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Delivering a Better Tomorrow

Corporate Social
Responsibility Report
A Message from Jeff King
Driving the success of our customers and the communities we serve. Reinhart’s shared purpose
is a call to action, reminding us that we are more than a business: we are an active member of
the neighborhoods, towns and cities across the nation that we call home.

As one of the largest foodservice distributors in the country with more than 5,500 employees
and over 50,000 customers, we have an obligation to be a positive force in our local
communities. Whether it’s through managing a responsible supply chain or by volunteering
with local food banks, Reinhart employees strive for excellence each and every day.

I encourage you to review our corporate social responsibility efforts in 2017, knowing that we
are advancing even beyond these programs. Working for the betterment of our communities
means that we will maintain our status as an employer and distributor of choice. Through our
continuing commitment to act responsibly, Reinhart is living up to the challenge of being a
conscientious corporate citizen.

Thank you,

Jeff King
President and Chief Executive Officer
Reinhart Foodservice, L.L.C.

Company Overview 3

Operations 6

Energy Reduction & Efficiency 7

Transportation & Fleet Management 11

Waste Management & Landfill Reduction 12

Supply Chain 13

Food Safety & Quality Assurance 14

Responsible & Local Sourcing/Purchasing 15

Our Product Portfolio 16

Fresh & Local Produce 17

Supporting Local Farms 18

Helping Our Customers Reduce Waste 19

Community 20

Volunteering & Giving 21

Supporting the Next Generation 24

Our People 25

Safety & Wellness 26

Leadership Development 28

Ethics & Compliance 29

Delivering a Better Tomorrow 30


Founded in 1972 in La Crosse, Wisconsin, Reinhart is a family-owned enterprise and one of the largest foodservice
distributors in the country, serving independent restaurants, delis, sporting venues, schools, nursing homes, hospitals,
the military, and regional and national chain restaurants. Our scale and resources, combined with local insights and
focus, make us a leader and innovator in each of our markets.

176 +
27 3,400 + 100,000+
million divisions vendor partners SKUs 123456790
57,000+ 4.1+billion lbs.
customers DELIVERED

65+ million 1.5+million


1,286 trucks 3 million+

1,484 trailers DELIVERIES
Statistics for calendar year 2017
The Reyes Family of Businesses

Food Safety Reinhart is proud to be a member of the Reyes Family

of Businesses.
& Quality Assurance Four decades after its humble beginning in 1976 as
a Schlitz beer distributor out of Spartanburg, South
Carolina, the Reyes Family of Businesses has evolved
into a global leader in the distribution of food and
beverage products.

The Reyes Family of Businesses – made up of five unique

business units and a holding company – employs over
30,000 people around the globe. In addition to Reinhart,
the Reyes Family of Businesses includes the companies
listed below.


The largest distributor for
The largest beer distributor in the McDonald’s worldwide A Midwest bottler and distributor of A West Coast bottler and distributor
United States Coca-Cola products of Coca-Cola products



Being committed to Safety Safety is our #1 priority, each and every day. Our
Shared Purpose commitment to safety encompasses all of our operations, employees, products and equipment. When it
comes to safety, we never compromise.
We provide timely and innovative
solutions that drive the success of Winning with the best People We celebrate the dedication and commitment
our customers and the communities that our people demonstrate every day. At Reinhart, there are ample opportunities for each Reinhart
we serve. employee to learn and grow, because we know that having the best people makes all the difference.

Acting with Integrity Integrity is doing the right thing at all times, even when no one
Brand Promise is looking. For over 40 years, Reinhart has been committed to delivering exceptional quality service and
value to our customers, and doing it the right way.
Get it right from us!
Embracing Change Our industry is ever evolving. To be the best, we need to
evolve, too. That means taking every opportunity to innovate, grow, learn and stay ahead of the game.
When faced with new challenges, Reinhart employees take them head on, paving the path for our
customers’ success.

Collaborating to achieve Exceptional Results Our company was built

on hard work, strong relationships, collaboration and extraordinary work ethic. It takes an entire team
to make the system work, and we need each and every team member working together to achieve our
desired goals.

By leveraging our scale as part of
the Reyes Family of Businesses and
partnering with strategic third-party
companies, we are able to improve our
operations by reducing energy use and
increasing asset optimization.


