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A Woman In Love Words & Music by Barry Gibb & Robin Gibb o 3 3 & g 2 Fe Coma? ——— Pa Abm bm Abn ° b> cog ca in ccd L. Life is @ mo-ment in space; when the dream is gone,__— it's a lone - li - er 2. With you e-ter-nal-ly mine, in_——love there is no mea-sure of © Copyih 1980 Gibb Brses Muse Ald Rights Reserve. nro Copyright Seca 124 a Dem co Ebm Abm? ™ & im a —— 1 kiss the mom-ing good-bye— but down in - We planned it all at the start__ that you and Por "Bb Eb abn ty ize i — you know we nev -er know why. ‘The road is nar-row and long = live in each oth-er’s heart We may be o-ceans a - way; fa es + = & @ when eyes meet eyes. and the feel -ing is you feel my love, 1 hear what you = | T stum-ble and fall, I stum-ble and fall, 1 tum a-way from thew No tuth is ev-er a lie: but I give you it all. but I give you it all. 125 Be to get you in- to my world Tam a wo-man in love, Be Bom Be ‘and hold you with - in; and I'll do any - thing