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Subject: Theme: Class: Date:

English Language World of Knowledge 4 10 August 2018
Topic: Time: Day:
Unit 10 Let’s Celebrate 0845 – 0945 Friday
Class size: Educational Emphases:
13 pupils i. Information and Communication
Technology Skills (ICT)
a) Audio Recording
ii. Multiple Intelligences
a) Verbal-Linguistics
iii. Contextual Learning
iv. Values and Citizenship
v. Assessment
a) Assessment for learning
Learning Standard Code: Main Concept/Vocabulary:
1.1.2 Able to listen to and enjoy stories. i. The history of Dumpling Festival
1.1.4 Able to talk about related topics with
Learning Objectives: Success Criteria:
By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to: i. Every group will be able to arrange at least
i. arrange the sentence stripes in the correct 3 sentences stripes in the correct
sequence. (Group) sequence.
ii. describe pictures by making sentences ii. Every group will be able to describe
correctly based on the guidance given. pictures by making at least two sentences
(Group) correctly based on the guidance given.
iii. say simple sentences based on the picture iii. Every pupil will be able to say at least one
given with correct pronunciation. (Individual) simple sentences based on the picture
given with correct pronunciation.
Moral Value(s): Previous Knowledge:
i. Respect and get know about others culture Pupils learnt to listen to and enjoy stories and
able to talk about related topics with


Focused skill: Teaching and Learning Material(s):

Listening and Speaking  Pictures
 Audio recording
 Sentence stripes
 Mini board
 Pictures cards for making


Teaching Framework Impact / Reflection

Start-up Activity 1: Introduce the Dumpling Festival / Rationale:

Activity Dragon Boat Festival The purpose of using the
1. Teacher will paste some pictures on the picture as the start-up
(5 minutes)
whiteboard. activity is to attract pupils’
2. Pupils will be asking some questions based attention and interest
 Activity 1:
on the picture. towards the lesson.
Introduce the
Teaching and Learning
Festival / Dragon
Boat Festival
i. Pictures

Rice Dumplings Chun Yuan

Boat Races Beat On Drums

1. What is this? When will we eat this?
This is rice dumpling. We eat it during the
Dumplings Festival.
2. Who is the man?
The man is Chu Yuan. He was one of the
emperor’s most loyal servants
3. What celebration will be held during the
They will mad rice dumplings, held boat
races and beat on drums.


Teaching Framework Impact / Reflection

Main Activity PRESENTATION (15 minutes) Rationale:

Activity 2: Listening to the audio recording To build the pupils’
Activity 2:
1. Pupils will be divided into 4 groups (home understanding of the
Listening to the
group) and seat in a group. celebration of The Dumpling
audio recording
2. Pupils will listen to an audio recording Festival.
entitled “The Dumpling Festival”.
Educational Emphases:
3. Each group will be given a set of picture and
i. Information and
sentences stripes.
4. Pupils need to listen to the audio for the
Technology Skills
second time and arrange the sentences
stripes into correct sequence then pass it on
a. Audio Recording
the mini board.
ii. Multiple Intelligences
5. Pupils can discuss in the group.
a. Verbal-Linguistics
6. After 5 minutes, teacher will play the audio
iii. Contextual Learning
again for the third time. This time, teacher
iv. Values and
will explain the meaning of the content and
check their work.

Teaching and Learning

i. Audio recording
ii. Sentences stripes
iii. Mini board

Assessment for learning
Teacher accesses pupils’
learning and understanding
through arrange the
sentences. It provides
feedback to pupils about
their learning and improves
their achievement.


Teaching Framework Impact / Reflection

Activity 3: Rationale
PRACTICE (15 minutes)
Making Making sentences helps to
Activity 3: Making Sentences
Sentences improve pupils’ learning

1. Each pupil in home groups calls out a through describe what they
number (1 – 3). According to their numbers, see from the picture by using
they regroup (expert group). guidance given.

2. Each group is given a print-out picture card.

Teaching and Learning
3. In their expert groups, pupils discuss what
they see in their picture and make three
sentences according to the guidance given. Picture Cards
4. Teacher will guide them while making the
Assessment for learning
5. Pupils have to memorize the sentences.
Teacher accesses pupils’
Content: learning and understanding
Picture cards – Appendices 1 through making sentences. It
provides feedback to pupils
about their learning and
improves their achievement.

Activity 4: PRODUCTION (20 minutes) Rationale:

Telling A Activity 4: Telling A Dumpling Festival Story The purpose of having a
Dumpling 1. Pupils get back into their original home presentation is to assess
Festival Story groups. pupils’ ability to speak
2. Every member has to share their related topic based on the
sentences with their group member. guidance.
3. After 5 minutes, every group will take turn
Educational Emphases:
to say out the sentences they had make.
4. During the storytelling, teacher will
Assessment for learning
correct the pupil’s pronunciation.
 Teacher accesses pupils’
learning and
understanding through
the presentation. It helps


Teaching Framework Impact / Reflection

teacher to pay closer

attention to what pupils
do and do not understand

Activity 6: Moral of the day

Closure Rationale:
1. Teacher concludes today lesson by
(5 minutes)
telling pupils that we need to learn about Tell pupils the moral value

Activity 6: other culture’s festival to respect their that they need to apply in

Moral of the Day culture and strengthen the relationships daily life.
between every ethnic in Malaysia.

Pupils Follow- Remedial Reinforcement Enrichment

up Activity