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You’re the
one that
they want

Daisy Woods and Lachlan Beard in character for the upcoming Grease auditions as Sandy and Danny. Photo - PAHQ
Grease is the word! Following the enor- singers, dancers and musicians above PAHQ is also looking to expand its into the Impresario Theatre, 5 Grant St
mous success of last year’s production the age of ten are encouraged to audition, onstage ‘pit’ rock band with additional Bacchus Marsh, or contact Performing
of We Will Rock You, Performing Arts and no prior experience is necessary. wind and string players to perform Arts Headquarters on 5367 6864 or info@
Headquarters’ Community Theatre This year, PAHQ’s JohnPaul and Mai those much beloved songs - Grease is
pahq.com.au to pick up an audition pack
Company (PAHQ) is on the lookout for Pyin would especially like to encourage the Word, Summer Nights, Hopelessly
and book their audition.
potential ‘T-Birds’ and ‘Pink Ladies’ for males to audition for Grease to fill the Devoted to You, We Go Together, Born
their 2019 production of everybody’s fa- iconic T-Birds roles such as Kenickie and to Hand Jive, You’re the One That I Want Auditions will be held from 1-9 March
vourite musical, Grease. Danny, made famous by John Travolta in and Greased Lightning. with performances in August and
Males, females, adults, youths, actors, the 1978 film version. All interested ‘greasers’ should drop September.

SUMMER SERVICE SPECIALS Your Local Heating & Cooling Specialist

Phone 5367 4964
♦ $175 Evaporative Cooler Service ♦ $125 Split System Service HEATING & COOLING

♦ $225 Ducted Refrigerated Systems Service *Mention ad, conditions apply www.gjbradding.com.au RTA # AU03582 SYSTEMS


Authorised by S McGhie, 3 Alexandra Street,
Melton. Funded from Parliamentary budget.

Have a state government issue or a great idea for

our local community?
Come along to my monthly Bacchus Marsh pop-up office!
Third Friday of every month, 10 am - 4 pm.
Can’t make it? Give my office a call on 9743 9824 or
send an email to Stephen.McGhie@parliament.vic.gov.au
Page 2 The Moorabool News – 26 February, 2019 Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au
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Home for household waste

By Helen Tatchell

Putrescible – is this the word that

is causing angst in the commu-
nity, describing potential decaying
smells of domestic waste? Or is it
the potential for more truck move-
ments at a designated waste hub of
State significance?
The 2500Ha commercial and in-
dustrial waste and recycling site is
Maddingley Brown Coal, owned
by the Calleja family.
Last week’s (19 February) Moora-
bool News ran an article about a
notice of an application to amend
their planning permit. This would
allow household waste to be ac-
cepted at the site and also a small
change to days of operation to in-
clude Good Friday and Christmas
Currently the permit allows for
Use and Development of the Land
for a Landfill, Production of Soil
and Soil Products (including com-
posting) and works associated
with those uses; Materials and Re-
cycling (Metals & Construction &
Demolition waste).
David Maltby is the Principal
Consultant - Zone Environmental
for Maddingley Brown Coal and
he told the Moorabool News there
is a simple understanding of the
amended application submitted to
“It is just a want to add household
waste to the existing business,” he A new landfill site being prepared for incoming waste at Maddingley Brown Coal. Photo – Helen Tatchell
“This site can take putrescible “I am glad you are aware of that, this is an existing landfill site.” truck movements on Grant street? initially, the 500-metre mail, out
waste, the definitions are not clear that is a very good question,” Mr Mr Maltby said, “waste has been “If you read the current planning from the title boundary and not the
on what this is but essentially, it Maltby said. coming here since before 1970 and permit there are a lot of controls area of activity,” Mr Maltby said.
is household waste, food waste “Around 12-months ago there commercial waste has been com- on trucks, about which access etc, “If you use the EPA buffer guide-
essentially.” was a big kerfuffle on social me- ing here since 1990.” there is no application to change lines, they are very explicit, so the
Hemla Reddy, MBCs environmen- dia when the farmers were actu- “The only potential change is the truck movements, most trucks that buffer should be measured from
tal scientist said, “whatever the ally applying fertiliser to their pad- odour generation, and if you look come here to the site are Calleja the area of activity to the sensitive
resident puts in their household docks etc, and comments were “oh at where the cells are, the 500-me- owned trucks and they all use use; so, if you use that and apply a
rubbish bin, will be brought to this doesn’t the land fill site smell”, and tre buffer is pretty much managed Woolpack road, they just don’t 1km buffer, no one would have had
site.” we could smell it here too. within the Calleja owned land, use Grant street as per the permit a notice issued, maybe one house.
Mr Maltby said currently the site “The soils around here are very with the exception of Cummings conditions.
“It is not up to Calleja to decide
does not accept household waste. low in organics so they (farmers) road.” And do the complainants want a
who gets a notice, it is entirely up
“..hence that’s what the application will use organic fertiliser,” he said. Mr Maltby also disputed claims larger or lesser buffer zone on the
to council.
is for, and it is very straight for- “If you look at the potential odour that Biosolids (sewerage sludge) for site in general?
“In the context it should be from
ward when you look at it,” he said. omission profile for a municipal composting would be brought to “No, the complainants want the
the site. how far it is from the activity,” Mr
“The context is everything here – landfill taking this sort of house- site shut down so they can get their
Maltby concluded.
and I am not denying it can smell, hold waste material, the EPA has “The site is allowed to bring bio- opportunity to do what they want
done a lot of work on what the solids in, it is already in the permit to do,” Mr Maltby said. Currently household waste in the
no different to the smells that come
buffer should be, based on com- conditions and our application is Too close to a school and a 500-me- Grampians region is being trucked
from farmers and/or market gar-
deners fertilising their properties parison of similar sites, particu- not about adding that, it is already tre radius mail out process were past Bacchus Marsh to Ravenhall
at certain times of the year,” Mr larly in Victoria. They worked out there. also of concern to residents. via the Western Highway. Mr Malt-
Maltby said. that 500-metres was an acceptable “Whilst the site could bring in “The Bacchus Marsh Grammar by believes the MBC site is a better
And what are the potential odour buffer for a municipal landfill. The sewerage sludge, it has never hap- is 2.5 kilometres from the site of solution from a traffic perspective
impacts, especially when farmers EPA has a lot more control now of pened to my knowledge, ever. We activity and you can see why they and an environmental stand-point.
apply fertiliser to their own prop- landfill sites. bring in fowl manure and mix with want the distance increased be- The application is not officially
erties, that have a slight odour at “This is probably one of the long- green waste (which is very nitro- cause they want to whip up more before council, a process that will
certain times of the year in Bacchus est running landfill sites in Victo- gen deficient),” Mr Maltby said. concerns – this is not easy for any occur after the deadline of March 5
Marsh? ria, this is not a new site for landfill, And the claim to allow increased council – it appears they measured is closed off for objections.

With one battery platform across the entire

STANLEY® FATMAX® cordless range, you can
simply swap the batteries between tools, saving on
costs and hassle – while reducing downtime, too.
Available at Wilsons Hardware
REWARDED 1 South Maddingley Rd, Bacchus Marsh Ph 5367 2089 Weekends Open Until 4pm
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MISSING 4 months and 3 weeks

Have you seen Albert Smith?
Aged 88 From Mt Doran
Missing since Monday 8 October 2018 Asha Shanahan (Crossroads Trading owner) has partnered with Ballan & District Community Bank to put on a mini Field
Day this Friday morning. Photo – Helen Tatchell

Bunn comes to Ballan

Confirmed sighting around 7.30am at Mt Egerton,
after leaving the Ballan Aged Care facility between
5.30-7am on same day.
Ballan Police confirmed a witness came forward
saying they picked Mr Smith up on Old Melbourne By Meg Kennedy important for the bank to be involved in the local agriculture
Rd, Ballan (Monday 8 Oct) and drove to his friend’s community.”
‘Weather’ you watch the Channel 7 News or not, most “Agriculture is very important to the local economy [in
house in Mt Egerton. That friend was not home. people know who Jane Bunn is. this area], with areas such as local food producers, and its
Mr Smith has no mobile phone, had some cash, The popular meteorologist and weather presenter, who important that we help them keep going,” he said.
but has not accessed his bank account. He left the got her start at WIN News Ballarat, will make a special
Crossroads owner Asha Shanahan said it was important
facility without his walker and his walking stick. appearance at an upcoming local event.
for the business to get involved with the event as the “only
Anyone with information is encouraged The latest products and services in agriculture will be on
farming business in the local community,” and as a supplier
display this week, with the Ballan & District Community
to contact Det. Snr Const. John of the latest agriculture equipment.
Bank Branch partnering with Crossroads Trading to hold a
Hageman at Moorabool CIU on 5366 free ‘Field Day’ event. “It’s important that we get involved with everything we
4545 or Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000. The mini Field Day will include exhibits on the latest can,” she said.
SEE SOMETHING? SAY SOMETHING developments in machinery, best practice in farming, animal The event will be held as a breakfast from 8am on Friday,
**This community advertisement is sponsored by health and lifestyle exhibits, and the opportunity to speak March 1 at Ballan Recreation Reserve in Cowie street, and is
with representatives from Rural Bank Ag. targeted at all types of farming land holders, including the
the Moorabool News **
Ballan Branch Manager Luke Calder said it was “absolutely hobby and boutique farmer who may have small acreage.

Do you work from home

and feel isolated?
Do you need a sounding board
for your business ideas?

High Tea
An afternoon with

ELVIS Wanting to make business

contacts in the Shire?
3PM- 5PM, ARRIVAL 2:45PM Attending the events as part of Council’s
Your Business, Your Networking Calendar,
Traditional 3 tiered trays

filled with sandwiches, sweets & scones
Endless tea & coffee $55
encourages participants to improve their
per person
Door prize giveaways

For bookings call 03 5367 2031 business competitiveness and sustainability.

Register for an event today!



*Conditions: 1 free With 1 main meal ONCE A MONTH ONCE A MONTH BIMONTHLY TWICE A YEAR

Purchased. Ages 11 and under Enjoy a free coffee, share ideas, A range of topics to help you An evening of B2B networking and One minute to introduce and
Not available with seniors meal purchase. chat to other business owners and summarise your business – you
enhance your business services an industry presentation held
See staff for details
Council officers. TRAINING and knowledge. NETWORK EVENING
across Moorabool Shire. SPEED NETWORKING
don’t know who you will meet!
59 Grant Street, Bacchus Marsh Enjoy a free coffee, share ideas, A range of topics to help you An evening of B2B networking and here One minute to introduce and
Coffee Connect register
Phone: 03 5367 2031 stoneysclub.com.au 
chat to other business ownersFriday
and 1 February,
enhance 
Coffee Connect register here
your business services
7.30-8.30am an industry presentation held
Friday 5 April, 7.30-8.30am summarise your business – you
Cafe Chino onand
the Avenue, 208 Main St, Bacchus Marsh Jolly Miller Café, 136 Main St, Bacchus Marsh
Council officers. knowledge. across Moorabool Shire. don’t know who you will meet!
Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au  The Moorabool News – 26 February, 2019 Page 5
Page 6 The Moorabool News – 26 February, 2019 Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au

Highway Patrol to police Out with old

from inside vehicle petition, in
with the new
Victoria Police will be able to keep a closer
watch on dangerous drivers, with new road
safety technology rolling out across Victoria
Police’s highway patrol fleet.
The first highway patrol vehicle fitted with By Kate Taylor
new Automatic Number Plate Recognition
and in-car video technology has been Plans to put ‘calming devices’ along Flanagans Drive
unveiled, improving Victoria Police’s ability may have, it’s safe to say, hit a speed bump.
to get dangerous drivers and vehicles off the
The current signed speed limit along the Merrimu
street is 50kmph and there are no speed bumps.
The Automatic Number Plate Recognition,
able to identify 2500 number plates an hour, Moorabool Shire Council last year investigated putting
will also play an important role in helping in speed bumps to ‘calm traffic’ and possibly the speed
Victoria Police identify offenders using stolen limit to be lowered, but a petition presented at the
cars and assist in solving fuel theft. February 6 council meeting called for the speed limit
The cameras will check for unlicensed to be increased and for no speed bumps to be put in.
drivers, unregistered or stolen vehicles, Council was already considering the first 2018 petition
drivers with interlock conditions, and and had conducted studies of local traffic, however the
motorists with outstanding warrants. new petition, which contained 50 signatures from 30
The in-car video technology will allow the residences along the drive and run-off courts, will also
highway patrol to record audio and video be reported on by council officers and put before the
footage of road policing activities, including
April council meeting.
roadside intercepts, and can be used as
evidence in court hearings. The petition did not include a speed to which the
Road Policing Command Assistant existing limit should be increased, as signatories wrote
Commissioner Stephen Leane told media in their preferred speeds on the petition.
that the system is “one of the best anywhere It is ultimately VicRoads that has the power to adjust
in the world.” speed limits, which is often done after a council has
Commissioner Leane also said it was requested it.
important to “make an investment in The average speed of vehicles on the road was found
regional and rural Victoria, with the first to be 79kph which supports a reduced speed limit, not
of these going out to country Victoria in
an increased one, according to council data collected
about traffic on the road.
The technology will be installed across 38
highway patrol vehicles by the middle of the “A response is intended to be presented to the April
year and progressively rolled-out throughout council meeting,” a council officer told the Moorabool
the state, with completion to be in June 2021. News after the February meeting.

