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1) Install JPRO 2017v3

2) Install SSCERuntime-ENU for x86

3) Block Fleets.exe and AmpliAuthentication.exe in Windows FireWall

4) Copy files into JPRO folder: ACTIVATOR.exe, d.x, lic.dll, opi.cod, opi.cod.config

5) Copy sn.lic into JPRO folder

6) Run ACTIVATOR.exe with administrator rights (right button - Runs AsAdmin)

If you will have some problems with Volvo module when it connected to vehicle or you will get this
message on first start

then try next

1) Uninstall JPRO

2) Delete C:\ProgramData\Noregon folder

3) Unblock AmpliAuthentication.exe in Windows FireWall

4) Install JPRO

5) Run ACTIAVTOR.exe, uncheck “Volvo Initialization” option and activate JPRO again

7) Enable Internet connection

8) Run JPRO