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Journal of Augustus Kroll, Chief Scientist of Omega Sector
Date: 999.M41

A year has passed since my research team made our greatest discovery. One
which I wish we had never made…

We came to the planet Omegadon-KII 26 years ago to investigate the abnormal

energy readings one of our satellites picked up during a deep-space probe
mission. For 25 of those years, we scoured the planet's surface, searching for
the source of the readings. What we found was a planet with a wide variety of
ecosystems, rich in many useful raw materials the Empire desperately needed.
The indigenous population, mostly feral humanoids, welcomed the idea of
colonization and the betterment of their lives through our advanced technology,
but their primitive existence offered no scientific explanation for the mysterious
readings, only talk of Gods and Magic. We were asked by the Empire to helped
pave the way for the colonization and mining efforts; always maintaining our
research efforts, endeavoring to discover the answer to the mystery that brought
us to Omegadon-KII. After 25 years, I had all but given up on the notion that we
would ever know the origin of the mysterious readings…that is, until the Great

The unprecedented seismic event destroyed a quarter of the planet, collapsing it

into the molten core of the once serene planet. It raised sea levels by over 50
feet in some areas, while other areas, once covered in vast oceans, were almost
instantly transformed to deserts. Entire mountain ranges seemingly sprang
out of thin air, dividing once homogenous regions into vastly different
climatological zones.
It was in one of these newly formed mountain ranges, that the mysterious
source of the planet's energy readings finally revealed itself. A once-buried,
ancient temple, built by an unknown species was now uncovered on a plateau,
high atop one of the mountains. Inside the temple, we discovered a massive
extra-dimensional portal. At first we believed it to be like any other warp portal
we've found across the universe, but as we performed more tests and
experiments, we slowly realized it was unlike anything we had encountered

As news of the discovery of the portal spread, armies from all across the galaxy
began sending forces to the planet, attempting to gain control of the portal and
the secrets it holds.

What they didn't realize was the unpredictability of the power contained within
this portal. One moment it scrambles sub-space communications, the next it
boosts them beyond anything science has developed, allowing almost instant
communication across the span of the known universe. It causes ships to
suddenly lose power and fall from the heavens, then does an about-face and
blasts them out of orbit, sending them hurtling through space at light speeds. I
have seen it deform the bodies of those foolish enough to approach it, sometimes
sucking them in, never to be seen again! I have also come to believe that
spending too much time in its presence drives man and demon alike to lose their
minds…and perhaps their souls as well.

It began with the Blood Angels. They were the first to arrive and secure a
foothold at the base of the mountain upon which the temple is perched. I
warned them that building their base so close to the portal was a terrible idea,
given our brief research, but their bravado (or stupidity) prevented them from
accepting the potential threat of the portal. They spent months defending the
temple against all manner of would-be-conquerors. Orks, demons, bugs, even
the undead…all made bids to wrest control of the mountain from the crimson-
clad marines, to no avail.

I believe the power of the portal corrupts one's body and mind, amplifying their
worst traits and weaknesses. I can feel its cursed energies affecting me even at
a distance of over 10 miles. Although no physical force could break the Blood
Angels' lines, spending day after day bathed in the unnatural energy of the
portal has taken its toll on the mighty warriors. The power of the portal
magnifies the inborn curse of the Blood Angels, The Red Thirst, causing them to
lose more and more of their humanity, accelerating their descent into madness.
The Black Rage has overtaken their ranks with incredible speed and in
unprecedented numbers, but it manifests itself differently here. Rather than
satiating their blood thirst through battle, the poor souls have lost all touch with
humanity, raiding local villages, killing innocents and consuming their blood.
As more and more of their ranks succumb to the Black Rage, the frequency and
severity of their attacks has increased. The local population cannot hope to
stand against the might of these uber-warriors. Only trained soldiers, working
in unison to train new soldiers and bolster the villages current defenses can
hope to stave off their advance.

We must be wary, for it is not only the Blood Angels who are being corrupted by
the portal. Soldiers from the other armies sent to capture the portal, have been
driven mad and are roaming the planet, raiding and pillaging as they go.
Although we have distanced ourselves from the area, many villagers and
refugees have been slipping into the depths of madness as well.