Bacchus Marsh TRACTORS S
Once a
ye ar, se
local fa
rmers e our
out on tractors


SUNDAY Breakfast
2019 MARCH 10th 8am
HIGH Join us for a morning
with Jane Bunn.

& more!
Brought to you by Ballan & District Community
Homemade Homegrown market FOODTRUCKS
Bank®Branch, Rural Bank and Crossroads Trading

Thank You
One day only - 1st March 2019

Field Days are an exciting time to come and see the latest
To our generous sponsors and all that contributed to the developments in machinery, best practice in farming, lifestyle
Ballan & District
2018 Strawberries & Cherries Weekend, and the 2019 Harvest Festival exhibits and keeping in touch with your bank. Community Bank® Branch

MAJOR EVENT PARTNERS Breakfast from 8am at the Ballan Recreation Reserve. 135 Inglis Street, Ballan
Phone 03 5368 1133
At the same time you can speak with Rural Bank Ag
BACCHUS MARSH Rayner specialists, visit the trade sites and meet some of their

SUPPORTING PARTNERS We look forward to seeing you.

The Highway
2 Heaven

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited ABN 11 068 049 178 AFSL 237879. Farm finance products issued by Rural Bank Ltd,
ABN 74 083 938 416 AFSL 238042. (1270334 - 1270333) (01/19)
For 2019/20 Sponsorship enquiries, please contact Bacchus Marsh Tourism Association, info@visitbacchusmarsh.com.au
Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au  The Moorabool News – 26 February, 2019 Page 7

We are looking for COACHES with or without experience,
and PLAYERS in the following categories:
Seniors (Women) Under 12s (Boys & Girls)
Seniors (Men) Under 11s (Boys & Girls)
Under 17s Under 10s (Boys & Girls)
Under 16s (Girls) Under 9s (Mixed)
Under 15s Under 8s (Mixed)
Under 14s Mini Roos (Ages 5+)
Under 13s (Boys & Girls)
We are currently calling on all females
to join our club and expand our teams

Phone: 0434 917 429
Website: http://bacchusmarshsoccer.org.au/
Email: bacchusmarshscorpions@hotmail.com.au
Facebook: Bacchus Marsh Soccer Club - Scorpions
Page 8 The Moorabool News – 26 February, 2019 Email: bm@pocketbooks.com.au 11/5/2017
Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au

ABN: 72 112 005 760

pocet boos®
ABN: 72 112 005 760

pocet boos
4/21 Peachester Rd Beerwah Qld 4519
BUSINESS ® PAGES Moorabool - Bacchu
PO Box 288 Beerwah Qld 4519
Freecall Pocket
680 830 Book 2017-18 (2
name: 1800
4/21 Peachester Rd Beerwah Qld 4519
Restaurants & Cafes
PO Box 288 Beerwahusiness
Qld 4519
Tax Invoice Ref No: G2239 S1
Restaurants & Cafes Freecall 1800 680 830 Office (07) 5438 1881, (fax (07) 5439 0159)
Office (07) 5438 1881, (fax (07) 5439 0159)
Banh Mi Cafe & Restaurant
Cafe Restaurant
Email: bm@pocketbooks.com.au
Vietnamese Cuisine Email: bm@pocketbooks.com.au
• BYO and Full Licence

• Dine in or Take Away
• Catering • Home Delivery
Business name: DATE PR
Mon 11am-3pm, Tues-Sat 11am-9pm
Ph 5300 4642 MobBanh Mi 456
0426 240 Cafe & Restaurant AG
Shop 25, The Village Shopping Centre
Business name:
Fei Fei “Where will I meet you”
Dumpling Queen Whether itʼs a
• Specialising in Home
Made dumplings Banh Mi Cafe & Restaurant a rich, creamy,
balanced taste
celebration, a Sunday
breakfast session,
coffee with work
with a lingering
let’s start with a
cocoa finish.

Come in and try our Curry Laksa with

coffee chilled
Short Latte 505kJ Iced Long Black 0kJ
Tall Latte 628kJ Iced Latte 434kJ

mates or a break from

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Cappuccino 566kJ Also available as Chocolate, Mocha,
Caramel, Vanilla or Strawberry

Flat White 519kJ
Dairy Frappés 1763kJ
Short Black 0kJ
Espresso, Mocha, Crème Caramel

Rice Noodles or Stir Fry Chicken with Oyster Sauce

Long Black 0kJ or Strawberries and Cream
Ristretto 0kJ Fruit Frappés 1452kJ
Macchiato 40kJ Mango or Mixed Berry and Mint

Chai Latte 984kJ Spliced Fruit Frappé 2121kJ

shopping, we have
Fruit frappé blended with ice cream
Hot Chocolate 1027kJ
Vienna 1314kJ Smoothies 1816kJ

Banana and Honey, Mango and Passionfruit,
Hot Mocha 807kJ or our Breakfast Smoothie with Banana,
Affogato 669kJ Mixed Berries, Oats and Honey

Classic Milkshakes 2517kJ

tea Chocolate, Mocha, Caramel, Vanilla,

• Traditional Homemade
Strawberry, Banana, Lime or Malt
English Breakfast 53kJ
Thickshakes 4257kJ

you covered.
Earl Grey 53kJ
Chocolate, Mocha, Caramel, Vanilla,
Peppermint 0kJ Strawberry, Banana, Lime or Malt
Chamomile 0kJ Juice (By the Glass) 588kJ
Chai 638kJ Orange, Apple, Pineapple or Tropical

Green with Jasmine 0kJ Soft Drinks 640kJ

Rooibos Herbal Infusion 0kJ Coca-Cola Classic, Coca-Cola Diet,
Coca-Cola No Sugar, Sprite, Lift or Fanta

• Chinese Pancakes • Meal Deals available

Restaurants & Cafes
Extras Spider 1309kJ
Coca-Cola Classic, Fanta, Sprite or Lift

Restaurants & Cafes

Extra Shot 0kJ
Ginger Beer 649kJ
Soy Milk 287kJ
Mount Franklin 13kJ
Lactose Free Milk 452kJ
Flavoured Sparkling Water
Lactose free milk may contain, or come in
Lemon, Lime or Wild Berry
contact with, lactose during preparation.
Syrup 176kJ Still Spring Water 0kJ
Mug 333kJ Mount Franklin Sparkling Water 0kJ
Decaf 0kJ Iced Tea (By the Bottle) 128kJ

Kiosk 4, The Village Ph 0415 066 685

Ice Cream (Spliced) 669kJ Angostura Lemon, Lime & Bitters 675kJ

Open 7 Days – The Village Bacchus Marsh

The average adult daily energy intake is 8700kJ.
A surcharge of 15% applies on public holidays.
Nutritional information is based on the average standard product and is correct as at time of
printing. Natural variations may result in some deviations. Further, all meals may contain and/or
come in contact with various allergens including (without limitation) nuts, seafood, gluten and
dairy products. For a full allergen list and nutritional details, please visit www.coffeeclub.com.au MAY 2017

EXPRESS LUNCH - Grab one of our

pre-made half wraps + small chips $9.90

Now Open
at Bacchus Marsh Village Shopping Centre
Kiosk 3 (Opposite Coles)
Opening Hours
Monday - Wednesday 8:00am - 6:00pm
Shop 56a, The Village Thursday - Friday 8:00am - 6:30pm
Phone 5367 8683 BUSINESS PAGES Saturday - Sunday 8:00am - 5:30pm

Mytech are your local

Computer experts
Restaurants & Cafes
Comfort & Fashion Footwear
Great Choice of Coffee & Tea SALE 30-50%
Home Delivery or Dine-in A great range of Summer
BYO and Full Licence Footwear & Handbags
*conditions apply
164 Main St, Bacchus Marsh
Catering Available Shop 42, The Village Bacchus Marsh. PH: 0491
facebook.com/mytechvic Ph: 5370 1112 Shop 42, The Village Bacchus Marsh. PH: 0491 117 619

S h o p L ocally
Advertise H•ePhone re Numbers • Address • Spelling • etc...and Save
ed any changes
Phonto Mo
e the ira
advertisement(s) above please contact us by phone, fax or in writing immediately o
918 6be6published
5 as shown. (Note, background toning/colour, if any, may vary in a printed bo
other media such as online and mobile devices. The web adverts sizes may vary depending on the screen/device)
ayment is usually expected on Advertisements Proof unless credit has been extended to you by Pocket Books
Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au  The Moorabool News – 26 February, 2019 Page 9

Expanding school education

Bacchus Marsh Grammar opened its doors to a new campus in Woodlea, near
Rockbank, earlier this month.
The campus is home to 650 students, making Bacchus Marsh Grammar now one
of the largest independent grammar schools in the state, growing by over 1500
students in almost a ten-year period.
Bacchus Marsh Grammar Principal Andrew Neal said a focus for teaching STEM
(science, technology, engineering and mathematics) would be a key feature of the
new primary school.
“The array of landscaping and additional facilities will set a new standard for
schools in the west, with our overarching vision to provide the best possible
academic and rounded education to the young people of the west,” he said.
Woodlea, a land estate in Rockbank which was launched in 2015 is currently
home to 2,800 residents.
“We chose Woodlea due to its emphasis on design, community and the sheer
professionalism of the joint venture between Victoria Investment and Properties
and Mirvac,” said Principal Neal.
The Bacchus Marsh Grammar Woodlea campus will offer Early Learning, Junior
(prep to year 4) and middle school (year 5 and 6), with the campus eventually
operating through to Year 8 as the student population grows.

