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Davide Grassi

Born on 29/07/1984, Turin; living in Turin; Mobile: (+39) 333.3846330 | Home: (+39) 011.3978223 | Skype: grassidavide; davide.grassi84@gmail.com | http://flavors.me/davidegrassi . Summary and Objective
Management Engineer with professional background as ICT/Manufacturing Consultant and Project Manager in Innovation field, currently involved in R&D and Product Development management at Fiat Auto. Sportsman, web-savvy and strongly strategy, innovation, start-up and technology enthusiast. Aims to grow up and face ambitious challenges within cutting edge organizations where to contribute with mix of critical and lateral thinking, entrepreneurial mindset, customer oriented vision and positive character and passion. Relevant skills, area: innovation | management | web 2.0 | ICT | business processes | social media | willing to learn.
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Professional Experiences
11/2011 current Fiat Auto Methodologies Specialist Supporting team responsible for Product Development Process in defining improvement suggestions for redesign of business processes, organizational structure and corporate strategy through internal audit, competitors benchmark and literature analysis. Some skills: business process management | change management | relational skills. Direct supported the Innovation Manager in methodological and product innovation activities in Innovation and Advanced Engineering area. - Mainly involved in Social Innovation projects revising ideas management phase in Innovation Process with introduction of web 2.0 culture and social approach and tools. Given recognition by managers for the huge KPIs improvement in corporate platform of Idea Management. Conceived and coordinated platform advance as project manager. Some skills: innovation management | social media | Enterprise 2.0 | Open Innovation. Business consulting on software line Tecnomatix (digital manufacturing) in projects for automotive and automation firms: modeling and simulation of manufacturing and business processes, customization and implementation of IT tools. Pre-sales activities in competitive tender for the provision of an innovative solution for automotive plant design: requirement/gap analysis, design, test, presentation. Mentioned positively in report of project resolved in awarding of contract by Siemens; Recruited with permanent contract to fill Piedmont responsible position. Some skills: contract management | data model definition | business processes redesign. Re-designed an Enterprise Content Management tool: identified hidden needs, criticality and technical requirements, dreamt up and applied congruous solutions; - Covered responsibility roles in client-facing coordinating and scheduling team activities. Decreased 20% filing and consultation time. The solution is still now employed. Some skills: ICT tools design | stakeholder involvement | usability analysis | training.

02/2011 09/2011 Iveco (Fiat Industrial): Assistant Project Manager.

05/2010 10/2010 Siemens Industry Software: Implementation Engineer. 11/2009 05/2010 Siemens P.L.M: Presales Professional.

08/2006 11/2006 Umberto I hospital: Analyst, Content Manager.

University experiences: (real 58 months projects in 612 people teams)

Project management of building construction with turn-key contract; Product development management: from market analysis to selling strategy study; Redesigned organizational structure of Pirelli production department.

Other Experiences
Middle distance competitive running athlete for 15 years obtaining excellent results and victories into national and regional field. Played a leading role in the Piedmont representative at the Italian Championships achieving twice the "Champions of Italy" title. Recently marathon runner and next Ironman.

Curriculum Vitae

Davide Grassi Education

03/2007 03/2010 Master of Science Degree in: Management Engineering. 09/2003 03/2007 Bachelor Degree in: Industrial Engineering. 09/1998 06/2003 High School Diploma in
Industrial Director Technician.

Specialization: Industrial Management Engineering; Courses plan; School of Management and Industrial Engineering, Turin Polytechnic; Vote: 92/110. Thesis: Siemens project. Supervisor: Eng. Alberto De Marco. Specialization: Logistic and Manufacturing Engineering; Courses plan; Department of Production Systems and Business Economics, Turin Polytechnic; Vote: 90/110. Thesis: Umberto I Hospital project. Supervisor: Eng. Fulvio Corno. Electrotechnical and Automation specialization; Industrial and Technical Institute Edoardo Agnelli, 10135 Turin; Vote: 96/100.

Skills and Competences

Languages: Italian : Mother Tongue. English: Intermediate: - Spoken Interaction: B1; Reading: C1; Writing: B2 (European Framework of Reference) - Preliminary English Test: "pass with merit"(2006). Platform: skilled in Microsoft systems; Languages: experiences with C/C++, Html, Asp, Php; Software: Office, Siemens suites, Google Analytics, Photoshop. Concepts: server-client architectures, data models, social tools. Excellent web user and expert. Extremely interested in collective intelligence, knowledge management and crossfertilization phenomena, therefore in exploring other points of view and joining multidisciplinary environments with mentality and culture differences. Experiences with management of cross-functional processes in corporate projects. Involved with various activities of collaborative innovation, suppliers and clients partnership, team building, co-design.




Personal Characteristics
Developed strong work culture, goal oriented approach and ability to handle stress thanks to competitive sports experiences. Recognized as having strong ability to detect critical and opportunities and the capable of responding with mental flexibility, cross-fertilize attitude and resourceful disposition often finding outside the box solutions. Described by co-workers as excellent motivator, determinate, intuitive and extremely curious.

Hobbies and Interests

Sports passionate (Milan stadium regular, mountaineering, Ju-Jitsu brown belt) and practicing (soccer, running, climbing). Piano player for 7 years obtaining the Yamaha Advanced Certificate. Careful technology and start-up follower. Reader of books and blogs about entrepreneurship, physics, mountaineering and future.
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