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Sultan Kudarat State University

School of Law
Law Student Council
Constitution and By-Laws


We, the students of Sultan Kudarat State University – School of Law, imploring the
aid of Almighty God, in order to establish a Student Council that would represent and
unite the studentry, uplift students’ morale, intellectual, social and cultural status; and
shall work in cooperation with the students, administration, and duly constituted
authorities for educational and social well – being of the students, do hereby ordain
and promulgate this Constitution and By – Laws.

Article I

Sec. 1. The name of this student government, established under this

Constitution shall be known as Student Body Organization-School of
Law, which shall hereinafter be referred to as SBO.

Sec. 2. The office of the SBO shall be inside the premises of SKSU - School
of Law, EJC Montilla, Tacurong City.

Article II

The member of the SBO shall be the students of SKSU – School of Law.

Article III


Sec. 1 The SBO shall be the unified and democratic representative body of
the students. Its power emanates from the student body.

Sec. 2 The SBO shall lead in achieving the collective interest of the students.

Sec 3. The SBO is founded on the principles of transparency, accountability,

unity and cooperation and representation

Sec. 4 The SBO shall adhere to the policy of other sectors of the SKSU
community that are deemed applicable.

Sec 5. The SBO shall be at the forefront of the students’ struggle for their
rights and welfare.

Sec 6. The SBO shall serve as an active forum for students’ ideas and


Sec 7. The SBO shall be independent, not dictated by any other sector, other
than the students.

Sec 8. The SBO shall encourage students and other organizations within the
school to promote the welfare of the student

Sec 9. The SBO shall value academic freedom and promote equality of
gender, religion and race.

Sec 10. The SBO shall establish and maintain relevant linkages with various
offices and cause-oriented groups within and outside the University to
create venues for resource-sharing.

Article IV

Sec 1. Every student has the right to be properly informed of the programs,
rules and regulations and policies of the academic community

Sec 2. Every student has the right to have access to his/her official records
and other pertinent documents and papers pertaining to official acts,
transactions or decisions.

Sec 3. Every student has the right to receive professional competence from
the faculty and administration.

Sec 4. Every student has the right to be academically evaluated based on

objective criteria

Sec 5. Every student has the right to suffrage.

5.1. Every student has the right to vote for representatives and
officers of the SBO.
5.2. Every student has the right to exercise other electoral

Sec 6. Every student has the right to actively participate in the SBO.
Sec 7. Every student has the right to proper representation and participation in
all policy-making bodies inside the School of Law.

Sec 8. Every student has the right to student-faculty and student-

administration dialogue

Sec 9. Every student has the right to establish, organize, join and actively
participate in clubs, organizations, groups and other associations for
purposes not contrary to existing policies.

Sec 10. Every student has the right to due process.

Sec 11. Every student has the right to legitimate and responsible use of
adequate, safe, clean and efficient school facilities.

Sec 12. All other rights as specified in the Student Handbook and the
University Code but are not specified herein are included as rights of
the students.

Article V

Sec 1. Every student shall observe and uphold the laws of the land, the rules
and regulations of the University as stipulated in the Student Handbook
and this Constitution.

Sec. 2 Every student shall exercise his/her rights responsibly and in good

Sec 3. Every student shall maintain the academic integrity of the University,
endeavor to achieve academic excellence and abide by the rules and
regulations governing his/her academic responsibilities.

Sec 4. Every student shall promote and maintain the peace and harmony of
the University by observing the rules of discipline.

Sec. 5 Every student shall participate actively in the promotion of the general
welfare, particularly in the social, economic and cultural development
of his/her community and in the attainment of a just, compassionate
and orderly society


Sec. 1 The SBO shall be composed of its members. The members shall be
composed of the President, Vice President, Secretary General,
Treasurer, Auditor, Public Relations Officer, and Year Level
Representatives all elected at large.
1.1 Any permanent vacancy in the Office of the President shall
be filled by the Vice – President.
1.2 In case of resignation or withdrawal of an elected officer,
the President shall have the power to appoint, preferably
another member, to fill in the vacant position in a
concurrent capacity.
1.3 If the remaining members of the council can no longer
constitute a quorum, a special election may be held. In no
case shall the LSC be dissolved or rendered inoperative.

Sec 2. Every candidate for membership in the SBO must be currently enrolled
and will be enrolled until the end of his or her term;

Sec 3. The candidate for the position of president, vice – president, secretary
general, and treasurer shall at least completed two semester in SKSU –
School of Law.

Sec 4. The members of the Council shall be elected every academic year in
accordance with the rules.

Sec. 5 Every council member shall hold office for one academic year or until
his or her predecessor has been duly elected, qualified, and assumed
office, provided that Council members who filled vacant seats shall
hold office for the remainder of the unexpired term only.

Sec 6. The induction of council members shall take place simultaneous with
the conduct of acquaintance party for the academic year, the oath to be
administered by the VP of Academic Affairs or his/her duly authorized


At least two-thirds of the members of the SBO shall constitute a quorum for the
transaction of its business and every decision of at least a majority (50%+1) of the
elected members present at a meeting at which there is a quorum shall be valid as an
act of the SBO.


Sec 1. The President shall be the chief executive officer of the Council. It
shall be his or her duty to:

(a) Sign all resolutions, communications, and papers of the Council;

(b) Preside over and take part in all meetings of the Council;
(c) Create ad hoc committees and appoint the chairperson.

(d) Represent the Council in his or her official capacity as President on

occasions and events where the organization needs representation;

(f) Perform such duties as may be necessary or incidental to the

discharge and performance of the functions of his or her office.

Sec. 2 The Vice President shall:

(a) Assist the President in all matters where his or her assistance is

(b) Take over the functions of the President whenever his or her office
is vacant by reason of his or her death, resignation, removal,
suspension, illness, absence or physical or mental incapacity, or failure
to quality for office.

(c)Supervise all social and fund-raising activities of the Council in

coordination with the Treasurer

Sec 3. It shall be the duty of the Secretary General to:

(a) Keep a journal of the proceedings of the council:

(b) Keep all papers and correspondence of the same;

(c) Certify all official acts of the same;

(d) Perform other duties as the Council or President may from time to
time assign him or her;

Sec 4. The Treasurer shall:

(a) Act as a Custodian of the deposit in the bank of the funds of the

(b) Keep a record of the funds of the Council;

(c) Disburse the same in accordance with an appropriation of the


(d) Submit a financial report at the end of each semester to the

Council, which shall be published or posted in SKSU.

(e) Perform other duties as the Council or the President may, from time
to time, assign him or her;

Sec 5. The Auditor shall:

(a) Keep an inventory and take charge of all Council properties;

(b) Monitor all business-related and fund-raising activities of the

Sec 6. The Public Relations Officer shall:

(a) Release news items regarding Council activities to all media;

(b) Promote good relations with the press and the public;

(c) Answer inquiries about the Council;

Sec. 7 The Year level Representative shall:

(a) Represent the constituency of his or her year level;


All LSC officers shall at all times be accountable to the studentry who they must
serve with utmost responsibility, integrity, loyalty, efficiency and professionalism.


SEC. 1. (a) The general funds of the Council shall consist of student fees
collected by the SKSU administration during every enrollment period
and shall be deposited in a special fund in accordance with the
university guidelines on budget and auditing rules and procedures.

(b) All money collected by authority of the SBO for a special purpose
shall be treated as a special fund and shall be paid out for such
purposes only. If the purpose of the special fund created has been
fulfilled or abandoned, the balance, if any, shall be transferred to the
general funds of the Council.

SEC. 2. All expenditures of the Council shall be audited by the Office of the
University Auditor.
SEC. 3. The balance of the Student Council for a specific term shall be returned
as the funds for the next or succeeding term.

SEC 4. All payments made by the students to the SBO shall have an official
receipt issued by the SBO.
SEC 5. Fun raising activities, contributions, and donations coming from
outside source shall be encourage provided transparency in liquidations
must be posted and or published.

SEC 6. SBO shall follow a standard budget allocation of forty percent (40%)
for Student Development Fund and sixty (60%) for tangible projects
from the total membership fee, subject to the approval of the body.

SEC 7. SBO shall collect fines and penalties as deemed necessary following
the standard monetary penalty of the University. All payments of
penalties must be issued with receipts.


Sec 1. Any officer may be removed from office on the following grounds:

(a.) Disloyalty and continued disregard of duties and functions

(c.) Continued violation of school rules and regulations;
(d.)Unethical misconduct, bribery, extortion, corruption and
malversation of funds;
(e.) 5 absences during meetings without valid grounds

Sec. 2 Any officer subject for impeachment will be given due process before
the SBO Officers vote for his/her removal. A vote of at least two thirds
(2/3) of the total number of the SBO Officers are required to impeach
an officer.


SEC. 1. The member of the SBO shall have the power to choose the
Organization’s Adviser subject to the policy of the University.


SEC. 1. (a) The SBO – School of Law may be amended only by an affirmative
vote of two-thirds of all council members, provided that the proposed
amendment must be presented in writing at the previous meeting of the
Council and copies thereof be sent to all Council members.

(b) Any amendment or revision of this Constitution shall be valid

when ratified in the same manner as the adoption of this Constitution
provided in the next succeeding section.

SEC. 1. This Constitution shall take effect upon its ratification in a school
-wide plebiscite called for this purpose by a majority vote of all the
votes cast by students. It shall take precedence over all other
constitutions, if any, in SKSU – School of Law