Moorabool Shire Council

The next Ordinary Meeting of Council will be held on Wednesday 6 March 2019, at 6.00pm, Moorabool Shire Council is holding a Grant Writing Workshop to help you apply for a grant
in the Council Chambers, 5 Stead St, Ballan. through the Moorabool Community Grants Program.
Members of the public are welcome to attend. • Session 1: 5.30pm - Learn about the Moorabool Community Grants Program, receive
application tips, network with likeminded groups and discuss your project ideas!
EXPRESSION OF INTEREST • Session 2: 6.30pm - Hands on workshop providing a demonstration on how to apply for a
REVIEW OF MOORABOOL SHIRE DOMESTIC WASTEWATER MANAGEMENT PLAN Community Grant through the Moorabool Shire Council portal.
The Moorabool Shire Council is reviewing its Domestic Wastewater Management Plan (“the
Plan”) which was last reviewed in 2014. Wednesday 6 March 2019
The Plan is a key strategic planning document that establishes the framework for sustainable Lerderderg Library, 215 Main Street Bacchus Marsh
development within those areas of the Shire that are not serviced by reticulated sewer. Bookings required – Please contact Community and Recreation Development on 5366 7100.
In late 2017, Council engaged an independent contractor to undertake a performance audit NOTICE OF AN APPLICATION FOR PLANNING PERMIT
of the Plan’s implementation. The Audit examined the progress made to date and included
recommendations for consideration that could impact on Council’s strategic policy and further Address of Land: 12 View Gully Road, Land Title Particulars: Lot 131 on PS 628116E
implementation direction. Hopetoun Park VIC 3340
The key outcomes sought from the review are to ensure that: Description Details: Variation of Restrictive Covenant AJ565132E item (k) to allow
• The reviewed Plan clearly defines the Council’s objectives and owner requirements for construction of an outbuilding 30.0m x 12.0m x 4.2m high to the eaves
development of land within the Shire that is subject to on-site wastewater treatment systems;
• The reviewed Plan is consistent with all current relevant legislation and government policy; The applicant for the permit is: The application reference number:
including Planning permit applications in open, potable water supply catchment areas November M Sultana PA2018346
2012 by the Department of sustainability and Environment You may look at the application and any documents that support the application at the office of
• Actions and timeframes for implementation are realistic and achievable; and the Responsible Authority: Moorabool Shire Council, 15 Stead Street, Ballan. 182 Halletts
• The reviewed Plan provides for a deliverable risk-based compliance audit program of installed Way, Darley. https://greenlight.e-vis.com.au/moorabool. This can be done during office
on-site wastewater systems. This program should include a variety of options to ensure hours and is free of charge. The Responsible Authority will not decide on the application before -
compliance and consideration must be given to how the program can be funded (outside of 11 March 2019.
the general rate) on an ongoing sustainable basis.
It should be stressed that the review is not a technical assessment of land suitability for on-site
wastewater systems, but a management and operational review to make sure that the Plan Location: 11 Tilleys Road Maddingley Vic 3340
adequately articulates the Council’s policy direction.
Title Details: Various
The review is to be completed by 7 June 2019. A copy of the Plan and Audit Report can be
found at: https://www.moorabool.vic.gov.au/sites/default/files/Domestic-Wastewater- The permit allows: Use and Development of the Land for a Landfill, Production of Soil
Management-Plan.pdf and Soil Products (including Composting) and Works Associated with those Uses; Use and
You are invited to provide an expression of Interest for the conduct of the review and prepare Development of the Land for the Purpose of Materials Recycling (Metals and Construction
a new Plan. The expression of interest should include as a minimum: and Demolition Waste); and Construction of a Treatment Plant for Leachate Management
• Full details of your ability to undertake the review, Putrescible waste definition:
• Details of the officers to be involved in the review and their resumes, The following wastes (other than special waste, liquid waste, hazardous waste or restricted solid
• Proposed methodology for the review including a key stakeholder engagement plan, waste) have been pre-classified by the EPA as ‘general solid waste (putrescible)’:
• A timeframe nominating key dates and deliverables for the review. Note it is essential • household waste that contains putrescible organics
that Council and key stakeholders are able to provide comment on a draft review prior to • waste from litter bins collected by or on behalf of local councils
completion and this must be factored into any timeline, • manure and night soil
• A set lump sum (all inclusive) fee for the review. • disposable nappies, incontinence pads or sanitary napkins
If you would like any further information, please contact Allan May or Andy Gaze on 5366 7100 • food waste
or email agaze@moorabool.vic.gov.au. • animal waste
Expressions of interest to undertake the review closes on the Friday 11 March 2019. • grit or screenings from sewage treatment systems that have been dewatered so that the grit or
screenings do not contain free liquids
MOORABOOL SHIRE COUNCIL COMMUNITY GRANTS • any mixture of the wastes referred to above. In assessing whether waste has been pre-classified as
Round 1 of the 2019 Community Grants will open on March 1 and close at 5pm on March 31. general solid waste (putrescible), the following definitions apply: Animal waste includes dead animals
Council is inviting project applications from community groups and organisations under the and animal parts and any mixture of dead animals and animal parts. Food waste means waste
following grant categories: from the manufacture, preparation, sale or consumption of food but does not include grease-trap
• Community Strengthening waste. Manure includes any mixture of manure and biodegradable animal bedding, such as straw.
• Community Arts The amendment is to include: Amend the Wording of Conditions 11 and 21 to enable
• Community Events putrescible waste to be accepted at the site.
• Community Development Fund
• Sustainability and Environmental Engagement Applicant for the permit is: Contour Consultants
Information about each category and program guidelines are on Council’s website: The application reference number is: 2011 338
Access to the online portal will be available on Council’s website from 1 March 2019. You may look at the application and any documents that support the application at the office
For further information please contact Council’s Community and Recreation Development of the Responsible Authority: Moorabool Shire Council, 15 Stead Street, Ballan.
Department on 5366 7100. 182 Halletts Way, Darley. https://greenlight.e-vis.com.au/moorabool/public/main.aspx
• Applicants MUST discuss their application prior to submission with a member of the This can be done during office hours and is free of Charge. The Responsible Authority will not decide
Community and Recreation Development Team. on the application before - 5 March, 2019.

Moorabool Shire Council: PO Box 18, Ballan VIC 3342 Telephone: 03 5366 7100 Facsimile: 03 5368 1757 CEO: Derek Madden
Email: info@moorabool.vic.gov.au Web: www.moorabool.vic.gov.au Facebook: Moorabool Shire Council Twitter: @mooraboolshire
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Youth award winners from 2017 with then MSC Mayor Cr David Edwards.
Photo – Helen Tatchell

Cause still pending Youth awards open

on highway death for nominations
Do you know a young person aged 12 themselves as future leaders in a variety of
to 25 years that is making a significant fields,” he said.
By Meg Kennedy The man was travelling in a westerly contribution to the Moorabool community? The awards will be presented at a ceremony
direction on the Western Highway near
Last month’s motorcycle accident on the The 2019 Moorabool Shire Council Youth in late April 2019 as part of Moorabool’s
the Racecourse road underpass, just after Awards nominations are now open. Youth Month.
Western Highway is still under investigation. 2.45pm when the crash occurred, creating
Bacchus Marsh Highway Patrol Leading This year’s categories include Significant Nomination forms must be completed and
extensive delays and redirecting traffic
Senior Constable John Volf told the Achievement, Significant Community returned to Council by 5pm on Friday 1
through Gordon from Ballan. Service, Overcoming Significant Adversity, a March 2019.
Moorabool News that there is “no update,”
The accident was the first of three that Mayoral Award and Young Achiever Award. If a nominee is under 18 years of age, they
on the accident at this point in time.
occurred on the Western Highway in the Previous winners include Nathan Borg, must have parent or guardian permission to
Bacchus Marsh police are currently in the
New Year, which was followed by the death a profoundly deaf actor and model, and nominate.
process of reviewing two witness statements
and are waiting on the toxicology report, of a 19-year-old female passenger on 24 Shannon Craggill, a State-level cyclist. Nomination forms can be found at
that will identify if anything of interest was January, in a 4WD vehicle travelling west “We really encourage the community to https://www.moorabool.vic.gov.au/news/
in the deceased’s system at the time of the bound near Gordon; and an 84-year-old nominate a worthy youth for an award,” said awarding-our-youth, or the Ballan and
accident. male driver on the night of 6 February, who Moorabool Mayor Paul Tatchell. Bacchus Marsh Council offices.
The 41-year old Ballarat man died after had a head-on collision near Wallace after he “These awards are a great way to reward If you have any questions, contact call
striking a safety barrier near Ballan on 18 was allegedly travelling to Melbourne in the youth for making a significant contribution Moorabool Shire on 5366 7100 or email
January. incorrect Ballarat bound lanes. to our community and establishing youthservices@moorabool.vic.gov.au.

Car parks focus of study

By Kate Taylor The second option is a special rate, paid as a charge on limited signage and permits, and to ‘monitor the regimes’
property owner rates notices and which has previously governing car park provision and usage.
There’s a long road ahead, but Moorabool Shire Council has been recommended by VCAT, Planning Panels and Parking The Car Parking Study will comprise areas in Bacchus
begun work on improving car parking for the shire. Advisory Committees for obtaining mandatory car parking Marsh, Darley, Maddingley, Gordon and Ballan to identify
Moorabool Shire Councillors voted at the February 6 contributions, given overall precinct improvement is current, and estimate future car parking requirements,
council meeting to develop a car parking policy, with the beneficial to existing businesses, and car parking is likely to
survey the travel of shoppers and visitors and then to provide
aim of tidying up the fragmented approach to car parking be used by customers visiting multiple businesses.
recommendations on car parking and travel management.
management in Bacchus Marsh and Ballan’s commercial and But is there really a car parking problem in Moorabool?
industrial areas in particular. Following completion of the study, a report will be presented
The report explained that Bacchus Marsh has, in the past,
The project will also seek to set out council’s discretionary to Council.
enjoyed an over-supply of car parking.
powers when it comes to the requirements of providing car “The generous supply of car parking in the past may have
parking, when the requirements can be waived and at what created an expectation of readily available and free car Cash for Carparks
cost to whom. parking but rigidly applying the standard car parking rates
The average number of cars per Moorabool household is Council has previously been successfully
is not necessarily desirable, as it imposes a prohibitive cost
1.9 and population growth is expected to exacerbate current on new business and enforces poor urban design outcomes
challenged in its application of ‘cash in lieu’
parking problems. which reduce Bacchus Marsh and Ballan’s competitiveness contributions in issuing planning permits.
A report tabled at the meeting out lined that the shire as vibrant town centres,” the report stated. When ‘Court House Hotel v Moorabool’ was heard
experiences shortages of car parks in certain areas of Bacchus Since 2002, there have been 111 separate applications at VCAT back in 2006, Member Eccles struck down
Marsh and Ballan, but that this evidence is anecdotal and a requesting waivers of car parking within Moorabool Shire, a condition of the permit for $4,000 per car space
study should be carried out. with the majority of applications relating to commercial uses or $72,000 in total; the reasons behind the decision
West Ward Councillor Tom Sullivan asked what the within Bacchus Marsh’s Main Street precinct. were the lack of a relevant car parking precinct
“ballpark cost” for the study will be. Council does however anticipate that residential car park plan, the availability of car parking in the locality,
“$70,000 to $75,000,” a council officer replied, with the waivers will increase as applications for medium density and the absence of an empirical assessment of car
amount going into the 2019-2020 budget process. residential developments requiring visitor car parking parking demand.
Woodlands Ward Councillor Pat Toohey asked for Gordon increase. Cash in lieu has fallen out of favour as a process
to be included. As the report states, the car parking problems can have far- for requiring contributions for car parking
“In the scoping of the document, Gordon should be set out – reaching consequences. waivers - several cases contested at VCAT have
our third town should be covered,” Cr Toohey said. “…evidence to suggest that some businesses were dissuaded demonstrated that without a strong basis in
“The focus is on Bacchus Marsh and Ballan, but we can from applying from waivers due to uncertainties regarding Council policy and studies demonstrating a need
incorporate Gordon,” a council officer replied. outcomes, or lengthy assessment timeframes, and this was for contributions, cash in lieu applied as a permit
The car parking policy will explore two options of imposing resulting in lost opportunities for the community in terms of condition can be successfully appealed by the
a waiver fee – either a set fee contained within an overlay business growth or relocation.” applicant.
per car parks, which varies across the state in other shires The objectives of the car parking policy will be to guide the As such the current method of charging waiver fees
from $2,000 per park in Echuca to $19,500 per car park in waiver application requirements, to develop an assessment
can only be undertaken on a voluntary basis.
Frankston. process for resident parking permits, to guide the use of time-
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Onward and upward for Pooling the costs

former Moorabool officer
By Kate Taylor

Councillors have approved some paperwork that will tidy

up a bit of a costly mistake in the budget.
By Kate Taylor “I’m fortunate to be part of a com- The February 6 council meeting heard an item to officially
mitted, skills-based committee and a include a specific type of family pool pass in council’s fees
Economic Development Australia’s rapidly expanding membership. We and charges schedule – one that had been dropped off the list
Victoria Branch has a new Chair – and are best placed to assist our members for the Bacchus Marsh and Ballan outdoor pools.
it’s a familiar face to Moorabool. in their professional development Entry is currently $4 per child or concession, $5 per adult,
Peter Forbes, formerly Moorabool through our activities, knowledge and $1.30 per spectator and $60 for a children’s season pass, $75
Shire Council’s Economic Development for an adult season pass and $120 for a family season pass.
networks,” Mr Forbes said.
officer, has been announced as taking A ‘casual family entry’ can be 2 adults and 3 children or 1
over as Chair to lead the largest net- He has big, well-respected shoes to fill,
but outgoing Chair Peter Jeffery is con- adult and 4 children – but the fee was inadvertently left off
work of economic development practi-
fident that Mr Forbes will step up. Councils Fees and Charges Schedule for the 2018-19 budget
tioners in Australia.
EDA CEO Jacqueline Brinkman wel- “I have complete confidence in Peter’s
The ‘casual family entry’ charge is $15 and is different from
comed Mr Forbes, now at Melton City ability to uphold Victoria’s leading rep-
a Family Season Pass, which allows a family unlimited entry
Council, to the role. utation,” Mr Jeffery said. during the pool season.
“Peter brings two decades of experi- EDA is the peak national body for It is anticipated that approximately 200 casual family entries
ence to this position, having worked in economic development practitioners Peter Jeffery and Peter Forbes. will be processed at both pools during the 2018-2019 pool
a diverse range of economic develop- strengthening and promoting eco-
ment roles across rural, regional and season, totalling $3,000 in revenue.
nomic development through state and Council officers will also now investigate reducing the
metropolitan Victoria. He will lead EDA delivers professional develop-
national events, professional develop- spectator fee following a question from East Ward Councillor
the fantastic committee in Victoria to ment programs including a webinar
continue the excellent events and initia- ment, advocacy and member support. series, an international study tour Jarrod Bingham at the meeting.
tives designed for EDA members,” Ms EDA is experiencing rapid growth scholarship program, Australia’s only “The current spectator’s fee is $1.30, and the children’s fee
Brinkman said. with membership increasing from dedicated economic development na- is $4, could we make it $5 for both to save the change?” Cr
Mr Forbes is looking forward to get- around 300 to over 650 in the last 18 tional conference and a range of state- Bingham asked.
ting started in the role. months. based events. “We’ll take this up,” a council officer replied.

