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The Old Way of

Cleaning Floors
is Costing You

There’s a Better Way

Unger Excella™ Floor Cleaning System independently verified as the fastest floor cleaning method
Unger Excella ™

Clean Floors Twice as Fast!


Unger Excella’s patent pending design

improves cleaning and worker safety while
cutting labor time in half!
Dual swivel handles
5,000 — and S-curve pole self-
Unger Excella v. guide, allowing you
Traditional String Mop to clean faster with
3,750 —
Cleaning Per Hour less effort.
2,500 —
1,250 — 1,333
The only adjustable
height pole with liquid
Unger 12 oz.** 16 oz.** 24 oz.** 32 oz.**
dispensing increases
ExcellaTM Mop Head Mop Head Mop Head Mop Head speed and comfort.
Square Feet per Hour
**Unger Excella™ v. traditional string mop sizes

bottles maximize
efficiency and
eliminate buckets.
Deep cleaning
microfiber pads are
80% lighter than
string mops.

*January 2018 Cleaning Time/Motions Findings Study: Unger Enterprises, LLC

Unger Excella™ System conducted by ManageMen, Inc. 425 Asylum Street • Bridgeport, CT 06610
Literature # 20809 0318/PT/8K Tel: 800 431 2324 • Fax: 800 367 1988

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