chisinau.I am creative
sociable,i like tolking with my friends and to make to the smile.I like traveling a lot.
38.Can you describe your hometown?
My hometown is not large,but there are many beautiful places for examples:in the city
center is a bic church,we have many factories and school.People are very polite an
39.What are your plans for the future?
My plan for the future is a graduate from the university and start working as an
lawyer.When i succed in my career,i plan to create a family and have children .
40.How long have you been learning English? Where?
I learnend english at acord travel for 1 month.I didn't tkae any courses,but at home a
studied single.
41.Give me several reason why you'll come back home after the program will finish?
I will turn back beacause i want to grdauate university,i want to do master and to find working
on profesion.I love my country and I don't want to live abroad.
42. Do you have relatives in USA?