The What’s On section is for non-profit community organisations. All free events submitted will be considered for FREE publication at the
Editors discretion. Advertising of AGMs in this section will only appear if a paid public notice also appears in the classifieds section, as per
the constitution of Business & Consumer Affairs for incorporated groups.

Bacchus Marsh & District Garden Club

ADULT EDUCATION Meeting 2nd Tuesday of each month, 7.30pm at The Laurels,
Ballan & District Community House 229 Main St, Bacchus Marsh. Guest Speakers. Supper after Ballan Uniting Church
For class enrolment information, venue hire and costs; please each meeting. All Welcome. Enquiries - Wendy 5367 4170. (St Paul’s) - Services 11.15am every Sunday.
call 5368 1934 or email info@bchvic.org.au Ballan Playgroup Anglican Parish of West Moorabool
Darley Neighbourhood House & Learning Centre Every Tuesday of school Term. St John’s Anglican Church Bacchus Marsh Christian Church
Short courses and classes. 33-35 Jonathan Drive, Darley. BM & Hall - 9:30-11:30am. Enquiries - 0409 681 138 Anna or 0421 Sunday Services 10am with kids program. 222 Main St,
District Photography Club - Meetings 2nd & 4th Wednesday 905 558 Tamsin.  Bacchus Marsh. Enquiries 9028 2622.
of month, 7.30pm. Enquiries welcome. Phone 5367 4390. Service Times: St John’s Ballan 10:30am every Sunday.
Ballan Anglers Inc St Mark’s in the Gordon Pub 2nd & 4th Sundays – 5pm.
The Laurels – Bacchus Marsh Community College Meeting second Wednesday every month. Hudsons Hotel,
Courses and classes. 229 Main Street, Bacchus Marsh. Enq to Rev’d Glen Wesley - 5368 2730.
7.30pm. More anglers and families needed and welcome – B3 Community
Enquiries & enrolments - 5367 1061. 0400 003 936.
U3A Bacchus Marsh Family friendly, informal church with a difference.
Bacchus Marsh CWA Day Branch Every 2nd & 4th Sunday 4.30pm at The Pavilion Room,
Active seniors social learning, for daily activities contact
Meets 2nd Thursday of each month at 10am at the Darley Darley Civic Centre, 182 Halletts Way, Darley.
5367 5341 or visit our website - www.u3abacchus.org.au
Hub, Wittick Street, Darley. Enquiries: 5368 7273. Bacchus Marsh Baptist Church
MEETINGS Rose-Carers of Maddingley Park Sundays, 10:30am, Worship Service and Children’s Program.
Working bees every 3rd Sunday of each month. All welcome. Phone 5367 6550 for more details.
Moorabool Environment Group
Enquiries - 0400 052 857. Holy Trinity Anglican Church - Bacchus Marsh
Next Meeting – Thursday 28 February, 7pm. Supper Room,
Bacchus Marsh Family Drug Support Group Service Times - Bacchus Marsh - Every Sunday 9am and
207 Main St, Bacchus Marsh. All welcome. Topic - Going
For Family Members who have a loved one affected by drugs. 1st Sunday 10.30am, 3rd & 4th Sunday 11am, Balliang - 2nd
Solar. All Welcome. Enq - 0409 131 021.
Enquiries - 1300 660 068. Sunday 11am, 4th Sunday 9am, Myrniong - 1st and 3rd
BacchChat @ Lerderderg Library Sunday 11am. Enquiries 5367 5362. 
1st Saturday of the Month,10am-12 noon.Various topics of Alanon Support Group - for families of alcoholics
Church of the Living God
interest presented. Enquiries – 5366 7100 or www.moorabool. Meets at 10.30am on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month
Christian youth ministry and bible teaching. 2nd Sunday
vic.gov.au/libraries at the Uniting Church Hall, Gisborne Road, Bacchus Marsh.
of every month, 5pm. Open to all ages. At 14 Darcy St,
CWA - The Marshians Night Branch Bacchus Marsh Enq - 0421 222 717.
Maddingley. Enq – 0408 260 727.
Meet first Tuesday of month - The Hub, Wittick St, Darley, Footscray Poultry Club (at Bacchus Marsh) Our Lady Help of Christians Korobeit
7pm.  Enquiries - Gay Hooper 0413 350 012. Meetings held 2nd Sunday of month, 2pm. Poultry Pavilion. Mass every Saturday 6.30pm.
Racecourse Rec. Reserve, Balliang-Bacchus Marsh Rd, Golden Harvest Christian Fellowship
Ballan & District CWA
Bacchus Marsh. All welcome – Kerry 9741 9705. Non-denominational - Prayer every Sunday 10am, Men’s
Branch meetings – 2nd Thursday each month. RSL Hall,
KYB Monday evenings 6pm (0429 681 566.) Ladies KYB
Inglis St, Ballan, 7.30pm. All welcome - enquiries to 0407 992 MARKETS Wednesday 1pm (5367 6834).
767 or email ballandistrictcwa@gmail.com
Ballan Lions Club Market Bacchus Marsh Life Church
Ballan District Vintage Machinery & Vehicle Club
Next market – Saturday 2 March 2019. Meeting 10am every Sunday at the Bacchus Marsh RSL, 203
Meetings - second Monday each month, 8pm. Tom Mullane
First Saturday each month - Inglis St, Ballan – 9am-1pm. Main Street. Enquiries Pastor Merv - 0412 290 036.
Pavilion, Ballan Racecourse Reserve. Enquiries – Brian 5368
Enquiries – 0402 390 080 (Wayne). St Bernard’s Bacchus Marsh Catholic Church
2255 or Ray 5368 1177.
Darley Market Mass Times – Saturday- 5pm; Sunday – 8.30am & 10am.
Moorabool Mission Recovery Group Saturday 2nd March, 8am - 1pm. 1st & 3rd Saturday each Bacchus Marsh Uniting Church Parish
Struggling with addiction; Pain from the past; family member month at Darley Park Football Reserve. Enquiries – 0488 345 Services - St Andrew’s 9.30am every Sunday. Pentland Hills
out of control? Meeting weekly - Wednesday, 12.30pm – 145 (Alan). 2pm 1st Sunday of month. Enquiries - 5367 2543 (office).
Jean Oomes Room, Lerderderg Library, Bacchus Marsh.
Enq- Pastor Merv Patton – 0412 290 036.
The Pottery Group
Tuesday and Saturday 1pm-3pm, at the Public Park Hall WORLD DAY
(next to Tennis Courts), Stanley St, Gordon. All welcome.
Enquiries to Maureen 0447173031. OF PRAYER
Bacchus Marsh Playgroup
(Behind St Andrew’s Church) Cnr Gisborne Rd & Lerderderg
Street, Bacchus Marsh. Monday-Friday 9am, 11am, 1pm & Date: Friday 1st March, 2019
3pm. Enquiries – Cindy 0433 651 066.
Lal Lal Moorabool Photographic Group Inc
Time: 10.00am
Meeting 3rd Wednesday each month, 7pm. Soldiers Memorial Place: St Paul’s Uniting Church, Ballan
Hall, Lal Lal. Enquiries 5341 7535.
Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au  The Moorabool News – 26 February, 2019 Page 13

Glorious Grantleigh Auctions

to auction volumes in 2018.
Belmont topped the list with
181 auctions resulting in
142 sales and a 78.5 per cent
clearance rate.
Second was Geelong West
with 125 auctions, followed
27 Grantleigh Drive, Bacchus Marsh by Highton with 115 and
Newtown which hosted 102
$710,000-$730,000 auctions. Rounding out the
Stunning, quality built home, right in the heart of the top five was Torquay with 90
Grantleigh Estate, on an 800sqm corner block. Four
GIL KING auctions.
generous bedrooms, master with modern ensuite & WIR, Auctions are popular for
remaining 3 oversized bedrooms have BIRs. Beautiful
high end properties in Re-
open plan kitchen meals, family area leading out to the The central Victorian town gional Victoria. Last year, the
undercover 40sqm (approx). alfresco area. A second of Broadford was the sur- top five Regional Victorian
living area & a double garage, as well as a 9x6mtr garage prise star of last year’s Re- properties fetched prices of
(with shower/toilet & basin), that is accessed through gional Victorian auction more than two million. The
electric gates for the car enthusiast or trades person. market, the only postcode to most expensive property to
Other extras include ducted heating & cooling, split record a perfect 100 per cent sell under the hammer was
system, alarm & camera system, security doors back, clearance rate. a luxurious Metcalfe estate
side & front, beautifully landscaped gardens & 24,000ltr There were 10 auctions in which netted $3.28 million,
water tank. Broadford last year and all
breaking its own record for
of them resulted in sales.
the central Victorian town,
Not surprisingly, Regional
having sold in 2009 for $2.27
Victoria’s most expensive
town, Barwon Heads, also
did well with 16 auctions re- The second most expensive
sulting in 14 sales and an 87.5 auction sale was a modern
per cent clearance rate. masterpiece in Mt Franklin
The Geelong suburb of which sold for $2.55 mil-
Thomson recorded 13 sales lion (breaking Mt Franklin’s
and an impressive clearance record), followed by a Woo-
rate of 86.7 per cent from 15 dend property with views
auctions, while Ballarat Cen- of Hanging Rock and Mt
tral had a clearance rate of 86 Macedon which changed
per cent and 37 sales from 43 hands for $2.3 million in
Rounding out the top five
Fifth spot was secured by
top performers in terms of
a Trentham lifestyle retreat
clearance rate in 2018 was
Grovedale with 46 auctions which sold for $2.2 million
resulting in 38 selling under and rounding out the top
five auction sales was a red
www.arbeerealestate.com.au the hammer and an 82.6 per
cent clearance rate. brick family home on more
Geelong suburbs featured than half an acre in Geelong
140 Main Street, Bacchus Marsh 5367 2333 in the top four Regional Vic- West that went for $2.17
Arbee Real Estate torian towns when it came million.

Beautiful Cottage Style Home With Main Street Frontage


15 Main Street, Gordon

Set on approx half an acre in the beautiful township of Gordon is this charming cottage style home with a commanding
street presence. Offering two bedrooms, two bathrooms & an amazing living area with Cathedral ceilings, the home
is light & spacious across two levels. The kitchen offers a garden window, timber benches, a walk in pantry &
overlooks the dining area. Relax in the comfort of wood heating, a split system or put your feet up on the front &
rear deck. Just a short walk to shops & schools with easy access to the Freeway or Ballan Station.
Price: $455,000

Agent: Matthew Edwards

0401 728 881
51 Lydiard Street South, Ballarat 3350
Phone 5331 1111 www.prdballarat.com.au www.prdballarat.com.au
Page 14 The Moorabool News – 26 February, 2019 Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au

Arbee Real Estate

FOR SALE 27 Grantleigh Drive, Bacchus Marsh FOR SALE 67 Pykes Creek Road, Mynriong
4 3 4 4 2 5

Glorious Grantleigh Luxury Living in a Rural Setting

Stunning, quality built home, right in the heart of the Grantleigh Estate, on Rare opportunity to purchase a stunning, fully renovated, luxury home of
an 800sqm corner block. Four generous bedrooms, master with modern around 45 squares under roofline, on just under 11 acres of beautiful land.
ENS & WIR, remaining 3 oversized bedrooms have BIRs. Beautiful open Four bedrooms + study, 3 living areas, quality renovation throughout.
plan kitchen meals, family area leading out to the undercover 40sqm Ducted heating / refrigerated cooling, only 700mtrs from boat ramp. 3
(approx.) alfresco area. A second living area & double garage, as well as a separate living areas, including a 50sqm (approx.) rumpus room, 22 mtr x
9x6mtr garage (with shower/toilet & basin). 7.5 mtr machinery shed, & separate weatherboard building for storage.
INSPECT By appointment INSPECT By appointment
FOR SALE $710,000-$730,000 FOR SALE $1,250,000-$1,300,000
Steve Creese 0475 888 101
arbeerealestate.com.au NEW LISTING CONTACT
Steve Creese 0475 888 101

FOR SALE 8/20 Simpson Street, Bacchus Marsh FOR SALE 16/96 Gisborne Road, Bacchus Marsh
2 1 1 1 1 1

Location, Location, Location Ideal Retirement Living Unit

Are you looking to live within walking distance to everything, in a peaceful This modern one bedroom unit provides a very affordable & secure
& quiet area? Located at the rear of the complex is this neat and tidy two- retirement option. Located in a friendly seniors community the unit comes
bedroom unit on 218m², situated in one of the most prestigious streets in complete with meal options & a central recreation space, whilst still being
Bacchus Marsh, where all amenities are a few minutes walk from home. able to live independently. Spacious lounge, split-system air conditioner,
Both generously sized bedrooms have BIRs, large combined living & good size bedroom, kitchenette, updated bathroom with washing machine
meals area, 2 new split system units, convenient wet area/open bathroom. connection and a private courtyard and allocated parking space.
INSPECT By appointment INSPECT By appointment
FOR SALE $319,000-$329,000 FOR SALE $145,000
CONTACT Liam Gair 0407 385 297 CONTACT Steve Creese 0475 888 101 & Liam Gair 0407 385 297
WEB arbeerealestate.com.au WEB arbeerealestate.com.au

FOR SALE 59 Darley Drive, Bacchus Marsh FOR SALE 22a Higgins Court, Bacchus Marsh
4 2 2 3 2 2

Quality Family home Near New, Great Location

Quality built Shane Cook Home on elevated 1,000sqm, bright, spacious Approx. 4-year-old, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home on 521sqm block only
only 7 years young. Spacious master bedroom with WIR & quality ensuite, 2.8km from Main St & 1.2kms from freeway. Bright, open plan, kitchen,
internal access to the double garage & study/theatre room. Formal living meals, living area with SS appliances, glass splashback & dishwasher.
room gas log fire & open plan, kitchen, meals, family area that flows to Master bedroom with WIR & ENS, remaining 2 bedrooms have double
undercover entertaining area & enjoys views into the distance. BIRs. Central family bathroom, separate laundry & double garage. Ducted
heating & ducted evap. cooling will keep you comfortable all year round.
INSPECT By appointment INSPECT By appointment
FOR SALE $580,000-$599,000 FOR SALE $385,000-$400,000
CONTACT Steve Creese 0475 888 101 & Liam Gair 0407 385 297 CONTACT Steve Creese 0475 888 101 & Liam Gair 0407 385 297
WEB arbeerealestate.com.au WEB arbeerealestate.com.au

FOR SALE 15 Shea Street, Bacchus Marsh FOR SALE 291 Main Street, Bacchus Marsh
3 1 1 3 1 2

Perfect Place To Start Iconic Location!

