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HARSHIL B. SHAH Email : hbshah92@gmail.

B.E (Information Technology) Mobile : +91 97140 75075


Energetic software engineer with 5 years experience developing robust code for high-
volume businesses.


Currently working with Sailfin Technology Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad as a Sr. Software

Project Detail :

1) PLM : Process Lifecycle Management.

 Team Size: 10
 Role Played: Sr. Developer
 Skills Used: Core Java, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Basic Node JS, CSS,
 Database : MySQL.
 Tool Used : Eclipse.

Description :

 Client Name : Genpact

 PLM project is basically use for create the cases based on Process (like
PO,Non-PO process) .

 Created new cases gone through multiple states like Ready for
Processing,Supervisor Email resolution,QC complete, process etc.

 One user can accept case created by different users also they can assign
own case to different user.
Roles & Responsibilities :

 Developing new CRs involving in business requirement discussion.

 Created custom Approval Process,Push Notification,Reminder &
Escalation Module.
 Fixing bugs in existing modules in Project.

From Aug 2015 – Nov 2017 I was worked with Future Group, Ahmedabad at post
of Sr.Software Developer (Java Developer).

Projects Detail

1) Promotion workflow management [PWM]

 Team Size: 6
 Role Played: Application Developer
 Skills Used: Struts, Hibernate, Mysql, SOAP Webservices.
 Configuration : Netbeans 8.0.1, GlassFish Server 3.0, Mysql Database

Description :

 Promotion workflow management application is used for create

Promotion is nothing but one kind of offer in retail business.
 This application is used by Big Bazaar,Central,eZone,Brand Factory.
 Initiator is responsible for create promotion for any Category.
 Initiator can create promotion based on assigned category Like
 When promotion has been submitted then it goes to L1 Approver / L2
 After Approving ticket it goes to Promotion Manager For further
Then Promotion Manager Assigned promotion to Executor.
 This application has SOA Architecture.

From Feb 2015 – Jun 2015 I am working with HighQ Solutions Ltd,
Ahmedabad at post of Jr.Software Developer. Working with one Product that
Struts, Sql Server Based.
Projects Detail

1) Collaborate Product

 Team Size: 6
 Role Played: Java Developer
 Skills Used: Struts, SqlServer 2012, Jquery, JavaScript.

Description :

 HighQ Collaborate uniquely combines advanced document management

and file sharing with enterprise social collaboration.
 personal productivity and project management tools that allow users to
get their work done more efficiently

1.8 Years of working Experience in JNR Software Solution, Ahmedabad at

post of Java Developer. Working with two project, from that one is In JSP – SERVLET
Based and one is in Oracle Rule Author.

Projects Detail

1) Tally Bridge Duration: July 2013 - Dec 2013

 Team Size: 2
 Role Played: Java Developer / Database Developer
 Skills Used: MySQL

Description :

This was a small but useful Tally Related System convert tally data into Mysql
Table Formate.Using this system a user can generate a report of all the available
transction like sale Report,Purchase Report etc.

 ITR(IncomeTax Return) Duration: Jan 2014 - Nov 2014

 Team Size: 3
 Role Played: Developer and Tester
 Skills Used: Core Java, MySQL and JAXB

Description :
Core Java with Oracle Rule Author Tool named ITR (e-Filing)for the incometax
department of india, as developing business logic (Rules) for the e-filing returns in the
core java.



B.E (I.T) May-Jun 2013 Kalol Institute Of 7.57 CGPA
XII March 2009 G.S.E.B. 80.80%

X March 2007 G.S.E.B. 88.00%




 Java Skills:
Core Java, J2EE, Web Services, JSON.
 Framework :
Hibernate, Spring MVC
 Application Server :
Tomcat, JBoss
 Database :
Oracle, MySQL
 Related Skills :
HTML, XML, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, Basic Node JS.
 Tools and Packages :
Eclipse, SOAP UI, Postman, SQL developer.

 Bug fixing and maintenance of the product.

 Coordinating with other teams working on the same project.

 Ensuring smooth delivery of the project.

Date of Birth : 27 Aug, 1992.
Sex & Marital status : Male, Single
Hobbies : Reading books and Surfing.
Nationality : Indian
Languages Known : English, Hindi and Gujarati
Address : 12, sundaram society,
Near Gayatri Temple highway road, kalol-382721
Dist-Gandhinagar, Gujarat