Energy Reduction
Strategic Partners: Reinhart partners with third-party companies to perform
& Efficiency ongoing energy analyses and evaluations of site structures, processes, automation,
refrigeration, lighting and more.

Capital Improvements: In 2017, five LED lighting projects and one

comprehensive refrigeration control system upgrade were completed across Reinhart
which netted savings of almost 1.5 million kWh.

• As of 2017, over 75% of Reinhart’s divisions have begun the migration to

energy-efficient LED lighting.

• Through aggressive measures in upgrading equipment and revamping processes

for operational efficiencies across our footprint, we saved over
9.25 million kWh in 2017.*


Greenhouse gas emissions from C02 emissions from

16.9 million miles driven by 281,455 propane
an average passenger vehicle cylinders used for home
barbecue grills

A purchasing program with eTech LED was

launched across Reinhart to provide preferred pricing for
LED lamps. When we experience fluorescent lamp failures, Carbon sequestered from 8,109 acres of U.S. forests in one year
our sites contact eTech and replace their conventional
lamps with premium efficiency LED lamps. The lamps
use 1/3 of the energy and have 50,000-hour lifespans
*Per equivalency results as calculated by the US EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalency Calculator
backed by a 10-year warranty! 8

Energy Reduction
& Efficiency

Premium Efficiency Equipment: Furthering • The Boston Division continues to push the limit
our commitment to reducing our environmental impact, with their refrigeration system. They are continually
we have developed energy efficiency standards for all improving their control sequences at the facility
of our new equipment and buildings. We continue to resulting in a total energy reduction of 17%
lean on our energy efficiency standards as we complete in 2017.
projects across our sites resulting in LED lighting and • The Black River Produce facility has over 1,800 solar
occupancy controls as well as premium efficiency HVAC panels capable of delivering about 450
equipment. kilowatts. This is the first facility in the Reyes Family
• The Shawano refrigeration upgrade completed in 2016 of Businesses network to have a solar array of this size.
resulted in an 11% energy consumption drop The solar array generates about 80% of our monthly
for the facility in 2017. electricity usage at the facility. We are continually
looking at additional solar opportunities.

Energy Reduction
& Efficiency

Demand Response: Demand Response provides • Improving control strategies for refrigeration equipment
energy users with an opportunity to play a significant to generate energy savings and prolong equipment life.
role in the operation of the electric grid by reducing • Deploying recommended setback temperatures
or shifting their electricity usage during peak periods. on HVAC equipment.
We have two Reinhart sites participating in Demand
Response programs that supports electrical grid • Optimizing battery charging practices by shifting charge
stabilization during brownout or blackout conditions. times away from peak load hours.
These facilities participate by delivering over 300 • Turning off non-critical office appliances
kilowatts in curtailment during events. to reduce plug loads.
Getting Better Every Day: Each Reinhart • Turning off exhaust fans in rooms when not in use.
division is audited and scored on its energy-efficiency
performance metrics, and low-to-no-cost strategies • Performing night walks to verify that lighting and HVAC
each site can use to reduce energy usage are are shut down after hours.
communicated quarterly. Best practices include: We are scheduled to invest another $650k in energy
• Automatically turning off portions of or all lighting projects for 2018. We expect these lighting and controls
in areas of the warehouse automatically using projects to result in an annual energy reduction of over
motion sensors. 3.5 million kWh.
LEED Certified Industry Leader
Energy Reduction Reinhart’s Burlington Division, built in 2014 and located in Essex,
& Efficiency VT, is the first foodservice warehouse to be registered with the U.S.
Green Building Council, and is also LEED certified. The facility has
the following features:
u Energy-efficient refrigeration system that can cycle down during
peak demand
u Efficient plumbing fixtures to minimize water use
u Energy-efficient LED lighting
u Natural ambient lighting in open office areas to reduce workday stress
u Battery chargers for electric vehicles
u Recycled materials used in construction
u Computer-controlled temperature zones and designated seasonal
entrances to help keep heat contained in the building
u Low VOC-emitting materials (volatile organic compounds often found
in paint) used throughout interior spaces
u Closely managed waste disposal during construction

Reinhart plans to incorporate LEED design elements into facility

expansions, remodeling projects and greenfield construction.

