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Platinum Election update

The Electoral Commission welcomed this Elections must submit their lists either:
week’s proclamation of the 2019 National
and Provincial Elections by the President and • Using the Electoral Commission’s
provincial Premiers. The proclamation triggers Online Candidate Nomination System
the official election timetable which the Electoral at https://www.elections.org.za/MyIEC/
Commission will discuss with the National Party Account/Login); or
Liaison Committee before publishing in a Gov-
ernment Gazette. The proposed election time- • Delivered by hand only to the office of
table spans the next 71 days and lays down the the Chief Electoral Officer at Election
The Executive Mayor of Sekhukhune District Municipality Cllr Keamotseng key dates and deadlines for various milestones House, Riverside Office Park, 1303
Stanley Ramaila together with MMC Mbusi Mahlangu engaged the community
until voting day on 8 May 2019. Heuvel Avenue, Centurion.
of Ga-Mashabela last week to discuss water problems. The meeting was held
under Marula tree in the village. “We will resolve this challenge soon and supply
our people with water shortly. Victory is certain” said Executive Mayor Ramaila. The proclamation places the preparation of the The Electoral Commission launched the Online
elections into a different trajectory. The Com- Candidate Nomination System ahead of the
mission will now have to escalate its prepara- 2016 Municipal Elections to speed up and sim-
tions so that all electoral activities are accom- plify the process of submitting candidate nom-
plished in time for Election Day. ination lists for elections by allowing parties to
capture their own information and then submit
The first legal consequence of the proclamation it electronically via the internet by the deadline.
is to close the voters’ roll for this year’s elec- At the time, more than half of the nearly 64 000
tions. This means no new applicants may be candidate nominations were submitted online.
admitted to the voters’ roll for purposes of the
2019 National and Provincial Elections. This The total cost for a political party to contest the
will include both additional registrations and 2019 National and Provincial Elections is R605
re-registrations. 000:

Voters who will be outside of the Republic and • National Assembly = R 200 000
who intend to vote at embassies and consulates • Plus 9 Provincial Assemblies x R45
need to notify the chief electoral officer of this 000 = R 405 000.
fact and the mission at which they intend voting.
In this regard, voters have 15 days to complete The amounts are the same as those used in
the notification (VEC10) which is now available the 2014 National and Provincial Elections.
on the website of the Electoral Commission. The retention of the same deposits since 2014

Ohrigstad water Proclamation of the election date also triggers

the opening of candidate nomination for the
elections. The closing date for candidate nomi-
nation will be regulated in terms of the election
means a significant reduction in the amount in
real terms.

Parties which fail to secure a seat in the Nation-

problem solved? timetable. Registered political parties intending

to contest the 2019 National and Provincial
al Assembly or provincial legislature forfeit their
deposit to the National Revenue Fund.

Last week Platinum Gazette carried an article about a fresh water pipe burst in Swart Street Ohrigstad on the front page. The leak resulted inter alia (on the face of it) water cuts to some
residents and exorbitant water use accounts.
Mr Willy Mosoma, spokesperson of Sekhukhune District Municipality reacted to the article this week, saying: “We are aware of the problem of water loss at Ohrigstad. Our team was
dispatched there to ascertain to exact cause of the leak and come with a solution.
The results of the investigation revealed a pipe leak which is beyond the responsibility of the owner. Therefore, Lepelle Northern Water committed to take financial responsibility of the
water loss while the owner will only be billed as per the normal consumption, meaning what the owner use to pay monthly.
Our team will work henceforth to repair the existing damage and restoring the old meter in a way that it complies with the current standards.”
We telephoned one of the residents in the street early on Thursday morning on 28 February. Apparently the ‘team’ has not started working as the water meter was still closed and the
water still flowing from the hole in the road down the street. Just before going to press he phoned back “the team is here, they started working on the leak” he proclaimed the reason for
some optimism on the matter. While at it, we also requested (for a fourth time) comment from the district municipality about various water issues in Burgersfort. No response ...