There is yet hope! Many of the warriors, sent here to conquer and control the
portal and it's unimaginable power have abandoned their blood feuds and come
to recognize that on their own, they are no match for the power of the portal. It
is not something that can be controlled - instead it must be stopped. They have
joined forces to help us destroy the portal before it consumes us all. Some have
been tasked with defense of the remaining villages, some, the training of new
soldiers, others follow clues discovered in the ruins of the temple that may tell
us who created the portal, where it leads, and how to destroy it. For the
Emperor's blessing I pray - Give us the strength and will to find the answers
before we succumb to this unholiest of powers.

End of Journal Entry 999.M41

The Cursed Portal guarded by their owners. Ammunition
is expended judiciously, with many
The Cursed Portal is a cooperative Kill warriors preferring to defeat their
Team campaign for 3+ players. The enemies in brutal hand-to-hand combat.
campaign is set on the colonized planet
of Omegadon-KII, in and around the Food and water on the planet are
research outpost, Cintari-I, and the plentiful and its inhabitants continue to
nearby village of Kazul, 10 miles south farm and raise livestock. Natural herbs
of the recently discovered temple, and and plants are used to make basic
15 miles north of the industrial town of medicines.
The remnants of several armies,
Communication on the planet is originally sent to the planet to control
possible, but somewhat unpredictable. the portal, have agreed to a cease-fire,
At times, signals function properly, but realizing their only hope of survival is
at what seem like the most inopportune to work together to destroy the portal.
times, comms fail and only a strange,
rhythmic pulse over the static can be The Madness, an insanity caused by the
heard. portal’s mystical energies, constantly
degrades the minds and willpower of
Off-world communication has become everyone on the planet. Several other
impossible. Signals do not leave the groups have already been driven insane
planet and they do not arrive. You are by its corruption. Those Kill Teams
alone. roam the planet, leaving only death and
destruction in their wake.
Travel to and from the planet has been
severely crippled by the unpredictable
energy patterns of the portal. Ships
have been dragged out of orbit and
slammed into the surface of the planet,
thrown light years across the galaxy,
and some instantly vaporized. As a
result, only the bravest (or most
foolhardy) souls attempt to travel to the
planet and rarely has anyone attempting
to leave been successful.

As a result, off-world resources have

become scarce. High-quality weapons
and armor are prized and closely
Kazul Research Outpost
The village of Kazul is one of the few safe The research outpost is located
havens left in this area of the planet. approximately 2 miles from Kazul. The
Refugees from nearby towns and villages outpost was overrun several months ago
have flooded in, seeking protection behind by a gang of Orks and has been their base
Kazul’s ancient stone walls. Remnants of of operations since. Rumors have it they
various defeated armies have also set up have fully succumb to the Madness,
camp in and around Kazul, making it a making the Orks even more savage and
melting pot of alien species, all willing to brutal than normal. They distrust
co-exist and cooperate in hopes of everyone, including former members of
surviving the cursed portal’s dark forces. their squad.

The villagers are eager to participate in

the defense of their home and have begun
training under the tutelage of the stranded
armies. As their training becomes
complete, they can be used as a resource
to defend the village.