Whether you’re a first home buyer or looking to add to your investment Very well maintained & presented solid brick home located on the
portfolio you can’t go past this well maintained 3 bedroom residence. Avenue of Honour. 2 bedrooms plus 3rd bedroom/study, comfortable
Complete with all the necessities for comfortable family living. Located loungeroom with gas heater, spacious kitchen with electric cooking,
within walking distance of shops, schools and Bacchus Marsh CBD. excellent family room/2nd living area with wall a/c, updated bathroom
Features include polished hardwood floors, ducted heating & cooling, with walk in shower, separate toilet & laundry & sunroom on the back.
carport with drive through access to a large backyard on a 722m² block. 791m2 land with side access to a large 6m X 9m galvanised garage.
INSPECT By appointment INSPECT By appointment
FOR SALE $385,000-$420,000 FOR SALE $495,000
CONTACT Peter Leonard 0429 671 990 CONTACT Daryl 0409 233 157 & Peter 0429 671 990
WEB arbeerealestate.com.au WEB arbeerealestate.com.au

FOR SALE 38 Gaynor Street, Bacchus Marsh FOR SALE 10 Vance Close, Bacchus Marsh
3 1 1 4 2 2

Walk to the Train! Your Forever Home

This is a perfect low maintenance 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom home on a This beautiful, quality-built home sits on approx half an acre, situated in
compact 350m2 block within walking distance to the Bacchus Marsh a quiet court & only minutes from the centre of town. Offering 4
Railway Station and High Schools. Freshly painted, has a walk through bedrooms, with a WIR & full ENS to the master, a central bathroom & 2
bathroom from the master bed and is serviced by a gas wall furnace for comfortable living spaces. Kitchen is the heart of the home with a WIP,
heating and wall air conditioner for cooling. A single carport is at the an amazing black Belling cooker & stone bench tops. Central heating,
front of the house. Suitable for investors or owner occupier alike. split system air conditioning & a double garage.
INSPECT By appointment INSPECT By appointment
FOR SALE $349,000-$369,000 FOR SALE $695,000-$745,000
CONTACT Daryl Gould 0409 233 157 CONTACT Denise Sniegowski 0456 044 024
WEB arbeerealestate.com.au WEB arbeerealestate.com.au

Ian McDonald Steve Creese Daryl Gould Peter Leonard Denise Sniegowski Liam Gair
5367 2333 0475 888 101 0409 233 157 0429 671 990 0456 044 024 0407 385 297

140 Main Street, Bacchus Marsh 5367 2333
Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au  The Moorabool News – 26 February, 2019 Page 15

n m
u ctiot 11a W
A Sa
Wed 27th
Sat 2nd March
Sat 10.30-11.00am
Photo ID required
Photo ID required

3 2 8 4 2 2
Bacchus Marsh 17 George Street Bed Bath Car
Darley 11 Cromarty Circuit Bed Bath Car

Gorgeous Californian Bungalow with modern Auction Saturday 2nd March Large Quality Family Home with Space - 646m2 Private Sale
comforts and a handy address @ 11.00 am on site This 2015 quality-built Porter Davis family $649,000 - $679,000
This captivating Californian bungalow offers Office 2/137 Main Street, home features a sizeable single level floorplan Office 2/137 Main Street,
character & charm throughout and add to that Bacchus Marsh 5367 8128 with premium finishes. Featuring large Bacchus Marsh 5367 8128
an exceptionally convenient central address Contact Contact
hallway, 3 living areas, study, double garage
and together you have a gorgeous home Len Smith 0418 343 754 Len Smith 0418 343 754
Kelvin Gaffiero 0481 991 828
with internal access and undercover alfresco. Kelvin Gaffiero 0481 991 828
that’s destined to impress.

Sat 2nd March
Photo ID required

4 1 1 4 2 2
Bacchus Marsh 63 Gisborne Road Bed Bath Car
Bacchus Marsh Lot 45 Connor Street Bed Bath Car

Impressive Starter Home! Private Sale Brand New Turn Key Package - 4072 land Private Sale
Architect designed weatherboard home, $535,000 - $555,000 Construction to commence soon by the award $550,000
north easterly aspect with large picture Office 2/137 Main Street, winning builder Exclusive Homes located Office 2/137 Main Street,
windows, modern kitchen, spacious open Bacchus Marsh 5367 8128 on the popular Bellevue Tops Estate. This Bacchus Marsh 5367 8128
Contact affordable family home will comprise of 4 Contact
plan layout, high ceilings & polished timber
Len Smith 0418 343 754 bedrooms, master with ENS & WIRs, generous Len Smith 0418 343 754
flooring. 680sqm of land with single garage. Kelvin Gaffiero 0481 991 828 dual living zones and kitchen is well equipped. Kelvin Gaffiero 0481 991 828

Sat 2nd March
Photo ID required

3 1 2
Greendale Lot 25 Napoleons Road 4000m2 Land Bacchus Marsh 6 Ladds Court Bed Bath Car

Peace & Quiet on 1 Acre Private Sale Great Views Take Centre Stage 956m2 Land Private Sale
This 1 acre block is positioned in a rural $250,000 - $275,000 This Peter Clarke built home is freshened up $430,000
setting with a current planning permit to Office 2/137 Main Street, from top to toe, which is sure to impress. Office 2/137 Main Street,
build a 3 bedroom dwelling. Offering peace Bacchus Marsh 5367 8128 The home is superbly positioned in a quiet Bacchus Marsh 5367 8128
and quiet and only minutes from the freeway Contact Contact
court location, set on an impressive 956m2
entrance to Melbourne & Ballarat & approx 9 Len Smith 0418 343 754
parcel of land.
Len Smith 0418 343 754
km to Ballan & 20 km to Bacchus Marsh. Kelvin Gaffiero 0481 991 828 Kelvin Gaffiero 0481 991 828

Maddingley 8 Bond Street 557m2 Land Bacchus Marsh 16 Maise Court

Final Lot - Call Now! Private Sale Glorious Views Overlooking Township Private Sale
Invest and develop in the thriving township $359,500 This titled 724 sqm parcel of land is located $270,000
of Bacchus Marsh with this very rare land Office 2/137 Main Street, in a quiet court in central part of township Office 2/137 Main Street,
Bacchus Marsh 5367 8128 that offers an excellent north/east aspect with Bacchus Marsh 5367 8128
opportunity. Industrial 2 - zoned, two street
Contact Contact
frontage, 100 metres to train station, 2 kms glorious views over township. Close to zoned
Len Smith 0418 343 754 Len Smith 0418 343 754
to Main Street. Kelvin Gaffiero 0481 991 828
primary schools and village shopping centre. Kelvin Gaffiero 0481 991 828
Page 16 The Moorabool News – 26 February, 2019 Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au


YPA Bacchus Marsh

Darley 29 Lewis Street
Modern Living!
Exciting piece of modern day real estate,
in highly sought-after position, sitting on
Private Sale
3 2

$439,000 - $469,000
Sat 2 March 12.00-12.30pm
2 Maddingley 93 Stonehill Drive
Pristine Quality Home
Positioned in the highly sought-after Private Sale
seclusion of the Essence Estate, boasting one Inspect
4 2

$565,000 - $595,000
Sat 2 March 1.00-1.30pm

Same Network | Same Passion | New Location

404m2 (approx.) close to schooling, public Photo ID required of the best positioned larger blocks at 755m2 Photo ID required
transport and only a short trip to freeway Contact Shane O’Brien 0431 766 082 (approx.) this beautiful residence provides Contact Shane O’Brien 0431 766 082
access. Vickie Ramon 0403 194 621 finishes of the highest quality. Alannah Shea 0412 856 347

Best Agent I have ever engaged 21st Feb 2019

Shanes energy and communication skills were excellent. While our
home sold quickly I believe he would have remained engaged even if it took
a longer period to sell. I could not speak more highly of Shane and would rate
him much better than all agents we have previously used.

Excellent agent 21st Feb 2019

Did an amazing job! was across everything very attentive to all
our questions and sold the house quickly.

Sincerity and Commitment 21st Feb 2019

I was asked by Shane O’brien of Bacchus YPA realestate to write a
short review on their service, and I’m very happy he did, I’m a straight
shooter and no bull. A reality agent has to get the highest price for the
vendor yet the lowest for buyer, almost an impossible task without
compromise, how do you achieve that? I first bought through Shane then
recently sold through him, he does it with sincerity and commitment and
honesty to both parties with his heart and soul, and that’s fair dinkum.
Thinking of Selling? Call Vickie Ramon 0403 194 621 or Shane O’Brien 0431 766 082


4/8 Church Street, Bacchus Marsh ypa.com.au
Trade & Business
Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au  The Moorabool News – 26 February, 2019 Page 17



& BUSINESS • Heavy Duty VHF - FM - AM Antennas

• Digital Ready Antennas
• Digital Set Top Boxes
Sales Service
DIRECTORY • Amplifiers
• TV & VCR Tuning
& I n s t a l l a t i o n s PIC 109528
Authorised by The Australian Refrigeration Council AU 34822

0411 649 321 
5368 1966 • Extra Points
• All Work Guaranteed 7 Days 53686363 
• Pensioner Discount Mob: 0417 711 712 Ph: 5367 5857 Email: inquiries@frigworks.com.au


Complete Maintenance Services

■ Automotive service and repair
■ Vehicle hoist install, maintenance & repair
■ Mobile Service available
■ Batteries ■ Tyres ■ 4x4 specialist
■ Material handling repairs & maintenance is now
& REPAIRS (by appointment)
• Automatic Gates and Doors. online
go to
Call Simon 0419 750 753 • Security Bars and Grills • CCTV
COURTESY CAR AVAILABLE • All Security needs • On-site welding
11 Kennedy Place, Maddingley Located in Wallace
Phone 0418 379 265 themooraboolnews.com.au


- Custom Home & Design
- Architectural Drawings
• Qualified and experienced mechanics
• Log book servicing
- Town Planning
- Building Permits Sheep • Split systems
• Tyre supply & puncture repairs
• Brake replacement including inhouse machining
- Engineering plans
- Constructions Estimation Crutching • New Installations
• Renovations
• Oils, filters, coolants available for purchase - Building Consultant • Pat Testing
• VACC accredited 7/11b Gell Street, Bacchus Marsh Callum Winter • 24 Hour Emergency Service
• 24/7 breakdown towing available Ph 0481 843 610 Phone 0408 150 559 E: flowsmartelectrical@hotmail.com
115 Inglis Street Ballan Email: permits@gurubuildinggroup.com.au W: www.flowsmartelec.com.au
www.gurubuildinggroup.com.au Callumwinter3@gmail.com
Ph 5368 1968 M: 0433 348 403



- Manufacturing - Metals - Engineering On Site
Your local team of Electricians - Hydraulic Hoses & Fittings - Powder Coating
◆ COMMERCIAL - Sand Blasting - Custom Fabrication - Welding
Servicing the Moorabool Area for over 30 years ◆ INDUSTRIAL - Steel Sales - Engineering Supplies
◆ RESIDENTIAL 13 Reddrop St, Bacchus Marsh
2 Osborne Street, Bacchus Marsh

