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I, LOVELY MAY CALIBUSO BERNAL, of legal age and a resident of Pasay City, do
hereby affirm and declare as under:

That I have entered into an agreement with REY VINCENT VIERNES MAMAUAG,
of legal age and a resident of Pasay City, in good faith and in compliance with law,
without the employment of deceit and deception, to invest through him in the lawful
business of JOELITA C. BUFETE as described, claimed and engaged into by the

That in February 2017, I have personally talked to JOELITA C. BUFETE through

several phone calls confirming the existence of the investment agreement and the
terms to which she and REY VINCENT V. MAMAUAG agreed;

That from February 1, 2017 to October 31, 2017, I have provided REY VINCENT C.
MAMAUAG an accumulated sum of money amounting to Fifteen Million Nine
Hundred Seventy Thousand and Fourteen Pesos (Php15,974,014.86) as an
investment capital, for the sustenance and furtherance of the lawful business of
JOELITA C. BUFETE, which shall earn a total of Fifteen Percent (15%) per
month from the beginning of the investment until terminated;

That I had received the earnings of my investment from REY VINCENT V.

MAMAUAG, whenever I requested, and left some portion of my investment to
accumulate and compound, to which such set up continued until September 30, 2017;

That sometime in October 2017, REY VINCENT V. MAMAUAG informed me that he

was having difficulty collecting the monthly earnings due from JOELITA C. BUFETE;

That I had not received any sum pertaining to my investment starting October 2017
and that I had made verbal demands to REY VINCENT V. MAMAUAG and JOELITA
C. BUFETE performance of their obligation, as previously agreed;

That JOELITA C. BUFETE decided to terminate the investment contract and

promised to return and deliver the total sums constituting our accumulated earnings
and investment capital, to which my investment amounts to Eighteen Million Three
Hundred Seventy Thousand One Hundred Sixteen Pesos (Php 18,
370,116.00) computed as of December 31, 2017 and to be delivered not later than
31st of December 2017.

That notwithstanding demands, I have not received any amount pertaining to my

investment up to this date.

That this affidavit is executed to support the claim of REY VINCENT V. MAMAUAG
in the case filed by him against JOELITA C. BUFETE.

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I hereby declare that whatever has been stated above is true to the best of my
knowledge, correct and nothing material has been concealed therefrom.



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