Company-wide strategic initiatives
Transportation & focus on significantly reducing greenhouse
gas emissions through routing optimization, which
Fleet Management maximizes the utility of our fleet, as well as reduces fuel
consumption and total miles traveled.

We spent $28.6 million updating our

fleet in 2017 We
adding 114million
$28.6 new tractors
updating our
and 90 newfleet in 2017 by adding 114 new tractors
and 90 new trailers.

Through our route

A newer Through our route optimization
optimization efforts, efforts,
we saved over 450,000 miles
we saved over 450,000
fleet results
in better fuel miles
driven, which is enough to circle around
driven, which is enough to circle
the Earth 18 times! around
the Earth 18 times!
We saved over 759 metric tons of CO2!

Logistics: Reinhart’s logistics team is focused on

eliminating mileage from inbound freight, using a
combination of Reyes Family of Businesses fleet assets
and common carrier relationships. By picking up our
suppliers’ product and delivering it to our warehouses
on return routes (filling up trucks that would otherwise
be empty), our logistics program logged 48,174,274
miles in 2017. That’s enough for a trip to Mars!


Waste Management Hunger Taskforce of

& Landfill Reduction La Crosse ooperates a
community garden, cultivated
mainly by volunteers who plant,
maintain and harvest a wide variety
Food waste forms 20% of all landfill Reinhart Recycles: Through our “Double Green” of produce. With goals of growing
waste, where it produces methane gas and initiative, every Reinhart distribution center recycles 30,000 pounds of fresh and healthy
contributes to global warming.* In partnership with wood pallets, cardboard, plastic, construction-related
produce annually, and distributing
Rubicon Global, a third-party waste management debris and other waste tonnage contributors.
provider, Reinhart is committed to reducing waste it to community members at no
Additionally, our distribution centers use state-of-the-art
through recycling and better technology.
baling systems to optimize recyclable output and reduce
charge, Reinhart assists them
the number of truckloads needed for transport. in building better compost by
donating the coffee grounds from
Reinhart Donates: We divert waste by making
contributions to food pantries. Read more in the our local office machines. Reinhart
“Community” section. donated approximately 25 pounds
of coffee grounds per week from
Reinhart is committed to landfill reduction
February 2017 through October
2017, reducing impact on landfills
In 2017, through inventory optimization efforts, Reinhart saw an 8% reduction in waste sent to landfills.* while repurposing waste for the
benefit of the community garden.
In 2017, Reinhart donated 1.69 million pounds of cardboard, 879,000 pounds of shrink wrap,
21,000 pounds of slipsheet, 1.27 million pounds of organics, 28,500 pounds of scrap
metal and 165,000 pounds of frontload recycling items (cans, bottles, etc.) via Rubicon.*

*According to data reported by Rubicon Global

Reinhart is committed to
demonstrating responsibility in
sourcing practices, including food
safety, sustainability and animal
welfare. We work closely with our
supplier partners to provide our
customers with choices in both
national manufacturer brands
as well as our exclusive brands.


Food Safety
& Quality Assurance

Our commitment to our customers and Supplier Code of Conduct: Reinhart has a
the communities in which we operate includes Supplier Code of Conduct that sets expectations for
our dedication to sustainable, ethical sourcing practices our vendors in areas that are important to our business
ServSafe: Reinhart offers
in all of our supplier relationships. Sourcing sustainable and the customers we serve, including the environment food safety training through
food is one part of our commitment to deliver a better and animal welfare. Adherence to our Supplier Code of
tomorrow at Reinhart. We are dedicated to delivering Conduct and compliance with all applicable federal, state the ServSafe program.
high-quality products that meet the needs of our and local laws is mandatory for all Reinhart suppliers.
customers and satisfy their consumers. Non-compliance with these standards can result in
Safety is the #1 priority at
FSQA Team: We demand the highest standards for
suspension and/or termination of a supplier’s relationship Reinhart, and the ServSafe
with our company. Reinhart remains committed to doing
product safety, quality and consistency from ourselves and
its part to ensure that the industry continues to evaluate program helps ensure
from our suppliers. Our Food Safety and Quality Assurance
and actively strengthen awareness and training for all
(FSQA) department is dedicated to just that. Each FSQA
companies involved in our supply chain.
that our customers are in
team member maintains a science and/or distribution
background and the entire team is committed to the Animal Welfare: Each of Reinhart’s suppliers must compliance with important
protection of food sources, preventative safety control meet or exceed the applicable federal, state and local
safety regulations.
and responsible procurement, storage and distribution laws/regulations, and recognized industry guidelines, for
practices. The FSQA team diligently manages supplier animal welfare.
recalls and quality concerns/complaints to ensure safe food
and quality products are delivered to our customers.

Reinhart is committed to long-term
Responsible & Local environmental preservation
and is dedicated to partnering with manufacturers
Sourcing/Purchasing and suppliers that exhibit responsible, sustainable
business practices to minimize the impact on and
depletion of resources. Reinhart sources
foods that are:

• Locally grown

• USDA-Certified Organic

• All-natural

• Non-GMO

• Cage-free,
and free-range
(poultry and eggs)

• Grass-fed and grain-fed (beef)

• Rainforest Alliance Certified (coffee)

• Wild-caught or farm-raised (seafood)

• MSC-certified (seafood)

• Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) (seafood)

• Marketed as Alaska Seafood (via ASMI) (seafood)


Our Product Portfolio

Reinhart’s portfolio of brands maintains the highest standards for product safety, quality and consistency.

File Name: EverRich.ai

Client: IMA

Brand: Everfry

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Name: Jonathan Henderson 08/22/13


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Client: IMA

Brand: ProPak

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Name: Rob Hicks 10/21/04



GOOD ROOTS® Produce: Under the GOOD ROOTS brand, Reinhart has
Fresh & Local Produce geographically targeted re-packers that enable daily deliveries of a seasonally fresh
and/or local produce supply to our divisions. All re-pack partners are MARKON
5-Star Food Safety® approved and follow a strict set of Reinhart-led protocols to
ensure food safety and sustainability.

MARKON®: The MARKON brand aligns with Reinhart’s commitment to

long-term sustainability. MARKON works with local and multi-generational
family-owned farms who are also committed to preservation, conservation and
environmental stewardship, and works with growers/shippers who are pursuing
their own corporate social responsibility goals through initiatives in ecosystems
and biodiversity, energy reduction management, recycling and greenwaste
reuse, and more.

Through the following business practice areas, MARKON and its industry-leading
growers illustrate a commitment to responsibility and accountability toward
achieving new standards in sustainability:

Water conservation and groundwater protection

Species and population protection

Greenhouse gas emissions reduction

MARKON is a registered trademark of Markon Cooperative Inc.

Black River Produce: Reinhart acquired Black
Supporting Local Farms River Produce, a Vermont-based distributor of produce,
meat, seafood, dairy and other food products, in October
2016. About one-third of products sold by
the Black River Produce Division are “local,”
meaning that they are produced within the division’s
daily distribution routes and picked up directly from
the producer.

Our Black River Produce team supplies fresh meat,

seafood, cheese, dairy and specialty items to over 3,000
wholesale customers in the New England area. We pride
ourselves on sourcing products that are:

• Locally grown by independent producers

• Positively impacting the local economies in the

communities we service

• Fair-trade and/or single-source organic

• Ethically sourced

Connecting Local Buyers: Reinhart’s

La Crosse Division works closely with the Fifth
Season Cooperative. The organization was created to
provide the infrastructure and coordination needed
to connect producers with buyers in the region and
to provide access to locally grown foods year-round.
The majority of the product sold through the
cooperative comes from within a 150-mile
radius of the region, and all members must adhere to
stringent quality standards and practices.
Supporting more than 250 local farms, Reinhart is committed to working with local
farmers, food artisans, and producers to keep the local food system growing.
Foodservice operators throw away an
Helping Our Customers average of 4-10% of their purchased food
before it even reaches a consumer’s plate.*
Reduce Waste Reinhart offers tools and educational resources to help
our customers avoid food waste at their restaurants.
Reinhart’s Healthcare team provides and trains customers
on how to use systems that track consumption and
set production pars based on volume. The systems
generate production reports and ordering suggestions
based on tracked information, guiding the facilities to
only produce what their residents historically consume –
thereby reducing over-portioning and waste.
*Source: qsrmagazine.com/exclusives/usda-takes-aim-food-waste

Driving the success of our
communities is a key component
of our shared purpose. In addition
to the jobs we do each day, many
Reinhart employees also take time to
give back to their communities in a
variety of inspiring ways.

