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Prepared by: Jhon David C.

Section and Year: TVL-ICT 12
Subject: English for Academic and Professional Purposes
Submitted to: Mrs. Reynosa Acosta

My Ambition in Life

Naaalala ko pa ang paboritong itanong ng aking mga guro noong ako’y nasa elementarya
pa lamang at lalong- lalo na noong ako’y sumampa na sa hayskul. Tanong na paulit-ulit
pinagagawan ng isang sanaysay sa aming mga mag-aaral. Ang tanong na: “Ano ang gusto mong
maging paglaki mo at bakit?” Napaka simpleng tanong pero gugugulin na ng mga mag-aaral
ang kanilang buong oras sa pagbuo ng komposisyon tungkol dito. Madalas pa nga ay magiging
takdang -aralin pa ito dahil sa hindi matapus-tapos o mabuo-buo ng mag-aaral ang sagot sa
tanong na ito.

Ito ang kadalasang mababasa ng aking guro sa aking sulatin:

“Ako si Jhon David C. Filio. Paglaki ko ay gusto kong maging isang tanyag na Marino.
Gusto kong maging isang marino upang maibahagi ang aking kaalaman, maging inspirasyon
sa iba at makatulong sa kapwa lalo na sa transportasyong pangkaragatan.” Maraming
nagtataka kung bakit marino ang napili kong propesyon. Sabi nga nila, magiging malayo ka sa
pamilya. Noon, akala ko ay sinusulat ko lamang iyon dahil sa tingin ko iyon ang
pinakamagandang isulat para naman malaman ng lahat na ayos din naman ang pagiging isang

Ito ay para sa mga aspiring marine engineering, at marine transportation na nagsisimula

pa lang sa kanilang propesyon at sa mga taong gustong magtrabaho sa barko. Ito rin ay para sa
PAMILYA ng isang marino at sa mga taong gustong magbasa tungkol sa katotohanan ng
pagiging marino.., Ang pagtahak sa landas ng pagiging isang ganap na seaman. Ito ay ang
katotohanan ng pagiging isang marino hango sa karanasan ng ibang marino.

Ang pagiging seaman ay hindi madali, tatlong taong paghihirap sa akademiko at isang
taong pagiging cadete sa barko o apprentice (three years academics and one year apprentice).
Kung akala mo natatapos na dito ang iyong paghihirap nagkakamali ka dahil marami ka pang

Kailan mo talagang magsumikap , magkaroon ng tiwala sa sarili at syempre ng kita

upang makatulong sa mga magulang at para sa magiging sariling pamilya. Tandaan mo ang taong
kung tama ang landas na iyong tinatahak. H’wag ka lamang mawalan ng pagasa darating din yan
tiyaga lang.!!

Prepared by: Jhon David C. Filio

Section and Year: TVL-ICT 12
Subject: English for Academic and Professional Purposes
Submitted to: Mrs. Reynosa Acosta

My Fist Heart’s Break

What's been your worst breakup? I've had some real heartbreakers over the years, but for
me the most painful breakup stories by far are ones I've had with friends. I had two close friends
— one who had been my best for about years. They were friendly acquaintances, but then
something happened: They planned my birthday party together and that was the beginning of the
end. They started getting closer and one of the ways they would bond was to vent about me,
telling each other things I had no idea they were upset about. Finally they decided to cut me off
without warning, with just a cruel email saying the friendship was over. To say I was blindsided
and heartbroken is an epic understatement. I had never felt so betrayed. It rocked my world and
took me a really long time to recover from.

The point is, breakups, whether they are with a friend or a lover, are seriously rough stuff.
The one consolation is, no matter how bad yours was, someone has probably had it worse.

This is my story about how I met the one at the wrong time. My first heartbreak was one
of the biggest learning experiences I’ve had so far. I didn't realize how emotionally damaging
this relationship was until I left it. I loved her, I really did, and I know she loved me. But, not a
single relationship is perfect.
Prepared by: Jhon David C. Filio
Section and Year: TVL-ICT 12
Subject: English for Academic and Professional Purposes
Submitted to: Mrs. Reynosa Acosta

Venn Diagram

A Venn diagram is a great tool for brainstorming and creating a comparison between two
or more objects, events, or people.

Simply draw two (or three) large circles and give each circle a title, reflecting each
object, trait, or person you are comparing.

Inside the intersection of the two circles (overlapping area), write all the traits that the
objects have in common. You will refer to these traits when you compare similar characteristics.

In the areas outside the overlapping section, you will write all of the traits that are
specific to that particular object or person.

Creating an Outline for Your Essay Using a Venn Diagram

From the Venn diagram above, you can create an easy outline for your paper. Here is the
beginning of an essay outline:
1. Both dogs and cats make great pets.
 Both animals can be very entertaining
 Each is loving in its own way
 Each can live inside or outside the house
2. Both have drawbacks, as well.
 They shed
 They can damage property
 Both can be costly
 Both require time and attention
3. Cats can be easier to care for.
 Cat box
 Leaving for a day
4. Dogs can be better companions.
 Going to the park
 Going for walks
 Will enjoy my company
More Uses for Venn Diagrams
Besides its usefulness for planning essays, Venn Diagrams can be used for thinking
through many other problems both at school and at home. For example:
 Planning a Budget: Create three circles for What I Want, What I Need, and What I Can
 Setting Priorities: Create circles for different types of priorities: School, Chores, Friends,
TV, along with a circle for What I Have Time for This Week.
 Choosing Activities: Create circles for different types of activities: What I'm Committed
to, What I'd Like to Try, and What I Have Time for Each Week.
 Comparing People's Qualities: Create circles for the different qualities you're comparing
(ethical, friendly, good looking, wealthy, etc.), and then add names to each circle. Which
Prepared by: Jhon David C. Filio
Section and Year: TVL-ICT 12
Subject: English for Academic and Professional Purposes
Submitted to: Mrs. Reynosa Acosta

Personal Narrative Report

I. Setting

From two different places of the Philippines, two persons crossed their pathways as they
were destined to become couple and they are Raquel M. Filio from Bicol and David C. Filio VI
from Cavite.

II. Introduction

The most happiest experience is in secondary schooling. Yes indeed, he is very eager to
learn new things in this generation. With aggressive and explorative mind, he is able to conquer
all challenges in life. He is believed with the sayings, “If you don’t trained well, don’t do it!”…

III. Story Telling

Jhon David C. Filio is the youngest among the Cabahit-Filio clan. He was born on the 7 th
day of October, in the year 1999. He started schooling at Parang Elementary School. He was
enrolled in the Jose Panganiban National High School during his junior high level and
transferred in Don Eulogio de Guzman Memorial National High School when he reached senior
high level. He successfully completed his junior high level with flying colors, especially he is
active member or varsity player of different sports competition like badminton, and track and

Now, he is a graduating senior high school student proudly holding his strand of
Information and Communications Technology under the track of Tech-Voc and Livelihood with
primary knowledge, skills and proper attitude, ready to face another journey of his life.

IV. Conclusion

Life continues for him, keeping himself humble at all times as he faces the journey of his
life and will continue to fulfill all of his dreams with the guidance of the Lord, assistance and
help of his family, friends, and his mentors.