Medical treatment is available to injured

soldiers, but it is natural, homeopathic
remedies, not the advanced scientific
medicines that many of the soldiers are
accustomed to.
The Mountaintop Temple
The newly discovered stone temple sits on
what the locals have come to call Mount
Omega Doom. Uncovered during the
Great Awakening, a massive seismic
event that changed the landscape of the
planet, the massive temple is located on a
relatively flat mesa atop the mountain.
The portal lies at the center of the temple
in a great room, with no roof, periodically
casting its strange energies into the
heavens. The construction and glyphs
found at the temple are of unknown
CAMPAIGN OVERVIEW You do not use the official Codices to
The campaign mixes several game build your team (although you still
styles throughout the various stages of need them to reference special rules,
the game: weapons, etc.). You can spend up to
250 points building your team. When
 Traditional Kill Team campaign
building your team you must follow all
with tactical battles and
Model Allowance rules set out in your
advancement between battles
Team List, for example if your Team
 Board game type mechanics List states that you may have 0-3
 Roleplaying Special models, then you may only ever
Players have up to three models chosen from
the Special section of that Team List.
One person acts as the Campaign
Master (CM). This player is Team List Armouries
responsible for managing the campaign Some models have the option to
turns, villager NPCs, and the majority purchase wargear from their Team
of the enemy kill teams during the List’s armoury, if they do it will say so
missions. See the Kill team section for in their options – note that some
more information on selecting your kill armoury items may only be taken by
team. specific types of models. A model may
The rest of the players will each act as only take one of each piece of wargear
the leader of their kill team, choosing from the Armoury.
squad members for various missions as
well as assigning others to training,
research, defense, or even rest activities
during each phase of the campaign.
During some missions, the CM may ask
one of the players to command one or
more of the enemy forces against the
other players. Notice of the enemy
forces to be played should be provided
by the CM to this player at least one
game session ahead of time in order for
them to familiarize themselves with the
army’s rules, strengths, and
The Campaign To play a Kill Team game you must
first create your team using the Kill
If you are playing in a campaign, you
Team Lists. You can download the
will have the chance to expand and
Team List for your army from the Kill
improve your team after each game.
Team website.
Your team will gain requisition points
in order to reinforce or reequip, and
your models will increase in experience
and gain skills. If you’re unlucky, they
may even suffer injuries or death!
Team Lists, campaign rules, roster
sheets, and other materials can be found

The Rules
The game follows all the normal Victory Conditions
Warhammer 40k rules found in the
Warhammer 40k 7th edition rulebook, The only way to win the campaign is to
with the changes and additions shut down or destroy the portal. At the
explained in the Cursed Portal V1.0 beginning of the game, there is no
Game Rules. Please note that you will known way to accomplish this. As the
require all rulebooks and Codices that campaign progresses, the players will
you would normally need to play a assign research tasks and discover clues
game of Warhammer 40,000. about the origins and workings of the

Building Your Team There are three ways to lose the

Your team represents a small task force
that could be infiltrating an enemy  Kazul morale falls to 0
base, scouting ahead of the main army  Number of Maddened rises to 30
or the spearhead of larger force whose  20th campaign turn expires
task is to assassinate the enemy’s If Kazul morale falls to 0, the citizens
leader. A good team is not just one that flee. Morale starts at 10 and may be
does well on the table top but one that lost and recovered in a number of
has a strong theme. ways (see Morale section).
During each campaign turn there will Defense
be chances for villagers or even player The character* participates in active
kill team members to be affected by the guard duty, protecting the village in
Madness, an unknown type of insanity case of attack. There is no limit to the
caused by the portal. It is possible to number of models that may be
cure the madness if they are protected assigned.
from further exposure and the proper
treatment is administered. Details on Exploration
the “Madness” game effect can be The character scouts or explores a
found in subsequent sections. nearby area. On a roll of 6, a new
locale is discovered that proves
Turn Sequence important in the race to close the portal.
Only one model from each Kill Team
Each of the 20 campaign turns breaks may be assigned an Exploration action
down into the following segments: in any turn.
1. Reveal Mission(s)
2. Assign Warrior Actions Fortification
3. Play mission(s) and post-battle The character works to strengthen the
resolution defenses of the village. On a roll of 5
4. Resolve non-mission warrior or 6, 5 Fortification Points are
awarded. See the Fortification
Upgrades Section for more information.
5. Resolve Madness
6. Calculate Morale Research
7. Resolve Health Status The character works to research the
portal and its strange effects. Roll 1d6
for each character performing a
Warrior Actions Research action. On a roll of 5 or 6,
they succeed in gleaning some
During this segment the players decide knowledge about the portal, it’s history,
what their kill team members will be or its energies and the players gain 1
doing during the phase. Keep the Research Point (RP). Once 6 Research
Health Status rules in mind when Points have been accumulated, the
assigning models to actions other than players can unlock the next Discovery
Rest. mission, leading to clues about how to
destroy the portal.
The available non-mission actions are:
*Note: The terms character and model
are used interchangeably.
Cure - 3 RP can be spent prior to rolling the town can never have more than 10
a Resolve Madness check to cure a conscripts at any time. Conscripts may
model suffering from Madness, moving be used for Village Defense or may be
their Health Status from Exhausted to taken on missions at a point cost of 3
Fresh. Villagers cannot be cured. points per model.