Ph: 5368 2001 CALL CHRIS TABB

Mob 0419 397 393
PH: 5367 1141
AH: 0418 301 841
www.keemin.com.au REC 5096 ballaneeelectrical@bigpond.com www.rosscoengineering.com.au


s.t.a.m.p. • Driveways
• Block clearing
Specialising in
Transport & Earthmoving
• Trenching
• Landscaping is now
• Bobcat Work
• Site cleans
• Drainge
• Post holes • Dams • General earth moving
Bobcat & Small Tipper
Site Clean Up online
• Post hole drilling • Site cuts • Contaminated waste removal & General Earthworks go to
• Concrete removal JK Winter Transport & Earthmoving Weekend Work themooraboolnews.com.au
Ph 0499 145 112 Phone 0438 851 108 Ph Steve 0439 476 966


Peter Fry Bacchus

Door Services Victoria

*Repairs and New Doors

Fencing Pty Ltd *Remotes and Motors

*All Types of Servicing
*24 hrs 7 Days

Farm Fencing Your Local Wedding Specialist

*Eftpos Available
Call Andrew 0417 385 483
Call Melinda 0418 103 533 or email bacchusblooms@gmail.com www.doorservicesvic.com.au
Phone: 5367 1909 Mobile: 0419 112 862
Adam: 0428 519 855 *Free delivery to all local venues* andrew@doorservicesvic.com.au
Trade & Business
Page 18 The Moorabool News – 26 February, 2019 Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au


