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Production Support Issues

Important Transactions

RSMO – Load Monitor

RSPC – Process Chain Maintenance
RSPCM – Process Chain Monitoring
BWCCMS – Process Chain Monitoring
SM12 – Display and Delete Locks
SM37 – Job Selection
SM50 – Process Overview
SM51 – List of SAP Systems
SM58 – Asynchronous RFC Error Log
SMQ1 – qRFC Monitor (Outbound Queue)
SMQ2 – qRFC Monitor (Inbound Queue)
RSRQ – Data Load Monitor for a request
ST03/ST03N – Work Load Monitor
ST05 – Performance Monitor
ST22 – ABAP Dump Analysis
AL11 – Display SAP Directories
BD87 – Status Monitor for ALE Messages
OB08 – C FI Maintain Table TCURR

Basic Data Load Errors

Master Data Locks

- master data load failed, next time load is not allowed because master data lock
- master data lock need to be removed
- go to RSMO, select error request, go to Status tab, click on lock overview, it displays
the master data attribute, select it, context menu, and select remove lock.
- load the request again from PSA
Invalid Characters in BW
- Error 1 in the update, invalid characters
- BW supports capital letters and certain characters, invalid characters caused an error
- 3 solutions, remove the invalid character, change the invalid character or allow
character in BW
- If u wants to remove, remove it from PSA. If u wants to change, change in PSA. If u
want to allow the character in BW, use transaction RSKC
- Reload request from PSA

Short dump Occurred

- short dump occurs in both BW or in SAP R/3
- to analyze the reason, select Short dump overview button in status tab of a request in
RSMO or check in ST22
- in BW, short dumps are because of Time-Outs and Database errors
- if short dump is in BW and it is because of Time-outs, then reschedule the request
from PSA, if it repeats again regenerate all the related objects using:

InfoCube - RSDG_CUBE_ACTIVATE - in SE38 Program

InfoObjects - RSDG_IOBJ_ACTIVATE - in SE38 Program
MultiProvider - RSDG_MPRO_ACTIVATE - in SE38 Program
Cumm. Structure - RS_COMSTRU_ACTIVATE_ALL - in SE38 Program
Tran. Structure - RS_TRANSTRU_ACTIVATE_ALL- in SE38 Program
Update Rules - RSAU_UPDR_REACTIVATE_ALL- in SE38 Program
- if short dump is in BW and it is because of Database errors, these errors can be
caused by various reasons, but mostly caused by too small table space or no
database space, inform to the database administrators to solve and then reschedule
the request from PSA.
- If short dump is in R/3, this is because of Database errors and other reasons
- If it is by database error, inform to DB Administrator to solve, and again reschedule the
load from source system
Objects Locked
- if someone editing the objects and at the same time if load is happened, then loads
are fail with error message objects locked
- remove the lock if u have authorization or wait for some time
- check the list of locked objects in SM12, if u are authorized remove the object from
SM12 and then reschedule the request from PSA

Duplicate Records
- while loading mater data
- perform elementary tests or remove duplicate records at InfoPackage level
- in RSRV perform the elementary tests to remove the duplicate records or checks the
check boxes ignore duplicate records at InfoPackage.
- Reschedule the InfoPackage from PSA.
Save Hierarchy Failed
- due to attributes load, some time hierarchy will load but fails to save
- manually load the hierarchy
- manually schedule the request from PSA

Error in Source System

- this is because of so many reasons, most of the time because of RFC problem
- check the source system connection in RSA13, if it is not in active inform to Basis
- remove the bad request and reschedule the request
- reschedule the request from the source system

Inactive Update Rules

- update rules are in inactive status
- manually activate the update rules
- run the program RSAU_UPDR_REACTIVATE_ALL in SE38, provide InfoSource and
Data Target name, to activate the update rules
- reschedule the request from PSA
Time Stamp Error
- this is because of timestamp changes between source system and BW system
- replicate DataSource and activate the transfer structure
- replicate DataSource from InfoSource or Source System tree, then run the program
RS_TRANSTRU_ACTIVATE_ALL, provide Source system name and InfoSource
name and execute to activate the Transfer Structure
- then reschedule the request from source system

