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Wh antibiotics that they have prescribed me.

In this connection, I would like to ask from your good office to offset through my
service credits with the respective dates of my absences. Pertinent documents are
attached in this letter to support regarding on this matter.

Your favorable consideration on this matter is highly appreciated.

Thank you and God bless!

Respectfully yours,

Teacher III
1. ich of the following statement depicts “close family ties”?
A. The Reyes family go the cemetery together every 2nd day of November
B. Linda makes visit to her friends every time she arrives in her town.
C. Videoke/Sing-a-long is the favorite past time of the Abella family during
D. After dinner, the Solon family used their cellphones to continue their
individual and undertakings.

2. Every 2nd Sunday of May is the fiesta celebration in honor of San Isidro Labrador.
Donald’s family are used to prepare foods for the visitors. They are very
accommodating every time their relatives abroad visit their place. Which of the
term best describe the aforementioned scenario?
A. Respect C. Family of proliferation
B. Hospitability D. Family of divinity

3. When I visited my classmate Sophia, I observed that are plenty of family

members living together in one house her parents, siblings, grandparents and
A. Patrilineal B. Matrilineal C. Anarchy D. all of the above

4. Polygyny:
A. is the preferred type of marriage in more than 40% of societies.
B. is generally available to all men in societies where it is permitted.
C. tends to be favoured when large families are advantageous and women make
substantial contributions to subsistence.
D. Usually involves the right of younger brothers to have sexual access to their
brothers’ wives.

5. Which of the following is true concerning the choice of a marriage partner?

A. A person’s relatives have little interest in his/her choice of spouse.
B. Romantic love refers to the strong physical and emotional attraction between
the couple.
C. Romantic love is seen as “disease hysteria”
D. Societies make little attempt to control love.
6. According to ____________ theory, two different personality traits that are
counterparts of each other provide a sense of completeness when they are
A. Complementary needs C. Exchange
B. Matching hypothesis D. Mutual dependence

7. Which of the following is an accurate statement about marriage in the

A. Filipinos depend very heavily on marriage for their psychological well-being.
B. Separation between the couple rates continue to increase dramatically.
C. Approximately 25 percent of people never marry.
D. Most people who get involved with third party never remarry.

8. Research on the family life course indicates that:

A. Women with a first child are more likely than women without a child to report
that their husbands do not pay enough attention to them.
B. The marital adjustment rating rises after the birth of a first child.
C. Most couples consider parenthood a crisis.
D. The psychological well-being of parents is a little better than that of childless

9. _____is/are used as medium/media of instruction in schools during the Spanish

A. The vernacular B. Spanish C. English D. Spanish and the vernacular

10. The use of the integrated approach in both secondary and primary level subjects
is a result of the implementation of the _________.
A. Program for Decentralization Education C. Basic Education Curriculum
B. School-based management D. School First Initiative.
11. What government program allows students who are not accommodated in
community public schools to enrol private school at the government expense?
A. Government Assistance Program C. Educational Service Contract System
B. Study now pay later D. National Scholarship Program

12. _____was the 1980’2 foremost educational issue.

A. Bilingual Education C. Values Education
B. Accountability D. Mainstreaming
13. Filipino college students are required to take constitution course for them
A. Develop students into responsible and thinking students

Last June 14-18, 2018, I was confined at the Chong Hua hospital due to “Enteric
Fever”. Several medical laboratories were tested to seek findings to the illness.
Unfortunately, all were negative and to find out later its inflammation of tonsillitis. The
doctor discharged mi last Monday, June 18, 2018 with the condition to continue my
medical treatments at home. Furthermore, the hospital bill was quite expensive. I was
force to rest and continue my medication during June 19-22, 2018. In regards with my
medical certificate, the doctor will only sign once I am done with the medicines and