LOCAL Shugg Gardening
Mark’s Handyman
TRADE • Lawns Mowed
~~~~ SERVICES ~~~~
Complete Home Maintenance
Tradie of the Year Finalist 2017
Indoor and outdoor painting
& BUSINESS • Gardens Maintained
• Rubbish Removed
including plaster repairs,
Pruning of all fruit trees and roses,
• Carpentry • Painting General Garden & House Maintenance
• Rubbish Removal • Gutter Cleaning
• Verandahs & decking
DIRECTORY • Instant Turf Laid
• Landscaping
Weed Spraying & Trees Trimmed,
Planting, Repotting, New Mulch, • Tiling • Plastering
• Instant Lawn • Landscaping • Paving
• Small tree trimming & removal
Pressure Washing of Concrete, • Bathroom renovations • Painting “WE DO IT ALL”
5368 1966 • Fully Insured
Matt 0422 115 615
25% off all work
Mobile: 0458 831 657 Brad: 0427 725 192
FRANK 0427 184 808 fixit.wedoitall@gmail.com



Boarding Kennels & Cattery WRECKERS
New and used parts for Wrecking all makes and models • Wallpaper • Minor Plastering Repairs
BALLAN most makes and models.
Holden and Ford Specialist • Graffiti Removal • New Homes
• Restoration & Repainting of
Tel: 0457 422 092 $$Cash paid for Unwanted Cars$$ Residential Properties
Vehicles wanted - Car Service and Repairs from $70 • Decking Specialists
Free pickup. Towing available
• Dog & Cat Boarding • Spacious Pens & Large Exercise Areas
Ph: (03) 5367 7804
• Special Needs Catered for • Affordable Rates – No Hidden Extras Ph: (03) 5368 2888
2-4 Murdoch Court, jcfarley@iinet.net.au
• Discount for Seniors (Except Peak) • Inspection Welcome 26 HADDON DRIVE BALLAN 3342 Maddingley 3340



Master Painter & Decorator SERVICES Specialising in Waste Water Treatment Systems Mark Reddish
• General Domestic & Commercial Painting BCD40106 Servicing Ballarat, • General Plumbing
MBA126237 0418 343 547
• Wallpapering, Faux & Specialised finishes Bacchus Marsh, Ballan • Pump sales and service
• General Plumbing
• Complete Handyman & property maintenance service and Daylesford • Hot water sales and installation
• New Homes & Alterations
Come visit us at our retail shop
• Plastering & General building repairs PH: 0427 502 760 • Dishwasher Installations
• Free Quotes 155 Inglis Street BALLAN • Maintenance
E: lucky.phil066@bigpond.com
Contact Neil Harty Ph: 5367 1776 W: www.leeteplumbingservices.com
Phone: 03 5368 1036 • Surrounding Areas
Email: info@ballanplumbing.com.au Reg. 24148
Mob: 0418 312 288 Email: neilharty1@gmail.com reg 20152 www.ballanplumbing.com.au Email: ballananddistrictplumbing@gmail.com




Cleaning Ivers
• Renovations • Bathroom • Kitchens
• General Carpentry • Pergolas • Decks • Grease Traps Waste -VACC Accredited -All work guaranteed
WE’RE LOCAL • Septic Tanks
-Courtesy Car available by appointment
• Roofing • Retaining Walls • Tiling • Painting • Plaster - Repairer for all insurance companies
• Bobcat & Tipper Hire • Programmed property maintenance PH 0418 145 316 • Triple Interceptors - Low Bake Oven for Factory Finish
- Car-o-liner chassis straightener
• Industrial Waste - Dustless sanding - Spot welder
Big or small jobs - Guaranteed and Insured Hayden Ivers - 24hr secured, monitored premises
Ray 0419 544 332 MELTON, BACCHUS MARSH Mob: 0419 400 025 Ph: (03) 5368 2888
shorcane@gmail.com PO Box 250 Bacchus Marsh VIC 3340 & SURROUNDING SUBURBS Ph: (03) 5367 3016 26 HADDON DRIVE BALLAN 3342


The Bacch Shed Self Storage MEMORIALS
STONEMASONS 25kg bag • Floor and Wall
(Rear of SuperCheap Auto) BALLARAT Oaten Chaff $16
• Brand new • Alarmed and secure & All District Cemeteries • Household
Lucerne Chaff $25
• Various sizes • Commercial and Domestic
Headstones & Monuments • Commercial
Combo $20
• Central • Access 7 days a week All Memorial Works
✿✿✿ Phone orders –
• No job too small
Enter from either Main Street or Young Street Ph 5335 8074 Fax 5336 2669 • FREE measure & quote
814 Latrobe St Ballarat, 3350 0429 017 802 (Laurie)
(New Phone) Ph 0477 440 551
Also Stone Benchtops
(at Ballan Farmers Market Call Stuart on
- Saturday 9 March)
info@wilsonmemorials.com.au 0400 642 727


Tiger Natural
A & J TREE Spring Water
For Swimming Pools,
Town Planning Applications for REMOVAL
• Subdivisions Household Tanks,
• Rural Dwellings Won’t be beaten on price Tree Trimming & Felling Stock,
• Commercial Development Stump Removal
All work GUARANTEED Roadworks Hire
James Robson 0432 983 945 Mulching Service
James@edqtownplanning.com.au and INSURED
Fully Insured Call Gary McTigue
Robert Eskdale 0407 507 651 Free Quotation & Same Day Service
Phone Allan Fenwick
robert@edqtownplanning.com.au Jack – 0409 289 700 0447 000 740 0419 008 027
Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au  The Moorabool News – 26 February, 2019 Page 19

Classified ad bookings close 12PM Friday.
Bookings on (03) 5368 1966 or by email —
Email must include full contact details or
advertisement cannot be placed.


CALLEJA, Dianne Records

Treasured memories of And any old
a very special friend and and interesting Country Cook/Chef needed

wonderful neighbour.
Will miss the “Hot Goss”
Piano Lessons items for popular and very busy
phone calls. piano & keyboard Cash paid Main Street Café.
beginner guitar $$$
Love to all her family. double bass Must have experience
- Graham and (Gordon) Call Ian in cooking to order.
Dawn Joyce. Tim Nelson 0418 539 736
0450 904 464 Shifts include every 2nd weekend,
relief work and the possibility for
FUNERALS MASSAGE LIVESTOCK further weekday shifts.
Duncan’s Chickens
Angels Oriental Massage
Please send resume to

(previously B.L. Poultry)
Imagine Layer Pullets, Commercial Sarah – email:
Crossbreds, Vaccinated
having a 16 week (Black X, Red X theflourpotcafe@exemail.com.au

massage and White X) $20.50 each

in Bali
Available Tuesday 5th March Immediate start, training provided.
Bacchus Marsh Farm Supplies
12 Grant Street, 8.00am Ph 5366 0600 Mature age applicants welcome.
Melton Pet Stock
Bacchus Marsh
1114 Doveton St. Nth, Ph 0437 725 990
9.30am Ph 9746 6777
Ballan Crossroads Trading
Ballarat www.angelspa.com.au 11.30am Ph 5368 1199

U3A Bacchus Marsh

Ph: 5333 3911 Annual General Meeting

All Hours WE WANT To be held on

Wednesday 13th March @ 10.00am

Full seartveicceost
at Darley Neighbourhood House
If you have a community story contact 33/35 Jonathan Drive, Darley
The Moorabool News HEALTH All welcome, morning tea

at moder
on 5368 1966 will be served after meeting

Spring Water APC Notice
DISTRICT Rural Not-For-Profit Health Service delivering Acute,
Tanks, Pools, HEALTH Community, Aged and Child Care Services
1. Obligation to publish – Designated Resolution 5
5. Everything!
Publication of notices about the Council
Ballan District Health and Care
(1) 0437 96 00
Each publisher 34publishRural
must awould
notice about
Not-For-Profit like
Health Service
welcome in each
Acute, Community,
Aged and
Child Care Services
controls and on each website Registrars,
it controls. Dr Simone Stanton-
(2) The content and format of theCastillo
notice willand
be asDr Min Kimfrom
determined who joined
time to time by
Council. The notice is to be published in a prominent position on the same pag
our GP workforce this month.
the editor or the
fit and earn home page of a website, or in such other position as is agre
Ballan District Health and Care also
Executive Director of the Council.
$$$ wishes to gratefully acknowledge
WALKERS the six years of GP service provided
WANTED by Dr David Llewellyn who left our
2. Form and content
To deliverdeterminedservice by the Council
this week. – Council decision
catalogues in: Ballan District Health and Care
of publication] is bound by the Standards of Practice of the Australian Press Council. I
the Standards may have been breached, integrated
you may primary
approach the newspaper itself care
or contact t
email Sue
(info@presscouncil.org.au) with the([02]current
or by phone 92611930). Forteam of fivesee
further information
0419 383 067 GPs, nursing, allied health and
reception staff. We are currently
searching for another experienced
GP to join the team.

The Moorabool
[Name News is bound
of publication] Centre for Community Health: Including GP Clinic
byisthe Standards
bound ofby Practice
the of and Allied Health Cnr. Cowie & Inglis Sts – 5366 7999
Australian Press Council. If
of Practice Hospital & Admin: 33 Cowie Street – 5368 1100
thethe Standards
Australian may

have beenCouncil.
Press breached, Ifyou
you may Aged Care Hostel: 168 Inglis St – 5368 1100
Standards itself Child Care Centre: 88A Simpson St – 5368 1811
or may
contact the Council by
have email
breached, you may
(info@presscouncil.org.au) Opportunity on Inglis: 159 Inglis St – 5368 2114
or approach the
by phone ([02] 9261 1930).
Fornewspaper itself or
further information see www.ballanhealth.com.au
contact the Council
by email
Page 20 The Moorabool News – 26 February, 2019 Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au

Ballan Golf Club Avenue Bowling Club

Results - Week ending Saturday 23 February Results
Wednesday Stableford Midweek - Round 17 
(Men’s & Ladies Competition) Division 1
Winner Vic Buttigieg (22) 36 points on c/b Avenue 2 lost Sebastopol 14
from Kev Lockman (14) on c/b from Bob Arklay (9). Division 2
Magpie - 14th Les Martin. NTP - 15th Vic Buttigieg. Avenue 2 lost Victoria 14
Saturday Jack Papworth Cup Qualifying Round Division 5
2 Person 4BBB Stableford.  Avenue 2 lost Victoria 14
Winners - Ian Bragge & Ian Godkin 46 points. Best rink on the day
Second - Chris Tudor & Les Martin 45 points on c/b. Joel Higgins, Joan Wilson, John Young and Stewart Wilson.
Third - Anthony Moore & Rick Roden 45 points. Weekend - Round 18
Fourth - Peter Clifford & Brian Clifford 44 points on c/b Division 2
from Kimmy Walsh & Hugh Miller. Avenue 18 def Sebastopol 0
NTPs - 2nd Ian Bragge, 12th Hugh Miller, 15th Andrew Carton. Division 3
Magpies - 1st Rob Brown, 14th Rob Brown. Avenue 2 lost Central Wendouree 16
Jack Papworth Cup Semi-final play-offs Division 5
Ian Bragge & Ian Godkin v Peter Clifford & Brian Clifford. Avenue 2 lost City Oval 16 Alastair Zilveris delivering one of the last bowls for the
Chris Tudor & Les Martin v Anthony Moore & Rick Roden. Best rink on the day season watched by Dave Martyn and Brian Dowling.
Ray Humphrey, Margaret Crombie, Peter Wilkinson Photo - supplied

Ballan Brumbies Basketball

and Ian Walker
Ballan Bowling Club
Results – Week ending Sunday 24 February On Saturday the last home and away game was played with
Under 10 Boys
Bacchus Marsh Netball Division 3 playing at Ballarat in a fight for pride and 5th or
Ballan White - Bye Results 6th spot, but unfortunately Ballan went down at the end of
the game by just 6 shots.
Under 10 Boys Monday Night 18 February
Best winning rink - Couch, Stewart, C Love and N Smith
Ballan Blue 26 lost Celtic Tigers Green 28 Section 4
Under 10 Girls Division 7 played their final home game at Mt Xavier against
Zooplers 4 def Devils Mini 1 Daylesford and after a tight tussle all day they ended going
Ballan 18 def Celtic Tigers Red 7
Skittles 3 lost Fast & Furious 4 down by just 13 shots.
Under 12 Boys
Section 3 Best winning rink - Armstrong, Zilveris, Jensen and
Ballan White 17 def Phoenix Black 5
Hotshots Jnr 8 lost Lightning 12 Dowling. 
Under 12 Boys

Tabcorp Park
Firebirds 4 lost Superstars 6
Ballan Blue 11 lost Wildcats 14
Magic Moments 5 def Little Stars  2
Under 12 Girls
Ballan 19 def Excies Acmy Maroon 12 Section 2
The Suns 7 drew Hunters 7
Under 14 Boys
Ballan White 20 def Saints Clippers 18 Comets 7 lost Eagles 20
Saturday 23 February
Under 14 Boys Sapphires 16 def Astrids 15
Ballan Blue 21 def Celtic Tigers Green 9 Section 1
Under 14 Boys Aces 30 def BM Stars 8
Ballan Gold 32 def Drummo Dragons 23 Fireworks 29 def Vamps 12
Under 14 Girls Zodiacs 8 lost Sparkles 25
Ballan White 6 lost Excies Acmy Maroon 6 BMNA Tuesday Squad Teams
Under 14 Girls
Firetails 8 def VUSC 5
Ballan Blue - Bye
Lakers Red 7 lost Firetails 21
Under 16 Boys
Ballan 13 lost Celtic Tigers Green 22 Wednesday Night 20 February
Under 16 Girls Eynesbury Ladies 13 lost Clovers 46
Saturday 23 February, Tabcorp Park Melton Race 6, The
Ballan 10 lost Saints Mercury 34 Jayes 47 def Shooters 17
Knight Pistol (G1). Winner: Tornado Valley (11). Trainer:
Under 18 Boys Devils 0 lost Eureka 10 Andy Gath. Driver: Kate Gath. Photo: Stuart McCormick
Ballan - Bye Strike 44 def Hotshots 11. HRV.

SELL YOUR ITEMS $100 & UNDER FOR FREE Email: news@themooraboolnews.com.au Phone: 5368 1966
*Ads must be emailed by Friday 12 noon. Ads by phone must be between 9.30am–12pm Tuesday–Thursday. MAXIMUM 3 ADS PER PERSON.
AIR CONDITIONER Panasonic CAMP CHAIRS, 2 (New) $20 lot - COUCHES (2) 3 seater couches, HEATER, Portable Electric Oil RECORD Player/Radio, Astor
wall/window mount GC. $85 – 0428 014 758 Navy blue, velvet $100 lot - 5348 Column, thermostat control, Antique. GWC. $60 ono. PH: 0400
0423 173 215. 6725 excellent condition, 12 months 697 566
CAR SEAT, for baby/toddler,
ANGLE GRINDER Hitachi old, medium size, Price $50.
grey, $30 - 0419 391 622 DESK computer, black / grey Contact 0402853260 SANDER/POLISHER Black &
G135SC 125mm $70 - 5310 6671
CAR filters (3) to suit Fiat Decato shelves, 1 drawer $20 – 0402 929 Decker WP1500K-XE 180mm.
BABY Jolly Jumper $40 - 0455 480 HOME BREW KIT, 5 cans, capper
3L from 12-16 model $100 lot – 664 & draining tree $80 – 5367 3750 Used once $75 - 5310 6671
0413 000 289 DOG KENNEL, Cedar wood, roof JACKET, Holden HSV black wet SOCCER table, brand new $100 –
BABY Porta-chair. Attaches to
CHILDS stroller GC $10. Ph: 5367 opening lid, good condition, $95 – weather jacket, Medium to Large. 5368 6643
table $30 - 0455 480 196
8933 Brand new with tags. $65. PH: SOFA 2 seater VGC $100 – 5367
BABY Jolly Jumper for babies, 0419 979 153
0400 697 566
brand new, $35 – 5367 8933 CHILD bike seat, attaches to rear 8351
DRILL Hitachi impact drill VTV- MOWER push reel (ozito) as new
BABY Avent electric bottle of bike EC $40 – 0410 012 749 10 $80 -5310 6671 GC $25 – 0400 697 566 SLEEPING BAGS, 2 (GC) $15 lot -
steriliser $50 - 0455 480 196 COFFEE MACHINE, Nescafe, 0428 014 758
DRYER Tumble Clothes dryer, MOWER Ride on, engine good,
BBQ Sunbeam Electric Grill & hot excellent condition, $40 – Ph 0419 starter needs attention $100 – 0419 STEAM CLEANER, Bissell
$30 - 0434 997 292
plate. Variable control VGC $15 - 979 153 523 670 power fresh deluxe, book and
0412 869 304 DVDS Charmed season 1 & 2 $25
COMPOST maker, large, with PHOTO FRAME, digital ‘Olin’, as accessories, perfect condition, $35
BICYCLE jackets (2 x mens, sml) lot - 0409 173 769 new. $25 – 0412 869 304 – Ph 0418 302 463
instructions, $45 – Ph 5367 8933
$12 each. Ph: 5367 8933 FISHING reel, Alvy, no 456A, PLASMA TV -Hitachi 42” with
COMPOST BINS, x3, black, TODDLER TRIKE, visor, push
BUG ZAPPER Ronson Sintinel with coloured steel line, $70 – 5367 set top box VGC $ 40 - 0437 671795
200 litre, square shape, good handle, tray, $25 – 0419 391 622
Electric Insect Bug Zapper, as new 8933 PRAM, Double seater, Childcare,
$20 - 0412 869 304 condition, $50 the lot. Ph 0424 930 TV CABINET with glass doors 710
good working order, waterproof
653 GOLF Buggy (Smoothy) VGC $80 mm x 450 mm $60 - 0418 127 040
BMX BIKE MONGOOSE 20” EC cover, $20 Ph 0418 310 992
$80 – 0410 012 749 COUCH (2 seat) & chair. Garry – 0401 679 539 WALKER (walking aid) in VGC
PRINTS (2) Kevin Best - Limited
CAMERA tripod, Promoter 6400, Masters cane, green plaid GOLF CLUBS, left handed, bag & Editions & signed by Kevin Best. burgundy & black in colour $35
mint condition $60 – 5367 8933 cushions FREE – 5367 0102 buggy, full set, $100 – 0419 391 622 $100 - 0429 660 008 -0437 671795
Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au  The Moorabool News – 26 February, 2019 Page 21

Lions answer
the challenge
Darley Cricket Club
By Todd Whelan

Darley’s First XI has survived a dramatic batting collapse

late on Day Two to upset ladder leaders Mt Clear, with a
thrilling one wicket victory at the weekend.
In what Lions coach Mike Alexander would describe later as
‘our best win of the season’, the result could well have ended
in disaster.
Chasing 273 runs to win, the Lions looked to be cruising at
2/254 before the game was turned on its head. The Lions lost
Bacchus Marsh opener Alex Porter on his way to an
an astonishing 7/15 in no time, sending an almighty scare

Porter knock
unbeaten 161. Photo - submitted Luatangi Haunga set a new Under 11 Discus record.
through the camp before finally reaching their target.
While the capitulation of the Lions middle and lower order
with the bat dominated the ‘great escape’,conversation in
Bacchus Marsh Little Athletics
the post-match, it would take some quality stroke play and Conditions were perfect for athletics and two of the clubs

“incredible” in
steely resolve at the top to set up the win. Eagles athletes took advantage of this. Luatangi Haunga
