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OWS Tubular Running Services

Top Drive Casing

Running Tool (TDCRT)

The TDCRT is an internally gripping, purely mechanical running tool.

The tool are connected directly to the top drive on the drilling rig.
As the tool are connected to the top drive, it maintains the capabilities that
you normally would have during drilling operations. This means the ability
to circulate, rotate, set down weight or pull the string.
OWS TDCRT are fully capable to run full casing drilling or casing drilling ‘’light’’ (pre-drilled tight hole, need for rotation
and easy drill down to setting depth) operations.

The TDCRT with torque turn monitoring using OWS Torque Turn sub enables reading of torque and turn data in real
time onshore in the clients or OWS onshore support centers.

OWS TDCRT is fully DNV certified according to DNV-OS-E101 and have DNV product- and design verification certificate.


Pipe sizes 7” to 26”

Load rating 320 up to 696 ton

Push capacity 120 ton +

Length of tool 1,9 meter

Weight 350 kg to 800 kg

Torque rating Up to 85 000 ft/lbs

Top sub connection 6 5/8" REG Box (57K ft/lbs, other connections can be fitted if higher torque is needed)

The ability to rotate, circulate, push and pull on the casing while
running reduces the risk for not being able to run the casing to
target depth. Not being able to set the casing at target depth has
­considerable cost, both in terms of rig time and possibly also for the
ability of the well to meet its objectives.


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