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j wEDNEspAY, TEBRUARY :s, 20L9

Ex-l awma ker faces raps over un paid'Yola nda' h ouses
A FORMER rparty-list lawmaker laces It was not clear when the court would Burales is asking pay rent atlounting
a civil case for his lailure to pay for the start hearing the case. I to P7.06 million from Noel and Camulte
consfuction of 684 housing urits for Bunales and Noel were lornter busi- for her proporlionate share iu the lclight-
sur.viving victims of the deadly Tlphoon ness palt1e$. sriclge housing prqject and Camansihay
"Yolanda ' which cut a swathe 01'destnlc- In her complaint dated Nov. 12, 2018, Covered Court.
tion in 20I1. Burrales filed a civil case {cr cgllection She also wants the coult to order Noel
Businesst otnan Divinl Burrales filed of surr of money with damages agr'in'i aDd Camulte to pay damages amorinting
the complaint against former Ar War4y Noel as audtorizcd represcntative of Per- to P200,000 for wrongfully excluding her
Rep. Florencio Bam Noel before the Ta- formance Builders and Developers Corp. in the partn€rship, according to the com-
cloban Regional Trial CoLut. and co-subcontractot Mary Ann Camulte plaint fiicd in coirn. Next Page

forcing her to file

times to damand for hcr paymcnt but to no avail'
Ex-lawmaker... a case itr
' ti"
a""J"o*-t p"rmit for housing Foject in Knightridge Village
Frcm Al on April 16.2018'
"fr;t ;J#';il;;"w
was temDorarilv suspended-oio,
ina nooalog caused a landslide.in
Ths.Tacloban RtC Office ofthe Cle* of Court rcceived Bunales' units'
o*"-# i-o|t in"i a.Jtroy"d a ro* of unoccupied housing
comDlaiot on Nov 23 last Year' i-"'n-Jiin the comptian"e by PBDC of tbe construction ofa storm
'"i"'fiilo"in;i;;,:-Bunal'es said she was subcontracted bv PBDC for
io 2016 in lhe National Housing Author-
ii"i""Jt. troo" t""tion structue, and green infrastructwe ^ .
*" conitrucrion-resumed when An Waray Parry-list' tbrorgn -Kep'
iiv:.i""ti"g "i'?d;its
pi"r".i Knightsbridge Residences in Barangay cama- tn a leEet
Victoria No€I, iDformed the TbclobaD City-government
"- Tacloban CitY", a"t"a eotit 21, ZOlt, that it had requested for soil/slope
rrli" tcfuaedthe construction ofa basketball court for a com- [iot""tiio" Ara.age for the same housing project' the same con-
""ffi# ;;t;;; Cunales rbrough Noel who was the authoriz€d
ditions "na oo PBDC
Y;h"da bousing advocate Andres co indicated that
,""t-.**oti". oi for tlre Knigbtsbridge Project was the all€ged
also had authorization fiom NHA'
.r.T"# *"t.'i" t-l"Jelay of 6e housing projects
;iUeeafhiring proJects' rcsultrng ln
profit of sub-contractors" itr the housitrg
Th"'i;;;; il;"d; and camuhe agreed to pav Bunales.a
"s b:standard constructiotr work"
share ofPl0,56 million for the complete construction
ol the nouslDg "ijesoi**i-""t tade hry the NHA that no sub-contracting per-
rrnits and covered coutt.
'-ii";;;;;;";;traint Jr"*"a i" iJandi bousiog prolects, documents obtained
said Noel failed topav Bunalesonlime -r""i,'"i" No€l allegedly applted tor rne oe-
From the total olFI0.5b million. they maraged to
pay onry ir')- hv rheir association iDdicated that
and rccelveo
oI P7.06 m illion' vltooment oermit, sig[ed the corstructor's affidavit
million, leaving a balance of the same consm'rction project'
said she requested for a meeting \ith Noel several p.vri*ii"i n*,j"r,ruction

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