Medic - 5 RP can be spent to reroll a Conscripts do not gain experience and

post-mission injury roll (only if a have the following attributes:
character rolls a death result). Only
one reroll is allowed per character. Conscript
A maximum of 2 models from each 2 2 3 3 1 3 1 5 5+
Kill Team may be used for research in
any given turn.
Squad (5 max)
The character spends the entire turn not
performing any other actions. At the
end of the turn, they remove Fatigued
or Exhausted conditions and start the
next term Fresh (See Health Status).

The character spends the turn away
from the village, searching the
surrounding areas for supplies. Roll
1d6 for each character performing a
Scavenging action. On a roll of 6, the
character finds something useful as
determined by the CM.

Soldier Training
The character works to train villagers
and refugees in the ways of war. Roll
1d6 for each character performing a
training action. On a roll of 5 or 6, they
succeed in basic training of a single
recruit and the town gains 1 conscript.
A maximum of 3 conscripts may be
successfully trained in a single turn and
Madness  If the character was taken out of
action during the turn, subtract 1
Character Madness from their leadership value.
Each character rolls 2d6 during the  If the character took an opponent
Resolve Madness phase of each turn to out of action during the turn,
determine if they succumb to the subtract 1 from their leadership
Madness. They must roll equal to or value.
less than their leadership +6. So if a  If the character's kill team won the
model has a leadership of 4, they must mission, add 1 to their leadership
roll equal to or under 10 (4+6). value.
 If the character or his squad
The Madness roll is subject to the secured an objective or otherwise
following leadership modifiers (which accomplished a mission objective
are cumulative): directly, add 1 to their leadership
 Every odd numbered turn, subtract value.
1 additional point from their  If the character began the turn
leadership value prior to rolling. Exhausted, subtract 1 from their
For example, a model with a leadership value.
leadership of 4 would have to roll a
10 (4+6) in the first turn, but would Note: The reduction or increase of
have to roll a 9 (4+6-1) or below in leadership values above applies only to
the 3nd turn, and an 8 (4+6-2) or Madness checks and does not
below in the 5th turn, and so on. permanently affect the actual leadership

value for other aspects of the game.
If the model has fallen victim to the
madness previously, subtract an
additional 1 point from their If a character fails his Madness roll he
leadership value for each time they is immediately moved to an Exhausted
have failed a Madness roll condition (see Health Status later in
previously. rules). At the end of the following turn,
the character rolls a Madness check at
 If the character began the turn
an additional -1 penalty to his previous
Fresh, add 1 to their leadership
roll. If the character passes the test,
they are upgraded to Fatigued and
 If the character did not participate return to duty as normal. If they fail
in a mission during the turn, add 1 the roll, they are removed from the
to their leadership value. game permanently.
 If the character participated in a
mission during the turn, subtract 1
from their leadership value.
Villager Madness Village Morale
During every odd round, After The village morale track starts at
determining character Madness, roll to Ten and if it ever reaches zero, the
see if any of the villagers succumb as players have lost the campaign. Certain
well. The number of dice rolled is events can lower and raise the village
based on the number of player Kill morale.
A list of the bonuses and penalties
Madness Base Dice follows, but scenario subplots or events
 2 Kill Teams: 8d6 may also call for a Morale increase or
 3 Kill Teams: 10d6 decrease. Note that when these events
reference a model being “slain” this
 4-5 Kill Teams: 12d6
means that the model dies as a result of
 6 or more Kill Teams: 15d6 a post-battle injury roll or Madness roll,
For each 1 or 2 rolled, a new villager is not just that they are taken out of
added to the Madness track. action.

