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Vivien T.

Thomas Medical Arts Academy Daily Lesson Plan

Teacher: T. Dockery Lesson Date: February 6, 2019
Subject: Physics- 11th Grade Unit Title: Habits of Mind/ 1st week intro Lesson Title: Persistence
Students will define persistence and apply its definition to update their SMART goal.
Connection Students are expected to score at least an 80% on all assignments. If students score lower that than, they must persist and try again to improve that score
to Class Goal versus giving up.
Why should we persist in all that we do?
Staircase of
[] Introductory [X ] Developing [ ] Maintaining [ ] Refining [ ] Enriching [ ] Reviewing
Agenda: Academic Vocabulary: Materials: Key Points:


T1-9 P1-6 R&A1-4 Get started/Drill/Do Now: (What meaningful activity will students complete as soon as they enter the classroom?)
T1 Do Now – state that a Do Now will be on the board EVERY DAY and will be the first thing they complete Check for Understanding:
T5 in class; timer will be used (time might be different each day); when timer goes off ask students to Clarify any
review answers. misunderstanding from Do
Now/ Previous Days
DO Now: What do you think it means to persist?

5 min Objective – ask a student to volunteer to read the objective (“with a raised hand, can someone please
read today’s objective?”; explain that the objective is what I hope we accomplish for that class period

TA – if students are struggling or refusing to answer, remind them that there is not a right or wrong
answer, I just want it it to be completed - Positively narrate students following directions
SA – quietly complete DNA and turn in when asked - silently listen to classmate read the objective
ENGAGE  Motivation: (How will student interest be sparked? Is there prior knowledge that should be tapped? Is there vocabulary that must be
cleared? Is there brainstorming that student need to complete before the lesson begins?)
T3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWtRadR4zYM&list=PLNcY9Z2o0erfsSIo3fnWExcHn8OnKWeeH&index=
T6 2i

Video: Meet the Robinsons- You failed

5 min
Based on what happened in this video, what do you think it means to persist?

SA – actively and quietly participate in activity, ask questions as needed

TA – positively narrate behaviors
EXPLAIN Whole Group Instruction: (Focus lessons [explicit teaching/modeling, strategy demonstration, activate prior knowledge], shared
reading, shared writing, discussion, writing process.)
T5 10 min Persistence means to persevere, focus and never give up. Now that you know the meaning of persisting
Complete the pre-survey
Persisting: Most of the time Sometimes Not Yet
Never Giving up, Persevere,
I’m encouraged by the
people I live with to do my
best in school.

When I fail at something, I

feel defeated.

I work at a task until it is

finished & I have done my

If something isn’t working, I

find different ways of
solving the problem.

It is okay to be honest during this!

TA – give explicit directions; provide clarifying information during the notes; positively narrate positive
behavior; answer questions as needed
SA – quietly participation the notes and questioning; ask and answer questions; follow directions
Independent Practice: (individual practice, discussion, writing process.)
T3 Now we are going to revise our SMART Goals based on what we learned about persisting.
T4 Mid-Year SMART Goal Update Name:
T5 What was your previous SMART goal? * State this as a summary.

What revisions have your made to your SMART goal based on our lesson on Persisting?
15 min

Write out your updated SMART Goal





TA – give explicit directions; positively narrate positive behavior; answer questions as needed; CFU by
visiting stations with the students and asking probing questions.
SA – actively and quietly participate in the activity; ask questions as needed
Evaluate Understanding/Assessment: (How will I know if students have achieved today’s objective?)
T5 1. What does it mean to persist?
2. What does persistence feel like?

5 min
3. How can you apply today’s lesson to your smart goal?

TA – give explicit directions; positively narrate positive behavior; answer questions as needed;
SA – actively and quietly completes the exit ticket; ask questions as needed; flip over when done.
Closing Activities/Summary: (How will I tie up loose ends, reinforce/revisit the objective and connect the lesson to the unit?)
T1 Did we meet today’s objective? How do we know? What did you learn that connects to the objective?
5 min
Enrichment/Extension: Reflection: