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The Rhythm Of Life Words by Dorothy Fields Music by Cy Coleman ‘Moderately Dad-dy start-ed out in San Fran-cis - co, toot-in' on’ a trum ~ pet loud and mean, F Bb c F Sud-den-ly a voice said, "Go forth, Dad - dy, spread the pic-ture on Bb Dm ET wid - er screen,” And the voice said, "Broth-er,there's a mil - lion pi ~ geons Am c pr om SS SS Sao — f read=y tbe hooked on new re ‘li = gions. HIE the road, Dad. dy, leave your —= Gm6 ar Dm = ——- — ee ee a Pe Spread the re-li-gion of The Rhy-thm Of Life," And The Fm, Db. Bom Eb Rhy-thm Of Life is a pow-er-ful beat, Puts a tin-gle in your fin-gers and a Db = es —_ se SSS EF SSE SS tin-gle in your feet, Rhy-thm in your bed ~ room, rhy-thm in the street, Yes, The —_—_= — ae = i = SS SS 3 F ra 4 « + 4 183 c Fm pow -er - ful beat, Db Bbm Eb cm Ab Db Rhy-thm Of Life, To feel the pow-er-ful beat, Bbm? Gm7-9 Bbm7 Fm AT tin-gle in your fin - gers, tin -gle in your feet.