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1. Completion of all structure welding and rectification work(Completed upto 60mts – RHS)
2. Balance platform hand railing work
3. Balance painting work of structure
4. Bunker supporting structure welding


5. Drain line support and slope inspection

6. Vent line support inspection
7. Spray water piping support inspection
8. Soot blower line support and slope inspection
9. Fuel oil line modification near burner floor.
10. Fuel oil line support inspection
11. Condensates return line completion, support inspection and hydro test.
12. Condensate return pump final alignment and trail run
13. Flash tank exhaust piping support inspection
14. Sample cooler line support inspection
15. Elevation of Sample cooler to be raised for easy approach and its routing accordingly for SWAS.


16. Scarp removal in bottom buckstay

17. Buckstay cleaning at all elevations.
18. Painting work of buckstay

Pressure parts

19. Furnace air tightness check

20. Balance insulation work to be completed in top headers.
21. Final inspection of pent house
22. Smart soot blower modification work
23. Flash tank insulation work

Coal Piping

24. Coal pipe temporary support removal and support inspection

25. Coal piping spring hanger setting
26. Clean air flow test

Spring Hangers

27. All CLH cleaning and top cover installation.

28. Damaged and missed scale fixing in spring hanger
Hydraulic supply unit

29. Replacement of HPU unit in proper location(For maintenance purpose)

30. HPSU piping to be properly supported.
31. HPU supply unit leakage rectification work


32. Lube oil piping properly supports to be done(As per our observation mail)
33. Sand filter blowers are properly mounted in rubber pad and trail run
34. Seal air fan commissioning

Additional Platforms

35. Gun maintenance platform for guns at all four elevation and corner.
36. Approach platforms for all peep holes, manholes and expansion indicators.


37. Mill inert line right side joint welding, support erection, checking and steam blowing balance.
38. Mill inert line discharge valve platform at 5.2 m for all valves.
39. Lube oil flushing with bearing

Balance mechanical pre-commissioning and commissioning works

40. Burner tilting mechanism test

41. Commissioning of oil burners in balance 1 elevations
42. Cold air flow test
43. ESP distribution test
44. ESP air load test
45. Soot blowers cold commissioning
46. SADC
47. Lighting
48. Fire fighting system
49. Testing related to coal mill balance

I would like to prepare templates and management plan (Eg. Requirement management and project
management) for Thermal power plant projects. I need your guidance. Also, Please let me know,
whether we have any standard project management template for our PMC job.