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Lesson Plan: (Listening and Speaking Skill)

Subject : English
Class : Year 5D
Date : 25th August 2015
Day : Tuesday
Time : 7.30am-8.30am
Enrolment : 40 pupils
Attendance : 40 pupils
Theme : World of Knowledge
Topic : Unit 13. Pollution (SJKC)
Focus skills : Listening and Speaking
Integrated skills : Reading and Writing
Content Standard : 1.2 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able
listen and respond appropriately in formal and informal
situations for a variety of purposes.
Learning Standard : 1.2.4 Able to participate in guided conversations with peers.
1.2.5 Able to talk about topics of interest in formal situations with
Learning Objectives : By the end of the lesson,
a. Pupils should be able to speak simple sentences.
b. Pupils should be able to respond to questions with correct
Previous knowledge : Pupils have learned about pollution in previous lesson.
CCTS : a. Making association
b. Identifying cause and effect
c. Generating ideas
Moral values : Appreciation of nature, responsibility, cooperation.
Multiple Intelligences : Visual-spatial, interpersonal,
intrapersonal, naturalistic, verbal-linguistic
Teaching Aids : Reading text, Video, Task Sheet, Pictures
Stage / Time Content Teaching and Learning Strategies Remarks

Set Induction Whole class 1. Teacher plays a video about Rationale:

activity pollution on the board. -To attract the
(+5 minutes) 2. Teacher asks the pupils pupils’ interest on
Watching a video questions. the lesson that is
about pollution going to be carried
Questions: out.
Question and 1. What kinds of pollutions do you -To give general
answer know? idea to the pupils of
2. Do you like pollution? what is going to be
learned today.

Teaching Aids:

Moral Value:
Appreciation of
Stage / Time Content Teaching and Learning Activities Remarks

Presentation Whole class 1. Teacher shows the passage on Rationale:

(+15 minutes) activity the slides. -To tell the pupils
about the contents
-The passage is about the types of
Presentation of of the lesson.
pollution and the different causes
the passage -To gain attention
2. Teacher explains the passage. from the students
Question and about the lesson.
3. Teacher asks pupils to listen to
the passage and answer simple
Teaching Aids:
-Power point slides
Question: (Referred to
1. How many kinds of pollutions Appendix A)
2. What will happen on you if Multiple Intelligences
pollution happened? -Visual-spatial

Moral Value:
Stage/Time Content Teaching and Learning Activities Remarks

Practice Group activity 1. Teacher divides the pupils into 7 Rationale:

(+15 minutes) groups. -To ensure the
Write and say 2. Teacher gives the set of pupils are able to
the causes of questions to pupils. understand fully
pollutions. 3. The pupils need to write about about pollution
the causes of different types of -To ensure the
Draw a number. pollution on the paper. pupils getting more
4. Teacher let every group draws a familiar of pollution.
5. The group needs to describe the Teaching Aids:
pollution according the number. -Task sheet
(Referred to
Appendix B)


Moral value:
Stage / Time Content Teaching and Learning Activities Remarks
Production Whole class 1. Teacher gives the pictures to Rationale:
(+20 minutes) activity pupils in group. -To check whether
the pupils can
2. Pupils need to match the correct
Match the understand the story
effects with the correct pollutions.
effects of the this is learned just
pollution 3. Teacher randomly picks the now.
pupils to talk about the effects of the
-To check whether
Predict what will pollutions.
the pupils can
4. Teacher asks the pupils to come understand the
out and turn the wheel. instructions given.

5. The group of pupils need to say -To check whether

the solutions to solve the pollution the pupils can
based on the number of the pictures respond with correct
they turn. answers.

Teaching Aids:

(Referred to
appendix C)



Moral Value:

Multiple Intelligence:
Stage / Time Content Teaching and Learning Activities Remarks

Closure Whole class 1. Teacher asks the pupils what Rationale:

(+5 minutes) activity. kinds of the pollutions, - To recap on the
lesson learned.
2. Teacher gives the pupils task
Summary of the
sheet to do. -To instill moral
values among the

Teaching Aids:
-Task sheet.
(Referred to
Appendix D)

Multiple Intelligence:
Unit 14: Food Date:



1. What do you eat for breakfast?

I eat rice/cake for breakfast.

2. What do you eat for lunch?

I eat fish/milk/ice cream.

3. What do you eat for dinner?

I eat vegetables/cake/sweet.

4. What do you eat for dessert?

I eat cake/eggs/milk.