Coach Alexander sang the praises of English import Rick broke his own Under 11 Discus record with a new record
Moore (105), whose century would be the first for the club throw of 31.32 metres. Nelson Banigo ran an even paced race
this season and ultimately prove the matchwinner. in the Under 10 400 metres breaking a 49-year old Centre

Marsh win
“Rick was outstanding,” he said. record, running a new record time of 1:10.27 minutes.
“He struck the ball well on a wicket that wasn’t necessarily During the week Little Athletics Victoria released the
great for batting. progressions for the State Track & Field Championships, to
“Rick was really smart and executed the game plan be held at Casey Fields on March 16 & 17. Bacchus Marsh
Bacchus Marsh Cricket
beautifully. will be represented by 27 athletes at the Championships. A
By Todd Whelan
“We spoke about needing to play a 65 over game knowing fantastic achievement for one of the smaller Centres within
the wicket would get slower and slower so we wanted to Opening batsman for Bacchus Marsh Alex Porter, has led the State.
avoid batting late if possible,” Alexander said. his side to an emphatic victory over Sunbury United with an The BM athletes will compete in the following events:
unbeaten 161 at the weekend. Nelson Banigo - 100m, 200m, 60m Hurdles, 70m
“The plan was to go at a tick over four runs per over and
Rick was instrumental in carrying this out and setting up Bulls coach James Lidgett could not have been more
Lincoln Braszell - Long Jump
the game for us.” impressed with the England bound 20-year old, highlighting
his professionalism, hunger and desire to bat for long periods. Jesse Bullard - Triple Jump
Alexander (86) made a significant contribution of his own at Elise Cook - 1500m
“Alex’s innings was incredible,” he said.
the top of the order that wasn’t missed by century maker and
“For a young batsman to show that level of patience and will Jonas Cukavac - High Jump
man of the match Rick Moore.
to be there at the end for his team is what really stands out. Oliver Cukavac - High Jump, Javelin, 100m Hurdles
“Mike’s innings was all class,” he said.
“He gave just one or two half chances in 100 overs, it’s very Daphne Dillon - High Jump, Long Jump
The Lions remain in seventh place just percentage behind rare.” Lidgett said.
fifth placed Wendouree who’ll they meet this week in the fi- Kayla Downes – Discus, Javelin, Shot Put
“Alex commitment is exceptional, he’s someone you
nal round of the season. An unlikely outright win and other certainly want on your team.” Deegan Doyle – High Jump
favourable results is all that can help Darley pull off a miracle Bacchus Marsh lost just four wickets for the day as they Evie Ducas – High Jump
finals berth. piled on the runs to sew up top spot ahead of their final Mackenzie Estlick – 100m
While coach Alexander concedes his team will most likely round match against Wallan starting this weekend. Shameka Grero – Discus
miss, there is still more unfinished business. The Bulls ended the day at 4/348 from their 97 overs. Tanae Grero – Shot Put, 70, 100m
“This week is all about finishing in the positive of wins Lidgett was very happy with the way his team responded to
against losses,” he said. Luatangi Haunga – Discus, Shot Put
his pre match message.
“A win could see us jump to fifth and finish off the season “We came in with a mindset focus that if given the Matai Haunga – Discus, Shot Put
well.” opportunity, be the person to win us the game,” he said. Tamara Henry – 200m Hurdles
The Lions have won seven of their last nine games after los- Lidgett also made special mention of Mili Sepala’s dynamic Danielle Ide – 200m Hurdles, 80m Hurdles
ing their opening five games of the season. 89 in the middle order. Nicholas Ide – 60m Hurdles
Darley’s Second Grade and One day B-Grade sides have “Mili played his role perfectly,” he said. Ryan Lister – 200m Hurdles
secured finals berths after their wins at the weekend while “He’s the ideal guy to come out in the middle and take the
Alex Lloyd – High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump, 60m Hurdles
Third Grade sits outside of the top six on percentage. game on.
“HIs 89 was the perfect example, manipulating the field Hayden Lloyd – Javelin
BCA First Grade: Results - Round 14
with his smart batting. Solomon Miesen – Discus, Javelin, 1500m, 800m
Mt Clear 272 All Out, Overs 76. Darley 9/273, Overs 66.
“It was a treat to watch how he and ‘Ports’ successfully went Temi Olaitan – Javelin
R. Moore 105, M. Alexander 86, D. Hyatt 42.
about their business with very different game styles.” Lidgett Eliza Schembri – Discus, Javelin, Long Jump, 100m
Darley won 1 wicket. Darley now 7th (P14 W7 L7). said.
Matilda Schembri – Long Jump
BCA Second Grade: Results - Round 12 Despite the convincing nature of the win, the day wasn’t
Buninyong 83 All out & 8/160 dec, Overs 56.4. M. Ward 3/26, entirely perfect for the Bulls. Both Peter Lalor (40) and Sepala Bridie Shanahan – Discus
J. McKerrow 2/21, C. Beaton 2/27. Darley 98 All Out & 7/138,
BACCHUS MARSH were tragically run out after deflections from the bowlers Emma Stewart – Discus, Long Jump
Overs 35. D. Locke 55, N. Whan 30. Darley won on first in- hand on their follow through cannoned into the stumps
nings. Darley now 4th (P12 W8 L4). at the non-strikers end and found both men short of their
BCA Third Grade: Results - Round 12 ground.
“You only see that happen once or twice in a season,” Lidgett
Darley 292 All Out, Overs 67. Delacombe 254 All Out, Overs
62.3. C. McDonald 3/28, L. Jordan 3/44, J. Martindale 2/28, T.
“Hopefully our share of those are now out of the way!”
Cox 2/41. Darley won by 38 runs. Darley now 8th (P12 W6
L6). Results - Round 13
BCA One day B-Grade: Results - Round 14 GDCA McIntyre Premier Firsts
Sunbury United 159 All Out, Overs 68.3. Bacchus Marsh
Buninyong 102 All Out, Overs 38.3.
4/348, Overs 97. Porter 161 no, M. Sepala 89, P. Lalor 40, S.
Darley 6/107, Overs 28.2. Wakefield 36 no. Bacchus Marsh won on first innings.
Darley won by 4 wickets. Darley now 4th (P14 W10 D1 L3) . Bacchus Marsh now 1st (P13 W11 D1 L1)
GDCA McIntyre Premier Seconds
Bacchus Marsh 7/424, Overs 75. Wallan 137 All Out, Overs
36. 4/133, Overs 26. Bacchus Marsh won on first innings.
Bacchus Marsh now 7th (P11 W3 D2 L6)
GDCA Johnstone Shield District Firsts
NEW DOCTORS EXTENDED HOURS Bacchus Marsh 9/232, Overs 75. Eynesbury 52 All out, Overs

27. 4/92 Overs 39. Bacchus Marsh won on first innings.
Bacchus Marsh now 4th (P13 W7 D1 L5)
GDCA Johnstone Shield District Seconds
Bacchus Marsh 182 All Out, Overs 58.5. St Anthony’s 9/192,
WALK INS & NEW PATIENTS WELCOME Overs 57. F. Pawlowicz 4/48, J. Hayes 2/37, M. Porter 2/72.
Bacchus Marsh lost on first innings. Bacchus Marsh now 6th Nelson Banigo broke a 49-year old Centre record
MyClinic 12 Gell Street, Bacchus Marsh VIC 3340 Phone 5367 8000
(P11 W3 D2 L6). Photos - submitted
Page 22 The Moorabool News – 26 February, 2019 Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au

Ballan Cricket Club    CBC

Ballan 1 St X1
Ballan 9/191 lost Ballarat Redan 10/215
Batting - M Snaith 83, L Snaith 73, S Newton 14 not out
Bowling - S Dehnert 12-3-5/34, M Snaith 13-3-3/34, B
Loughnane 8-1-1/29, H Micallef 8-2-1/24
Ballan got off to a bad start with the bat losing the openers
quickly, then Michael Snaith and Lachie Snaith built a 93-run
partnership. Ballan’s other batsman could not hang around
and support them which resulted in Ballan falling 24 runs

Ballan 2nd X1
Ballan 5/310 def East Ballarat 9/57
Fun Run title
Batting - T Landt 188, R Lindsey 44, C Pascoe 18, J Forrest 17,
G Easterbrook 13, M Clarke 7 no, D Pascoe 6 no
Bowling - T Landt 7.1-1-6/23, J Stone 3-0-3/15
Ballan won the toss and batted first with Rob Lindsay and
Tim Landt putting on a 95-run opening stand, before Tim
Sam Dehnert gets his first five wicket haul finishing with
5/34 off 12 overs. Photos - Chris Thom up for grabs
Dunnstown’s Mountain of Fun Run title is up for grabs with
Landt led the way batting through most of the innings to
the man who’s dominated the event out of contention this
make 188 being well supported by all other batsman. Tim
Landt opened the bowling leading the way taking 6/23 with
and excellent bowling spell, he was well supported by Jeda Five-time winner Nic van Raaphorst won’t take part in this
Stone taking three wickets. Sunday’s (March 3) event as he battles to overcome an injury.
The 34-year old holds the course record for the 12.5 kilo-
metre run which travels through Dunnstown before divert-
Ballan 3rd XI
ing up the challenging Mt Warrenheip on Ballarat’s eastern
Ballan 8/121 lost NAPS-SEBAS 3/124 outskirts.
Batting - J Costello 55 no, B Taylor 18 “It’s just a good community event. Not many fun runs have
Bowling - N Spratling 5-1-2/25, B Rivett 1-0-1/4 lasted this long,” said van Raaphorst.
Ballan won the toss and batted their 40 overs for 121, NAPS- Participants can take on the challenging 12.5km run at
SEBAS made the runs in the 27th over being three down for 8.15am, or a more family friendly 6-kilometre course around
124. Dropped catches and poor ground fielding may have Dunnstown from 8.30.
cost Ballan the match. The event is a fundraiser for St Brendan’s Primary School at
Under 15 On-line entries are open at www.mountainoffunrun.com
Ballan 10/117 lost East Ballarat 5/232
Batting - D Pascoe 33, G Muir 32, J Jarvis 15 no, J Horan 11
Bowling - C Gates 5-0-1/23, E Muir 5-1-1/33, J Jarvis 4-0-1/12 Samantha Horan bowling for the U12 Blue.
Ballan started off well with the ball but East Ballarat got away
late in the innings putting on a good score of 232. With only
two wickets in hand Ballan fell short by 115 runs.

Under 12 Blue
Ballan 8/40 lost Darley 5/102
Darley declared their innings closed at their score from last
week and both teams had a practice match. This was the last
game for the season for the Blue team.

Under 12 White
Ballan 8/55 lost Melton Centrals 7/130
Melton Centrals declared their innings closed at their score
from last week and both teams had a practice match ensuring
all players received valuable match practice heading into the
semi-finals. Lachie Snaith made 73 runs.

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Automatic, dual fuel, towbar, TOYOTA LANDCRUISER
1998 MAZDA BRAVO UTE CHRYSLER NEWPORT large aluminium tray, 2 tool 4.5 Petrol, Auto, 8 seater, MOTOR BIKE
12 valve, 5-speed manual. HOLDEN COMMODORE 2010 1973 Chrysler Newport. boxes, 80% tyre tread, new air 4x4, dual range, 1998, 360k, 2005 Harley-Davidson
277,770 kms. Good tyres, Omega sedan (Silver), Partially restored, left hand cond., recent engine/trans/ service history, tow bar, x11200c Sportster Custom,
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Closing Business Sale Double Horse Float
New plate compactor, Registered, rewired with
Heavy duty portable saw
only 8 hours work, new LED tail & side lights;
bench. Built August 2018. replaced wheel bearings,
warranty May 2019, $1500.
New 13 horse Power motor. brake slave and master
1989 VISCOUNT POP-TOP Fire prevention pump, $500. cylinders, good tyres, no rust
Roll top bench.
Tandem wheels, Twin single Hitachi metal bench saw, in chassis, 10-years shedded,
beds. Gas oven/hot plates, V belt drive. 27 inch saw.
MOTORISED BIKE $200. Electric concrete good solid floor and tailgate.
12 months old, as new, Water tank. Fridge-gas/ LED Lights. Complete with A very reasonably priced
electric, electric freezer. Bottle vibrator, $250. Plus other
never used. jockey wheel. horse float for someone with
gas, roller sun shade includes tools and machinery. a budget or a beginner.
Cost $1000 to install motor. $2400.
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Melton Toyota









AUTO CVT $31,990

AUTO CVT $31,990
DRIVEAWAY[D4] C-HR 2WD $30,990



Melton Toyota
143-147 High Street,
Melton Toyota
143-147 High Street,
T 03 8746 0300
LMCT 1976
T 03 8746 0300
LMCT 1976


[D]Recommended driveaway price (RDP) shown is applicable for Private customers, Bronze, and Silver Fleet customers, and primary producers, only at participating dealers. Offer available on new January 2018 to December 2018 built models purchased between 01/02/2019 and
28/02/2019 unless extended. RDP includes 12 months registration, 12 months compulsory third party insurance (CTP), a maximum dealer delivery charge and stamp duty. Metallic/Premium paint at additional cost. Toyota reserves the right to amend the offer and terms at any stage.
[D3]Recommended driveaway price (RDP) shown is applicable for Private customers, Bronze, and Silver Fleet customers, and primary producers, only at participating dealers. Offer available on new September 2018 to December 2018 built models purchased between 01/02/2019 and
[D]Recommended unlessdriveaway
extended. price
RDP includes 12 months
(RDP) shown registration,
is applicable 12 months
for Private compulsory
customers, third
Bronze, andparty
Silverinsurance (CTP), a maximum
Fleet customers, dealer
and primary deliveryonly
producers, charge, stamp duty and
at participating metallic/premium
dealers. Offer availablepaint.Toyota reserves
on new January 2018thetoright to amend
December thebuilt
2018 offermodels
and terms at any stage.
purchased between[D4]Recommended
01/02/2019 and
28/02/2019 price (RDP)extended.
unless shown is RDP
applicable for12
includes Private
monthscustomers, Bronze,
registration, and Silver
12 months Fleet customers,
compulsory andinsurance
third party primary producers, only at participating
(CTP), a maximum dealer deliverydealers.
chargeOffer available
and stamp onMetallic/Premium
duty. new January 2018paint to December 2018
at additional built
cost. models
Toyota purchased
reserves between
the right 01/02/2019
to amend and
the offer and28/02/2019
terms at anyunless
extended. RDP includes 12 months registration, 12 months compulsory third party insurance (CTP), a maximum dealer delivery charge, stamp duty and metallic/premium paint. Toyota reserves the right to amend the offer and terms at any
[D3]Recommended driveaway price (RDP) shown is applicable for Private customers, Bronze, and Silver Fleet customers, and primary producers, only at participating dealers. Offer available on new September 2018 to December 2018 built models purchased between 01/02/2019stage. [V]Recommended driveaway price (RDP)
shown is applicable
28/02/2019 unlessfor Private customers,
extended. RDP includesBronze, and Silver
12 months Fleet customers,
registration, 12 months andcompulsory
primary producers, only
third party at participating
insurance (CTP), a dealers.
maximum Offer available
dealer oncharge,
delivery new June 2018
stamp to December
duty 2018 built models
and metallic/premium purchased
paint.Toyota between
reserves 01/02/2019
the right to amendand the28/02/2019 unless
offer and terms extended.
at any RDP includes free
stage. [D4]Recommended
driveawaytransmission, 12 months
price (RDP) shown registration,
is applicable 12 months
for Private compulsory
customers, third
Bronze, party
and insurance
Silver (CTP), a maximum
Fleet customers, dealer
and primary delivery charge
producers, only atand stamp duty.
participating Metallic/Premium
dealers. paint
Offer available onatnew
2018 Toyota reserves 2018
to December the right
amend purchased
the offer and terms at
between any stage. [R]Terms
01/02/2019 and conditions
and 28/02/2019 unless
apply. Roadside
extended. RDPassist expires
includes 3 yearsregistration,
12 months from the vehicle deliverycompulsory
12 months date. Valid on all new
third party2018 build Yaris
insurance & aC-HR
(CTP), models
maximum purchased
dealer between
delivery charge,01/12/2018
stamp duty and
and 28/02/2019. Offerpaint.
metallic/premium available to Private
Toyota reservescustomers,
the right Bronze andthe
to amend Silver
andcustomers only.
terms at any Toyota
stage. Finance reserves
[V]Recommended the right to
driveaway change,
price (RDP)
shownor iswithdraw
foroffer at any
Private time. Toyota
customers, Roadside
Bronze, Assist
and Silver is administered
Fleet by Toyota
customers, and Finance,
primary a division
producers, of participating
only at Toyota Finance Australia
dealers. Limited
Offer ABNon
available 48new
435 181,
2018AFSL and Australian
to December Credit
2018 built Licence
models 392536. between 01/02/2019 and 28/02/2019 unless extended. RDP includes free
automatic transmission, 12 months registration, 12 months compulsory third party insurance (CTP), a maximum dealer delivery charge and stamp duty. Metallic/Premium paint at additional cost. Toyota reserves the right to amend the offer and terms at any stage. [R]Terms and conditions
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