Reinhart encourages our employees to: senior citizens; repacking bulk items into cases;
Volunteering & Giving u Give back to the communities in which they
shopping, bagging and loading groceries for individuals;
gardening; sorting food and stocking warehouse
live and work via product donations, volunteer shelves; and loading delivery vehicles with food.
efforts and community events
Many Reinhart divisions also hosted Month of Service
u Work with a local Feeding America® food bank or events, such as food, clothing and school supply drives;
agency to donate product or volunteer their time jeans week, where employees donate one item for
every day they choose to wear jeans; and raffles that
u Support their local culinary scene by sponsoring generated employee donations.
Restaurant Weeks across the country

Month of Service: For our Month of Service

initiative, which took place in August 2017, Reinhart “A very humbling experience.”
divisions collaborated with local food banks and shelters
to help families and individuals struggling with food “This makes me feel good about
insecurity. During our 2017 Month of Service, 440 serving my community. Will do
Reinhart employees volunteered 761 total hours
of service, distributed 231,759 pounds of food
it again, sign me up!”
and 2,750 backpacks, and fed approximately
6,816 families.
“Great way to give back to the
community and work together
In collaboration with Feeding America®, Hunger
Task Force, The Salvation Army®, United Community as a team outside the office!”
Action Partnership, and the United Methodist Church,
– Reinhart Month of Service participants
volunteers across Reinhart Country worked with local
food banks to distribute food to local communities.
Volunteers donated their time in a variety of ways:
packing backpacks for children; packing food boxes for

Reinhart La Crosse: From competing in softball 2017, Reinhart donated $1,000 to the organization
Volunteering & Giving tournaments to participating in sustainability initiatives
and hosting food and clothing drives, the Corporate
and along with other sponsors and volunteers,
gathered nearly 300,000 food items for
La Crosse team has been a leader in community donation to local food banks.
involvement and engagement. • In 2017, the Corporate La Crosse team “adopted”
• Reinhart’s Corporate Nutrition Services department a section of Country Road YY and committed to
partners with Viterbo University, a La Crosse cleaning up the road three times per year. The
based university known for its accredited dietetic Reinhart sign will stand tall for as long as the team
coordinated undergraduate program and has continues to maintain the area!
supported student internship and mentoring • In November 2017, the La Crosse Corporate team
programs annually for over a decade. volunteered with iFeed and donated $1,000. iFeed is
• The Corporate La Crosse team rounds up dollars every a program supported by Interact (Rotary International)
year for Charity Jeans Day, donating its proceeds to that aims to feed people in the Coulee Region
numerous charities. In 2017, monetary donations of Southwest Wisconsin and around the world.
were given to victims of Hurricane Harvey. Additionally, through the efforts of nearly 500 people,
77,000 meals were packed for school children in
• In 2017, five families were sponsored through For
Nicaragua and thousands of pounds of food were
Goodness’ Sake®. For Goodness’ Sake® is dedicated
collected for the Nicaraguan community.
to providing donated household goods to those in
need, including expectant mothers, struggling youth • In 2017, the Corporate La Crosse team collected and
and families of all sizes and backgrounds. donated over 1,100 new or gently used clothing items
during a month-long clothing drive.
• The Corporate La Crosse team supports the Rotary
Lights holiday festival, where employees volunteer • During a food drive in August 2017, the team collected
their time to collect monetary and food donations. In 1,200 pounds of food and non-food items.