Fetakgomo Tubatse Tel 0832719151 (Editorial) 0835431676 (Advertisements) email: adverts@platinumgazette.com

Burgersfort, Steelpoort, Ohrigstad, Apel 1 Maart 2019 Fax 0865549031 editorial@platinumgazette.com
2 NEWS 1 MARCH 2019

‘We did not Reviewing the Auditor

take your General’s report
On 27 February 2019 the Sekhukhune Auditor General’s report of an unqualified
money to District Municipality held a special council
meeting at Makhuduthamaga Local Munici-
Audit opinion with other matters.

pality council chambers to deliberate on the (Information and photographs: SDM)

“We did not take your money to VBS
because we concern ourselves with de-
livery of quality services for the people of
Sekhukhune, and no other interests” was
the words of Executive Mayor Cllr Kea-
motseng Stanley Ramaila during when he
met with the Fetakgomo Tubatse commu-
nity at Mohlaletse Community Hall. His
comments was part of a speech while he
was tabling the 2017/2018 Annual Report.
It is time to participate in various consulta-
tion processes for Integrated Development
Plans and government is giving feedback
on things like the annual reports.
The community also heard from MMC
Samson Nkosi. “We stand for Integrated
Development and Sustainable Service
Delivery” he said during the presentation
of the 2017/2018 Annual Report on 26
February 2019.
(Information and photographs: SDM)

Month-end blues
This week saw bumper to bumper and This weekend is expected to be very busy
impossible new lane traffic situations in Burg- again, hopefully drivers will take care and
ersfort again - true month-end traffic blues. observe rules of the road while being con-
Traffic blocking crossings when the lights siderate with fellow drivers. Perhaps a few
turn green was not uncommon. more traffic officials present will also help.
1 MAART 2019 NUUS 3

Maelebe Primary School U-bank brings financial advice

On Saturday last week U-bank

observes a day of prayer hosted a seminar where local

Stokvels and clients were able
to learn more about the different
aspects of finance and banking.
Maelebe Primary School observed a Day of the community, South Africa and Tubatse “It is all about financial education
Prayer lon 22 February 2019. Ferrochrome who is one of the school’s sup- and empowering our local com-
The aim of the day was to teach learners porters in the area. munity,” said local branch man-
about loyalty and the importance of prayer. The children designed their own posters with ager, Ms Dikelendi Buthelezi.
Dedicated prayers were said for the school, a variety of Bible verses on them. The day Approximately 500 people gath-
was filled with fun ered at Sehlaku High School to
while learning and learn more about debt manage-
praying. ment, saving and the benefits of
Tshepiso Mzimba rep- saving, making investments and
resented the learners how to become money fit.
in doing a prayer. Attendees were treated to a
Thinus from the Kohin delicious meal, promotional gifts
Lydenburg Office and the opportunity to ask ques-
visited the school and tions and learn how to make the
gave a motivational best out of what they earn. They
message. He remind- took hands to build a financial
ed the learners that if legacy with U-bank to the benfit
we want to deal with of everyone.
corruption, a return
to God is needed
for help. “We must
become loyal to what
God has instructed us
to do”.
(Information and
photographs: Themba

Exodus 22: 1-2 (KJV)

If a man shall steal an ox, or a sheep, and kill it, or sell it; he shall restore five
oxen for an ox, and four sheep for a sheep.
If a thief be found breaking up, and be smitten that he die, there shall no
blood be shed for him.
4 NEWS 1 MARCH 2019

Are you willing to pay to

A new set of rules will assist South Africans
to make the most of the data they buy from
their cell phone network providers. Some of
what will be new as described in the Inde-
pendent Communications Authority of South
Africa (Icasa)’s end-user and subscriber ser-
vice charter ensures that data users will now
have an option to have the data roll over into
a new time frame. This is coming into effect
as of today, 1 March 2019.
In the past customers paid for the data
and it was valid for a certain period of time.
If you did not use all the data by the expiry
date, you lost whatever was left.
The adjusted rules will now also include
guidelines that force network operators to let
users know when their data bundle will be
depleted and they will be charged ‘out-of –
Earlier the week Vodacom faced a
large-scale backlash as it announced plans
to charge R49 for users to roll over data of Ms Isabele Nkosi said: “I don’t think it is fair. Ms Maria Malepe, Mr Thabiso Maroge and Mr Thapelo Mokgotho said: “It is unfair because
more than 1GB or to transfer it to other users We already paid for the data. We should not we already paid for the data. Data is too expensive already. It has happened before that we
on the network. The company on Wednes- have to pay again to extend the time it is lost data that expired”.
day announced they’ve changed their plans valid. Paying again is robbing us. It does not
and customers will now be able to keep the make sense”.
data for free if they buy another bundle of the
same size as the original one.
MTN said it has been offering data rollo-
ver for a number of years. Contract custom-
ers can already roll over data automatically
up until two months of the date of purchase.
Prepaid costumers’ data bundles will now be
rolled over, as long as the customer buys an-
other bundle before the existing one expires.
Data for contract customers of Cell C
will automatically roll over to the next month,
for a maximum period of two months, at no
extra cost. The oldest data will be used first,
to ensure that the current month’s data can
be rolled over to the next month. For pre-
paid customers, recurring data bundles will
automatically roll over to the next month at Ms Mmabatho Hlophe, Mr Lucas Hlophe and Ms Gertrude Hlophe said: “We would rather pay
no additional cost. a little more and the
Telkom said that it has been fully compli- data has an unlim-
Mr Thabo Thokwane said: “I don’t think it is ited lifespan and is
ant since before the deadline of 1 March. All
fair. I don’t want to pay to keep my data valid. available until we
their FreeMe subscribers are being redirect-
I’ve bought data in the past and lost some of finish it, instead of
ed to the Out of Bundle page when their data
it after 30 days”. paying more after a
allocation is depleted. They’ve also added
data extension periods on their network. few days”.
The new regulations surrounding the roll
over of data was designed to assist users
in better management of their data. Many
consumers previously complained that data
expires too soon before they’ve used it all.
The new regulations are however not saying
how the data should be carried over into a
new period. Left: Mr Alfred
This means that although users will have Ramabusa said:
options on how to extend the ‘life’ of their “They must just keep
data, they might be charged depending on the data valid. We
their service provider’s options available don’t want to pay to
to customers which makes it important to keep our data. I’ve
customers be informed of not only the status in the past lost data
of how much data they have left within a because it expired”.
bundle, but also what the cost of the various With him is Poppie.
options to carry that data over into a new
time period will be.
Botlenyana Mokhele, a councilor at Icasa
this week said: “The idea of this regulation Mr S. Edward Mampa said: “I must not have
is really not to be a shock and a financial to pay again. I’ve already paid for it. The cell
burden on consumers. So charging them phone companies are not fair. In the past I’ve
for rollover data defeats the purpose of the lost data that expired”.
regulation in the first place”. Icasa is currently
reviewing what the law allows them to do and
will respond in due course accordingly.
Platinum Gazette asked readers what
they think about being able to roll over their
data that would have expired and about pos-
sible charges for doing so.

Right: Mr Kuziva Nyamurowa said: “I’ve lost

some data before. Often the network is not
available. If you buy data for a day and then
you don’t have network the whole afternoon,
how can we use it? I bought it, just let me have
it – no matter now long. It is not fair that they
want to charge again. They make you pay Mr Muhammadh Abdullah said: “It is not fair.
and then they can’t deliver (a reliable network) Right: Mr Tshepo Matlou said: “The networks You already bought it. There is not always
and you lose. It is like paying for transport and are right. They still have to pay their workers. network service available and we lose. They
once you get into the vehicle, they say sorry They must still make money. I usually just need to look at us the people. Government
we don’t have fuel at the moment”. use my data before the expiry date”. must govern the network charges”.
1 MAART 2019 NUUS 5

keep your data for longer?

Mr Lesley Molapo, Mr Tshepo Madimentja and Mr Edmund Maroga said: “It is fair for them Mr Ronny Tonga, Mr Tumang Ngwane and Mr Kholofelo Nkwana said: “We should not pay to
to charge us because when we buy airtime or data we know the time it will be valid. These extend the life of our data. We already paid in the first place. We often have poor cell phone
companies also need to make money.” network service and then we cannot use the data we bought. Loadshedding also affected our
Links: Me. Mariëtte data use. We support government (Icasa) in this. We want to use our data until it is finished
Erasmus en Me. without paying extra”.
Marlie Jansen van
Rensburg sê: “Nee,
as jy klaar betaal het,
het jy klaar betaal.
Hulle behoort nie
weer ‘n fooi te vra

Regs: Mnr. Stephan

Carelse sê: “Ek
verloor baie data. As
hulle wil hê jy moet
ekstra betaal is dit
stupid. As jy betaal
het is dit mos jou
eiendom. Hoe is wat
hulle nou wil doen
regverdig?” By hom
is Me. Eden Carelse
saam met Katelyn en

Mr Maxwell Sekgogoba said: “I’m on gov- Mr Khomotso Phasoane said: “I don’t think
Ms Debrah Mnisi said: “I don’t think that is ernment’s (Icasa) side. I already paid for the there is a problem to pay to extend the life of
fair. Sometimes the kids have lost data in the data. Once I’ve paid, it belongs to me and your data. I knew how long it would be valid
past. It would be nice to have the data until should be able to use it until it is finished. when I bought it. I took the risk and it is my
it is finished, no matter how long. We need They should not be allowed to charge you problem if I did not use it all. It is fair that they
data for very important things”. again”. want to charge us to keep it for longer”.

Ms Bonang Mapheto said: “I used to com-

plain about the 30 day option expiring, but
now I buy day to day. For it depends on what
I want to do. I now let everything heap up and
do it all in one day, updates, downloading
apps and other work. You do however need
data every day. It is not fair that you have to
pay again. It should not expire”.

Left: Mr Timothy Magabe and Mr Anthony

Mashego said: “People are already paying
too much for data. We don’t think we must
pay more to prevent losing the data. If they
bring down the price of data, offer a promo- Ms Takatso Sekopa said: “This is not fair, we’ve paid before and
tion or something that is valid only for a cer- should not pay again. I’m with Telkom and in the past they’ve given a
tain period of time – that they can let expire, few days after the expiry date for me to use the data”. With her is Ms
but not the normal data”. Regina Sello.
6 NEWS 1 MARCH 2019

Wildevy Manne
beplan vir die jaar
Die Wildevy Manne het verlede naweek by ‘n
plaaslike wildsplaas uitgespan.
Elke jaar skop die manne hulle beplanning
Lebalelo Water User Association af met ‘n spanbou- en dinkskrum-naweek.
Invitation to Bid Tussen die beplanning deur het hulle ‘n 4x4
roete aangedurf en ‘n veerpyltjiekompetisie
Suitably qualified service providers are hereby invited to submit proposals for the following: gehou.
Om die hitte af te weer is daar in ‘n dam bo
Compulsory in die berg geswem en op binnebande rond
Bid No. Description CIDB Meeting Contact Persons for Enquiries
By die kampplek was geen selfoonsein nie
en die manne kon behoorlik afsluit en op die
LWUA Manholes and Air 3CE or 7 March 2019 at Amanda Brits (Commercial) komende maande se projekte konsentreer.
1/2019 Valve Refurbishment higher Havercroft amanda@lebalelo.co.za Behalwe vir die werk en pret, is daar natuur-
Offices, (013) 216 8001 lik ook heerlik langs die vuur gekuier en
Modubeng. Carel Taljaard (Technical) saam heerlike kampkos voorberei.
carel@lebalelo.co.za Omdat dit ‘n plaaslike oord was waarby hulle
013 216 8001
oornag het, was dit vinnig en
LWUA Maroela Dam 2CEPE, 7 March 2019 at Amanda Brits (Commercial)
maklik om Sondagoggend nog
2/2019 Refurbishment 3CE or Havercroft amanda@lebalelo.co.za betyds vir ‘n dag van kwaliteit-tyd
higher Offices, (013) 216 8001 saam met die gesin te wees.
Modubeng. Carel Taljaard (Technical) Die Wildevy 4x4 Gesinsdag is
carel@lebalelo.co.za hierdie jaar op 27 Julie 2019.
013 216 8001 Belangstellendes kan solank
op Facebook kyk vir inskry-
LWUA Lebalelo Pipeline 5CE or 8 March 2019 at Amanda Brits (Commercial)
wingsvorms en meer inligting oor
3/2019 Refurbishment Phase higher Havercroft amanda@lebalelo.co.za
2 Package 1 (sections Offices, (013) 216 8001
die geleentheid.
1 - 11) Modubeng. Carel Taljaard (Technical) (Inligting en foto’s: Willem Mont-
carel@lebalelo.co.za gomery).
013 216 8001

LWUA Lebalelo Pipeline 5CE or 8 March 2019 at Amanda Brits (Commercial)

4/2019 Refurbishment Phase higher Havercroft amanda@lebalelo.co.za
2 Package 2 (sections Offices, (013) 216 8001
12 - 25) Modubeng. Carel Taljaard (Technical)
013 216 8001

Bid documents will be available from the 04 March 2019 at Havercroft Offices Modubeng, upon
payment of non-refundable amount of R350.00 (Three Hundred and fifty rands) per document, the
bid documents will be obtainable from 9:00 to 15:00 (Monday to Friday).

Submission of Bids: Bids must be submitted by no later than 12h00 on 22 March 2019 as follows:

• By hand: Bid documents along with supporting documents must be

sealed and externally endorsed with the bid number and
description and placed in the the bid. At the Havercroft Offices Modubeng.
• Opening of Bids: Bids will be opened in public at 12h00 on 22 March 2019.

