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Whisper Not Medium Swing Benny Golson Gn 2) Dw. ° Ami ) in 2) |A] Dw c Bw E™ Ay MG Feup™ = good : aoe a ee Ew Panes, Few Bt? Em” Fey? on Ae a ie ee Pre pe Ew" Few" Gm" Cc’ Bu Cha Bip suullll) JE ee Gt Au! Gin 4 pT Si Leo i 30 Fey B™ Ew Am” G2) Dut Cl Om “E Aut, Am_G 68) 5) Bm’ E™ Feu’ B™ — Ob oF a Emi “34 5) Em” _D Fem” Be Eat — Solo on AABC After solos, continue to [D 05) 7 By E™ Aw 3 ANG i (Marchrlike) Dat [D] mir 2 | C (©1956, renewed 1984 Time Step Music. Used by Permission. Fe 8° Ew Ey Feui®® BT Em Feu! 7 ow Sigel eat Fé’ Gui CT DS. al Coda Sew Moe Co ee Bs 7 »Tb4) , Aw 8 Ami Em? on Courter-melody, bars #-4 of [C] and [A] (2nd x) ‘Chord in parentheses is used for solos. Solos are in 4, no kicks. 358