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EECEEEEC EEE EEE EEE Er eeee eee eee eer er eae aRam ee eter The Rhythm of Life (ors Ub, voices with four-hand piann accompaniment) Lyre by DOROTHY FIELDS Arranged by (oaepted) RICHARD BARNES Basie by Moderately fast (¢ CY COLEMAN A. (rn dha @) uso | Ln Pomp ku wo | ti S- ALL VOICES UNISON op nen T stared down the set ist Sun-dey, Fes-it mighty low and ind -a ‘mean, . Tf ~ ~ po Suidemly 4 voice si, “Go forth eldh-bor! Spreadthe picture on a wid-er screen!” Ana the x See eee x3 o> —— nf 38) - == Pecmance time: appeoe. 3:30, From the Broadiay Musca, ~Swset Charity", Mase by © Cony ©1903 (Renewed), 1969 NOTABLE MUSICCO..INC ang LIDA ENTERPRISES INC All Righ's Administered by WH MUSIC CORP. All Rights Reserved Us by ermision SOLE SELLING AGENT FOR THIS ARRANGEMENT: SHAWNEE PRESS, INC NASH oleman, Lyre by Dory Fick fannie [corvingis ® oie si Neighbor there's a milllon fea-sons Why you sould be ged in all Four sea» sons! inc ee os <2 #2 my intensely Hit the road, neigh-bor, leave your worstes and strife! Spread the e-Iigion of the rhy-thm oflife"For the thy-thmof life is a power-ful beat,Putsa tingle inyourfingersanda tingle in yous feet! 816) a s (Se, tce) Rhythm on the n-side, shy-thm on thestreet, And the thy-thm of life is a pow.erul beat! For the © SOPRANO ny To feelthe rhy-thm of fe, To feel the powerful beat, ALL OTHER VOICES UNISON shy-thmof lifeis a power ful beat, Puts a tin-gle inyourfimgers anda tingle in your feet! Primo ce Shak as £ woo $58 ad of 2 { To feel the tingle in your fin - ger, tin-lein your fet! To feel the (Bosstacs) Riy-thmon the in-sde, shythmon the ses, And thee 2 thm oflifeis a powerful beat! For the cs asin