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Your Birth Date: 20/8/1989

Hi Kazuki Zeo Croxton, we are excited to tell you detailed predictions in

this report.... Good Luck!

Numerology Profile According Chaldean/Vedic/Cheiro Numerology

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Life Path And Radical Numbers

Your Life Path Number is - 1,You are a born leader, ambitious for goal and hard
worker. You are very protective of your family and love, although you want
respect and attention from your family and others. You should control your anger,
pride and zealousness and focus on goal which you want to achieve.
Sometimes, you are very critical to others and become irritated when things not
happened on your way. As you have the strong desire to be number one in life,
avoid your laziness and egotistical nature and do your efforts because no one
can do so best as you can!
Your first-period cycle runs from age 0 to 35; Your second-period cycle runs from
age 36 to 62, And your third-period cycle runs from age 63 to onwards.

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Your Radical/Birthday Number is 2
The number 2 is influenced by Moon. You have the deep emotions and kind in
your heart for your family and friends. You are a sensitive and shy person so
people love your peacemaker behaviour. You have motherly behaviour for your
family and friends. You are a friendly, social, and overconfident person. Your
lucky gemstone is Pearl.
Your lucky number is 2 & your lucky dates are 2,6,7,9,11,16,20,19,25,29
Your important years are 11th, 16th, 20th, 25th, 29th, 34th, 38th, 43th, 47th, 52th,
56th, 61th
Your lucky colors are white, green and cream. Lucky days are Monday and
Your favorable careers are computer, acting, accounting and textiles

Important Years According To Chaldean Numerology:- Important events

such as marriage, birth of your child, starting of your job or business etc., in your
life may be happen in 2016, 2025, 2034, 2043, 2052, 2061, 2070

These important events are generally good, we try the best to anticipate forecast
of some years, what were or what may be happen with you in future. These
predictions are anticipated only, but according to Chaldean numerology, above
years are important to you. Some examples of important events are given below.

2016 - 27 years old, The young age of you, marriage or born of a baby, or
starting of career may occur in this year.
2025 - 36 years old, The middle age of you, an inauguration of new property or a
new turn in financial status may occur in this year.

2043 - 54 years old, The elderly age of you, some new relationship or marriage of
children may occur in this year.

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Personal Year Numerology - How Will Going Upcoming Years

Your Personal Year Number for 2019 is 4 - Read below the forecast for the
current year 2019

According to your personal year number 4, this is the fourth year of 9 years cycle.
This means Hardworking Time, Slowing Progress, Health Conscious. Due to
last year laziness and lack of focus on your goals, this year you have to work hard
for aims. Despite this, you will find slowly but steady progress in this year. You
should keep eyes on health-related issues, therefore you should maintain time for
health such as exercise and yoga. In this year, at least, you learn the importance of
hard work, so, focus on build foundation for future at the starting of the year. Do not
take risks in finance and care of yourself.

Your Personal Year Number for 2020 is 5 - Read below the forecast for the next
year 2020

According to your personal year number 5, this is the fifth year of 9 years cycle. This
means Changes in Life, Desire for Freedom, Feel like Defeated Soldier. As you
read the bold text, this year you may face many changes in personal and financial
life. You have inner desire to be free from everything, from burdens and routine
work. You should stay away from negativity and stress, should not feel like a loser.
You will find new opportunity and ways, and you should act fast for this. Listen to
your inner voice, act like a soldier and work like an ant.

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Chaldean Name Numerology Reading

Compound Name Number/Namank (Numerology Total of Your Name) - 71

What is Destiny Number - The main name number is known as Destiny or

Expression number. This is the number which describes who you are and what
you are or what you become. This is referred as destiny and your life's purpose.

Name Destiny/Expression Number or Namanak - 8

According to Chaldean numerology, your Destiny/Expression number is 8. The
number 8 is ruled by The Saturn. The 8 means Game changer, Money Makers,
You are in influence of planet Saturn. This planet represents stability, true
judgment and great responsibility. You have born qualities to manage financial
things and politics, indeed, the person with number eight may become great
businessman, leader and game changers in finance or politics world. You have
the good self-control and determination power, with reserved nature. You can
make balance everything in life and between situations. Number eight represents
the card Justice – The Balance.

What is Soul Urge Number - Heart Desire number is known as Soul Urge
number also. The number is calculated from vowels in a name. This is the
number which describes your inner potentials, inner likes and dislikes, inner
resources. In the simple words, what you are actually by your inner core, what
your inner desire which you kept private from others.

Soul Urge/Heart Desire Number - 7

According to the vowels in your name, Soul Urge number is 7. The Soul Urge
number 7 is influenced by Neptune/Ketu, therefore you have the great need to
know and learn spiritual aspect. You have the desire to spend life with peace and
comfort. You want to learn everything, deep desire to obtained more and more
wisdom to be a perfectionist and intellectual.