Even though enemy forces do not gain

experience, injury rolls should still be
made for enemy Special and Leader

Morale Penalties
 -3: Players rout from Town Attack
 -2: 3 consecutive Research fails
 -1: Player Special or Leader or
Villager Conscript slain
 -1: Character succumbs to Madness
 -1: Players fail a mission

Morale Bonuses
 +2: Enemy Special or Leader slain.
 +2: 3 consecutive Research
 +1: Enemy Special or Leader taken
out of action, but not slain.
 +1: Players win mission
 +1: Cure Character of Madness
Health Status Vehicles
Each member of a Kill Team is affected The strange energies of the portal
by the Fresh, Fatigued and Exhausted disrupt gyroscopes, altimeters,
Rules. compasses, driver equilibrium, and
other key factors related to piloting
Fresh vehicles. Any round in which a vehicle
A character who begins a turn neither moves, first roll a d6. On a 1 or 2,
Fatigued nor Exhausted is considered reroll the d6 and apply the following
Fresh. Fresh troops have no restrictions effects:
on their actions during the turn.
Dice Result
Fatigued Roll
If a character participates in a mission Vehicle suddenly veers off course!
1 Roll a scatter dice and move the
during a turn, he begins the following
vehicle's full speed in that direction.
turn Fatigued. He is tired and can At the end of the distance, the vehicle
participate in missions as normal while takes 1 hull point of damage and rolls
Fatigued, but if the character 1d6 on the Vehicle Damage Table to
determine the result.
participates in two consecutive turns of
missions, he will become Exhausted at No Power. The vehicle cannot move
2 this turn. It may fire its weapons
the end of the 2nd turn. A Fatigued normally.
character who does not participate in a Jammed! The vehicle operates
mission during the turn, begins the next 3 normally this turn, but cannot fire any
turn Fresh. of its weapons. Models inside the
vehicle may fire their personal
Exhausted weapons if the vehicle allows it.
A character who begins the turn 4
No brakes! The vehicle operates
normally this turn, but in the following
Exhausted must perform a Rest action round, it will continue moving at its
during that turn and cannot participate full speed in a straight line in the
in missions during that turn or the direction it faces at the end of the
current turn. No other movement or
subsequent turn (No missions for 2 turning is allowed in the 2nd turn.
turns). The character may perform
Rapid Fire. The vehicle may fire one
actions in the 2nd turn. 5 of its weapons one additional time this
round. This does not grant more than
one shot for abilities that allow a
vehicle to fire a weapon more than
once already. All abilities are resolved
first, then one additional shot is
Warp speed! The vehicle's speed is
6 boosted. You can move the vehicle
twice its normal movement distance
for this turn only with full control.
is a Chariot, count this result as a Crew
Stunned result instead (see above). If
Vehicle Damage Table
the vehicle is a Zooming Flyer, roll a
further D6: on a 1 or 2, that Flyer will
1-3 - Crew Shaken. The vehicle is
immediately Crash and Burn! (see
rocked by the attack, but no serious
below), on a 3+ the Flyer counts this
damage is sustained. The vehicle can
result as Crew Stunned instead (see
only fire Snap Shots until the end of its
above). Other vehicles are
next turn.
Immobilized. An Immobilized vehicle
cannot move – it may not even pivot,
4 - Crew Stunned. Either the vehicle’s
but its turrets may continue to rotate to
crew is knocked about by the attack, or
select targets, and other weapons retain
the vehicle’s targeting and steering
their normal arcs of fire. Any
systems are temporarily scrambled. The
Immobilized results suffered by an
vehicle can only fire Snap Shots until
already Immobilized vehicle instead
the end of its next turn. If the vehicle is
remove an additional Hull Point.
a Zooming Flyer, it must move 18" and
cannot turn at all in its next Movement
7+ - Explodes! The vehicle is ripped
phase. If the vehicle is not a Zooming
apart in a spectacular explosion, as its
Flyer, it cannot move or pivot until the
fuel and ammo detonate. The vehicle is
end of its next turn.
destroyed. If the vehicle is a Zooming
Flyer, it will immediately Crash and
5 - Weapon Destroyed. The strike
Burn! (see below), otherwise nearby
causes critical damage to part of the
units suffer a Strength 4 AP- hit for
vehicle’s armament. One of the
each model within D6" of the vehicle
vehicle’s weapons (randomly chosen)
(resolve this once, regardless of how
is destroyed – including any combi- or
many times the result is inflicted), as
built in weapons. This can include
flaming debris scatters across the area.
vehicle upgrades that are weapons,
The vehicle is then removed from the
such as pintle-mounted storm bolters or
hunter-killer missiles. Do not count
weapons that have run out of
Crash and Burn! The aircraft is torn
ammunition – they’re already non-
apart and flaming debris rains down
functional for the most part. If a vehicle
upon the battlefield. Centre the large
has no weapons left, treat this result as
blast marker over the Flyer – it then
an Immobilized result instead (see
scatters 2D6". Models under the blast
marker’s final position suffer a Strength
6 AP hit.
6 - Immobilized. The vehicle has taken
a hit that has crippled a wheel, track,
grav plate, engine or leg. If the vehicle
For standard missions, the Kill Team rules for buildings will be used. For Village
Defense Scenarios, The standard 40k rules will be used for buildings. Fortification
Points can be spent on the following during Village Defense Missions:

