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VANESSA FORD Executive Assistant to Harvey Weinstein The Weinstein Company Canaletto House, 39 Beak Street London WiF 9a Phone: +44 207 494 6180 +44 207 287 1305 +44 781 010 9984 ‘weinsteinco.com THE WEINSTEIN ComPAany eS email: Vanessa.Ford escco BE 4G 02:55 & 18% 0 } Chats (2) Vanessa Ford w& ® Fri 18 Mar We are great, just got to port Antonio and it's absolutely magic | spoke to Charlotte and she said she would get back to you directly. Have you spoken to her yet? Sat 19 Mar Sounds fantastic! oh | so wish | was able to escape this way. Very happy to hear you and family are having a magical time. No | have not spoken to Charlotte, | will look out for her. Thank you x Sun 27 Mar Hi lovely lady! & MHappy Easter to u & Family 3 ‘Sun 10 Apr Good afternoon Vanessa, | hope all is well. Charlotte as no been in touch at all.... Will this happen???? 13:22 W/ you told me along to her since I'm on maternity lava, ® o She should, i have passed everything © 02:55 © 18%) < Chats (2) Vanessa Ford & ® oO ‘She should, | have passed everything you told me along to her since I'm on maternity leave. | can remind her again. There's not much | can do until | get back into the office. Thank you very much Vanessa, Much appreciated. 1724. Sat 7 May @ Messages you send to this chat and calls are now secured with end-to-end encryption. Tap for more info. e ‘Thu 12 May Good morning Ms Ford jyosw are you still in jam rock you Lucy lady. 10729. I'm heading to cannes over the weekend, If| manage to sort sitter Qa OB sw Let me know know how your adventure have been coming along. X ey Fri13 May No I'm finally back in Londontown! © Woohoo! Cannes is going tobe somuch ©) fun ® tj: