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Anthony Hopkins was born on December 31, 1937, in Margam, Wales, to Muriel Anne

(Yeats) and Richard Arthur Hopkins, a baker. His parents were both of half Welsh and
half English descent. Influenced by Richard Burton, he decided to study at College of
Music and Drama and graduated in 1957. In 1965, he moved to London and joined the
National Theatre, invited by Laurence Olivier, who could see the talent in Hopkins. In
1967, he made his first film for television, A Flea in Her Ear (1967).

From this moment on, he enjoyed a successful career in cinema and television. In
1968, he worked on El león en invierno (1968) with Timothy Dalton. Many successes
came later, and Hopkins' remarkable acting style reached the four corners of the
world. In 1977, he appeared in two major films: Un puente lejano (1977) with James
Caan, Gene Hackman, Sean Connery, Michael Caine, Elliott Gould and Laurence Olivier,
and Maximilian Schell. In 1980, he worked on El hombre elefante (1980). Two good
television literature adaptations followed: Othello (1981) and El jorobado de Notre
Dame (1982). In 1987 he was awarded with the Commander of the order of the British
Empire. This year was also important in his cinematic life, with La carta final (1987),
acclaimed by specialists. In 1993, he was knighted.

In the 1990s, Hopkins acted in movies like 37 horas desesperadas (1990) and Regreso
a Howards End (1992), Lo que queda del día (1993) (nominee for the
Oscar), Leyendas de pasión (1994), Nixon (1995) (nominee for the Oscar), Sobrevivir
a Picasso (1996), Amistad (1997) (nominee for the Oscar), La máscara del
Zorro (1998), ¿Conoces a Joe Black? (1998) and Instinto (1999). His most remarkable
film, however, was El silencio de los corderos (1991), for which he won the Oscar for
Best Actor. He also got a B.A.F.T.A. for this role.