These are just some of the organizations Reinhart partnered with in 2017:

For Goodness’ Sake® Wade’s World Foundation American Cancer Society®

Hunger Task Force The Center for Junior Achievement USA®
Community Table Courageous Kids Appalachia Service Project
Rotary Lights Habitat for Humanity ®
Viterbo University
Community Servings Relay For Life ®
Feeding America®
100 FOLD Ministries® iFeed The Light Foundation
Helping our Communities in Need:
Volunteering & Giving • The Johnson City Division participated in the Month of Service on August 8th, when
24 employees from the division volunteered their time to repack, sort and pack boxes at
Second Harvest Food Bank in Kingsport, Tennessee. The volunteers worked in three separate
shifts for a total of 65 hours. They also did a local food drive at the division to solicit
canned food and dry food items to donate to Second Harvest. Additionally, a small group of
employees and managers participated in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s at Willow Springs Park
in Johnson City, Tennessee on September 30. Prior to the event, they raised $1,526 for the
Alzheimer’s Association.
• The Cincinnati Division has done multiple community service projects in 2017,
including a shoe drive where over 100 pairs of shoes were donated to a local school for
underprivileged children. The division sponsored a 5K Run/Walk in the Spring of 2017 to
help combat hunger in our local community. In addition, Reinhart Cincinnati employees also
donated their time every Wednesday to help 20-40 families in need shop for groceries at
Valley Interfaith Clothing and Food Center in Lockland, Ohio.
• The Omaha Division donated more than 60 pallets of food items to the Food Bank of
the Heartland to help support hunger relief efforts in Omaha and the surrounding area.
In addition to donating product, the Omaha Division has also supported the Food Bank
of the Heartland by holding sales meetings at the food bank and organizing volunteer
opportunities to help fill backpacks with healthy food options for school children in need.

• Community Servings, Inc. in Boston has been delivering healthy meals to the

Supporting the ill and their dependents for over 27 years. Reinhart Corporate Executive Chef
Jeff Merry has been working with Community Servings since the
Next Generation beginning. He brings culinary expertise and hands-on cooking training to the
students. Each class offers culinary students training with a challenging curriculum
and includes a job readiness component. Not only are the trainees contributing
to the mission, but they are receiving valuable kitchen experience which further
prepares them for a job.
• Reinhart’s Shawano Division has been the presenting sponsor of the
kickoff event for the Greater Green Bay Restaurant Week™ (GGBRW) for 5 years.
In 2017, over 400 people attended the event, which raised over $6,000
through ticket sales and donations towards culinary programs at two local schools
(Green Bay Preble and Pulaski High School), whose culinary students compete
in head-to-head competitions during the kickoff event. 63 local restaurants
participated in GGBRW and Reinhart’s support shows that our Shawano Division is
a true asset to the Green Bay area restaurant industry and community.

54,240 meals sold at GGBRW

Total economic impact of the
Restaurant Week Promotion: $2,471,490

At Reinhart, our people make us
unique and drive our company
forward. We value safety, wellness,
integrity, and ethical behavior, and
offer our employees opportunities
to learn, develop and maintain a
long-lasting career within Reinhart
and the Reyes Family of Businesses.


Safety: Working smarter and keeping constant

Safety & Wellness record of our key safety metrics, including Injury
Frequency Rate (IFR) and Accident Frequency Rate
Led by the “S” for “Safety,” our SPICE values define our actions. Working safely each
(AFR), is paramount. We are proud of the safety
and every day is the most important thing we can do for each other, our families and
culture we’ve created at Reinhart and continue to
our communities. At Reinhart, our commitment to safety encompasses our people,
make improvements across various safety metrics.
operations, food products and equipment. Safety is an organizational responsibility at It is not acceptable for any employee to be injured
Reinhart but it also requires personal accountability. – we believe zero accidents and zero
injuries is possible!

G.O.A.L.: Get Out And Look! Reinhart rolled out the G.O.A.L.
program to reduce backing accidents and enhance parking lot
safety. 100% of our fleet is equipped with G.O.A.L. mirror stickers,
trailer stickers and safety cones to reinforce backing safety and
G.O.A.L. policies.
Every Reinhart truck is equipped with DriveCam® technology
to provide coaching opportunities related to
safe driving.
Reinhart is dedicated to abiding by CSA (Compliance, Safety,
Accountability) legal regulations. Our XRS on-board technology
tracks hours-of-service data and helps drivers remain compliant so
they are getting adequate rest during breaks and between shifts.
Wellness: At Reinhart, wellness takes on many forms, including physical health, mental health and financial
Safety & Wellness health. Beyond the traditional health benefits we offer, such as Medical, Dental, Vision, Life and Accidental Death and
Dismemberment Insurance, as well as Disability, we offer a comprehensive total wellness program for employees.