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What is Dream Number - Personality number is known as Dream or
Inner-Dream number also. The number is calculated from consonants in a name.
This is the number which describes your personality, indeed your first impression
on others. In the simple words, this describes how and what you present yourself
to the world. This is your outer personality which may be different from your inner

Name Dream/Personality Number - 1

According to the consonants in your name, your Dream/Personality number is 1.
The dream number 1 is ruled by Sun. So, your personality influenced by Sun.
You tend to be the confident, strong and independent. Your dream to be the
leader among the people. You present yourself as courageous, daring and
aggressive for the first impression.

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Cheiro Compatibility between Birthday and Main Name Number

According to Cheiro numerology method birthday/radical/ruling number is the main

and important number which influence a person in whole life during daily activities.
In Cheiro numerology, the second main number is the name number which is known
as the destiny number or Namank. This is important to know whether both numbers
are compatible or not. No one can change the birth date but a name change is
possible if numbers conflict with each other.

Comparing of Birthday And Name Compatibility Percentage

Birthday AND Destiny Number Best Compatible
2 AND 8 95%
Average Between Birthday And . 95%
Name Number

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Chaldean Compatibility Between Life Path and Name Numbers

In Chaldean numerology, if your life path number/birth date number and name
numbers (Destiny, Soul urge, and dream number) are not compatible with each
other, you may face burdens, sorrows and failure because, each number has its
own behaviour and pattern to drive you, as you know each number ruled by certain
vibration of particular planet. You cannot change the birth date, but you can change
your name to avoid conflict of numbers for better luck. Higher the total average
percentage, lower need to change the name.

Comparing of Life Path And Name Compatibility Percentage

Life Path AND Destiny Number Highly incompatible
1 AND 8 5%
Life Path AND Soul Urge Number Somewhat incompatible
1 AND 7 35%
Life Path AND Personality Number Highly Compatible
1 AND 1 100%
Average Between Birth Date And . 46.67%
Name Numbers

Some numerologist relay on Chaldean and some trust on Cheiro. If we take both
Cheiro and Chaldean method to calculate final and most reliable compatibility between
name and birth date then it will be 70.84%

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Western Astrology Profile - Sun Sign Prediction According B'Date

Sun Sign - Simply, the Sun exists in which zodiac sign called Sun sign. The Sun is
known for inner Soul, so the Sun (Soul) exists in which sign, the Soul is influenced by
the lord planet of the sign and the traits of the sign reflected in the soul.

Your sun sign is Leo

You are guided by Sun who is lord of Leo sign. You are a born leader, very ambitious
and confident person. You have the great desire to be the leader in your family and
society, therefore, always present yourself as fearless, outspoken and commanding.
You want respect from others in any situation. You have the great creativity and
thinking about social welfare.

Zodiac Sun Sign - Leo Zodiac Symbol - Lion

Lord Planet - Sun Merits - Male, Warrior(Kshtriya)
Sun Sign Date - July 23 To August 22 Lucky Days - Wednesday, Sunday
Compatible Direction - East Lucky Metal and Color - Gold and
White, Yellow

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Indian Astrology Profile - Moon Sign Predictions According Name

Your name Moon sign is Gemini

Element air, ruled by Mercury planet, quick, versatile, shy nature, friendly, adaptable,
communicative, criticizer, complainer, expressive and clever
You are very difficult to understand, being of dual nature, but very reliable in emergency
as you have the intellectual ability. You are interested in original, artistic works of any
kind. You are very determined persons and lawful. You may suffer from nervous
breakdowns and have conversational and literary abilities. You are the soft-spoken,
merciful, good singer, wealthy and, friendly nature. You behave very argumentative, but
Work systematically but have lacked concentration and quick decision also. You are the
good adviser and reliable for others. You enjoy the life to maximum and also suffer
continuous misfortunes.

Zodiac Moon Sign - Gemini Zodiac Symbol - Twins

Lord Planet - Mercury Behaviour - Cruel (Tamoguni)
Moon Sign Alphabet - K, Ki, Ku, Gh, Constellation - Mrigshira, Aadra,
Dh, Chh, Ke, Ko, H Punarvasu
Compatible Direction - West Lucky Days - Wednesday
Gemstone - Emerald in Little Finger Compatible Signs - Aries, Leo, Virgo,
Libra, Aquarius

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Famous persons who were born with your birthday number 2
Famous Person Birthday Birthday Number
Osho Rajneesh 11 Dec. 2
Thomas Edison 11 Feb. 2
Mahatma Gandhi 2 Oct. 2
Oprah Winfrey 29 Jan. 2
Amitabh Bachchan 11 Oct. 2

Just For Fun or Fact - How Old You Are Today on 21/2/2019

29 Years 6 Months 1 Days old OR

354 Months 1 Days old OR
1539 Weeks 4 Days old OR
10777 Day old OR
258669 Hours old OR
15518901 Minutes old OR
931132821 Seconds old

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