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Innate Freedoms, Rights and Responsibilities

Few people give much thought to those natural characteristics we are all born
with, yet they have such profound effects on our lives. We all have innate qualities
programmed into our brains which are necessary to our survival. While things
such as breathing, reacting to pain or discomfort and forming human bonds are
things we take for granted and likely write off as instinctual, they are in fact a
matter attributable to innate brain activity.

They have been pre-programmed with the same level of scientific wonder that
permeates our entire human anatomy as a living being among the natural
wonderland of miraculous living organisms found in nature. These mental
functions are among numerous innate qualities every human being is endowed
with from the time of their birth onward.

Our ability to experience pleasure, to enjoy our surroundings, to think in ways

which benefit our selves, and even all the accoutrements connected to
procreation, are other innate characteristics which lend meaning to our lives here
on planet earth.

For those who believe the earth and its inhabitants are no mere accident of
circumstance against impossible odds, this portends the existence of a super
intelligence, behind what can be seen as a truly marvelous and complex creation.
They see a non-human power, a divine source, a creator, responsible for
endowing humans with these innate qualities.

This raises the question of whether there are other innate qualities within
humans, which while being less obvious to us, also contribute to our continual
existence as a species here on this earth.

Men have come to recognize innate qualities we humans possess as tantamount to

inalienable rights. While such rights are primarily viewed by society as
‘constitutionally given’ in a political sense, this is not the reality.

While they are said to be ‘inalienable rights’, that is not revocable or changeable
by any man-made decree or legislation by humans, people fail to acknowledge
they were granted by the superior authority we have come to acknowledge as
GOD. The reality behind these rights is; that while they are revocable by the one
who instituted them originally, they are not revocable by humans. They will
remain in effect as long as their grantor, YHWH, God desires.

So, those inalienable rights which we credit to the Constitution, including Life,
Liberty and the pursuit of happiness exist not because they were written in the
constitution or for that matter any man-made document, but because they were
granted by almighty God, YHWH himself.
These rights are intrinsically bound together with freedoms. For without freedom
to exercise them, rights cannot exist. Therefore any investigation of inalienable
rights must also include those freedoms inherent with those rights. Also, attached
to rights and the freedom to exercise those rights is the matter of responsibilities.

Those inalienable rights which were God-given along with the freedoms to enjoy
them were a gift from the creator, YHWH God. As creator, he certainly had the
right to make rules or restrictions in connection with those rights. Yet, while the
public at large claims to concern itself with those inalienable rights which include
so-called “human” rights in our day, little or no consideration is given to the
responsibilities inherent with those inalienable rights the public holds so
importantly. ‘Life”, “liberty” and the “pursuit of happiness” are held forth as
belonging to every living person regardless of race, nation or religion by advanced
western societies such as those living in countries like U.S.A. and Great Britain.
Yet little thought is given to the real source of these things and the responsibilities
connected to them.

Any examination of these individual rights including the freedoms to exercise

them must go back to the earliest days of history. That is to the 1Garden of Eden
where human beings had their beginning.

When GOD created Adam and Eve (our first parents) as progenitors to an entire
species of human beings, he made a 2covenant (agreement, contract) with them
and their progeny. The covenant was based on his providing them with all the
things necessary for a meaningful and productive life on earth. They were
launched into parent/child relationship with their creator and given stewardship
over all the earth, its resources and its life forms. This included near limitless
freedom to exercise this dominion within the bounds of single stipulation.