The following upgrades can only be purchased for fortifications that are buildings.
A small building can purchase a single upgrade, a medium building can purchase up
to two, while a large building can purchase up to three. A single building can only
have one of each upgrade. The first time a unit (friend or foe) occupies a building
with upgrades, the owning player must declare all upgrades the building has. Unless
otherwise stated, these upgrades do not apply to a building’s battlements.

Multiple Part Buildings and Upgrades

An upgrade purchased for one part of a multiple part building only applies to the
part it was purchased for, not to the entire of the multiple part building. If you wish
to upgrade the entire multiple part building with the same upgrade, you will need to
pay the appropriate points cost for each part. Each part of a multiple part building
(excluding battlements) can have different upgrades.

Ammo Store......15 pts

Extra crates of ammunition have been stockpiled within this fortification, ready to
be distributed to garrisoning troops. A unit occupying this building re-rolls To Hit
rolls of a 1 when firing out of the building’s fire points. Note this does not apply to
a model manually firing an emplaced weapon.

Booby Traps......15 pts

This fortification has been rigged with a surprise for the first unwitting patrol to
stumble across it. At the end of the movement phase, any model within the
boundaries of this fortification suffers 1D6+1 Strength 4 AP5 hits with the Ignores
Cover special rule. Defending player must mark this location on the pre-mission
battle map.

Escape Hatch......25 pts

This fortification maintains a concealed escape route. When this building is first
occupied, the owning player can place an escape hatch marker anywhere within 12"
of the building that is not impassable terrain or within another building. The escape
hatch marker is an additional Access Point for the building, but models using it
cannot use the Repel the Enemy special rule.
Searchlights......5 pts
Searchlights are often fitted to fortifications to spot approaching enemies who lurk
in the dark. Searchlights are used when Night Fighting rules are in effect (See
Warhammer 40k Rules). If a fortification has a searchlight, it can, after firing all of
its weapons, choose to illuminate its target with the searchlight. If it does so, it also
illuminates itself. Illumination lasts until the end of the following turn. Illuminated
units gain no benefit from the Night Fighting rule.

Armour Plating......10 pts

The fortification’s walls have been built-up or otherwise reinforced. The
fortification gains +1 Armor Value each time this upgrade is chosen (up to a
maximum of +3).

Makeshift barricades can provide a vital outer perimeter. Obstacle upgrades are
small sections (each up to 6" in length and 4” wide) of battlefield debris (see
opposite). The village can purchase up to four sections of obstacles, in any
combination, from the list below. These are placed at the same time as the village
terrain and must be placed wholly within 6" of the village walls.