Bidders to take note of the following:

• Bids must only be submitted on the bid documentation provided by Lebalelo Water User Association.
• Bids will be evaluated according to the 80/20 preferential points system.
• Bidders are requested to read and take note of section 1 “Instructions to Tenders” in the tender

Plant & Transport Hire
Klein Advertensies • Smalls business
Place your small advertisement via e-mail or fax or contact Beánnla
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5LQJ)HQFHG3RUWLRQRIWKH/LRQ0(3%XON in Aloe Ridge West, Steelpoort. SWEET ANGELS like winking
Material Handling Contract Te Huur/ Burgersfort. 25 Years experience BOUTIQUE FUDGE at a girl in
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Dienste/ and much more avail- sweatheart!
know what
Stockists of EPA! Your in Steelpoort next
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able for viewing day Visit your local favourite chilli sauce to Wimpy or contact but nobody
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Units are situated and décor framer in NOW BACK - 079 100 9643.
- Stuart

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Human Communications 145619
7 NEWS 1 MARCH 2019

Burgersfort Masters
at play
A friendly competition saw various teams
come together for a competition last week-
end on Sunday.
The Burgersfort Masters played against
City All Blacks. The City All Blacks are from
Mahlatji and was a strong team and won the
game 4-3.
Kgotlopong Vits played against Mahlatji
Young Stars. This game was won by the
Kgotlopong Vits team with a 1-0 score.
In the final game the City All Black team
faced the Kgotlopong Vits team.
The City All Blacks showed their dominance
and won the game 6-0.
Teams enjoyed the
day despite the heat.

(Information and
photographs: Mr

Pulana Maroga Soccer League Results

Teams in the Pulana Maroga Soccer Tearing Lions: 0.
League played on Saturday and Sunday Results for Sunday:
last week. Bull Bull ground: Tearing Lions:1 vs
Results for Saturday: Barcelona ground: Hungry Vultures: 3. Golden Spears: 3 vs
Bafaladi: 2 vs Morethe Young Dribblers: 2. Bafaladi: 2. Bull Bull: 2 vs Driekop FC: 0.
Barcelona: 0 vs Bull bull: 2. Mighty Blues Happy Fighters Jnr: 2 vs Barcelona: 0.

Two locals heading to ground: Stone Breakers: 0 vs Driekop FC:

1. Mighty Blues: 0 vs Mangabane: 1. Real
Touch ground: Happy Stars: 0 vs Mighty
Morethe ground: Stone Breakers: 5 vs
Mangabane: 1. Mighty Blues: 0 vs Real
Touch: 3. Young Dribblers: 1 vs Mighty
bucks: 3. Real Touch: 4 vs Mighty Rovers: Bucks: 3.

Pettenberg Bay for golf 2. Golden ground: Hungry Vultures: 0 vs

Happy Fighters: 3. Golden Spears: 1 vs
(Information: Pulana Maroga Soccer
Two Tubatse Chrome Golf Club play- also be the team captain.
ers will be part of the Limpopo Country The whole team will be: 1- Vincent Olley
Districts Team heading to play at the - PLK; 2- Peter Masehela - PLK; 3- Adam
Plettenburg Bay Golf Club from 12 - 18 Milanzi - PLK; 4- Thinus Labuschagne
May 2019. - Chrome; 5- Johan Geldenhuys - PLK;
Thinus Labuschagne and Tyron Luck are 6- Tyron Luck - Chrome; 7- Jaco Linde -
making the Club proud with their achieve- PLK and 8- Christo Stears - PLK. Jan Nel
ment. The Limpopo Golf Union annouced will be the team manager. (Information &
this week that Thinus Labuschagne will photograph: Limpopo Golf Union).
8 1 MARCH 2019

Platinum Gazette
Jagters Vereniging se
Bosbok Tak hou skietdag
Die Jagters Vereniging se Bosbok Tak het verlede Saterdag afstande na rooibokteikens.
‘n skietdag by Spekboom Driving Range and Bow Practice Die algehele uitslae vir die Rooibok en 3D was 1. Johan
Range gehou. Grimbeek, 2. Gawie Maritz, 3. Jan Graham, 4. Niel Calitz, 5.
Daar is met die boog geskiet asook ‘n kleiduifskietkompe- Dirk Fouché.
tisie. In die Kleiduifskiet was die wenners in die verskillende kate-
In die boogafdeling gorieë Anton Broodryk, Ejnar Erichsen, Eric Stockenstroom,
is daar onder meer Roelof Joubert en Neels Janse van Rensburg.
na drie dimensionele Oud en jonk het aan die dag se aktiwiteite deelgeneem. Daar
(3D) teikens gesk- word gereeld sulke skietdae gehou en plaaslike skuts word
iet op verskillende aangemoedig om te kom deelneem en hul vaardigheid op te
(Inligting: Johan Grimbeek en Ejnar

Die Spekboom
Driving Range
is die ideale
plek vir span-
bou, boogskiet
oefen en om ‘n
klomp golfballe
te slaan en te
ontspan. Die
plaaslike ‘klub-
huis’ voorsien
ligte etes en
het ‘n gelisen-
sieërde kroeg.
Privaat funksies
word volgens
kliënte se be-
hoefte gereël.