That stipulation was that they not fail to recognize and respect the sovereignty of
YHWH God. That he had made them in his likeness, with many of the qualities he
himself possessed, however to a lesser degree. They could never be an equal to
him nor did they possess the kind of intellectual capacity to know what was best
for them or the earth and all its life-forms, which they were now charged with
being caretakers of. They would always need his fatherly counsel and wisdom to
manage their power on earth in ways that assured its continuation into

There was a single highly symbolic test placed on their loyalty to this agreement.
That was that they were not to partake of the figurative tree of the 3knowledge of
good and bad. This tree was representative of their determining for themselves,
independently of YHWH, what was good or bad, what was right or wrong for the
earth and its life forms including themselves. Their responsibility under the terms
of the covenant God had made with them was to never lose sight of the fact that
YHWH held for himself both the right and the ability to determine what was best
for them and for the marvelously complex planet which he had created along with
all its life forms.
Our first parents violated the terms of that covenant and as a consequence, they
broke their end of the father/child relationship YHWH had established with
them. However, God’s purpose for the earth had not changed. It remained that
the human family be in a proper father/child relationship with him in ways that
would insure endless existence for themselves and the planet itself. Hence he
began a process to save humans from their own folly and the earth from their
ineptitude. All this was centered around a messiah who he would provide as a
king and the central figure in a 4Kingdom government used to guide the earth
back to its original intended condition which was a paradise-like garden
environment, in which his human family could enjoy the peace and bliss he
intended for them from the beginning. That 5 Shalom (peace) is like no other
peace the human mind can realize and includes unlimited life in a paradise of
God’s making.

Today, the world we live in is a far cry from being the paradise YHWH GOD
intended for the earth. Does that mean he has changed or that his original
purpose has changed? A phrase repeated numerous times in the Bible, which as
his written word and an expression of his divine will says definitively; NO!

Jer. 24:7 “And I will give them a heart to know Me, that I am Jehovah. And they
shall be My people, and I will be their God. For they shall return to Me with their
whole heart.” (LITV)

Ezek. 37:27 “I will make my home among them. I will be their God, and they will
be my people.” (NLT)

Ezek. 11:20 “So that they may be guided by my rules and keep my orders and do
them: and they will be to me a people, and I will be to them a God”. (BBE)

2 Cor.6:16 16 Does idolatry belong in GOD’s Temple? We are the temple of the
living God, as GOD himself says, "I will live with these people and walk among
them. I will be their God, and they will be my people." (MTFV)

The continuing theme in these verses and others which have appeared at different
times at different places throughout all history is: “I will be their God and they
will be my people” This statement which applies to the entire earth stands
unfulfilled today, but we can be assured it will come to pass in the days ahead of
us. And when it does, all the natural rights and the freedoms that God has
intended for his human family, will be back for them to enjoy on a paradise earth.
With this seemingly monumental prospect comes responsibility. And the primary
responsibility is to respect and accept God’s sovereignty and its role in the
continuation of earth and all its life forms in perfect harmony, insuring endless
existence for them. For those living in the time when YHWH God begins taking
steps to bring his efforts in restoring the earth to fruition, the time to assume
responsibility before him is now.
1Garden of Eden - The original expression; “Garden of Eden” meant garden of pleasure in the
Hebrew language it was first described in. The biblical Garden of Eden was a small model of the
paradise GOD intended for man to make the entire earth into, providing him with endless
activity from which he could obtain joy and satisfaction on a never- ending basis.

– For an in-depth understanding of what the covenant (agreement) between GOD and
the Human race was, see http://www.mining-bibles-4-truth.com/gods-covenants.html

3knowledge of good and bad – The meaning of ‘know’, the root of the word knowledge is far
more extensive than what English dictionaries convey. In ancient Hebrew times when the Bible
was written it carried the added meaning of experiencing that which was known.

4Kingdom government – The “kingdom” Jesus spoke about at Matthew 6:9, 10, Daniel 2:44 and
referred to a real government over the earth which God’s son. Jesus Christ would use to restore
the earth to its originally intended condition. He would rule in this kingdom for one thousand
years with the assistance of his footstep followers (Luk 22:20, 29,30)

5Shalom translated ‘peace’ in English is a Hebrew word with far greater meaning than the
English word peace. I Hebrew it carries the meaning of peace, harmony, wholeness,
completeness, prosperity, welfare and tranquility, all combined into one word. Paul’s words at
Philippians 4;7 epitomizes these qualities as summing up as the “peace of God”.

“And the peace of God which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in
Christ Jesus”. (ESV)