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Janani (2006 film)

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Janani is a 2006 Bollywood film starring Bhagyashree and Ayesha

Jhulka in the lead roles.

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Rahul falls in love with Neha, who he meets in college. However,
when his mother discovers who Neha's parents are, things get
complicated as Rahul and Neha find out that they may in fact be
siblings. When Rahul parents oppose their wedding, Rahul insist on
finding the real reason, and thinks because of Neha's status Rahul
parents are opposing. The parents explain that Neha's mother was
working in their toy factory and helped them in expanding their
business, and he is her biological son.

Rahul gets very upset after discovering that Neha is his real sister,
with whom he had sex the last night. In the background they also
show the full story of how Rahul was adopted by Urmila, and how the
relationship between Urmila and Rahul's biological mother was
spoiled, after death of Rahul's elder brother who was also called by
the same name due to brain tumor. Although Urmila and her husband
had helped Rahul parents financially and supported them with the
treatment of elder Rahul, but he could not survive for longer and that
was the main reason that Rahul's biological mother Akansha was not
willing to surrender her second son who was also named Rahul.

Both Urmila and Akansha wanted the Rahul and Urmila's husband
beg Akansha for the custody of Rahul. When Neha talks to Rahul's
biological mother she discovers that she was also adopted by Rahul's
real mother and they are indeed not brother and sister, but it is too
late, since Rahul has shot himself when they both rush to their home
and he becomes injured, they both explain that Neha is not Rahul's
real sister, and Rahul also survives and they show after a year they
are happily married and they have their own son, and this way it is
happy ending for every one and all the family members celebrate
good moments and the movie ends with a song of Rahul and Neha in
the rain and water.

Bhagyashree as Akanksha
Ayesha Jhulka as Urmila
Mohnish Behl as Raj
Aman Verma as Tarun
Vineet Raina as Rahul
Sonica Handa as Neha
Anjana Mumtaz

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