PSA Error Records

- how to modify the records in PSA
- select the error data package, to modify the error record
- first delete the bad request from the request tab of manage, then PSA allow modifying
the records. Go to details tab of the particular InfoPackage in monitor, select the error
data packet, context menu, select PSA maintenance, then it moves to PSA
maintenance screen then double click on error record then modify.
- Load data manually from PSA or select icon Read everything in manually in monitor
No SID Found
- while loading transaction data if any master data record not found, it will through this
- load master data for a particular master data InfoObject
- manually load master data by scheduling the InfoPackage or manually maintain the
master data
- reschedule the request from PSA

Number Range Error

- when number range defined exceeds,
- perform elementary tests in RSRV
- copy the name of the particular object for which the number range to be increased,
then goto RSRV, select ‘Compare the Number Range…’ test under particular object
(for dimension or InfoObject, etc.), drag and drop to right side, provide the object
name then select ‘Repair’ icon
- reschedule the request from PSA
Transact RFC Error
- error while transferring the LUWs from source to service API
- manually push the LUWs(blocked) to service API
- Goto SM58 in source system side, select the blocked LUWs, then select Execute
LUW form the menu tab.
- Once LUWs are manually executed in source side, refresh the load then it will start
loading automatically. In between any data packets failed, then select the respective
data packet from the details tab, context menu, then select execute manually.

ALE Remote Lock

- This can happen when user or ALEREMOTE is accessing the same table
- Remove the locked object from lock list(if u authorized), or inform to Basis
- Go to SM12, remove the object from the list if u authorized, else inform to
administrator and wait for some time.
- Reschedule the request from PSA
Delta Load Fails
- procedure if any delta load fails
- go for repeat delta
- remove the request from the request tab of manage, change the status of the request
to red in monitor and then schedule the request
- it populates repeat delta screen, select ok

Delta Load Fails (ODS)

- procedure to handle if any delta load fails
- go for repeat delta
- remove the bad request from the manage of request tab; change the quality status to
red in both request tab as well as in monitor of that request. In ODS, remove the
datamart status, then reschedule the request from the InfoPackage as usual
- it populates repeat delta screen, select ok
Attribute Change Run
- how to perform attribute change run
- using program RSDDS_AGGREGATES_MAINTAIN or transaction RSATTR
- run the program RSDDS_AGGREGATES_MAINTAIN, provide InfoObject name and
execute it will updates the attributes values in aggregates in foreground, or use the
transaction RSATTR to execute in background

Error at Process Chain Start Variant

- how to handle if any process chain stopped at start variant
- perform the following standard steps

- Go to process chain planning view

- Go to variant maintenance of the start process (where we schedule the
process chain)
- Select “Start suing Metachain or API”, and save
- Come back to the planning view and trigger or schedule the process chain
- Go to log view, click on View in menu tab, and select “Merge Active Version”
- Come back to log view, select the start process, go with context menu and
select ‘Stop Process Again’

By these steps, the process chain restarts normally. Once all the processes
successfully finished, we need to perform the following steps to bring back the process
chain to normal

- Reselect ‘Direct Scheduling’ in the variant of the start process

- Activate and schedule the process chain
Process Overdue Error
- if two chains try to load or update data to a single object, we will get this type of error
- wait for some time and reschedule the request
- identify the chain and process which is updating the target, after finishing that process
again reschedule the request
- reschedule the request from PSA

No Access Permission, table is locked

- this is because of some one accessing that object
- wait for some time or unlock the object
- if u r authorized, delete the object from SM12, or inform to administrator to unlock the
- reschedule the request from PSA

No master data operations possible during a change run

- simultaneously loading attributes and change run is not possible
- check is any attribute change run is running
- wait until it finish and reschedule the request from PSA

More Errors

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Important BWP Programs

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Important BWP Function Modules

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