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Singapore Information Paper

The 20th ASEAN Cocoa Club (ACC) Meeting

17–18 May 2017
Manila, Philippines


Following were the activities carried out by CAA in 2016/2017 to date:

1. CAA–Nong Lam University Project

On behalf of CAA, Dr. Phuoc from Nong Lam University presented a paper on
Technology Transfer for Cocoa Farmers in Vietnam at a conference in March 2016 in
HCMC. This was a report on the joint collaboration between CAA and Nong Lam

2. CAA grinds
The quarterly grinds (compilation of Malaysian, Singapore and Indonesian grinds as
contributed by CAA members) are on-going and are posted on CAA website.

3. CAA Academy
Discussions between CAA and Singapore Management University (SMU) regarding
development of Knowledge Development Programs are still in the planning stage.

New Activities

1. International Cocoa Conference & Dinner 2017

CAA is organizing the above event to be held on 3rd and 4th October 2017 in
Singapore at Resorts World Sentosa. More details will be posted on the CAA
website. The Conference will address current issues and outlook of the global cocoa
industry, with emphasis on Asia. As Asia’s role has changed from being major
producer to being a large producer and consumer of cocoa and its derivatives, the
conference is expected to generate a lot of interest from both regional and
international participants.

Thank you.

Mastura Mansor

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