Our Total Wellness Program includes:

u An incentivized tobacco cessation program for employees and their spouses
u 100% reimbursement for employees and dependents participating in Weight Watchers®
u Free 24/7 nurse help-lines available for immediate medical advice
u Free generic drugs for certain chronic conditions and in-network preventative care
u Pregnancy assistance through the Healthy Pregnancy Program
u An employee assistance program with access to free face-to-face visits with a licensed counselor

We also offer “Good Health” incentives for achieving optimal health goals:
u Free health screenings for employees and spouses
u Personalized health coaching and individualized plans to meet health goals
u Reduced medical plan contributions if employee and/or spouse meet a good health threshold

In 2017, Reinhart employees In 2017, Reinhart employees

contributed more than contributed more than 63% of employees 83% of employees
$1.6 million $22.7 million participated in a are enrolled in a
to their health to their 401(k) health screening. medical plan.
savings accounts. accounts.


Developing our people is an important
part of our formula for success and we
offer many leadership development
programs across our business.

LEAP (Leadership, Engagement, Action & forklift certification courses for Warehouse employees,
Performance): We encourage all of our front-line and to boot camps for Marketing and Human Resources
leaders to attend the Reyes Family of Businesses LEAP employees – we are dedicated to providing education
program, which is a foundational leadership and throughout our team members’ careers.
management training program.
Industry Opportunities: Reinhart’s relationship
243 Reinhart employees participated in at least one with the International Foodservice Distributors
LEAP training course in 2017. Association (IFDA) demonstrates our commitment to the
Reyes Academy: We leverage the scale of the foodservice industry as a whole.
Reyes Family of Businesses to give our drivers access 28 Reinhart drivers represented our company at the
to Reyes Academy, a state-of-the-art training facility IFDA (International Foodservice Distributors Association)
for transportation professionals. In 2017, 102 Reinhart National Rodeo in 2017. Drivers must meet strict
drivers graduated from the academy. qualifications in order to attend. Adam Caughey,

On-the-Job Training: We pride ourselves on a driver from our Marshall Division, topped
offering comprehensive training in all functional areas. competition from across the country to win 1st
From product and sales training for Sales Consultants, place in the 2017 5-Axel competition!
to Associate Driver training for new delivery drivers, to
Integrity is one of our Core Values at Reinhart. For over
Ethics & Compliance 40 years, Reinhart has been committed to delivering quality service and value to
our customers, and doing it the right way. The Reyes Family of Businesses’
commitment to ethics is a hallmark of our Company’s culture and the foundation of
everything we do.

We employ policies and procedures that

emphasize safety, information security and ethical
Acting with business practices. Our ongoing governance
Integrity reinforces ethical conduct throughout all of our
distribution centers. We ensure our employees
have constant opportunity to disclose any
wrongdoing they may be aware of via an anonymous Ethics Hotline service
managed through the Reyes Family of Businesses. The Ethics Hotline is always
available via phone, email or web form. Every call, email and web submission is
received by the Reyes Family of Businesses Office of Ethics and Compliance (OEC),
which ensures appropriate, independent and confidential follow-up to any concerns
raised. Our policy strictly prohibits retaliation occurring as a result of any employee
making a good faith report of a perceived violation of the law or Company policy.

Ethics Certification: We require our employees to complete an online

Ethics Certifiof assigned
cation Reinhart
module each employees completed
year, in which employees refresh themselves on
ourthe Ethics
2017 values,
ethical Certification
re-attest to the Company’s Guidelines for Business Conduct and
disclose any violations of policy of which they are aware.

100% of assigned Reinhart employees completed

the 2017 Ethics Certification


Delivering a
Better Tomorrow At Reinhart, we are committed to continuous
improvement in the ways we manage our operations,
our supply chain and give back to our communities.
We know that we are at our strongest when we
leverage our company’s scale – standardizing
our practices, using the resources available to us
through the Reyes Family of Businesses and acting
as one unified organization. Going forward, we will
continue to make improvements and enhancements
across our business so our employees, customers and
suppliers can Get it Right From Us.

The trademarks depicted herein are the trademarks (registered or otherwise) of their respective owners. 31