Tanglewire......5 pts/section
Shrine……….10 pts (Only 1 allowed)
Barricades......10 pts/section
Tank Traps.....5 pts/section
Fuel Barrels…5 pts/ 2 barrels


Battlement & Battlefield upgrades are single pieces of battlefield debris. A list of
the relevant descriptions and rules for battlefield debris follow. The village can
purchase a single Battlement & Battlefield upgrade from the list below. These are
placed either on the village’s battlements (if it is a building with battlements) or
Anywhere on the tabletop that is wholly within 6" of the village walls.

Ammunition Dump......20 pts

Comms Relay ......20 pts
Gun Emplacement with Heavy Stubber......20 pts
Gun Emplacement with Heavy Bolter......25 pts
Gun Emplacement with Multi-Laser……35 pts
The following list summarizes the rules for battlefield debris that can be purchased
as upgrades to a fortification, or as fortifications in their own right.


Unless otherwise noted, battlefield debris is difficult terrain, though elements of
other ty pes of terrain may also apply.

Ammunition Dump
A ready supply of ammunition is always welcome in a fight – especially when you
hear the ‘dead man’s click’ of an empty magazine. Any model within 2" of an
ammunition dump re-rolls failed To Hit rolls of 1 in the Shooting phase. A model in
cover behind an ammunition dump has a 5+ cover save.

Barricades and Walls

Barricades and walls are hastily assembled obstacles or the remains of once proud
structures. A model in cover behind a barricade or wall has a 4+ cover save. For the
purposes of charge moves, models that are both in base contact with a barricade and
within 2" of each other are treated as being in base contact. Despite the models on
either side not literally being in base contact, the combatants fight nonetheless.

Comms Relay
A working comms relay can be crucial to the coordination of reserves, and therefore
to a swift victory. Any player with an unengaged model within 2" of a comms relay
can re-roll Reserves rolls. A model in cover behind a comms relay has a 5+ cover
save. Reserves are characters who are performing Fortification or Research actions
this turn. Reserves rolls and the comms relay may be used to bring 5 of the models
performing one of these actions in as reserves (all 5 models must come from the
group of models performing the SAME action this turn). The models called as
reserves cannot roll for FP or RP this turn.

Defense Lines
Defense lines are armoured shield sections that link together to provide troops with
shelter from enemy firepower. A model in cover behind a defense line has a 4+
cover save. If a unit decides to Go to Ground behind a defense line, it gains +2 to its
cover save, rather than +1 . For the purposes of charge moves, models that are both
in base contact with a defense line and within 2" of each other are treated as being
in base contact. Despite the models on either side of the defense line not literally
being in base contact, the combatants fight nonetheless.
Gun Emplacement
One non-vehicle model in base contact with a gun emplacement can fire it instead
of his own weapon, following the normal rules for shooting (note that a model
firing a gun-emplacement always counts as being stationary , even if it moved in its
preceding Movement phase). A model in cover behind a gun emplacement has a 4+
cover save. The gun emplacement can be shot at and attacked in close combat. It is
hit automatically in close combat and has the following profile:

Gun Emplacement
- - - 7 2 - - - 3+
Heavy Stubber
Heavy Bolter

The glow of holy light inspires the faithful still. Models are Fearless whilst within
2" of the shrine. A model in cover behind the shrine has a 3+ cover save.

The barbed coils of tanglewire can prove fatal to infantry. Tanglewire is dangerous
terrain. A model in cover behind tanglewire has a 6+ cover save.

Tank Traps
These obstacles allow all but vehicles to pass by unhindered. Tank traps are
impassable terrain to non-Skimmer vehicles, dangerous terrain to Bikes, and open
ground for all other units. A model in cover behind tank traps has a 4+ cover save.

Wreckage and Rubble

Twisted metal and shattered ceramite can be used as makeshift cover. Wreckage
and rubble are area terrain. A model in cover behind wreckage or rubble has a 4+
cover save.

Fuel Barrels
Fuel barrels provide a 5+ cover save, but on a save roll of ‘1’, the barrel explodes
and the model immediately takes a wound. Saves other than the cover save are
allowed vs. this wound.
0 / 20
Fortification Points Fortifications Purchased
0 1.
Research Points
0 6.

Conscripts Trained Village Morale

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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